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Every summer, we love doing a behind the scenes series to help y’all get to know us a little bit better. In honor of this year’s Summer Love theme, which is all about revisiting childhood adventures and sharing them with our beaus, we’re giving y’all a peek at what inspired the series to begin with–our own childhoods! Each week, you’ll hear from another SW gal about her best summer memories, favorite traditions, and early thoughts on weddings.

Where did you grow up?​ North/South Carolina. We moved three times before I turned five and finally settled in Gastonia, North Carolina!​
What were your childhood hobbies/favorite activities?​ Reading. So much reading. I occasionally got into trouble because I would hide in my closet and read instead of doing chores (notice a theme, ahem, Emily, Lisa, Marissa). I also spent plenty of time outside – at the pool, riding bikes and playing in the creek and woods behind our house. There was quite a bit of sidewalk chalk drawing on the street and playing games with the neighbor kids.
What did you want to be when you grew up?​ ​A morning talk show host or Miss America
What is one of your favorite memories from summer as a child?​ ​Visiting my grandparents! Because we didn’t live close, my parents dropped us off and we spent two weeks each summer visiting both sets of grandparents. Those were the days: playing in the sandbox, riding my big wheel and eating Lucky Charms for breakfast (forbidden food at my house).

What food or meal most reminds you of your childhood?​ Homemade ice cream. If I close my eyes, I can still remember the sound of the machine churning on our front porch. Besides homemade ice cream, the summer meant fresh fruits and vegetables from the farmer’s market (both my grandparents had BIG gardens and I inherited their love of fresh produce). Tomato sandwiches. Fresh cucumber pickles. Watermelon (with salt) on the front porch. The list goes on…
Tell us about a favorite summer vacation. Did your family go somewhere every year in the summer?​ We usually spent a week each year at the Carolina coast. I remember spending hours upon hours playing in the sand, riding waves in the ocean with my daddy and hunting for sea shells. It’s probably why going back to the Carolina coast now brings me so much joy!
Did your family have any summer traditions?​ It comes as no surprise that my family had big Fourth of July traditions. I think it has been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember. We would “chase the fireworks.” My daddy would figure out who was hosting fireworks and we would go and watch them on the 3rd, 4th AND 5th of July. Oh, and there was always homemade ice cream and hot dogs.
When you were younger, what age did you think you would get married?​ 25 (whoops)
Did you ever get to be in a wedding when you were younger?​ I was a junior bridesmaid when I was 11. Sadly, never a flower girl. I think I would have been a great one.
What were your general impressions of weddings when you were younger?​ I remember the first wedding I ever attended when I was in 4th grade. It was during the Christmas season at our home church. The church was decorated with poinsettias and candles and the girls wore long black velvet dresses. I think I fell in love with weddings at that moment. I still have the notebooks from middle school where I dreamed up my own wedding (pink and peach bridesmaid dresses and summer were common themes).

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