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Cassie has a heart of gold and an organization streak to match! We know you will love having this smart, creative, and big-hearted planner by your side throughout your wedding planning.

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I’m the owner, chief wedding planner, and proud momma hen to an amazing Southern Fete family of couples (and now babies!) who have vowed to spend the rest of their lives with their best friends! You’ll always find me wearing a blazer or something with dots making sure everything is running within minutes of the itinerary. I work tirelessly to make every wedding as stress-free and memorable as possible and help couples remember that it is not just about the wedding but about a lifetime of marriage.

Full Name: Cassie Thibeaux
Where you call home: Anywhere there’s oak trees and moss, generous hospitality, and a little Southern charm!
Location/Coverage: Lafayette, LA
Things you’d write home to your Momma about: There’s no award or title that makes me more proud than the sweet little moments I share with my clients that remind me how important of a job I have, such as: “My wife was so calm today she read a book,” or “You made a dream I didn’t even know I had come to life and be more perfect than I could have ever imagined.” My momma also loves that I’ve become a hugger and created a Southern Fete family that is second-to-none!
How I got into weddings: For as long as I can remember, I dreamed and planned my perfect wedding (and practiced walking down the aisle with a bath towel as a train… oh, you did that too?). When my husband and I moved to Lafayette from Baton Rouge after our dream wedding in 2012, I knew it was time for a career change. I craved a creative outlet that highlighted my passion for meticulous organization and immersed me in fast-paced situations that were never the same. I’ve never looked back.
Favorite thing about weddings in the South? We know how to have a good time, y’all! There’s nothing better than seeing friends and family shower the sweet couple with their love and support — and dance moves!
Favorite part of a wedding day? The first note of the entrance of the bride! I love when the bride takes one last deep breath and the most genuine smile graces her face before the doors open and she walks up the aisle to meet her very best friend!
Best piece of advice you can give to brides and grooms? Cherish every single moment. The day will go by so fast, so leave it up to your vendors and soak it all in.
Dream travel destination? Croatia
Favorite Southern city? Baton Rouge, where you never meet a stranger (unless you bleed something other than purple and gold!)
Early bird or night owl? Early bird every time
Pie bar or red velvet cake? Red velvet cake (with chocolate chips, pretty please!)
Pottery Barn or Anthropologie? Pottery Barn
Succulents or peonies? Oh, peonies! Big fluffy, beautiful peonies!

Photo credits: Erin and Geoffrey Photography, Hannah Mulligan Photography, and Spindle Photography.