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We are having such a great time featuring and giving away products we love, that we just can’t stop ourselves! (Cufflinks and Inky Pink contest are still going on!) This fun new contest features the lovely, hand crafted work of Muscari by Easter Yu.

Muscari specializes in bold and one-of-a-kind wedding and fashion accessories crafted with feathers, silks, dried botanicals, beads and other found objects. Easter loves to use ordinary materials in not-so-ordinary ways. Her ideas come from a love of nature and an obsession with color, pattern and texture.

Muscari products range from feather flowers and unique ring bearer pillows to their new line of flower sashes and belts. Each hand made creation is unique and a true piece of art.

Win:  We have 3 lovely prizes for this contest.  The log-inspired ring-bearer pillow, a bridal flower headpiece, and feather flower corsage.  The first place winner can choose their favorite item and then the second place winner can choose from the remaining two.  No matter what, these are all incredibly created pieces! 

To Enter:  Tell us which item you love most on the Muscari site and why.  We will pick a random winner.

Contest ends Thursday November 6th!

Just a reminder…Our Cufflinks and Inky Pink contest end at MIDNIGHT tonight!!  The Chewing the Cud contest ends midnight on October 31st! Good luck!!

Written with love by Southern Weddings
  1. avatar amanda reply

    I love all of the feather flowers, especially the "Muscari White Vintage Bridal Feather Flower"!

  2. avatar Erin reply

    There are too many beautiful items to choose from. If I have to pick one, my favorite is the Shell ring holder. It would go perfect with the muted color scheme we’ve selected for our beach wedding, while still creating a memorable accent.

  3. avatar Erika C reply

    It’s really hard to choose just one favorite, however, I would have to pick the Muscari White Vintage Bridal Feather Flower- It’s absolute perfection! I also am in love with her birch ring bearer logs–they would be perfect for my "nature-themed" wedding next year. Great contest- thank you!

  4. avatar Elizabeth reply

    HOW CREATIVE?! I love the feather flowers the most, and the jewelry! I love the polka-dotted feathers! So fun! I love the ringbearer ideas. The birds’ nest is adorable! Of everything, the feather flowers are my favorite. It would be such a fun twist to put in my hair for the wedding reception! Thank you for sharing!

  5. avatar Victoria reply

    I love the corsages and "A candy pink confection ready to adorn any dress." :)

  6. avatar Molly reply

    I just love the Blooming Box, that is one detail I had not thought of and how beautiful and original is that! …and it will go great with the green I plan on having as my color! I love the little details, they make such a difference!

  7. avatar Rachel reply

    I love the ivory bridal headpiece. It would add the perfect amount of color and flair to a bridal portrait and it would look amazing paired with a birdcage veil!

  8. avatar Abbie reply

    My favorite item is actually featured in this post… the bottom right feather flower! I love it. This is such an amazing giveaway!

  9. avatar Abbie reply

    Oops… forgot to mention why. I love this item because it seems so classic, and I love how the pale green just pops!

  10. avatar Liz reply

    This one is such an easy choice for me – I’d definitely go for the Birch-disc ring bearer "pillow." My grandfather passed away a few years ago and one of our favorite things to do together was peel birch bark off of the trees in front of his house. We made SO many things out of birch bark!!!This would be such a lovely way to bring a little bit of history into our ceremony. (And maybe teach my nephew – the ring bearer – a little about "birch-hunting.")

  11. avatar Taryn reply

    The feather flower corsage!!!! It would be PERFECT looking on my navy satin rehearsal dinner dress… I would love that thing!

  12. avatar Emily reply

    I love the one described as "an ivory bridal headpiece, with a bit of whimsy." The soft greens and blues are such a beautiful counterpoint to the graphic black and white polka dot feathers!

  13. avatar Jennifer reply

    I love the bridal flower headpiece with the swaroski crystals – colorful vintage glam. It is perfect!

  14. avatar Nichole reply

    I L-O-V-E the flowe puff ringbeaer pillow!

  15. avatar Ali reply

    I love the "White Vintage Bridal Feather Flower!" It would be a beautiful way to incorporate my bird motif into my accessories for my summer wedding!

  16. avatar Evie reply

    I just love that necklace with the yellow flower "Features glass citrine, glass pearls, feathers, real-touch flower, artificial berries and hand-dyed distressed silk taffeta. Measures approximately 19 inches long." Our feel is a vintage garden wedding and pale yellow and ivory are my colors! So lovely!

  17. avatar Holly reply

    My favorite is the Muscari White Vintage Bridal Feather Flower. So gorgeous!

  18. avatar angelique reply

    The Muscari Ivory Woodland Feather Flower is CALLING my name! I can only imagine it’ll sit next to ear and whisper sweet nothings to calml my nerves for the day! What can be more perfect for our olive ranch venue than this little woodland feather flower.

  19. avatar Amanda reply

    I have such a crush on all of her floral hair creations. All stunning.

  20. avatar Chelsey reply

    I love the hair accessory from the woodland collection with a base of guinea hen topped with apricot petals. I also love the marketing images with the silhouettes, those are great!

  21. avatar Stu reply

    Ah so many beautiful option! My fave is the hair flower on this page on the bottom right. So gorgeous! I would love to wear it on my hair, my dark hair and the beautiful colors of the flower would look great in pictures.

  22. avatar aylee reply

    I love the ivory bridal headpiece. I’m not using a veil and a flower headpiece is what I always thought of wearing to liven up my hairdo.

  23. avatar Leah reply

    My favorite item was the moss basket. It would go great with an outdoor wedding that has green, brown, and white colors.

  24. avatar Jess reply

    I love the Simple Ivory Feather Flower – it’s so simple and pretty!

  25. avatar BEL19 reply

    I’ve been pining over that log inspired ring bearer pillow for months! it’s so adorable and fits in with our woodsy, ourdoorsey theme!

  26. avatar jennifer young reply

    i’m lovin’ the birch ring holder! i’m having a birch canopy at my wedding and the two would go perfectly together :)

  27. avatar Marriah reply

    my favorite headpiece is the apricot woodland feather flower…the color is gorgeous! I am also in love with the bird’s nest ring basket as well.

  28. avatar Mollie reply

    I love the mossy basket best!

  29. avatar eeek reply

    Wow I think her items are so fresh and innovative! I love love love the Muscari Ivory and Gemstone Feather Flower! The flower has a hint of peach color to it and I love the added touch of the crystals! I wish there were some shots of the flowers on hair models so I can figure out if I want a regular flower or a mini flower!

  30. avatar nancy reply

    I am hoping to purchase the muscari floral/feather headpieces for my bridesmaids – so those are definitely among my favorite! But I also love the blooming box because it would fit perfectly with my garden-inspired wedding since our escort cards will also be set in moss!

  31. avatar kelley reply

    It has to be the log-inspired ring-bearer pillow because we will be getting married under a hundred years old tree where the tree will become our witness.

  32. avatar Marisa reply

    The Ivory Woodlan Flower is simply gorgeous and classic looking with a hint a fashion forward style.

  33. avatar ESE reply

    I LOVE the mini collection! You can wear all of them together or separat! The options are endless! Simply devine!

  34. avatar Mary Williams reply

    Ooh, I love brides with flowers in their hair. I would definitely pick the hair flower.

  35. avatar Kenzie reply

    I am so in love with Muscari’s boutonnieres. They are classic and simple,yet add a whimsical twist of nature and beauty into a wedding mainstay that is often overlooked.

  36. avatar koandpo reply

    I really love the boutonnieres. I would love to have something like that for my family and friends participating in the wedding.

  37. avatar Elana reply

    My favorite thing is the Birch Ring Cushion–I actually love the image of it so much I’m adding it to my newest inspiration board! It goes perfectly with our wedding vision and location (ceremony under a huge beautiful old tree and reception in/next to a big yellow house). So wonderful.

  38. avatar courtney reply

    The PUFF CUSHION… hands down is the most elegant and original design. It can be incorporated into so many different styles of weddings too which makes a it a versitile peice. Love it!!

  39. avatar the picnic party reply

    I love the Classic Apricot or Ivory Woodland Feather Flower and the Berry Dried Botanical Boutonniere Corsage. The textures and colors are exquisite.

  40. avatar Emma reply

    It has to be the candy pink feather flower. I am going to old-time roses – all colours and all shades – for my wedding and I love this new twist on a classic.

  41. avatar Ashleigh reply

    I am loving the birch ring bearer "pilllow". It is so simple and chic and would be a perfect fit at our rustic outdoor wedding!

  42. avatar samanth55 reply

    I absolutely adore the flower hair piece with Swarovski crystals, shell pearls, citrine, pineapple quartz and glass beads. How beautiful!

  43. avatar samanth55 reply

    I absolutely adore the flower hair piece with Swarovski crystals, shell pearls, citrine, pineapple quartz and glass beads. How beautiful!

  44. avatar Bianca reply

    First off everything is Unique and personal. Another thing is you know it is well designed and thought out because of Muscari’s great website, fabulous product photography and great product presentation (Etsy & main site). My favorite is the ivory bridal headpiece, just as the description states: "a bit of whimsy" but also elegant and dainty.

  45. avatar Katie reply

    I adore the "Muscari White Vintage Bridal Feather Flower" and the "Blooming Box". All of the pieces are so whimsical – they would make a great addition to any wedding!

  46. avatar Ashley reply

    I love the Muscari Mini Grape Candytuft and Lace Buttonhole, Boutonnette. The lace and the color is perfect for our pallete and I love the vintage feel, the unique textures and lovely, romantice feel of it! Fabulous!

  47. avatar Lisa reply

    I love the "ivory bridal headpiece, with a bit of whimsy." The polka dotted guinea hen feathers are unexpected and so cute!

  48. avatar Lee reply

    I love love love the peach and purple dress adornment! What a great way to add character and drama to any dress. It’s one of those things that really personalizes the wedding day and would make a fantastic keepsake. It’s so pretty, I’d want to put it in a shadowbox to display it after the wedding.

  49. avatar Heidz reply

    Too much loveliness to choose from! I’m always admiring her whimsical hairpieces. One thing that I happen to have been drooling over, is that shell ring bearer "pillow". It’s so simple yet clever and perfect for a beach wedding!

  50. avatar Carrie reply

    I just recently bought the birch ring pillow with a beautiful kiwi colored ribbon- I LOVE IT so much it is beyond perfection I would love to win gorgeous hair piece :)

  51. avatar Ali reply

    The unique boutonnieres are amazing. I’ve admired Muscari for a long time!

  52. avatar augustlove reply

    I LOVE LOVE EVERYTHING THAT ARE SHOWCASED!They are all made of love and show lots of creativity!Simply beautiful things, I can not wait to get my hands on one of them!

  53. avatar Brooke reply

    I absolutely love the ivory bridal headpiece, with a bit of whimsy and the necklace that features black onyx, Japanese seed beads, sterling silver chain and double faced silk satin ribbon. They are both BEAUTIFUL!

  54. avatar Janna reply

    I love the apricot/guinea hen mini feather flowers for my orange beach wedding. I would put mine on the bust of my sweetheart neck wedding dress. It would really add some interest to my simple dress! I would also put one in my hair. Can you really have too many?!?!

  55. avatar carrieitly reply

    I love the Rustic Pure Silk and Lace Ivory Flower. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  56. avatar alexis reply

    I love the green and black gemstone feather flower the most on their website, it’s seriously to die for gorgeous. However, in the etsy shop I think the natural rustic plume hair accessory is just perfect, absolutely the right amount of chic and sass.

  57. avatar Safiya reply

    I first saw the Muscari ring bearer bird nest soon after I got engaged, and it was love at first sight. They were so adorable in fact that they have inspired the entire theme and feel of our wedding. The delicate simplicity of the nests and the tiny little birds inside are just perfect. We have decided to bring this same feeling into our wedding with hand-painted birdhouse centerpieces, tiny little birds on our invitations, along with many other details still in the works. And of course my fiance’s nephew, who will be 3 at the time of our wedding, will carry one of Muscari’s beautiful bird nests down the aisle.

  58. avatar toni reply

    I love the feather flower that you have featured above (lower right hand corner of your choices). I love the delicate "something blue" in this piece.

  59. avatar Zolie reply

    birch ring bearer logs are perfect for our mountain wedding

  60. avatar Sharon Gibson reply

    I have always felt that acorns were magical as a little girl I would sit between the large knobby roots of a large oak tree on the edge of our family’s farm pond. I would imagine that the caps of the acorns were the helmets of fairy knights or float the acorn caps upside down out into the pond like little boats. What a treat when I saw the acorn, feather and pinks in the boutonnieres. My daughter is getting married August 9, 2009 and the motifs are ferns, acorns and creamy green blossoms. How magical it would be to see the men wearing those boutonnieres.

  61. avatar Cynthia reply

    I love the ivory bridal headpiece…the colors and style are perfect for my dress. I’ve been looking for something for my hair for a while, not wanting a real flower to melt in the hot August sun, this would be perfect!!

  62. avatar Aricka reply

    The ring bearer shell is so unique and a lovely mix of natural textures and colors. That is my favorite thing.

  63. avatar Marion reply

    My Daughter would love this!! She is very hip and design enthused! I really like the wood ring bearer and I know she would too, her wedding is a woodsy theme and you can never go wrong with mother nature :)

  64. avatar Sommer reply

    How can you choose?! If I have to pick just ONE item, I am going to have to go for one of the boutonnieres because I have never really felt like men are really into wearing roses…these somehow manage to be dainty and feminine yet a tiny but masculine all the same. Thanks for introducing me to Muscari – what a treat!

  65. avatar Lynn reply

    I lovee me some pink flower to adorn my dress! that little piece of candy pink confection tickles my fancy in everyway and I can see it making any ho-hum outfit to a perfect delight!

  66. avatar Jamie reply

    The bird nest ring bearer holder is to die for! This would be the talk of our wedding. This is the most creative thing I have ever seen! I would be so happy and grateful to win this.

  67. avatar kwolyniak reply

    Muscari desgins are lovely, warm, and best of all, whimsical. What a glorious combination for a bride who cares about the details and having a wedding that is truly unique to her. I am specifically entranced by the gorgeous ring bearer tree slices— an awesome alternative to the pillow… In addition the floral/feathered hair pieces are so wonderful and would go perfectly with the transition I hope to have between my chapel veil and our reception. Whoever wins will be ecstatic to be sure!

  68. avatar Rocío reply

    Just one favorite item? It’s not fair ’cause I have 2: The birdnest and the red head flower from the mini collection.. Why ??because I lo-o-ove red and birdnests and they are stunning… Thanks for the opportunity!!

  69. avatar Carolyn Clark reply

    I have always had a hard time imagining myself as THE BRIDE. I can imagine every detail of the reception and words but imagining myself in white never really happened. As cheesy as this sounds when I saw the muscari flower headpieces it started to come together for me. for the first time in my entire life i imagined me as THE BRIDE. I tried on my first dress today and when I put my hair up I said to my 2 friends imagine my hair like this (and I described a muscari headpiece). And they said "that is so you". cheesy…i know but it is the truth :)

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