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We would be remiss to end this week without publicly thanking the scores of friends and fans that have posted about the new issue on their blogs. First, though, I suppose we should apologize for jamming up the airwaves on Twitter. According to our good friend Nate

Nah, we won’t apologize — we’re too excited! Without further ado, a few of the lovelies who’ve given us a shout-out over the last week:

Our good buddy Jonathan Canlas made us blush.

We will forever be indebted to Brooke and the Curious + Company team for their work on the “Choose Your Own Southern Wedding” feature.

Kiley + Tim’s wedding by Paul Johnson was the last wedding we accepted for V3 and we’re so happy we did!

Jose, Jose, Jose… we can’t sing his praises highly enough.

Gina Zeidler wowed us with her Texas brunch cover concept.

And the Vue chicks cover entry was sweet as a peach. Make sure you check out Diva Productions’ video from their shoot day!

Sweet Southern gal Emily Ley was invaluable in helping us with some of the trickier graphic design elements.

Our girl Jen from Green Wedding Shoes came up with the most stunning concept for her “Southern by Design” shoot. We love you, Jen!

Her co-conspirators Carissa of JL Designs

and photographer Stephanie Williams also had lovely things to say.

The ladies of 100 Layer Cake wowed us with their Great Gatsby concept.

We tapped one of our favorite bloggers, Kathryn of Snippet & Ink, to contribute to our Southern honeymoon story.

Kelly Hornberger was one of our fabulous sponsors, and she’s giving away a few copies on her blog!

Jill Thomas was responsible for one of the most beautiful real weddings we featured, Ali + Matt.

Bow ties and gorgeous pocket squares, oh my! The Cordial Churchman made us swoon with thier dapper creations featured in V3.

Lauren, from Every Last Detail, gave us her Southern insight on page 10!

Kirstie lent us a few photographs for the groom’s gallery and blogger directory.

We were THRILLED to have the chance to feature an A Bryan Photo wedding…

…and the work of SW fave Calder Clark.

Kate Headley was the talent behind another one of our real weddings (and perhaps my personal favorite!).

Yet another real wedding was shot by Anne Marie Photography. We loved the bold yellows!

We were thrilled to feature menus from Minted in one of our editorial spreads. They do amazing work and are so easy to collaborate with!

Lauren Larsen came through in the clutch with the perfect imagery to pair with an article that was in dire need of some beautiful photos. Thank you, Lauren!!

We couldn’t have dreamed up a better end story than Ruth & Jerry. Thanks to Donnan Photo for sending the two lovebirds our way!

Amelia Lyon was behind the camera for a stunning editorial spread!

And So Happi Together was the genius behind the details of the same spread!

To round out the all-star team from Amelia’s shoot, we were thrilled to find this post from The Loveliest Day who did event design and styling!

Last but DEFINITELY not least, Joey + Jessica were the photo geniuses behind our beautiful cover. We love you guys!!!

Thank you, again, to all of these lovely friends! If you wrote a post about the new SW on your blog, share it with us in the comments and we’ll make sure to include you in this post or a future one!

Want your own copy of V3? WIN ONE here, or take a pic with V3 and win one here, or order here OR find it on newstands all over the US (heavy in the South of course, but we’re in every state somewhere!) at select Barnes and Noble, Borders, Piggly Wiggly (YEEHAW!!), Walmart, Target, and major retailers. We’re waiting on our complete store list to come in, so if you find your copy, tweet us where you found it or leave a comment here so we can let other folks know. Thank y’all again so much for the love! 

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Hi friends!  After our very old-school question of a few weeks ago, I’m back with a very modern one today.  Kristin sent me a one-sentence missive (I appreciate a girl who gets to the point) with a simple question: “Do you think it’s appropriate to ask someone to be your bridesmaid in an email?”

The short answer?  No, I don’t think it’s appropriate.  If you’re asking someone to be your bridesmaid, it should mean she’s a close friend or family member, someone whom you know quite well and really value having in your life.  Asking her to stand beside you on your big day is a way of recognizing that bond, and thanking her for it.  It’s nice to commemorate the occasion with something more than an email.

But what?  If you live nearby, asking her out for a meal – whether dinner, brunch, or cupcakes and coffee – is a lovely gesture.  If she lives halfway across the country, you still have meaningful options.  The simplest would be to pick up the phone and call.  Or, for those of you more technically savvy, it could be fun to arrange a Skype call.  (That way, you can see her happy surprise!  Or, if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you could Love, Actually style and prepare some cardboard signs to reveal your intentions.  By the way, Best. Movie. Ever?  Yes, I think so.). 

Or perhaps a card is more your style.  You can get very elaborate, with a pictorial representation of your relationship through the years and a novel about how much she means to you, but a store-bought card with a sincere note will stand in nicely, too.  There is certainly no shortage of DIY inspiration or ready-made options:

Image credits, clockwise: Martha Stewart Weddings, Once Wed, Sweet Bella Cards, Lilly Pink Paperie.

What do y’all think?  Are there any occasions when an email is appropriate?  How did you ask your bridesmaids to stand beside you?

As always, feel free to email me your etiquette conundrums for a future column!  I’m emily at iloveswmag dot com.

All header images c/o Millie Holloman

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  1. avatar LAG reply

    I guess I really did not ask… I mailed each of my girls a box with a satin clothes hanger inside. I attached a little note to each hanger that said "For your bridesmaid dress…" So now we all have pretty dresses with pretty hangers for the big day!

  2. avatar Rachel – theWeddingVine reply

    These cards are so cute, who could say no if they received one?

  3. avatar Janine reply

    I asked each of my bridesmaids by giving them a little box with a cupcake inside and a tag that read, "Will you be my…" See my blog for pictures: was a sweet but simple way to make them feel special. :)

  4. avatar Sarah reply

    I was asked to be a bridesmaid with the "once wed" paper doll style. SO cute!!!! I made homemade folded cards and envelopes to ask my bridesmaids. Each envelope was lined with paper that matched our wedding colors. I also noted in the card that they'd be able to wear shoes of their choosing!

  5. avatar Heather reply

    Hi, Emily! Normally, I would agree with you and say that email is not the most personal medium through which a bride would ask a friend to be her bridesmaid. However, when my fiance' and I became engaged, we were unable to call all of our friends to share our happy news due to the remote location and horrible cell phone reception. One of my dear friends learned of our engagement through a mutual friend, and was upset that she had not been included in our initial round of calls. When the time came to ask my nearest-and-dearest to stand with me on our wedding day, I desperately wanted to avoid any hurt feelings, so sending an email to all bridesmaids simultaneously seemed to be the best choice. Each girl responded positively with enthusiasm and excitement, and I followed up with a phone call to each bridesmaid shortly after the email was sent. I think that each bride should ask her friends in a way that reflects her personality, and also takes into consideration the feelings, schedule, and lifestyle of each of her desired bridesmaids. :)

  6. avatar Jessica reply

    Worse than an e-mail, I used a facebook private message, because I couldn't tell if she used her e-mail any more.I was trying desperately to talk to my best friend, who is currently working in Asia, with a 12 hour -difference in time zones, with no phone, splotchy internet, and on slow computers both sides. None of our attempts to skype chat were working, and I didn't have her address, nor could I take the time to send a card, with no idea how long it would take to get there. I needed to know if she could even make it! But luckily she can, and will, and graciously accepted, despite my admittedly tacky way of asking. She forgives me, so I forgive myself, even if Emily Post never would.

  7. avatar Charity H. reply

    Even with our 'techie' generation email is still informal and professionally it is looked upon as being a remote and distant way of communicating. If you have something important to say it is suggested that you do it personally. Therefore, if sending an email is the way you ask a friend to be your bridesmaid it could come across like you don't value her decision or acceptance very much that you didn't take the time to put a little more effort into asking her.

  8. avatar MMW reply

    Since I was living in Oklahoma and half of my would be bridesmaids lived in Virginia I did use email to ask them. However, my maid of honor and I put together a Power Point slide show of pictures of me in my wedding dress holding signs with the words, “Will you be one of my bridesmaids?” We used lots of different poses and it was a great way for the other girls who weren’t nearby for a lot of the planning to get excited about the wedding!

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It’s that time again, ladies and gents!  The cat’s out of the bag about our cover and shiny copies of V3 are popping up on newsstands everywhere, so dust off your camera or iPhone and get ready to snap a shot of you and your brand new SW! 

In a box, with a fox, in a house, with a mouse, here or there, or anywhere… the location is up to you!  Perhaps you and your SW would like to travel to a cotton plantation?  To the top of the Empire State building?  To the beach in Miami?  The peak of a mountain in Maine?  To a BBQ joint in Texas? Or maybe your SW wants to be photographed with someone fun — your Momma, your baby, your pug, your best friends, your bridal party?

Whatever you choose, we want it to be creative!  Entries are due November 5, one month from today.  We’ll post our favorites and then vote on a winner that week!  Two rules: you have to tweet your pic/s to us (@iloveswmag) and then email it/them to Whitney (whitney at iloveswmag dot com).

And now, drumroll please… the winner of this contest will receive one of four prizes – 10 copies of V3 for you and your friends, (if you are a vendor) an ad on the new SW site launching soon, or an iPon Nano!  The fourth prize?  Bragging rights and a feature here on the blog!!! Pretty awesome, huh?  So hop on it, folks!  We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

photo above by our awesome cover photographers, Joey + Jessica

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Kristin Guynn reply

    Being the completely old-school-barely-know-how-to-work-a-computer girl that I am, I don't have a twitter account. Is there another option for those of us that are little…shall we say….ignorant? : )

  2. avatar Lauren reply

    I got my pre-order yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!!

  3. avatar Southern Weddings reply

    Hi Kristin! Yes, you can simply send your pics to Thanks so much for all the love, y'all! Lara

  4. avatar Jessica reply

    My Tuesday is now complete. I hold in my possession a beautiful glossy Southern Weddings Magazine V3!!!! So elated with glee :) :) :)

  5. avatar Lizzi reply

    We checked CVS, Borders and Publix yesterday here in Tallahassee – no luck!! Any suggestions on where to find a copy?!?

Southern Weddings reserves the right to delete comments which contain profanity or personal attacks or seek to promote a business unrelated to the post.  And remember: a good attitude is like kudzu – it spreads.  We love hearing your kind thoughts!

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