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Y’all know that when it comes to Southern Saturdays in the fall, college football rules! Not many brides with SEC roots plan their wedding without checking the schedule (something we included in our manifesto!), and though this may sound quite strange to our northern counterparts, I can vouch for its truth: yes, I consulted that trusty schedule before picking my wedding date. Better that than no-show family members, including my then soon-to-be MIL! Yes, gameday alliances run deep here in the South, y’all!

Since we’re in the thick of football season, we figured it was high time to celebrate the sweet spot where the sport we love so much intersects with another of our favorite topics – weddings! From groom’s cakes to garters and shakers to socks, I couldn’t be more excited to share this SEC wedding round-up. And we’re even starting with my personal favorite – the University of Alabama! Roll Tide! (I’m convinced Emily put Bama first because she knows how much I love them, not because we’re doing the schools in alphabetical order.)

Top to bottom: The Photography Shoppe via M. Elizabeth Events, next two Spindle Photography via Southern Weddings, unknown, Rob Ingram Photography via M. Elizabeth Events, Spindle Photography via Southern Weddings

University of Alabama
Nickname: The Crimson Tide
Mascot: Big Al, an elephant
Colors: Crimson and white
Location: Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Joined the SEC: Original member (1932)

Any talk of Bama leads right into a discussion of rivalries. I know y’all have seen those “house divided” license plates around, but if alliances run deep here in the South, then rivalries run straight through to China! We love a little friendly competition weaved into wedding day decor.

Stephen DeVries via Southern Weddings and Chelsea Patricia Photography

Next up? Auburn!

Chelsea Patricia Photography, Finch Photography, and Ann Wade Parrish via M. Elizabeth Events

Auburn University
Nickname: The Tigers
Mascot: Aubie the Tiger. Since 1930, Auburn has also kept an actual eagle (whoa!) as a live, flying mascot at athletic events. War Eagle VII, a golden eagle named Nova, along with Spirit, a bald eagle, perform the “War Eagle Flight” before all Auburn home games at Jordan Hare Stadium!
Colors: Burnt orange and navy
Location: Auburn, Alabama
Joined SEC: Original member

Let’s head down to Florida!

Chris Martin via Desiree Dawn Events, Maile Lani via Southern Weddings, Stephen DeVries via Southern Weddings, Anna Kirby via Southern Weddings, Stephen DeVries via Southern Weddings, Daniel Taylor Photography via M. Elizabeth Events

University of Florida
Nickname: The Gators
Mascot: Albert and Alberta (alligators, of course)
Colors: Orange and blue
Location: Gainesville, Florida
Joined the SEC: Original member

Next, slightly north to Georgia!

Scott Hopkins Photography and Melissa Schollaert Photography via Southern Weddings

University of Georgia
Nickname: The Bulldogs
Mascot: Hairy Dawg, a bulldog
Colors: Black and red
Location: Athens, Georgia
Joined the SEC: Original member

Up to Kentucky!

Kristin Vanzant

University of Kentucky
Nickname: The Wildcats
Mascot: The Wildcat, a wildcat, and Scratch, a more child-friendly wildcat :)
Colors: Kentucky blue and white
Location: Lexington, KY
Joined the SEC: Original member

Moving down to LSU!

Ivy Weddings

Lousiana State University
Nickname: The Tigers
Mascot: Mike the Tiger
Colors: Gold and purple
Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Joined SEC: Original member

Next up: Ole Miss!

By Shea Photography via M. Elizabeth Events and D Jones Photography

University of Mississippi
Nickname: The Rebels
Mascot: Rebel the black bear
Colors: Crimson and blue
Location: Oxford, Mississippi
Joined SEC: Original member

Next, the University of Tennessee!

KLP Photography, Soli Photography, KLP Photography, JoPhoto, KLP Photography

University of Tennessee
Nickname: The Vols, or Volunteers
Mascot: Smokey IX, a hound (The current Smokey is the ninth since live mascots were adopted in 1953! He is cared for by two student trainers.)
Colors: White and orange
Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
Joined the SEC: Original member

Fun fact: UT students will recognize “The Rock,” above, from their campus. Thousands of coats of paint have been thrown on its surface since the 1960’s, and we love that this couple used it for their save the date message!

Last but certainly not least, one of the newest SEC members – Texas A&M!

Ivy Weddings

Texas A&M
Nickname: The Aggies
Mascot: Reveille, a collie
Colors: Maroon and white
Location: College Station, Texas
Joined SEC: July 1, 2012

Fun fact: The photos above are from a wedding where the couple handed out “12th man” towels for their getaway! In 1922, the Texas A&M team was so depleted by injuries in the first half of the Dixie Classic that the coach called a reserve, E. King Gill, out of the stands and onto the sidelines. He donned an injured player’s jersey, and though he was not called into the game, he was the only player left standing on the sidelines at the end of the game — hence the 12th man. Current Texas A&M students still call themselves the 12th Man, and to symbolize their “readiness, desire, and enthusiasm,” the entire student body stands throughout the game, usually waving white 12th Man Towels. Texas A&M trademarked the term 12th man in 1990!

Tell me: Where does your alliance lie? Have you been to or will you be representing your alma mater at your wedding? We’ll be covering the ACC next week, so be sure to send in any good photos you might have to share!

M. Elizabeth Events, Spindle Photography, Ivy Weddings, Desiree Dawn Events, Anna Kirby, Scott Hopkins, Melissa Schollaert, and KLP Photography are fabulous members of our Blue Ribbon Vendor Directory!

marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar Emily Alice reply

    As a proud Gamecock (whose team just beat Georgia *cough cough*) I will ABSOLUTELY be having Cocky come to my wedding! This is an awesome post!

  2. avatar M.R. reply

    You left out Vanderbilt. :(

    • avatar Marissa reply

      M.R! We would have loved to include Vandy, but sadly we were unable to find any awesome photos with the school’s inclusion.

  3. avatar Jessica reply

    All of these look great, however, as a resident of the state of Alabama, and an Auburn grad (I am in a divided relationship), I would like to clarify for all the non-SEC fans that Bama’s rivals are Auburn, and Tennessee, not Florida!

    • avatar Emily reply

      Hi Jessica! And this is why I never write anything about football! I’m sure Marissa, as a true Bama fan, knows better – I actually added in that line while I was placing the photos :) I’ve switched it just for you!!

    • avatar Marissa reply

      Ha! Yes, since Emily edits my posts after I write them, sometimes I don’t see the edits until they’re live. Of course, as a true Bama fan I would know that their rivals are Auburn and Ten! If you knew my hatred for orange, you’d know why! : )

    • avatar Desiree reply

      Emily: I totally resent Marissa’s hate for orange! LOL Looks like some teams are a little afraid to rival with my Gators…ahem…xo

    • avatar Marissa reply

      Ha! You know that I love you dearly to not delete this comment! ; )

  4. avatar Madelynne Moulton reply

    WAR EAGLE! :)

  5. avatar Meghan Peevely reply

    Loving all of the VOLS ideas in this post! Go Big Orange!

  6. avatar Megan reply

    Sad that I don’t see South Carolina on this post. :( BUT we will be having garnet & orange pom poms for our send off (fiance is a Clemson grad – yuck). I originally wanted to hire both Cocky and the Tiger to come to the reception but I didn’t want the whole thing about how we disagree when it comes to football. haha

  7. avatar Victoria reply

    My wedding is in December, and as a current student at Texas A&M I am SO excited that yall included the Aggies. Their move to the SEC the same year as our wedding just made the Southern feel that much more attainable. Nice timing. ;) We are actually really considering using game day towels too.. maybe personalized as well!

  8. avatar Amy reply

    How about an ACC wedding round-up next? GO PACK!

    • avatar Emily reply

      Look for an ACC round-up next week!

    • avatar Lauren reply

      Yayyyyyyyyy!!! My relationship is divided too. I’m a grad student at UNC and my fiancé graduated from NC State! He’s so much more passionate then I am about this sort of thing, I will definitely get him a NC State grooms cake :-)

  9. avatar Birmingham Wedding Photographer reply

    I love these weddings! My last one had a cake that was half Mississippi Sate and half Auburn. One of the best ones I’ve seen.

  10. avatar Kelly reply

    I love the Pom-pom send off idea, but I am having difficulty finding them. Any advice?

    Looking forward to an ACC round-up – We have a FSU and Wake Forest rivalry going on!

    • avatar Marissa reply

      Hey Kelly! Of course! The College Football Store has some really fun options for gameday shakers (as I’ve always called them!). Take a look here: Also be sure to check your school’s bookstore as we’ve found them there before. Best of luck! xx

    • avatar Emily reply

      We’ve ordered them from, too, for a past story!

    • avatar Megan reply

      Kelly: Also check out

  11. avatar Amy Arrington Photography reply


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    […] My Favorite Magazine, Southern Weddings did a blog post on SEC teams and people who incorporate these teams on their wedding day. They featured three of my pictures and I am so honored! Check out the full article here! […]

  13. avatar Morgan reply

    Wow, really disappointed to not find any South Carolina Gamecock weddings on here.

    • avatar Marissa reply

      Hi Morgan, we tried our best to include all the schools, but we were unable to find images for some. Wish we could have included your Gamecocks! xx

  14. avatar Kelly D reply

    Although I went to a small private Christian school that had no football team (BOO!), my allegiance is forever to Tennessee!!!! It causes some pretty major contention with my (fair weather fan, cough) Alabama-loving husband. But GO VOLS!!!!! I’ll be rocking my orange all fall long!

  15. avatar Bri @ Posh Purpose reply

    I love this post! My wedding date is December 1, which is also the SEC Championship this year. When I picked the date, the Gators were in the middle last year’s extremely depressing season (that followed an equally depressing one) so I figured there was NO way my Gators would be playing on my wedding day. Come to find out, it isn’t totally out of the question!

    In the (less unlikely) event that Florida goes to the Championship, we will probably set up a screen to watch the game. I’m sure the photographer will catch a few very “flattering” pictures of the bride yelling at the screen and her new Buckeye inlaws pouting because Ohio State can’t go to post season games this year. To placate my fiance, I am going to make some buckeyes to set out on the groom’s cake table but I can’t promise a few die hard wedding guests won’t put some gator figurines around the bowls ;)

  16. avatar Elizabeth reply

    Love this post! I am a northerner who moved south for college and stayed, and I had no clue how important college football was until I got here.

  17. avatar Bethany reply

    Love these photographs, so much fun!

  18. avatar Janna reply

    I die! This post is amazing! Love how people are so creative when it comes to showing their SEC pride! :) Go Gators!

  19. avatar Shannon reply

    One of my favorite parts of going to an Aggie wedding (I’m a current student) is that almost any bride and groom will have the A&M War Hymn played before the big send-off. It just brings the southern/Aggie spirit out in everyone :)

  20. avatar Rebecca Lord reply

    I love this story, except for one important detail. While Hairy Dawg is an officially recognized mascot of The University of Georgia, Uga, the live dog, is our primary mascot.

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  22. avatar Tiffany Wise reply

    Love the Alabama cakes! Who made them? ROLLL TIDEE!!!!!!

  23. avatar Brittany reply

    LOVE this! And it’s true, no Southern, football loving gal would EVER schedule her wedding without consulting a calendar!

  24. avatar SCOTT GABRISCH reply

    would like to find the company that sells the 12th-man towels

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Ready for basically the cutest love story ever, y’all? Listen up: Michelle + Paul knew they wanted to marry each other when they were seventeen. Back then, Paul even dropped to one knee and asked Michelle to promise to marry him one day. (She said yes!) “Most people don’t think love is possible for young teenagers, but we knew we loved each other only a few months after we started dating,” said Michelle. Six years to the day after their first date, the two tied the knot at J & D Farms in Alabama. Read on for the rest of their courtship (including many more details of epic love story proportion!).

Their picnic reception was a way for them to do one of their favorite things for the first time as a married couple with their closest friends and family. We love that guests were able to mingle among the quilts and tables and then take home their picnic baskets! Big hugs to Simply Bloom Photography for sharing M + P’s lovely day with us!

Did you decide to do a “first look”? Yes, we saw each other before the wedding. We wanted a moment between just the two of us instead of in front of the crowd of guests. It was hard to decide, but it was the best decision we made. It was sweet and relaxing and a special moment between just us, which is often unheard of on your wedding day!
Did you write your own vows? Yes, we wrote our own vows and read them to each other during the ceremony. Our wedding officiant had gone through marriage counseling with us, so we did include some the Biblical husband and wife responsibilities in our vows, but added our own special promises to each other. My favorite line in Paul’s vows to me was “I promise to always be thinking of you and will constantly give you all that I am and nothing that I am not.” Paul’s favorite line in my vows to him was, “I vow to love you more each day than I did the day before, and I look forward to seeing you carry 50 red roses.”

What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome while planning your wedding? Weather and food. It rained continuously the entire two weeks leading up to the wedding, and we had planned a completely outdoor wedding. The days before, we created a Plan A (it’s sunny), Plan B (it might rain) and Plan C (it’s raining). Praise the Lord, it stopped raining that morning and the sun was bright enough to dry the ground. We were blessed with one of the most beautiful sunsets the venue owner said he had seen all summer. It started raining as soon as the reception was over and everyone had left. As for food, I had a clear plan in mind of what I wanted the picnic reception to include. After meeting with several caterers, none of them could offer that exactly. We ended up doing everything ourselves. It was a team effort of my sister’s mother-in-law (who catered years ago), my mom, my sister and brother-in-law, my aunt and cousin, a church friend and her daughter, and one of my former college roommates. The menu was gourmet grilled cheese, chicken bites, pasta salad, Caesar salad, fresh fruit, fudge brownies, my homemade lemonade (I squeezed 120 lemons!) sweet tea and water with lime.

We wanted everything to be shabby chic, so the flowers were very whimsical. They were all shades of lavender and Robin’s egg blue. Instead of using large blooms, we used all sprigs and herbs. I wanted it to appear as if we picked the flowers from our backyard the morning of the wedding, which we actually did end up doing. My Aunt Jenna grew most of the flowers in her own yard the year leading up to the wedding and picked them the day before and day of the wedding to bring to the venue and assemble. We used sprigs of lavender, purple lantana, rosemary, lockspur, delphiniums, and baby’s breath, to name a few. Jenna arranged them in blue transparent mason jars with raffia bows tied around the lip then placed one on each picnic table and all around the reception area.

What Southern details or traditions did you include in your celebration? What was Southern about your wedding? Mason jars for the flowers, quilts that were my great-grandmother’s that have been passed down through the generations, a barn as a focal point of the reception, Paul’s bowtie and seersucker jacket, a banjo and stand-up bass guitar and folk singing, our weddin’ sign, a vintage Model T station wagon for transporting guests from parking to the ceremony, drinks in mason jars with grey and white striped paper straws, a 1950’s two-tiered vintage table I found at the Country Living Fair, and the lead singer of the band (my friend Sharla) made us a personal quilt with our names and wedding date to sit on at the reception.

How did the two of you meet? Tell us your story. Paul and I grew up together. We started playing together after school when I was in second grade. His mother was a kindergarten teacher and my grandmother was a librarian. At age 13, we became best friends in marching band. We were “just friends,” but we both secretly had a crush on the other. The summer before my junior year of high school – I was drum major and Paul was the drum line captain – I had to call all of the section leaders to remind them of band camp and I called Paul last because I was nervous to talk on the phone with him. When I finally called him, we talked on the phone for five hours straight, chatting about how we wanted to travel the world one day and how we didn’t know we had so much in common. We didn’t want to get off the phone although I had to go (majorette practice was about to start and I had to unlock their practice building). Sitting there watching batons fly, I saw a silhouette in my peripheral. It was Paul. I asked him why he was there and he said, “I came to rescue you.” At that second, I left the building keys with the majorette captain, hopped in Paul’s car and went on what turned out to be our first date – a walk around Heritage Park and eating at Arby’s. Two days later on July 13, 2006, Paul officially asked me to be his girlfriend. Most people don’t think love is possible for young teenagers, but we knew we loved each other only a few months after we started dating. Paul even knew he wanted to marry me when we were 17. One night in my room he even got down on one knee and asked me to promise to marry him one day (I said “yes”). Then on July 13, 2007, Paul came to my house with a single red rose. He said, “This is one rose for one year of being in love with you. One day I won’t be able to carry them all.” That began the tradition of receiving a rose for every year we have been together on July 13.
Describe the proposal. On July 12, 2011, I went to sleep that night at my parents’ house as usual, and Paul was at school in Tuscaloosa. I was woken up at midnight by the sound of my door creaking open and could see a dark figure standing in my doorway. I was frightened because there was something that looked as if it was jolting out the sides of the figure’s body. I rose up and started whispering, “Hello? Hello?” I’m sure I didn’t sound very intimidating if someone was really trying to break into our house… Then the figure started walking toward me. Heart racing, I finally adjusted my eyes to focus. It was Paul. He was carrying five red roses. I couldn’t find my glasses and I was still somewhat groggy from sleep, so I didn’t really understand what was going on. I just kept asking him why he wasn’t at school like he should be. He assured me everything was fine, and he knelt next to my bed. He started reminding me of everything we had been through together, most of it at my house and in my room – the first time he came over to my house and we just talked and tossed popcorn into each others’ mouths, our first kiss, my recovery after gallbladder surgery when he sat next to me all day until I woke up. Then he said, “Right over there when we were 17, I asked you to marry me one day. I knew then what I know now, but this time I brought a ring.” He looked at the clock and brought to my attention that it was just after midnight, making this the first thing to happen on July 13. “Michelle, will you marry me?” I said, “Yes!”
In what month did you get married? July 13, 2012. It was our sixth anniversary.
How many guests attended your wedding? 100
Tell us about finding your wedding dress: I actually found it online! It’s by Lyn Ashworth. I saw a picture and it fit all my criteria: tea length for our outdoor wedding, poofy to fulfill my need to be Cinderella, and in a romantically elegant material. I ordered it online (didn’t even try it on!) and it fit with minimal alterations.
Tell us about some of the songs you used throughout your wedding. The wedding party walked in to Ben Rector’s “White Dress,” with a small break for everyone to stand up and the house doors to open at the verse, “She’s coming in on Friday and then the close spark…” That’s when I walked down the aisle. For the recessional, we walked back down the aisle to Dave Matthews Band’s “You and Me,” which we also danced to for our first dance.
Describe your wedding cake or dessert: We had miniature cupcakes from Dreamcakes Bakery in Birmingham. The flavors were strawberry, lemon and coconut.
Our favorite detail of the wedding was: The picnic reception. Paul and I have always loved going on picnics together, so we wanted our first picnic as a married couple to be with all of our family and friends. We all sat on quilts on the ground and on picnic tables and ate dinner from individual family picnic baskets (which guests got to take home as their favors).
If you are comfortable responding, what range did your wedding budget fall into? We ended up spending between $10,000 and $25,000.
What is the one thing you are most happy you splurged on? The venue and photography.
What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day? Paul and I loved our first moments of seeing each other before the wedding. It was comforting and romantic and we realized that we were minutes away from starting an exciting new life together. Nothing else mattered.
What advice do you have for folks currently planning a wedding? Buy a wedding planning book the day after you get engaged (I recommend The Knot Book of Wedding Lists). Don’t let the tiny details stress you out because at the end of the day, you will still be married to the love of your life, which is much more important. Utilize the talents of friends and family members, and don’t worry about what other people want or think – it’s your wedding!
What’s next for you as a couple? What are you looking forward to in the future? We are looking forward to Paul graduating with his master’s degree and settling into a new job, wherever that may be!

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar Desiree reply

    Love love love that someone executed the picnic reception, so well! I had this idea for a photo shoot I worked on last year – only 3 blankets/baskets. It’s wonderiful to see this come to life with lots of blankies and picnic tables – how fun!! So glad the weather held out and this coupld is SO darling! Congrats!

  2. avatar Kate Collison reply

    Congratulations, Michelle! You should send one of your beautiful photos to Lyn Ashworth so she can add you to “Real Brides” on her website! I saw your lovely wedding posted here and checked out the dress designer for one of my friends who’s still looking for her dream dress. Thanks so much for sharing your big day!

  3. avatar Lisa reply

    Not only is this one of the most charming weddings I’ve ever seen, I’m also a little choked up at their sweet story! What a beautiful couple!

  4. avatar YVETTE PRICE reply

    Just darling! Love the story behind this adorable couple!

  5. avatar Vania -SimplyBloom Photography, LLC reply

    thank you so much gals! we are honored to have our work on your site :D

  6. avatar Allie reply

    this wedding is gorgeous…very homey & them. i love that about weddings these days. it’s not about dressing up and having a party (well, sort of the party bit), but mostly just about having an event that represents the special day and who you are.

  7. avatar Emily reply

    ADORE this couple’s story! The part about the roses just does me in…

  8. avatar Lauren reply

    The photography is gorgeous, of course! I love the picnic theme and how cozy this wedding feels. What a sweet story!

  9. avatar Sarah reply

    Such a beautiful wedding and great story. July 13th, 2006 is mine and my boyfriend’s anniversary of our first date too!

  10. avatar NC Wedding Planner- Orangerie Events reply

    I love the idea of a picnic reception! Such a fun spin on the traditional wedding reception. Very unique! Thanks for sharing!

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Didn’t I tell you the flowers in Cassie + Ryan’s reception were gorgeous? Ilex for Flowers created romantic yet dramatic arrangement from white and green orchids and topped off the couple’s four-tiered cake with the pretty blooms. The real floral wow factor, however, was the bed of hydrangeas that the cake sat upon. In addition to good eats, Cassie + Ryan’s wedding was a show of Southern hospitality. Cassie’s Alabama-born family coaxed Ryan’s Canadian relatives onto the dance floor for the night, showing the great tradition of two families coming together. Read on to the interview to see what Cassie had to say about her great Southern community and thanks again to Amelia Strauss, who photographed C + R’s Alabama wedding!

Describe your wedding flowers: It was the sweetest compliment of white english sweet pea flowers for my bouquet (understated and elegant), a bounty of white orchids romantically strung across the stone wall, and green orchids surrounding our wedding cake and groom’s cake. The details of each display on every table was so unique and tied the whole theme together incredibly.
What Southern details or traditions did you include in your celebration? What was Southern about your wedding? We decided to get married in Huntsville, Alabama, where I spent my childhood. We got married at the Ledges in the intimate golfer’s patio, which overlooked the entire city of Huntsville. You could even see the Tennessee River off in the distance. My husband is from Canada and we wanted to make his family and friends feel welcome by having a chocolate caramel cake (it is far more delicious than you would imagine) with a Canadian flag draped across it. There was a bunch of delicious fried food served in the banquet hall and the Alabamians were slowly coaxing the Canadians onto the dance floor. What truly made this wedding Southern was the community that gathered together and helped make all the details possible and filled with love, by hosting brunches, making incredible eats, and so much more.
What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome while planning your wedding? Planning our wedding was not very challenging at all because we had Dori Thorton from The Social Office based out of Nashville. She was always calm and in control in a crisis and took care of deadlines. Without Dori handling all the details, my wedding would have not been the incredible vision that it was on that day. If there is one thing I can suggest to any soon-to-be bride, it is to find a wedding planner who compliments your personality and makes you feel comfortable during every meeting you have with them.
What range did your wedding budget fall into? $50,000-$75,000
What is the one thing you are most happy you splurged on? Deloaine’s hair styling and Babette’s makeup done for my mother, my grandmother, my bridesmaids, and myself.
What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day? Having all the family together, my father with slightly damp eyes and a sweet smile telling me how happy he was for me just before the ceremony, and then Ryan’s face when he saw me for the first time that day, while I was walking down the aisle.
Did you write your own vows? If so, what was your favorite phrase, verse or line? Yes we did. Mine were written on tiny sheets of paper, which Ryan now keeps in his wallet. We both mentioned being each other’s best friend, how we both made each other better people and how much we don’t want to picture our lives without ever knowing each other.
What’s next for you as a couple? What are you looking forward to in the future? We both live and work in Los Angeles. We have been writing together and workshopping screenplays. Ryan has a film that is screening worldwide and has won some impressive awards and I am continuously filming and acting on stage. We don’t plan on children in the near future because we both want to see so much of the world together before we fully settle.

Photographer: Amelia Strauss // Planner: The Social Office // Venue: The Ledges Country Club // Florist: Ilex for Flowers // Wedding Cake Baker: Dessert Designs // Caterer: The Ledges // Paper Products: Nico and Lala // Bride’s Dress: Amsale // Bride’s Hair Accessories/Veil: Saks Fifth Avenue // Bride’s Shoes: bride’s mother’s // Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Alvina Valenta // Hair and Makeup: Deloain New York // Stylist: Chic Critique,

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar Jo reply

    Love the portraits, stunning!

  2. avatar claire reply

    Love these images!

  3. avatar erin reply

    stunning. always.

  4. avatar Lucy reply

    These are gorgeous! I can see exactly who this beautiful couple are as all of their personality was captured perfectly. Cassie with the coke bottle could have been taken 50 years ago but still looks fresh and modern. Love them!

  5. avatar Melissa reply

    another beautiful group of photos. The bride looks like a model!

  6. avatar Mary Brantley Nalley reply

    Amazing pictures and beautiful people!

  7. avatar katie reply

    Love the photography of the flowers, cakes, and the beautiful couple enjoying the reception! So fun to read about their wedding!

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