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The talented folks at By Farr Design are excited to explore the possibilities of your wedding paper goods alongside you! With Southern sentiment and a can-do spirit, they’ll create a suite that wows your guests and suites your celebration to a T.

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What started as a small business run from the laptop of our Creative Director, Brynley, in her apartment has turned into a 100+ project per week thriving workspace. When Bailee took over as the Wedding Coordinator over a year and a half ago, weddings have evolved into a fun, creative journey for each individual bride.

Full Name: Lindsay Colvin
Where you call home: Columbia, South Carolina
Location/Coverage: We mainly serve from the coast to the upstate, but have LOVED the opportunity to work with brides from all over the United States and even Ireland!
How I got into weddings: What started as our Creative Director Brynley’s dream as a little girl of creating magic through paper started to take off in her tiny apartment in college. After gaining momentum through more and more friends recognizing her talent for the unique elements and thoughtfulness in even the smallest detail, ByFarr Weddings was born. Creating personalized stationery beyond a bride’s wildest imagination has been at the forefront of our “why” from Day 1!
Favorite thing about weddings in the South? The overall presentation would have to be our favorite aspect. Southern weddings are like a show horse – you don’t see the hard work and chaos behind the scenes, but instead you’re left with a majestic creature in which elegance and tradition is second nature.
Favorite part of a wedding day? Most belles and beaus will say their favorite part of a wedding day is the look in the groom’s eyes when he sees his bride walk down the aisle. For us, it’s the quiet moment for each bride before she walks out. In that moment, she is as strong and sure as the tallest oak tree and that is an empowering feeling that we encourage in our team as well as the women in our lives.
Best piece of advice you can give to brides and grooms? Dwell on the definition of a compromise and always seek your spouse’s happiness before your own.
Dream travel destination? Exquisite food, refreshing fellowship, and a little adventure are what make a dream destination reach its full potential, and we believe that can be accomplished right in the backyard of your own unique city. But a quick hike to the scenic fjords of New Zealand or exploring the water routes of Venice wouldn’t be so bad, either.
Favorite Southern city? It’s hard to choose our favorite Southern city since we LOVE to call the South home – but Beaufort, SC has a pretty large piece of our heart. Being the second oldest city of SC, Beaufort has rich history, beautiful architecture, and a gorgeous waterfront – this city has it all!
Early bird or night owl? Early bird! There’s nothing that quite compares to an early morning routine. Reading with a hot glass of green tea, working out, and taking time to yourself to plan out a strategic and motivational game plan for the day!
Favorite pie flavor? Even though we all believe our grandmothers are prim and proper, we all know that little extra shot of her oak barrel-aged bourbon in a homemade and freshly picked pecan pie does the trick!
Favorite biscuit topping? The combination of sweet and salty is one of our love languages, and biscuits come in a close second. Our perfect biscuit would have to consist of a deep-fried green tomato on top of the local honey-infused base, a half-melted slice of brie and topped with a smoked raspberry marmalade.