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My inbox has been flooded with pictures of dogs, cats, ferrets, and rabbits! We asked you to tell us why your pet is perfect for a chance to win a beautiful horseshoe charm necklace from Hazel & Harlow and there are a ton of adorable pets out there! Pierre the pug and I spent hours debating which pet deserved the honor of the title of “perfect” pet.

Pierre kept picking the pretty girl dogs and had an obvious bias against the cats. I decided that the only way that we were going to come to a consensus was to randomly select a winner. Pierre the pug agreed to this condition, and we selected Snackington Von Nibblesbert III and his owner Alexis as our winners.

“My pet rabbit, Snackington von Nibblebert III (aka “Snacks”), is perfect. Although he may look like a sweet, innocent bunny in pictures, he is really a very feisty creature, all full of mischief and mayhem. Although rabbits aren’t supposed to make noise, Snacks grunts all the time. He grunts when you give him a treat, try to pet him, or when he gets in trouble. He grunts when he is happy and when he is mad. Snacks spends most of his day sleeping in his hay box or cuddling up to his stuffed animal girlfriend, Snackita. He also likes to snuggle with me and my fiance on our couch.”

Congratulations, Snacks and Alexis. Snacks, enjoy your new status as SW’s most perfect pet! Alexis, enjoy your new Hazel & Harlow necklace!

Written with love by Southern Weddings
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  1. avatar Nancy Ray reply

    i heart abbbyy kittyyyy pannttssss!

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