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Introducing the V7 Cover!!

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Friends! It is with the fullest heart and incredible joy that we introduce to you… the Southern Weddings V7 cover!!!

She charms the dew right off the honeysuckle, doesn’t she??

As we put together this issue, we kept circling back to a few central ideas. We wanted to celebrate the community that surrounds a bride on the way to her wedding day. We wanted to honor best friends, who do so much to get us down the aisle. And we wanted to empower our couples to be confident as they make decisions throughout their engagement, secure in the knowledge that their wedding is only the beginning, and that they can write the story of their life together, no matter what has come before.

Speaking of writing your own story… we couldn’t be more tickled pink about the fact that our cover photographer, Tec Petaja, was none other than the groom on our very first cover, V1!! Tec and his sweet wife Chelsea have always been an important part of the Southern Weddings family, and it’s so meaningful to us to be able to work with them on a cover. As many of you know, the SW story has added so many chapters since that first issue, and this feels like a beautiful full-circle moment.

We had the joy of working with many other talented folks to bring this image to life, including Rhiannon from Hey Gorgeous Events, who graced us with her floral and styling skills. Kate Bryan of The Small Things blog curled our gorgeous ladies’ locks while Makeup for Your Day gave them peachy cheeks and rosy lips. We couldn’t be more proud to have our bride in the dress of a Southern designer (Anne Barge!) or to shoot on location at one of our favorite places, Fearrington Village.

The results of the fun cover poll our newsletter subscribers took – if you’re not signed up yet, do so now!

And of course, one of the most exciting things about this cover is that it features one of our very own gals – yes, that’s Miss Lisa to the left of our bride!! You may recognize the face all the way to the left, as well – Whitney, recently married, was one of our famous bridesmaids for the polo shoot a few years back!

Though our official release day is Tuesday, if last year is any indication, V7 may be popping up on newsstands around the South as early as today–yeehaw!! Be sure to snap a pic of yourself with your copy and tag #SWV7 on instagram or Twitter – we LOVE seeing your smiling faces!! If you live outside the South, you can always find a copy in our store.

In the meantime, we’re DYING to know: What do y’all think??? Are you as much in love with V7′s cover as we are?

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Stephanie reply

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! It’s absolute perfection – I adore the cover and am SO excited to see the rest of the magazine, too!!

  2. avatar Janna reply

    Love love love!! My sisters and I always look forward to picking up the newest magazine from yall and looking through it together!

  3. avatar Maghon reply

    LOVING all the pink!! So so so excited for the launch!!

  4. avatar Rhiannon reply

    It was beyond a pleasure getting to be a small part of something so much bigger than all of us. Love you guys! I can’t wait to get this beauty in my hands xoxo

  5. avatar Hey Gorgeous, The Blog – Published {Southern Weddings} reply

    […] these words but I am absolutely honored and thrilled to have my florals on the newest cover of Southern Weddings Magazine. The Southern Weddings brand and mission is such a special one and one that no doubt is paving (and […]

  6. avatar Dana reply

    I LOVE IT!!!!!! Can’t wait to get it in my hands!

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I’ve recently become very interested in small space living, and couldn’t be more excited that we have a diminutive dwelling to share with y’all today! Kelly and Andrew have packed every inch full of meaningful mementos and inspired finds, and I know you will love taking a peek inside their Birmingham carriage house home. Hugs to Jean Allsopp for sharing these lovely photos!

P.S. Ready for another tiny carriage house? Don’t miss Meg + Josh’s tour!

The couple: Kelly Kinnaird, 25, and Andrew Kinnaird, 25
Years married: One year and three weeks – we made it!
Where you live: Homewood, Alabama
Tell us a little bit about yourselves. Kelly is a graphic designer who recently launched a custom wedding invitation business. She loves dark nail polish, salty foods, and warm socks. Andrew works as a manager in telecommunications, making it possible for you to get cell phone signal at large venues. He loves dabbling in videography, fixing things, and kayaking after a good storm. We were both born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama.

Tell us your love story in one sentence. We fell in love in college over four years of undeniable chemistry, late night Frosties, great music, love letters in Maine, and genuine conversation.
What is your favorite part of being married? We have such a wonderful, deep friendship that began long before we dated. Now that we are married, we love that we get to just hang out with each other every single day, deepening that friendship that brought us to love in the first place.
What has been the most surprising thing about marriage? To truly have a fulfilling, successful marriage, you must completely let go of yourself and your needs and serve your spouse daily. When you become selfless and intentional on a daily basis – not just every once and a while or when it is convenient – needs are met, hearts are filled, and the relationship thrives. It is a choice every day.

Do you rent or own? We are currently renting an adorable carriage house in Homewood, Alabama. It’s a quaint little area that looks straight out of a movie. We walk to the library, the park, coffee shops, stores, restaurants, and more. We are only minutes from downtown Birmingham, which makes it easy to pop downtown for a night out with friends or to visit the market on Saturday morning. We plan to rent here for a while longer while we save for our first house. We are not sure where we will end up in the next few years, but we currently love making Birmingham and our carriage house our home.
Tell us about the process of moving in together. I think we are still trying to figure out how to perfectly mesh our styles. Being a designer, my taste changes constantly, but usually hinges around an eclectic aesthetic with classic basics. Andrew is usually on board, but he believes comfort is most important, so we have to work through finding pieces that fill the house with comfort, but are still well-designed and aesthetically pleasing. We tend to like similar colors and are good at staying within a certain budget, so we always find a compromise.

What is your favorite memory from your wedding? I think we would both agree that the time between our ceremony and reception was our absolute favorite. We didn’t see each other before the ceremony, so directly following it was our first moment to really spend time together. That moment allowed us to fully absorb this idea of being husband and wife. It was incredibly intimate, and it felt as if our photographers weren’t even there. Every time I look at those first photographs of being husband and wife, it still feels as surreal as it did in that moment.
How do you remember your wedding in your home? We have a wall we dedicated to a handful of our favorite wedding photographs. The wall is on the stair landing between our first and second floor, so we pass by our favorite memories multiple times each day. We also have a few film shots scattered throughout our home.

What most makes your house feel like home? We feel very attached to our carriage house and sometimes wonder why we would ever leave. It is just so quaint and makes all gatherings feel intimate and personal, which in turn makes our four walls a home. I would also say our dog Reagan, who brings noise and unconditional love, our candles that bring warmth and light, and our plants that bring fresh air and color.
Where do you splurge and where do you save when decorating? We splurge on quality pieces we hope to pass down to our children, like our solid wooden dresser or antique sitting chairs. However, we buy those pieces secondhand to save a little, while also ensuring better quality. We seek out pieces at estate sales, thrift stores, and on Craigslist that we recover or finish to bring them up to date. For the trendier or more modern pieces, we are regulars at Target, Home Goods, and Ikea.

Which items from your wedding registry do you use the most often? We use most of the items on a weekly basis. I would have to say either our beloved silicone utensils (I don’t know how I lived without them), our cast iron skillets (yes, multiple – we are from the South, after all), or our gray quilt (by day, it is a throw for our bed, but by night, it is a giant blanket for living room hangouts).
Who cooks dinner? I gladly do! I love to cook. I have been slowly building my knowledge over the years and love the sense of satisfaction and community a good meal can provide. I look forward to the day where I have perfected enough homemade dishes to pass a recipe book on to my children.
What is your go-to weeknight meal? Weekend meal? We could live off of Mexican and Thai food. If we are looking for a quick weeknight meal, you can bet it will be a Mexican-inspired dish. Usually, it involves seasoned slow-cooked chicken, black beans, cheese, corn, avocados, roasted vegetables, and a homemade zesty Greek yogurt topping. On the weekend, you may catch us going to our favorite Thai restaurant to get our respective favorite dishes. The Thai restaurant is where our relationship began six years ago, so it holds a special place in our hearts (and our tummies!).
What’s your favorite place to find recipes? I love collecting old family recipes and tweaking them to our personal tastes. I also love coming across fresh, modern blogs such as Minimalist Baker, A Couple Cooks, and Half Baked Harvest, as well as the classics such as Martha Stewart and Southern Living.

How does your family handle finances? Do you use a set budget? We are self-proclaimed penny pinchers. We are known to only go out to eat if we split a meal or have a coupon, but we are okay with that! Andrew and I agree wholeheartedly on how we handle our finances – we set a strict budget, pay everything in cash (except basic online bills), and save aggressively. I personally handle our finances, but at the end of the month, we sit down together to look over our spending, savings, and financial goals. However, we do factor in some leisure money within that budget for the occasional concert, pair of shoes, or nail salon visit :)
Do you have a favorite date night idea to share? Our favorite date night involves a good movie marathon. We walk down to the library and check out a handful of movies. We then make a palette out of an air mattress and lots of blankets, and cuddle up for a night full of movies and popcorn.

What is one small way you love or serve your spouse? Andrew has a gift of loving people well. How I got so blessed that he chooses to selflessly love me every day is beyond me. He is eager to help, always putting my interests before his. I try to best serve him through taking care of all the business of the house. I work from home, so I try to clean regularly, pay the bills, grocery shop, and cook, so that when he comes home from work, we spend our time having genuine conversations and experiences rather than adding worries or chores onto his busy work day.
Do you have children? Our furbaby Reagan is just perfect for us now. We are recently married and want to spend the next few years soaking up new places and spaces. We love to travel and want to take advantage of that while we can. But, we feel very called to have our fair share of children (we are hoping for four!) and we look forward to that season when it arrives. We know the Lord’s plans are perfect and we can’t wait to see how He will shape our little family over the years.

Before getting married, I wish someone had told me… how incredibly rewarding it is. Yes, it is work. Yes, it is challenging. However, the reward is greater than anything I would have ever imagined. How it is possible to feel so fulfilled, loved, and cared for by another human is beyond me.
This year, our family is most excited about… enjoying the nest we have been building over the last year. We have finally finished up all the side projects within our house and are thankful to be able to spend the next year reaping the benefits of the home we have built together.

We’re so grateful to Kelly and Andrew for sharing their hearts and home with us! Be sure to follow along with them:
Deliver Paper Studio
Kelly’s instagram
Deliver’s instagram
Andrew’s instagram

P.S. We’d love to hear from you! Our hope is to feature REAL couples in the South – your inspiring friend, super talented cousin, or neighbor with the cutest house – the kind of person everyone would love to “e-meet.” If that sounds like you or someone you know, take a peek at our Southern Newlywed submission page and shoot us an email!

emily Written with love by Emily

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Oh friends, this wedding is so close to our hearts! You may remember the beautiful Meredith and Beau from Meredith’s guests posts a few months ago–as former nanny to Lara’s little Grace, Meredith is an honorary SW gal, and we sure miss her around the office! Every step of their engagement, Meredith and Beau were so focused on creating a truly meaningful celebration, right in the heart of their favorite place. After this beautiful July day, they moved a few miles down the road from their venue to begin newlywed life–I can think of no sweeter way for them to be continually reminded of their vows and joy!

We’re so grateful to Shelby Peaden for bringing Meredith and Beau’s wedding day vision to life and to Lauren Kinsey for capturing it so beautifully!

Tell us about finding your wedding dress. On December 28 (my birthday, yay!), my mom, sister, sister-in-law, baby niece, and I all headed up to the city to find my “perfect” dress. I was pretty open to anything! After trying on what seemed like every dress in the store, I had narrowed my favorites down to five, and decided to sleep on it. On our second trip, I tried on the five dresses again, and was quickly able to narrow them down by answering two questions: “Is this dress ‘me’?”, and “Is this what I picture myself in when I walk down the aisle to meet my future husband?” The dress we all fell in love with was simple, elegant, soft, and sweet–we were sold on everything…except the price! As I was driving home from the city with my mom, I searched the dress name and designer, and happened to find the exact dress we needed, in the exact size, height, and dimensions for sale (for less than half the price) on OnceWed! It was a pretty easy decision after that!

We were both a little uncertain about a first look at first, worried that we would lose some of the sweetness of the moment we saw each other, but as we thought about it more, we decided to go with a first look.This option allowed us to take a moment away from any built-up nerves. We took time to pray together, and I instantly felt a wave of peace come over me–such a special moment! A first look is not for everyone, but for Beau and I, that moment was just what we needed–not a special moment was “lost” from our first look, as we worried about in the beginning–rather, a special moment was gained!

Choosing the Town Hall as our ceremony site was probably the easiest decision we made throughout the entire planning process. Rosemary Beach is our place. Being in a long distance relationship and traveling back and forth between states throughout the years, this was always the one place that was constant in our relationship. We quickly (and easily) decided that the Rosemary Beach Town Hall would make the perfect location to celebrate together with our two “separate worlds” in our most favorite place!

What readings, if any, did you have at your ceremony? My brother was the officiant at our wedding, and knowing him as a man who is passionate about the message of a Christ-centered marriage, I knew that he would be diving deep into the passage of Ephesians for our ceremony. After discussing our ceremony timeline with him the month before the wedding, I knew that what he had to say was exactly what was needed to be said–nothing more, nothing less.

What a joy it was for so many SW gals to have a small part in this sweet day! Morgan designed the paper products, Emily created the tinsel stirrers below, and of course, Lara and Ari were in attendance as Grace carried out her flower girl duties!

Brian of Myrtie Blue was my amazing florist. I mentioned to him I wanted soft, fluffy florals with a little loose foliage, giving them a slightly wild, garden-y feel. We decided on creams, soft pinks, and peaches, as well as the soft light green lamb’s ear to echo the beautiful ribbons that would wrap around the bouquets: pastel velvet!

Our favorite detail of the wedding was: There were so many beautiful details, but I would have to say that the backdrop for the ceremony and cake table was my favorite that night. We had our wedding verse, Ruth 1:16, written in gold on a large canvas backdrop that we stood in front of for the ceremony, and it then doubled as a backdrop behind our cake during the reception! The cake table also had an amazing gold sequined tablecloth that popped nicely against all the soft blues in our reception space. We were able to keep our personalized canvas at the end of the day, and I am excited to have it for the rest of our lives!

What advice do you have for folks currently planning a wedding? About two months before our big day, I was sitting at a wedding with my future in-laws. When our friend’s ceremony had ended, and the new couple had exited the venue, all I could think about was how special their vows were and how happy they looked…that’s when it all clicked! I had been worrying about what song would be played when, and what decor would be used where, but at the end of the day, I couldn’t tell you what songs were played at her wedding, or even what flowers were in her bouquet. When your wedding day has come and gone, all that you take with you are the memories made, the words spoken, and the promises kept. Every bride hears it when they begin planning a wedding, and it is much easier said than done, but try to focus on the bigger picture. You are planning a wedding, yes, but more importantly, you are preparing for a marriage with your best friend–and that is a thing to be celebrated!

How did y’all meet? Tell us your love story. Beau and I both grew up in Norman, Oklahoma, so we had known each other for years prior to our official meeting. We attended the same high school, where I knew him as the handsome and talented football star. Fast forward three years, and that same cutie happened to be in my Library Aide class fall semester of our senior year. Considering the fact that our “class” consisted of four students, there was plenty of time for Beau and I to really get to know one another. To my surprise, that guy that I had known of for my entire life, but had yet to get to know, ended up being one of the most genuine, precious, and God-fearing leaders I had ever met. We dated throughout our senior year of high school, persevered through some of the hardships of long distance dating through college, and finally got engaged five years later on December 11, 2013. I’ve told him time and time again that finding him in 2008 changed my life, and I am forever grateful!
Tell us all about the proposal! I was Grace’s nanny last year, and as someone who is in the same house as the SW gals every day, you see a few photographers popping in every now and then. When Lara had mentioned to me that there would be a photographer coming to the house to take some holiday family pics for them, and that I should wear “holiday party-appropriate” attire, I did not think anything of it! Come Wednesday morning, I arrived to work (clueless as ever) feeling good about myself because I had actually put makeup on and fixed my hair…thank goodness! After the mini photo session was almost complete, Lara mentioned that we would be heading over to her church to take some final pictures in front of all their Christmas decor. Beau lived in Ohio, and was supposedly at football practice just hours before, so I was shocked when my Beau greeted me at the front entrance of the church with a bundle of roses. He walked me down a candlelit aisle, and seated me in a chair up on the stage. He then washed my feet, all while sharing with me the importance of serving and loving me like Christ loved the church. In typical McKinney fashion, I just lost it. Beau handed me a gift before he popped the question I had been waiting for since I was a little girl: a bible with my future name engraved on it “Meredith A. Blankenship.” We hugged, rejoiced, laughed, and cried.
When did y’all get married? Friday, July 11, 2014
How many friends, family members, and loved ones attended your wedding? 125
Did you write your own vows? If so, what was your favorite phrase, verse or line? Beau and I considered writing our own vows, but as the wedding grew closer, we decided to go with traditional vows. Although I think unique vows are absolutely precious, Beau and I were content to use the same words that our siblings, parents, and grandparents had all shared on their special days, too!
Describe your wedding cake or dessert. Delicious! Seriously, Rhonda, the owner at Confections On The Coast, is out-of-this-world amazing at what she does–both on the exterior and the interior of her cakes. On the outside, I wanted my cake to be simple, clean, and to have a little pop of sparkle. I love polka dots, so there were gold swiss dots on every other tier, and a few soft, pink flowers on the top. On the inside, there were four different types of cake: strawberry, coconut, chocolate peanut butter, and french vanilla. Yum!
Did you have something borrowed, blue, old, and new? If so, do tell! I thought of my “borrowed” as two things: the diamond on my engagement ring from my mother, that was once my grandmother’s, and that can hopefully go to my future daughter someday, and my grandpa’s Purple Heart that I attached onto my bouquet. My something blue was my perfume, Something Blue by Oscar de la Renta. My something old was my pre-owned wedding dress (what a great deal!), and finally, my something new was my shoes.
If you are comfortable responding, what range did your wedding budget fall into? $25,000-$50,000
What was one way you saved money or cut costs at your wedding? We were able to save money in a few areas, one of the main ones being our wedding attire. My dress was bought used from OnceWed and my bridesmaid dresses were on super sale from Anthropologie. Our men’s clothing from J. Crew was ordered through Ebates using a J.Crew card, and purchased through their wedding associate, all to receive a greater discount. The second area we saved in was our bar menu, where we had a limited menu instead of an open bar.
What’s next for you as a couple? What are you most looking forward to about married life? What’s next? Oh goodness, Beau and I are currently in the middle of our, what I like to call, “adventure year!” Life has been so much fun since we said “I do!” One exciting thing is we are currently living about eight miles down the road from where we got married, in a little beachside condo we adore! As for married life, we are just enjoying being together after so many years of distance. The little things are what bring us joy: coffee together in the morning, praying together each day, planting ourselves in an amazing church, and creating friendships in the same friend group (not seven states away from each other). Marriage is such a gift. We are thankful!

Photographer: Lauren Kinsey / Videographer: Uhles Videography / Planner: Shelby Peaden Events / Venue: The Town Hall in Rosemary Beach, FL / Florist and Lighting: Myrtie Blue / Cake Baker: Confections On The Coast / Caterer and Rentals: Townsend Catering / Band or DJ: Rock The House / Paper Products: Morgan Moore / Tinsel Stir Sticks: Em for Marvelous / Bride’s Gown: “Emotion” by Monique Lhuillier / Veil: Veiled Beauty / Belt: Camilla Christine / Hair and Makeup: Lanna Bloodworth / Bride’s Shoes: Stuart Weitzman / Bridesmaids’ Dresses: “Sugarberry Dress” by Anthropologie / Men’s Suits: J. Crew / Bow Ties: Lumina Clothing / Men’s Shoes: WSS

Myrtie Blue and Shelby Peaden are delightful members of our Blue Ribbon Vendor Directory!

lisa Written with love by Lisa
  1. avatar shelby peaden reply

    Yay! So happy to see Mere + Beau up on the blog today. Such a beautiful, kind, loving family! Happy to have been a part of their wedding!

  2. avatar Friday Fresh Squeeze #163 – Floridian Weddings reply

    […] These garlands and that statement arrangement are a must see. Silver dollar eucalyptus for the win! […]

  3. avatar reply

    What a sweet story from an amazing couple! Love all the personal and heartfelt details of this wedding.

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Hi friends! Can you believe that SWV7 is on her way to newsstands at this very moment!?! To pass the time, I thought I’d give you a little behind-the-scenes peek into my day.  Welcome to the Southern Weddings Blacksburg office – I’m so glad y’all are here!

All photos by the lovely Kristie Lea Photography!

It’s safe to say that my day looks quite a bit different from everyone else’s as I juggle and manage my day at SW with my day at my corporate marketing job, splitting and balancing my time between both. My typical day is never quite typical and always leaves me with a good story to tell KPW over supper!

7:31:  Working from home with a 13-step commute doesn’t stop me from putting on my pearls, a little mascara and occasionally swiping on some lipstick – to do my best, I have to feel my best.

7:32: I told you it’s a short commute! I start my day by turning on both (yes both, I have to keep my work brains separate) of my computers and loading my email and calendars. While everything is firing up, I take a look at my day and my leftover to-do’s, then make an action plan for how I am going to tackle my priority tasks.

9:00: After plowing through my morning email and quick to-do’s, I hop on a conference call and take on the morning’s corporate marketing action items.

9:31: My conference call ends, so I put on some tunes and knock out a few to-dos while eating my breakfast and singing along to the Wicked Soundtrack!

10:28: It’s time for the weekly Southern Weddings conference call. Technology is SUCH a blessing because with the quick click of a button, the rest of the SW ladies pop up on my computer screen. It feels like I am sitting in the office with them even though I am 208 miles away (and 863 miles away from MAK)!

10:53: The SW Team call is short today – we are busy bees preparing for the launch of V7, tackling final Making Things Happen prep, planning our SWV7 Launch Party and upcoming Southern Weddings Shop product launch. So, after a quick round of updates from everyone and getting a few questions answered, we’re all off to continue our days and tackle our action item lists!

10:56:  When the call wraps up, I run downstairs to refill my water cup and give myself a chance to stretch my legs (hint: another way I manage working from home by myself). When I sit back down, I dig into Blue Ribbon Vendor updates. Being able to love on our committed Southern Weddings vendor family is definitely a bright spot in my day.

12:37:  One of the joys of living in a small town is that most days, my darling husband comes home for lunch!  I welcome the chance to tear away from my work to run downstairs and grab a bite to eat with him.

1:02:  After a quick lunch of cauliflower soup and a salad with KPW, I head back upstairs to continue the afternoon. I have some corporate marketing work to finish before my end-of-business deadline.

2:33:  Back to my SW Inbox! I read and respond to a few exciting V7 Launch Party-related emails. Marissa and I exchange a few exclamation point filled (!!!!) notes about an adorable item for our swag bags, and I set up a telephone meeting tomorrow with the Umstead to finalize party details.

3:17:  Like Marissa, most of my day is spent on the business side of Southern Weddings. I take a few minutes to call a client to discuss their questions about the Blue Ribbon Vendor directory.  Getting a chance to speak about the Southern Weddings mission statement in addition to answering BRV-specific questions is always a great way to remind me why I do what I do

3:33: I try to answer a few more emails before switching gears. This time, I am checking with Emily on a few BRV profile edits and with Morgan on a V7 Promotion effort we are working on together.  I might not make it into the office as much as I’d like, but I sure love connecting with the SW gals each and every day!

4:00:  Time to hop back on a corporate conference call.

The Love Never Fails print is available in our Southern Weddings Shop. Gallery wall credit goes to KPW who put it up 2 hours before the photographer arrived!

4:37: I give Marissa a quick call to discuss an exciting sponsorship opportunity and brainstorm through a few fun marketing strategies I had been thinking about for 2015.  Calls with M are never short ;) – we wind up on a tangent dreaming about ways to grow and welcome new advertisers to our Southern Weddings family! As we wrap up, I beg for the chance to say hi to EKK, Marissa’s darling baby girl!

5:05: I jump back into my email for one last chance to make some decisions and clean out my inboxes before the end of the day.  I also use this time to straighten up my desk (which has slowly become a paper-covered mess) and jot down any priority to-dos for tomorrow.

5:37: Time to shut down my computer and throw on my workout clothes.  I tossed dinner in the crockpot during lunch (I love my crockpot – especially during the fall and winter) so I check on it as I head out the door to the gym.  It smells great, and I can’t wait to dig into the Santa Fe Chicken when I get home! I cook most nights of the week, so if y’all are ever in town, come on by for supper!

PS:  Catch up with the rest of the gals and get a glimpse at how they spend their days: Emily, Nicole, Lisa, Marissa and Morgan!

kristin Written with love by Kristin
  1. avatar Holly Cromer reply

    So cool! I had no idea Souther Weddings had a Blacksburg office :)

  2. avatar Sharon @ Red Poppy | Pink Peony reply

    Your offices all look so fabulous and it seems like you have such a great time!

  3. avatar Maureen R. Goldman (@SheisMoments) reply

    I love hearing about your day! Especially since you work from home and manage multiple job duties.

    I also work in marketing and it’s amazing how rewarding it is to be involved in the business of it all but then still get on a creative tangent with a colleague.

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There are very few more Southern meet-cute settings than an SEC football game, and even though it took a few months after the Arkansas vs. MSU matchup where Alison and Brian met for them to start dating, these Southern roots rang true as they planned their Mississippi wedding! The talented Lesley of Tulip Design Studio helped bring all of their romantic inspiration to life at Providence Hill Farm–an equestrian farm that reminded Alison of her childhood in the country. As you can probably imagine, we’re especially smitten with the monogrammed Oatmeal Lace wraps around each of the bouquets!

Thank you so much to Adam + Alli Photography for sharing this lovely day with us!

Our wedding flowers were so perfect! They were soft and romantic, and they had a garden feel to them. My florist used a color palette of ivory, white, various shades of soft pink, and gray. We had an abundance of beautiful peonies, garden roses, hydrangea, and dahlias. Each of the bridesmaid bouquets featured a custom monogram ribbon by Oatmeal Lace. The reception florals were arranged in beautiful stone and wood vessels that fit the feel of the wedding perfectly!

Tell us about finding your wedding dress. My mom, maid of honor, and I all started the journey to Low’s Bridal in Brinkley, Arkansas after work on a Friday and decided to cut the trip in half by stopping in Tunica, Mississippi. That Saturday morning, we woke up bright and early, only to realize that the light snow that was predicted had turned into inches of thick snow. What was suppose to be a short two-hour drive turned into hours on the road sitting in traffic, and we finally arrived at Low’s Bridal at 1 p.m. (our appointment had been at 10). Everyone was so nice, and told us to take our time browsing. Around 5:30, I was completely worn out and all but in tears as my decision came down to two polar opposite dresses: the exact dress that I knew from the beginning I had always wanted, or the ball gown I was wearing that every little girl dreams of getting married in. Finally, I just decided to go with the one I was wearing, and needless to say, I said yes to the wrong dress. Thankfully, the company it was ordered from had not started making the dress, and I was able to switch them. I was completely overjoyed and happy in that moment, and realized that was the feeling I should have felt when saying yes to the dress.

I’ve always known that if we wrote our own vows, there was no way I would be able to hold it together and say what I wanted to say, much less get anything out before breaking down. That was another decision I am thankful I made because I completely lost it, even just repeating after our officiant. I have two verses from our ceremony painted on a wood palette hanging above our bed: “What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate” (Mark 10:9) and “For where you go, I will go, and where you lodge, I will lodge. Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God” (Ruth 1:16).

What Southern details or traditions did you include in your celebration? What was Southern about your wedding? Beside the fact that it was held at a beautiful equestrian center in the heart of the South, our wedding designer included details such as monogrammed ribbons for all of the bouquets. Nothing says you’re in the South more than a custom monogram! Guests dined on classic Southern food like boiled shrimp, shrimp and grits, and fried chicken.

Our favorite detail of the wedding was: I loved the monogram ribbons flowing down from our bouquets, the pop of sequin linens and pillows throughout our reception area, and our fabulous program fans. We both loved the huge chalkboard that had detailed information on each side about Brian and I, which we stood in front of during our receiving line as a photo backdrop.

What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome while planning your wedding? We had to make the call two days before the wedding to implement our rain plan. We were all a little bummed about it, but it worked out in the end, and it was beautiful!

Don’t miss Alison + Brian’s film from BGP Wedding Films!

How did y’all meet? Tell us your love story. We met the weekend of the Arkansas vs. Mississippi State football game on November 20, 2010 in Starkville. I was a sophomore at MSU, and Brian had just returned home from playing in the Arizona Fall League. Brian and his best friend drove to Starkville to spend the weekend and catch up. His friend visited my roommate, which is how Brian and I first met. For the next three months, we stayed in contact and saw one another any time we were free. Brian was so charming and such a gentleman, but a guy was the last thing I was looking for at the time, so to me, he was just a friend with an incredible personality. At the end of February, we said our goodbyes as he was leaving for another season of baseball with the Pittsburgh Pirates. It only took two weeks of him being gone before I realized he was truly everything I had ever looked for in a guy. On June 4, 2011, he officially became a part of my life forever.
Tell us all about the proposal! It was incredible! Brian had taken me out to dinner for a “work promotion.” After finishing our meal, we were walking to his truck when I realized a limo was waiting outside the restaurant for us. Brian said it was taking us to go look at Christmas lights, but we had to make a quick stop first so that Brian could help his brother with something at their CrossFit/baseball facility. Once we arrived, he told me to stay in the car. Literally right when he walked through the front door, a video on the limo’s TV screen started playing. Brian had made a slideshow video of pictures from all of his favorite memories of us together over the past few years with a caption on each slide that quickly brought me to tears. As soon as the video ended, the limo driver opened my door. All the lights were off inside the facility, and there were six beautiful Christmas trees, three on each side, filled with lights and a card on each tree. I read a sign with directions explaining to start on the right with the first tree and zigzag back and forth reading each card. Once I got to the end, the last card had an additional special message saying to turn the corner and to go find him. I turned the corner to find Brian standing in between two tables filled with candles. He gave a beautiful speech, and then said he had three questions to ask me. First, he asked if I would accept his rose (yes, he loves the Bachelor/Bachelorette). Second, he dropped down on one knee and asked me to marry him. After lots of hugs, kisses, and tears, he asked his third question, which was if I would dance with him. When the song was coming to an end, Brian whispered in my ear saying he had one last surprise for me. He turned me around, and there stood both of our families. Having our families there meant the world to me and that moment will forever hold a special place in my heart.
When did y’all get married? June 28, 2014
How many friends, family members, and loved ones attended your wedding? 400+
What is the one detail or vendor that you were so happy to have as a part of your wedding? Hands down, Lesley Frascogna. She was our florist, our planner, and designer, but to me, she was so much more than that. I owe so much of our wedding day and every single day leading up to that to her. She truly turned my vision into a reality. Not a day went by when she wasn’t contacting me to help me stay on track with everything. Lesley was so much more to us than just a “vendor,” and I will forever be blessed and honored to have her a part of our wedding.
What’s next for you as a couple? What are you most looking forward to about married life? We’re looking forward to expanding our cooking skills, experiencing football games (since we’re a family divided), making our own traditions, traveling, and of course, starting a family of our own one day!!

Photographer: Adam + Alli Photography / Videographer: Brock Gomez Productions / Planner and Florist: Lesley Frascogna / Venue: Providence Hill Farm / Cake Baker: The Cake Diva / Catering: Pretty Presentations Catering / Rentals: Mississippi Tent / Lighting: Davaine / Band: Al Paris & the Heartbreakers / Monogrammed Ribbon: Oatmeal Lace Design / Signage: Southern Sprout / Paper Products: Thimble Press / Bride’s Gown: “9104″ by Allure Bridals / Hair Stylist: William Wallace Salon / Makeup Artist: Louis Peterman of William Wallace Salon / Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo / Bridesmaids’ Dresses: “2895″ by The Dessy Group / Menswear: Tuxes Too / Linens: La Tavola

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