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Blueberry Creative is a videography team dedicated to a delivering a singular customer service experience and films richly authentic to their couples. Adam and Austin are two of the most energetic, caring, fun gents this side of the Mississippi!

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Customer service is paramount to our company and we are always working on creating a better relationship with those we work with. From our service-based outlook on business, to the images we create, we are relentless in our desire to become better artists, better business owners, and better people. We take great pride in our work and in providing our couples with the highest level of satisfaction possible.

We’re not all business. We have a lot of fun in our professional and personal lives and that tends to come out in our work. We want to create films that have personality and come to life when they’re watched. Above all, we want our products to feel richly authentic to our couples and we are 100% committed to providing a singular experience with them.

Where you call home: Wilmington, North Carolina
Things you’d write home to your Momma about: We are both proud to have degrees in our fields of study, Studio Art and Film Studies, respectively. Both of our mothers would be tickled pink if we produced grand children for them. Eh…not yet!
Location/coverage: NC/SC and travel domestic and abroad
Favorite thing about weddings in the South? We’re both from the south so we’re well versed in southern culture, hospitality, and beautiful weather. We love to see families coming together on a wedding day and how they combine traditions to make their wedding authentic to them.
Favorite part of a wedding day? We love those moments when the bride is almost ready and she’s getting into her dress and putting on various jewelry. The “family element” makes those moments so great. There’s generally a lot of emotion in the room, which gives us so much to work with as story tellers.
Dream travel destination? We would love to get out to Hawaii or Italy. Paris would be good too. Come to think of it, Spain wouldn’t hurt our feelings either.
Favorite Southern city? Charleston, South Carolina. It reminds us a lot of Wilmington in that it has a lot of historical charm. Rich, southern culture is everywhere and all the historical sites and plantations make for amazing visuals.