Brookside Barn

State: Mississippi
Category: Venue

Originally built for their daughter’s wedding, Brookside Barn has the heart of a family with all the amenities of a professional venue. You’ll love their rustic chic space!

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Brookside Barn is a wedding and special events venue nestled in acres of pines and seated just a few miles west of Ellisville, MS. We love first dances, morning coffee, and banana pudding, but our favorite part of what we do is the family we do it with.

Name(s): Ashli Hernández
Where you call home: Ellisville, MS
Things you’d write home to your Momma about: Before we opened in February 2015, we had 30+ weddings and events booked. In August of 2015 we won Best Booth and second place Tablescape at Premier Bride of Mississippi’s Bridal Show.
Location/Coverage: South Mississippi
How I got into weddings: My degree is in Hospitality and Tourism Management but I never wanted to work in weddings. I wanted to be an Event Planner and design large celebrity parties. While I was on the mission field, my parents began to talk seriously about the idea of a barn venue. Then, when I got engaged, they decided to move forward with construction. So I would say that weddings sort of “fell into my lap,” but now I am here, I’m so glad that they did. I love everything about my job!
Favorite thing about weddings in the South? The food and family!! Most of the families of the brides and grooms we work with are so warm and grateful for everything. And heaven knows we’ve got some GREAT cooks in the South, so a yummy meal every Saturday night just might be my favorite perk!
Favorite part of a wedding day? The first look!
Best piece of advice you can give to brides and grooms? Trust your industry professionals. This is our job, and we do it every weekend! We see really great ideas go off without a hitch and we also see really great ideas fail. So ask us questions, ask our advice, and let us help you. It’s what we’re here for and we’re delighted to do it!
Dream travel destination? Italy
Favorite Southern city? Ocean Springs, MS
Early bird or night owl? Early bird
Pie bar or red velvet cake? Pie bar
Pottery Barn or Anthropologie? Pottery Barn
Succulents or peonies? BOTH!!