Hey Lovely Makeup

State: Texas
Category: Beauty

Erica and her team combine warm, bubbly personalities (that you’ll love to have around on your wedding morning!) with serious beautifying skills – a perfect combination!

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Hey Lovely Makeup is a specialty hair and makeup team dedicated to providing a boutique quality experience to each of our Southern brides and their favorite girls. It’s a delight and privilege to play a small role in such a special day for each of our brides and their families. From the perfect lip color to the final bobby-pin placement, we’re devoted to making you feel your loveliest. Can’t wait to meet ya!

Name: Erica Luttmann
Where you call home: Deep in the heart of Houston (Texas, of course)
Things you’d write home to your Momma about: I’m proud to tell Momma that my hard work happens to my passion, my art, my creative outlet and that I’m loving every minute of it. I get so hapcited (when you’re equal parts happy and excited) about our features in Style Me Pretty, 100 Layer Cake, Green Wedding Shoes, Burnett’s Boards. When brides or bridesmaids say things like, “I’ve never felt more beautiful!” or “Can you just move in with me and make me everyday!” it makes me smile really cheeseball-like.
Location/Coverage: Houston, Austin, Dallas and beyond (#HeyLovelyTravels)
Favorite thing about weddings in the South? Southern Hospitality. It’s a real thing, y’all! And anything with the words macaroni or cheese in them.
Favorite part of a wedding day? The prettifying part. The camaraderie between bride, her best friends, and relatives is special. And when the bride puts on her gown… Disney Princess moment for sure.
Dream travel destination? Germany, London, Belgium and anywhere I can explore and get lost.
Favorite Southern city? Texas Hill Country–so much charm.
Early bird or night owl? Early bird
Pie bar or red velvet cake? Cheese bar
Pottery Barn or Anthropologie? Anthropologie
Succulents or peonies? Peonies (paired with ranunculus and anemones)