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OK, I may have skipped a month on this feature.  I promise the imagery you are about to drink in will make up for it.  Congrats to the last feature‘s top voter’s pick, Fer Juaristi.

VOTE for your favorite photograph by leaving a comment here and (combining our office votes with yours) we’ll award the top image of the month.  All of those images will then be in the running for Image of the Year at the end of 2010.  The best part?  If your image makes the cut, there’s a strong possibility it will make our print edition (of course, with the photographer’s permission).

Fred Egan has, as of late, been rocking the fashion world.  So, it comes as no surprise that this gem of a photograph would haunt me… taunting me to forgo my Target shopping ways and become a Vuitton convert.  OK, maybe not now.  If I win the shoe lottery.

My dream dress used to be this Vera that I just couldn’t help myself from trying on pre-shoot in Vegas.  Well, that all changed when I laid eyes on this Romona Keveza frock photographed by InContrast.  Oh. My. Hold me back or Ari and I will be renewing our vows.  Again.  Gorgeous bridals.

Oh, Fer.  Yes, I put you in here again.  Confession: I have a whole folder of your images on my desktop.  I just can’t help myself with these.  Hello, doesn’t this just take your breath away?  What a moment!  … and captured so artfully.

I am not a shoe person, I swear. I am a Walmart/Target shopper through and through, but these Badgley Mischka’s shot by Vero Suh via Style Me Pretty are making me blush, they are so beautiful! Oh goodness.  Hide my AMEX.  Stacking these lovelies on prose just makes them all-the-more romantic.  They are whispering sweet nothings to me…

These guys still reign as my favorite Southern gentlemen.  Just like everything else the A Bryan guys do, this Miami wedding shot by Caleb at A Bryan Photo is top notch.  This frame is just the beginning.  You have to see the bride and her to-die-for bouquet.

Y’all know I love to travel.  This engagement shoot from Luna Photo is right up my alley… or aisle, I should say.  Pass the peanuts, stewardess, these shots are first class all the way!

It’s a little warm here in the South as spring turns to Cat-on-a-HOT-Tin-Roof-summer.  This simple, sparkling, snowy ring shot from Stephanie at Ardent Photography is like a tall glass of cool ice tea.  (PS congrats to Stephanie on announcing her pregnancy this week!  So much to celebrate!)

1. This wedding kills me.  Like… if you were in the office when I first saw it… and you were a guy…  you’d roll your eyes at my girly, squealing, ohmyWOW!!! reaction.  2. The bride is Hollywood-starlet stunning.  Just drop dead gorgeous. This portrait could be a painting in the Louvre for all I know… look at her eyes!  3. Did, I mention this wedding kills me!?  Brava, Simply Bloom.  Way to nail every image.  See the entire wedding on Style Me Pretty.  Gorgeous feature.

OK, y’all know I am a relatively busy (ahem. understatement.) woman.  I rarely have time to stop and really read blog posts.  I scan for images.  I am very very fast at it now.  Well, this one I read.  I have chills thinking about the incredible story behind this photograph from Meghan McSweeney.  It really does take on an entirely different weight.  View the rest of the wedding images here.

No lie, I saw this image, leapt up from my desk and all I could do was jump up and down and say YES! YES! YES! and laugh hysterically.  Ahahahahahaha! This is pure wedding WIN.  High fives, F8.

I spent the better part of this month in Hawaii.  Mmmmm just saying that sentence makes me very happy… and wish I could go back.  I did several consults with some amazing photographers while I was there, including Marina Miller.  I don’t usually like trash the dress, water on my dress, couple in the water, bride on fire or anything of the sort, but this image works.  Her dress looks like it’s floating and this moment looks perfectly calm and blissful.  Who wouldn’t want to paddle out into the azure waters with their love and steal away a kiss? (hand raised)  How escapist-romantic of me.

Side note: you have to see this other wedding of hers! You will thank me.

Thank you Jeremy Gilliam for nominating this epic image from Jason Huang.  Wait for it…. wait for it….

I must be thirsty.  Or just in love with mint.  Or Susan Stripling makes even the simplest details look epic.  Yes, the latter.  I love these frames together. Crisp, clean, perfectly modern Charleston.  Admittedly, I am rather drawn to the greens and blues in these shots.  We may have just done a spectacular shoot with Jose Villa and Joy Thigpen here in North Carolina using said greens and blues.  It was lovely.  Sneak peek here.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall during this moment!  Just a brilliant photograph.  What do you think they are laughing about?  Go vote for this image from Next Exit Photography while you think on that.

I am a Smilebooth fan through and through.  Max and Margaux got married last weekend.  Max is good friends with my good friends, Whit and Jesse.  Margaux grew up with my cousin Ali in Laguna Beach.  Too small of a world.  I was so happy to finally meet them both at WPPI in 2009.  Gorgeous, talented, lovely couple.  Congrats M + M!  And the SW ladies are very excited to have Ashley bringing us a custom Smilebooth to play in this weekend!  Woooo!

Jeff Newsom is the Southerntron of Awesomeness.  Yeah, I made that one up.  I tried, Jeff, I tried.  This entire post is jaw-dropping. UNREAL.

Mamiya C330. Perfection. This photograph from Kitty Clark Fitz leaves me speechless.  OK ok, I have to say that I want this on my wall.  There are few images I know I would love forever.  This one wins.  Timeless.

Yes, it’s a mint-adorned drink again.  (Note to self: quench this craving stat for risk of future minty-drink-laden blog posts.)  This image needs no introduction.  I’d like a cold one right now.  Cold one as in… crisp, cold, brilliantly photographed mint julep from Tracey Turpen.

Congrats to this month’s IT LIST picks and thank you for inspiring me!

Have an image you’d like to submit?  Here are the rules:

1. You can only submit one image per week, and…

2. …only via Twitpic (or the Twitter image service of your choice).  Follow and tweet your images to @LaraCasey with the hashtag #itlist to be considered. If your image is chosen, you’ll get a direct message requesting the shot.  This is a Twitter-only submissions system.  No email submissions or links to blog posts accepted.  Don’t have a Twitter account?  Sign up or have someone submit the image for you! If you need help learning Twitter or how to post an image, just leave a comment here and we’ll be glad to help : )

Images can come from anywhere in the world.  What I’m looking for: details, portraits, engagements, proposals, anything that makes you stop to take the image in.  I’m looking for that Mona Lisa factor… something that captures you!

Which one is your favorite?




P.S. In case you missed it Monday, I announced the top 20 finalists for the SW V3 Cover. And while you’re there, leave a comment to win a FujiFilm Instax Mini!

lara Written with love by Lara Casey
  1. avatar Kate@Ruby&Willow reply

    I can’t go past the Simply Bloom Wedding – I just love everything about that image. Closely followed by Next Exit and Meghan McSweeney – both beautiful moments in time! Great collection!

  2. avatar Kate@Ruby&Willow reply

    I can’t go past the Simply Bloom Wedding – I just love everything about that image. Closely followed by Next Exit and Meghan McSweeney – both beautiful moments in time! Great collection!

  3. avatar Kate@Ruby&Willow reply

    I can’t go past the Simply Bloom Wedding – I just love everything about that image. Closely followed by Next Exit and Meghan McSweeney – both beautiful moments in time! Great collection!

  4. avatar Kate@Ruby&Willow reply

    I can’t go past the Simply Bloom Wedding – I just love everything about that image. Closely followed by Next Exit and Meghan McSweeney – both beautiful moments in time! Great collection!

  5. avatar Kate@Ruby&Willow reply

    I can’t go past the Simply Bloom Wedding – I just love everything about that image. Closely followed by Next Exit and Meghan McSweeney – both beautiful moments in time! Great collection!

  6. avatar Kate@Ruby&Willow reply

    I can’t go past the Simply Bloom Wedding – I just love everything about that image. Closely followed by Next Exit and Meghan McSweeney – both beautiful moments in time! Great collection!

  7. avatar Kate@Ruby&Willow reply

    I can’t go past the Simply Bloom Wedding – I just love everything about that image. Closely followed by Next Exit and Meghan McSweeney – both beautiful moments in time! Great collection!

  8. avatar marta reply

    Jason Huang’s hands down. I saw the image when he first posted it and it is still breathtaking, inspiring and brilliantly shot.

  9. avatar Jenny West reply

    Meghan McSweeney!

  10. avatar paige reply

    Nothing like a meaningful story behind an amazing image. My vote is for Meghan McSweeney!

  11. avatar CA reply

    I am pretty sure my heart leaped out of my chest when I saw Jason Huang’s image. So beautiful.

  12. avatar Janice Carnevale reply

    Meghan McSweeny

  13. avatar sara.madelynne reply

    Meghan McSweeney’s photograph melted my heart. What a sweet sweet picture and what a sweet story to go with it!

  14. avatar OFD Consulting reply

    My vote is for our Richmond gal Meghan McSweeney- it’s an incredible story and the picture really captures the emotion of the moment. Great job everyone!

  15. avatar Celine reply

    Jason Huang. That picture is incredible, thought-provoking, with a surprise when you find the crux of the image. Amazing.

  16. avatar Christy C reply

    Meghan McSweeny! The story is so bittersweet.

  17. avatar designcuriosities reply

    Jason Huangs photo! It’s amazing! :)

  18. avatar Esq. reply

    A moving image that drew me in without reading the backstory. Once I read it, it’s clear that this one photo tells a story that is at once inspiring and tragic. Go Meghan McSweeney.

  19. avatar Kathleen M. reply

    Meghan McSweeney! The couple’s story, Meghan’s volunteer service,and the touching photographs!

  20. avatar Catherine reply

    Meghan McSweeny! So incredibley sweet!

  21. avatar Ryan Ray reply

    I think Meghan has this one..

  22. avatar Athena P. reply

    My vote is for Meghan McSweeney… incredibly touching story and moving photo.

  23. avatar Jeremy Gilliam reply

    Gotta throw my vote to my man Jason Huang!

  24. avatar Megan reply

    Fer’s image is just too amazing! Gorgeous!

  25. avatar Cameo reply

    My vote goes to Stephanie because I am a Wyoming girl and this ring shot is PERFECT!! Also a big Congrats to Stephanie and Rick on their big announcement!

  26. avatar Nicole reply

    Oh, you have Marina Miller up there. Yay! She rocks weddings like no one else. Seriously, the woman has obscene amounts of talent AND she’s an utter sweetheart.

  27. avatar Pat reply

    Meghan McSweeney caught the sheer emotion and intimacy of this couple’s love. Great Job!

  28. avatar Kristina Salmon-White reply

    Meghan McSweeny! What an inspiring story, and a beautiful photograph!

  29. avatar cat at next exit photography reply

    Adi Benner, Next Exit Photography! That image blows my mind. He’s so good, my hubbie.

  30. avatar michelle reply

    my vote is for Stephanie’s ring shot. Ardent Photo! Stephanie is such a sweet heart! And that picture is awesome!

  31. avatar Adi Benner reply

    I suppose I have to vote for myself. I mean, Hello.Adi Benner : Next Exit Photography!

  32. avatar Elizabeth reply

    The two images that resonate with me are Stephanie’s (Ardent Photography) snowy ring shot and the Marina Miller surfboard shot….AWESOME!!

  33. avatar Kristin Nicole Photography reply

    Love all of them….great picks.

  34. avatar Kelly reply

    Meghan McSweeney, absolutely beautiful all the way around. Beautiful picture and beautiful heart!!!!

  35. avatar Keileigh reply

    My vote goes to Stephanie. All of her photos are amazing and creative and this one is exactly like the diamond in the rough! Most of us Wyomingites hate snow when it comes early and leaves late (as it has this year) but this picture captures the beauty of snow!

  36. avatar Sarah Stanitz reply

    Meghan McSweeny. I have goosebumps.

  37. avatar kay reply

    Meghan McSweeney’s Picture is AMAZING! It’s so full of emotion!! Vote Meghan!!!!

  38. avatar Vincent reply

    My vote goes to Megan McSweeney, her style and eye are amazing. She photographed my friend’s wedding and the pictures were amazing!

  39. avatar Marcy Reynolds reply

    Meghan McSweeney!

  40. avatar Windy Jennings reply

    Meghan McSweeney — definitely — A+!

  41. avatar KRISTY reply


  42. avatar STACEY reply

    Meghan McSweeney .

  43. avatar hjs reply

    Meghan McSweeny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. avatar Sister Teresa Grace, C.R. reply

    Meghan McSweeney’s photo really touched my heart, even before I read the full story of Kayleigh and Brian’s wedding. Beautiful!!

  45. avatar Leti reply

    Absolutley LOVED the photo by Meghan McSweeney… the picture shows so much emotion, it’s just so beautiful & expressive ….and that was even BEFORE reading the story. Once you know the story…WOW!

  46. avatar Amanda M reply

    Meghan McSweeney’s photo is amazing…especially when you know the story that goes with it…so touching!

  47. avatar ACC reply

    Meghan McSweeny has my vote!

  48. avatar Betsy, La Vida reply

    LunaPhoto’s retro airport shoot is pure brilliance and glamour. Those images stand the test of time… Love ’em!!!

  49. avatar Cristin reply

    Meghan McSweeney’s picture is my favorite!

  50. avatar Pamela Hayter reply

    Definitely Meghan McSweeny. That image is so sweet and incredibly moving even without the story behind it.

  51. avatar Cindy reply

    No contest – the photo by Meghan McSweeney wins my vote! Many images can reflect very special wedding moments, but the story behind this particular wedding makes this image unforgettable.

  52. avatar Kendra reply

    My vote is for Meghan McSweeney’s photo. Such emotion in one single shot.

  53. avatar Betsy reply

    Amazing amazing images…hard to pick…Meghan McSweeney’s touched my heart…love the "snuggle" shot!

  54. avatar Danielle reply

    Next Exit’s is the one I would want to have if this were my wedding album. One real moment that captures the whole spirit of the day.

  55. avatar MML reply

    My vote is for Meghan McSweeny!! What a beautiful moment!!

  56. avatar Sherry reply

    Adi Benner’s photo!

  57. avatar Missy reply

    Ardents Snowy Ring shots is by Far my Fav!

  58. avatar John Ely reply

    Meghan McSweeney hands down.

  59. avatar Richard W. reply

    Definitely Meghan McSweeney, what a beautiful photographer and person!!!!

  60. avatar Carmen Wince reply

    My Vote is For Meghan McSweeney. Beautiful story

  61. avatar Shannon reply

    Meghan McSweeney!

  62. avatar Mia Maria Badalati reply

    Meghan McSweeney has a rare talent of an old soul looking at life through the eyes of a young woman. Her perspective is timeless yet nostalgic with a contemporary twist!

  63. avatar Shannon reply

    Meghan McSweeney!

  64. avatar Angela Smith reply

    I must say Meghan McSweeney….not only is an amazing photo, but we were also part of the event and it is a very touching story for sure! Awesome job!

  65. avatar Dee Kirchmier reply

    LOVE Meghan McSweeney’s photograph. What a touching story!

  66. avatar Adam reply

    Meghan McSweeney for the win. It’s a great photo and captures the story perfectly.

  67. avatar Mariah reply

    Meghan Mcsweeney! …such a gorgeous photo

  68. avatar K.B. Herr reply

    Meghan McSweeney certainly gets my vote for the most beautiful touching wedding pictures. What a beautiful love story. You have truly shown the love the young couple has for each other.

  69. avatar Tiffni Crawford reply

    All I can say is OMG! The Meghan McSweeney picture is more than a photo. It is art.

  70. avatar brooke reply

    wow – Jason Huang’s is jaw-dropping.

  71. avatar Rebekah reply

    Meghan McSweeny is my fav!!

  72. avatar Andy reply

    I cannot get over the IinContrast bridal shoot, the back of the dress shot by the red door is phenom!

  73. avatar cammy reply

    I totally vote for the inconrast images photos they are beautiful

  74. avatar AuntCarol reply

    InContrast! Love the places they find to shoot. Make the bride and groom look incredible!

  75. avatar Teresa reply

    InContrast did a really great job of shooting this goregeous wedding dress.

  76. avatar Carolyn reply

    Meghan McSweeney hands down. What an extremely gifted and talented photographer she is.

  77. avatar Briana reply

    Once again Fer has my vote… LOVE him :)

  78. avatar Wedding Invitations reply

    <p> </p><h1>Wedding Invitations</h1><p>Love the depth of field on the pictures, I'm currently shooting images for our wedding invitations and stationery – cant wait to get them off to print.</p>

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