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Happy Sunday, friends! I am not even sure what to call attention to in today’s sweet couple’s interview–Theresa and Al have been married for 41 years, and everything from their advice to their favorite thing to do together makes me smile. The SW ladies loved soaking up all of their wisdom in V6 and we’re excited to share their story with y’all today!

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Wedding date: May 26, 1973
Children: Two daughters and two grandchildren
When did you know he was the one? There wasn’t an “aha” moment. The relationship grew gradually until it was obvious we belonged together.
What’s your favorite wedding memory? We were married in St. John’s Episcopal Church, right across from the White House. We had a mid-day wedding. After the ceremony, when the church doors opened and we emerged for the classic “leaving the church” photo, several tour buses had just unloaded, and there were hundreds of tourists cheering for us, in addition to our wedding guests! Cameras were clicking and the excitement was amazing!
What’s the secret to your marriage? Marriage is for a lifetime. Change is inevitable–both for the good and the not so good. If you are happy today–wonderful, enjoy it. If you are not happy, well, tomorrow is another day and you can choose to make it different. Every couple goes through bad times, sometimes for a long time, but to prosper, you must take the long view. Time is your friend; use it wisely. Forty years passes very quickly.
What’s your favorite thing to do together? Car trips! Sometimes we listen to music, sometimes we listen to books on tape, and sometimes we just take in the scenery. There is always something that stirs a memory that leads to laughs and the occasional “I can’t believe we did THAT!” moment. One of the wonderful things about having spent so many years together is that we ALWAYS have something to talk about!
What’s your best memory related to Southern food or family? Al: My mother’s pecan pie. It was truly a work of art. Theresa: Treat your family like guests and your guests like family!
What’s your best marriage advice? Don’t keep score, because it is NEVER 50-50. The relationship must be as a whole, but at any point in time, one spouse is always carrying a greater part of the load, whether that be financial matters, childcare, walking the dog, or taking out the trash. The important thing is to appreciate each other’s efforts. Above all, have fun and keep a sense of humor.

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