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For longtime readers, today’s couple needs no introduction–Katharine is a beloved Southern Weddings alumni, as well as the first SW gal to get married while working here! The classic black and white images from her and Kyle’s wedding, as well as Katharine’s no-nonsense approach to planning, have gone down in SW history, so naturally, we couldn’t resist asking for her favorite piece of marriage advice to include in V6. We love what she had to say!

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The best lesson I’ve learned over the last three years is to enjoy the “now.” Like all newlyweds, my husband Kyle and I are busy making plans for our future and for the family, careers, and life we hope to have. But more important than our planning is remembering to enjoy the stage of marriage we’re in at this moment. For us, that means enjoying being newlyweds and a family of two – and all the blessings and struggles that come with that.

We enjoy carpooling to work and meeting for lunch, because we’re lucky enough to work in the same building and know we won’t always have this luxury. We love our evening runs through Charlotte’s Freedom Park and on Duke’s trails, looking happily at the passing baby strollers, but content in spending time with just each other. We treasure long road trips home to visit our families, because we’re saving would-be airfare for Kyle’s last year of medical school. Don’t get me wrong: we think about, plan for, and work towards our future all the time. We’re always cognizant of ways to improve our marriage and our routines in anticipation of that life we want to share. But we try, above all else, to enjoy the now.

So enjoy your two-bedroom apartment with not quite enough closet space, because home ownership (and its many responsibilities) will come soon enough. Enjoy weekend-long Homeland marathons on your living room couch, while you don’t have babies to feed or Little League games to watch. Enjoy Kraft macaroni and cheese dinners served on your wedding china, because, really, there’s no finer dining. Plan for your future, yes; work to make your marriage better, certainly. But remember to enjoy the precious, fun, infuriating, happy, crazy “now” in your marriage–whatever that looks like for you.

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  1. avatar Lisa Hays reply

    Such great advice – for everyone but especially newlyweds.

  2. avatar Madelynne Moulton reply

    Thank you for sharing this painfully relevant advice to my point/position in my own marriage. I love the cute babies in strollers and our tiny 2 bedroom apartment, and especially the (Breaking Bad) marathons. Reading this makes me realize it’s okay that this is enough for us, for now :)

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