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I was one of those girls that constantly doodled in the margins of my notes in middle school. I loved writing my name (potentially linked with a crush’s last name) in cursive, manuscript, block letters, slanted… the list goes on.

Maybe that’s why I’ve always thought that calligraphers have an amazing job. Their job is to try out new styles of writing and create beautiful scripts. So lucky!

Robyn Love Steele has a flair for creating stylish works. Designs by Robyn Love is the perfect spot for all wedding calligraphy needs. From place cards to menus, invitations to monograms, Designs by Robyn Love has got you covered. Be sure to check out her Etsy site to see more of her work.

Robyn is truly one of the nicest people in the business and such a pleasure to work with. I’d enter this contest fast if I were you! P.S. She also contributed to Jory’s shoot in the last issue!

Win: A set of bride and groom chair signs as well as 25 escort cards in any style that you would like from Designs by Robyn Love.

To Enter: Okay, I just admitted that I doodled Mrs. Whitney ______ (insert crush’s name) all over my notebooks back in the day. Ouch. Have an embarrassing crush story? Post below for a chance to win!

This contest will end on Tuesday, April 6 at midnight. Don’t miss out!

Written with love by Southern Weddings
  1. avatar Ginger reply

    I think I practiced/doodled what my "new" name would be with almost every boyfriend I ever had….so embrassing!!!

  2. avatar kailey reply

    I want the bride and groom signs!!!

  3. avatar Southern Weddings reply

    Ginger: Right there with ya, honey! But since I knew I was never going to change my name, I always doodled what my boyfriend’s new name would be when he took mine :) Katharine @ Southern Weddings

  4. avatar Heather reply

    I have always been methodical, but I never thought that would affect my crushes. The name of my first crush started with an "A". Then, I had a charmingly innocent relationship with "B", then "C". When in college, I met a boy with the initials of "Z Z" I was convinced that I had found the one since I had reached the end of the alphabet. I am now engaged to "M" (the exact middle of the alphabet) and I couldn’t be happier.

  5. avatar Farren reply

    I remember when I was in middle school I had the biggest crush on this guy, Will. He was gorgeous, and I was awkward with glasses back then. He was in the popular crowd, and I was not. One of my friends, Monica, was good friends with him at the time. We were sitting in class one day and I was flipping through her notebook where I found his phone number in the back. I asked her if I could write it down, and she agreed (not that I ever had the intention of calling him). Well, apparently it leaked to Will that I had his phone number. One day at lunch, in front of everyone, he asked me if I had his phone number. I denied it, but he basically told me that he was not ok with me having it. My middle school world felt like it had come to an end. Everyone was laughing at me, and I remember being thankful that the class bell rang so I could run away from the lunch table that day.Now, I am marrying a guy would couldn’t be more estatic that I would want his phone number. :) And, the bride and groom signs would go perfectly with our wedding day decor.

  6. avatar Jennine reply

    I asked a boy my freshman year of high school to a dance and he turned me down. I asked him to the next dance and he turned me down. I believe I did this three time before I got the hint that he wasn’t interested.

  7. avatar christina reply

    I did the same thing with my crush. I think he kind of knew too :) Alas it never worked out. I’d love to win these! So cute.

  8. avatar Allison reply

    back in middle school my best friend (now my maid of honor) and I would play this game where we would write each of our names, the names of our good friends and names of the boys we knew on little pieces of paper, fold them up and and put them all in 2 bowls – one for girls and one for boys. Then we would take turns picking out one boy and one girl name to see who got paired with whom. We would get estatic if one of us ended up with our crushes!, now I look back on that and just laugh.

  9. avatar sam reply

    I am a chronic doodler too!!! In high school I had the biggest crush on a guy who had the last name ‘McHugh.’ I decided that I would be super savvy and give him the nickname ‘Humik’ (McHugh with the syllables reversed) and doodled Humik EVERYWHERE thinking that no one would figure it out!(Robyn’s calligraphy is gorgeous btw!)

  10. avatar Kimberly reply

    I once wrote my crushes name on ever single sheet of paper in my English notebook one day it feel open on the floor next to his desk I was BEYOND embarassed! How do you explain why you have someones name written on over 100 sheets of paper?!

  11. avatar ShannonP reply

    I love the beautiful calligraphy!!Sadly/luckily, I don’t have a specific embarassing crush story!

  12. avatar Janna reply

    So cute!! Love calligraphy! :) So I definitely got caught by my fiance writing mrs. S on my paper while studying before we were engaged! :) He just smiled and said it would happy soon and then 2 months later I became his official future mrs!

  13. avatar Allison reply

    This is so embarrassing. When I was in 4th grade I had a crush on a boy named Mike. I wanted it to seem like he liked me back, so I would send myself things and say they were from him. I would leave little necklaces (my own necklaces, mind you) in my desk at school, and forgeie a note from Mike as if he had left it in my desk. I did this with jewelry, chocolates, candy, etc. Mike denied ever leaving me these gifts, but I managed to convince my friends that he was embarrassed and didn’t want everyone to know the secret that it was him. I can’t believe I’m writing this— so embarrassing that I did that!! A few years ago I ended up confessing this to one of my girlfriends from elementary school (who remembered all the gifts from Mike) and we were hysterical!! :-)

  14. avatar Jessica reply

    Hehe I never wanted to change my last name so I just doodled my crush’s first name.

  15. avatar Mary reply

    This calligraphy is gorgeous!In high school, I had a crush on a friend. Thanks to AOL Instant Messenger, I created a pseudonym screenname to pry into his romantic interests. Of course, he knew exactly who I was… I was mortified, but we dated for all of five minutes. Wonder what ever happened to him? Thanks internet!

  16. avatar Krista Bass reply

    My embarrassing moment would have to be during my first kiss. I was in middle school, and I remember our first kiss was after school, just outside the gym. We had our first kiss and my best friends were peaking through the window!! They said that that I was kicking my leg while kissing! HA! I can only imagine now!

  17. avatar Lauren reply

    First off, my fiance does not remember this which I guess makes it a little less embarrassing. My fiance and I went to middle school together and I totally had a crush on him early on. We sat in the same row at English. For some unknown reason I had my journal in my backpack one day with his name and my name encircled in hearts all over the inside pages. We had to switch seats that day because of some group work that we were doing, and I had to leave my backpack at my desk. The next thing I know, another boy in the class had my journal in his hands and was READING IT ALOUD to my crush. So humiliating! But I guess I get the last laugh because 12 years after the incident, I am marrying said crush :)

  18. avatar Sylvia reply

    When I was in kindergarten, I had a crush on a sweet boy named James. He had piercing blue eyes and brown hair that turned sandy blonde in the summer. Swoon! We always played a kissing game during recess – if you caught the person you were running after, you got to kiss them. Since James was a fast runner, no one had been able to corner him for a kiss yet – I was determined to be the first! So, one recess when he wasn’t paying attention, I pounced after him and cornered him on the side of the building. While he was desperately fighting not to get "cooties," I pecked him on the lips.Unfortunately, the recess teacher caught me. Not only was I sent to the principal’s office, but my mother (the music teacher), was called in too. I could have died of embarrassment!!

  19. avatar Amy reply

    Love the bride and groom signs! My folders were covered with doodles, especially of my crush!

  20. avatar Tammy reply

    Oh goodness I had the BIGGEST crush on my summer tennis coach, it is so embarrassing! It was the summer before he was going into his sophomore year at college and I was about to be a sophomore in high school…..needless to say I had NO CHANCE with him, but I simply found him to be so dreamy! I thought I was "cool" about my crush and that no one knew about it, but it turns out I was very obvious and everyone knew…..

  21. avatar Kelly reply

    My crush is now my fiance! I was constantly doodling my first name along with his last name….a girls gotta practice! What beautiful work! I love everything and a bride and groom chair sign would be awesome!!

  22. avatar Kathryn reply

    ok, I admit…I doodle "kathryn loves efren" all the time… then I practice writing my soon-to-be married name =)

  23. avatar Laura reply

    Back in kindergarten, I fell prey to a cute little ambidextrous boy. All the girls loved him, we spent countless recesses chasing him around the monkey bars and merry-go-round but he was mine… and hers. This sweet little boy was able to write me and the other girlfriend love letters simultaneously with both hands! At the ripe old age of 6, I saw nothing wrong with that… until a friendly game of hide and seek was interrupted! My "boyfriend" and his other "girlfriend" decided to hide in the closet during this birthday party game… all was fine and dandy until my 9 year old brother barged in and told my poor little boyfriend what a horrible person he was for having two girlfriends at once. If only all boys learned this lesson so early in life :)I still write like that 6 year old boy and would so love to win this contest!! :)

  24. avatar Sharon reply

    Fab calligraphy! My embarrassing story is that I still use my middle-school crush’s first name as part of one of my online passwords!

  25. avatar Sarah reply

    If I had married my (adorable) high school crush, my married name would have been Sarah Caldera. Well, I guess even "Julia Guglia" would look pretty in Robin’s script!

  26. avatar Robyn Love Steele reply

    Thank you everyone for your kind words and SW for letting me host. I can’t wait to see who wins. If you are interested in anything in my etsy shop, I will throw in "bride" and "groom" small place cards to any orders that say SW blog in the note to seller! Thanks again everyone and have a fabulous April!

  27. avatar Stephanie reply

    No embarrassing story here, I would doodle with my eraser so it would disappear and not be seen :) love the calligraphy though would love to win!

  28. avatar Izabela reply

    Robyn is awesome! She is great to work with I am so happy I have her so close to me! (being from Michigan)

  29. avatar Jessica reply

    I would always awkwardly follow my middle school crush around, thinking I was being very discreet. Then one day he asked in front of everyone if I could please stop stalking him. For a middle school girl, it was humiliating!Robyn’s work is so gorgeous and I would love the chance to display it at my wedding!

  30. avatar Melissa S reply

    In high school, I made my bank pin number part of my crush’s phone number. Years later, Im stuck with the same pin, and I laugh everytime I use the ATM :)

  31. avatar Jackie reply

    My MOH and I in high school liked these two boys in our class. We gave them Sanrio nicknames – Keroppi and Pochacco so we can talk about them whenever. haha. We would write letters to each other in between classes about the two boys. How cute they look that day or what it would be like to date them. haha. I can’t believe we used to do that!

  32. avatar Elizabeth reply

    Okay… I have always LOVED my last name. Instead of doodling a boys last name I would just write mine over and over and over. The first boy I have ever had a huge crush on is my now fiance, and his last name is Doody. No kidding its Doody. No one can claim I don’t love this man. Not only is it going to be a huge adjustment changing my last name but I can’t even write it down on paper nicely. It does not "doodle" well if you know what I mean. Robyn Love Steele sounds like just the girl to help me out. Actually, my oldest brother is named Steele, and I have always wanted to name my first son Steele. Unfortunately, Steele Doody is not exactly what I had in mind!

  33. avatar Kendall reply

    In high school, I had a huge crush on the captain of the football team. After a football game one night, he asked me to go to Waffle House (seriously so gross) with some of the other football players. I was so excited that I jumped in the car with him without thinking about the fact that 1) waffle house was 30 minutes away and 2) I had needed to pee for the last hour. I was too nervous to ask him to stop, and apparently too nervous to control my bladder. Needless to say, one soaked passenger seat later, I no longer had any hopes for dating the captain of the football team.Luckily I was able to control my bladder around his equally cute best friend, to whom I am now engaged. :)

  34. avatar Lindsay S. reply

    My first crush was on an older man (gasp). I was in 6th grade and he was in 8th. We were on a summer swim team together. Every Friday after practice the whole team would have a "fun day" of relays. I was chosen one day to be team co-captain along with an older teammate. We were to pick a team together. I remember really wanting to pick my crush, by my co-captain told me he was slow (I learned later that my co-captain was in fact jealous of my crush because he had liked my crush’s girlfriend). I picked him anyway. I remember crush patting me on the shoulder and saying something like, "We are going to win this thing!" I think I about had a heart attack. It was the beginning of the end for me. There are a slew of embarrassing stories after that date. I can’t believe the things I did in the name of love. Probably at the top of the ridiculous things I did was demanding that my mother drive by his house. We lived near each other and I insisted we drive by every time we we went to or from anywhere just so I could try and catch a glimpse of him. I was such a stalker!

  35. avatar Katie reply

    wow! these are beautiful! my most embarrassing crush story turned out to be a lesson learned at a very early age. my older sister loved the band chicago when we were kids, so naturally i did too. when i was in 1st grade, i told my best friend emily that justin, my crush and the cutest boy in class, had won a radio contest for me. i told her that the contest was that when the song ‘your the inspiration,’ by chicago came on the radio, justin was supposed to call in and tell the radio people which girl he liked and then the radio station would give that girl $20—SO, i told emily that i had won $20 from the radio station because i’m the girl that justin likes. of course NOTHING about this story was true or made sense. when emily asked our teacher if this was true, our teacher called me out on it. i broke down in tears and apologized all over the place for lying, i just wanted emily to think justin liked me. i totally forgot about it until recently when emily and i reconnected with justin on facebook and he reminded us of it :)

  36. avatar naazia reply

    awesome calligraphy!! my notebooks were full of my first name and all kinds of other last names of crushes haha, glad to know i’m not alone =)

  37. avatar Jessica reply

    Back in the high school, I wrote a letter telling my crush that I had feelings for him. I didn’t know how to give it to him, so I just wadded the letter up and threw it at him! OMG, how embarrassing! What was I thinking? haha

  38. avatar Jessica W reply

    Growing up writing your crush’s name was the "cool" thing to do. I remember my friends and I would always pass notes back and fourth to each other in class. On theses notes we would always talk about our crush and write their initials plus ours. Thinking back on it, it was so silly…but at the time we thought it was the best thing ever. We also always played the game "MASH" when we had long bus rides to field trips and that was another great way to figure out who and a crush on who…the embarrassing moment was when someone found our notes and MASH papers and it was our male teacher…and it so happened that we had his name in the MASH game and sometimes his initials…..we were mortified the rest of the year. He was cool about it, but whenever we had to talk to him we would always get red in the face!

  39. avatar Jenni reply

    I used to laugh at people that said "This is the man I’m going to Marry" but when I met my Groom I just knew and went around shouting it to the roof tops to everyone "I’m going to marry Dirk". Luckily he did the same thing!

  40. avatar Brittany reply

    I am literally NEEDING the signs!! I mean…a MUST HAVE!!I was head over heels in "love" with my middle school boyfriend-like heart stopping in love. We were goofing off one day and I elbowed him in the face which broke his nose. He had surgery to repair it, and it happened again except this time it was my knee. I was horrified.

  41. avatar joey reply

    I remember those days of scribbling mrs j. ng or j. leung! ahh if only my middle school notebooks were still around! I’d die of embarresment if anyone I knew saw them now!

  42. avatar Sarah reply

    I have known my fiance since middle school. Our sophomore year of high school I received a really sweet Hallmark card that was made especially for me (i.e. with my name printed in it) that was signed ‘Your Secret Admirer.’ It wasn’t until later that day I found out it was from him. Needless to say I was less than ecstatic. Even though this story is about his embarrassing moment the joke is on me because over ten years later we’re now getting married!

  43. avatar danielle reply

    I was never a crush doodler. However, at meetings in work after getting engaged i did doodle my new name over and over.

  44. avatar Sarah reply

    During a work meeting for our department, I was doodling what my name would be if I married one of our residents (his nickname… Sweet Face- II work in OB/GYN department at a large university hospital) and of course my boss saw it. Not only was I embarrassed since I am engaged and VERY happy, I also know my boss wont let me live it down!

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