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Warning: Anar + Dale’s Alabama celebration at the Renaissance Ross Bridge Resort and Spa is not your grandmother’s Southern wedding.  But it is all kinds of awesome, in large part due to Karen Wise’s brilliant images from the three-day event.  The stunning – literally can’t-take-my-eyes-away stunning – bride wore a custom sari from Ensemble Mumbai in India and carried a lush bouquet of pink lilies.  As a professed sugar addict, I’m a little hung-up on the couple’s gilded, too-many-tiered to count confection from Olexa Bakery.  Other office loves?  The groom’s dramatic entrance atop a white steed and the authentic Scottish bagpiper who serenaded the newlyweds.  This (Indian/Scottish) Southern wedding planned and produced by SJS Events may well be one of the most vibrants blends of culture we’ve seen yet!

Describe the proposal. Dale surprised me with a trip to Paris. I was so enamored with the hotel and the city. I thought for sure he would propose later that night, but I never could have expected what was to come.  We had a driver waiting to take us to a historic chateau in the French countryside, where we rode in a hot air balloon and Dale proposed – in Hindi! Although we’ve both have been to Paris, the city seemed romantic in a way I’d never experienced. We spent the rest of the weekend celebrating in Paris and going to a fabulous dinner at the Alain Ducasse Restaurant.
Three adjectives that describe the day are: 
Triumphant, passionate and hilarious.
Our favorite detail of the wedding was:
There really wasn’t just one detail that stood out, but the fact that all our family and friends were there celebrating and mixing cultures is what we appreciated most. Everyone was dancing, whether the DJ was playing Indian music or American music. The party went on well past midnight and we were so happy to see everyone having a great time. 
Tell us about finding your wedding dress: My mom, aunt and sister spent a week shopping with me in Mumbai. We had little information and a million stores to visit. Thank god for my friend who worked at India Vogue. She guided me to a few stores and on the very last day of our trip,  I found what I was looking for. It was a custom-made piece that they altered in the color and style I wanted. I was supposed to go back for a fitting several weeks later, but the terrorist attacks in Mumbai disrupted our plans. I had to trust on the designer, but was so happy that it turned out exactly as I had hoped, especially in such a short period of time.

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  1. avatar Emily L. reply

    beauty stimulation overload! The Shoes! The Henna! The Sari! I need to lie down

  2. avatar Dennis @ Wholesale Roses reply

    Wow, the pictures look like the illustrations out of 1001 Nights. What an absolutely gorgeous affair!

  3. avatar Amberdawn reply

    Wow, so gorgeous. I love the oranges and pinks in Indian weddings. I’m going to have tropical flowers in orange and pink in my wedding. I also plan to have lilies, so I love that bouquet! The embroidery on her white dress is amazing too.

  4. avatar skerr reply

    beautiful! your new husband looks just like Prince William!

  5. avatar Chantz Hough reply


  6. avatar Anar reply

    Thank you all for your posts! The wedding was so much fun! My husband is told that he looks like Prince William alot!!

  7. avatar Starr reply

    Beautiful!! The terrorist attacks in Mumbai also disrupted my trip. Luckily my finance was able to pick up the suit he had custom made which will also be his wedding suit.

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There were too many great details from Danielle + Nathan’s New Zealand nuptials for a single post, so we wanted to show off a few more of our favorites, including more shots of the swoon-worthy Sarnia Park.   Another highlight?  The dramatic silhouette of the bride’s embellished Temperley London gown.  (Love the cutouts, love the jewels, love love love the dress’ glitzy 1920’s vibe).  Other faves?  A a crisp three-tiered cake, the sophisticated spread from Kerr and Ladbrook and Jason Wright St. Clair’s photography.  Natch. 

Describe your wedding flowers: I wanted really prominent flower arrangements, so I picked a few varieties I liked (stargazer lillies, phalaenopsis orchids, peonies and chrysanthemums) and gave my color palette to the florist. I desperately wanted peonies for my wedding, but kept getting told the season would be over in January.  Luckily, my Mum found a grower with late-blooming varieties, so we had those coolstore freighted up to Hamilton and refrigerated until the week leading up to the wedding.  I also secretly wanted a trailing bouquet rather than a round bunched one, but my Mum kept telling me I wasn’t tall enough! My florist made me a trailing bouquet of phalaenopsis orchids and asparagus fern that was just perfect!
Describe your wedding cake:
We had a three-tier square cake with white icing and icing pearls, topped with a fresh pink peony cake topper that was similar to the girls’ bouquets. It was simple and elegant and had three different flavors to suit everyone!
What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day?
When we had the Bridal Party pictures, the two flower girls were playing with the leftover petals from the aisle and we joined in!  We got some really fun candid shots and had a great time running around the garden with our shoes off!
Did you write your own vows?  If so, what was your favorite phrase, verse or line?  Yes we wrote our own vows. They were short, sweet and heartfelt. It was a surprise to each of us what the other person was going to pledge. Nathan’s were very romantic, and mine were more cheeky. I think everyone loved my words of wisdom from Kung Fu Panda:  “Together, we are pure awesomeness.”
What’s next for you as a couple?  What are you looking forward to in the future?  Next, we’d like to continue our travels around Europe.  So long as we’re together I don’t mind where we are, because we always have fun!

Congratulations, Danielle + Nathan!  Enjoy your glob-trotting as newlyweds.

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  1. avatar wholesale flowers reply

    The gown is simply breathtaking! Congratualtions on such a beautiful wedding and kudos to the florist who worked with your ideas even through some challenges.

  2. avatar David reply

    I like the shot of the gold shoes! Cool accessory to the wedding. Your detail shots are awesome!

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Like the ladies of SW, St. Clair Photography is a big fan of film, and their talent clearly shows in Danielle + Nathan’s lovely wedding.  Though located in Hamilton, New Zealand, the gorgeous estate (Sarnia Park) where the reception and ceremony took place have the same feel as a true Southern plantation (Drayton Hall in Charleston pops immediately to mind).  The highly-edited details this couple chose to include would be equally at home at a Southern soiree, I think!  The bride’s dress is by Temperley London, and the delicate florals were put together by Flower Concepts.  More soon!

How did the two of you meet?  Tell us your story.  We were introduced by a mutual friend, Rachael, who worked with Nathan. On the day that he got his new job, he was out celebrating at the pub all afternoon, and we met in the local pool hall where I hung out a lot with Rachael. I took his number but didn’t want to give mine, as I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend at that time. At some insistence from Rachael, I called him later the next week and arranged to go on a “proper date” with him at a little Italian restaurant. He was nervous, which was cute, and I was late, as usual, and we got on like a house on fire. Plus he let me eat both of the desserts I ordered for us, which is definitely one way to win over a keen dessert person!
Describe the proposal.
We were on holiday in Madrid, and I didn’t realize Nathan had a ring in his backpack. We were wandering around a beautiful secluded garden in the Casa de Campo and Nathan kept trying to get me to sit and rest in the shade with him. I was too hot and in desperate need for a drink of water, so I was very uncooperative and basically ruined the moment. He ended up waiting until after we’d had our siesta and a cool shower before asking me a simple “Will you marry me?” over dessert at the restaurant.
Our favorite detail of the wedding was:
The rose petal aisle and the after-dinner indulgence table filled with goodies!
Tell us about finding your wedding dress:
I had looked in a few different places around London, but there wasn’t anything in my price range with wow-factor, so I ended up at a boutique in Notting Hill that I knew was going to be out of my budget.  There were so many gorgeous dresses that were “my style,” and then I tried on the Long Jean Dress and knew it was the one!

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Oakstream Photography reply

    Beautiful wedding! One that some bride’s can only dream of! It is breathtaking. Look at that mansion..WOW!

  2. avatar Album Boutique Team reply

    What a beautiful wedding! I love the pale pink accents and the gown is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. avatar Kelly @ Notable Inspiration reply

    Ah! I’m so in love with that Temperley London dress!!

  4. avatar Feuza reply

    beautiful, love how colorful the images are

  5. avatar Dennis reply

    Beautiful wedding, definitely with Southern feel to it. The bridesmaid gown is simply amazing.

Southern Weddings reserves the right to delete comments which contain profanity or personal attacks or seek to promote a business unrelated to the post.  And remember: a good attitude is like kudzu – it spreads.  We love hearing your kind thoughts!

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