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Winner! :: V3 MEGA Photo Giveaway

by in Main on

Gather ‘round, readers of SW. I have a story for you. Once upon a time, there were ten finalists in the V3 MEGA photo giveaway. They were all vying for fabulous prizes. The champion would get to choose from a $50 ITunes gift card for some swingin’ tunes, an ad on the blog so the winner could reach all of the SW readers, or a Mini Instax camera so the champ could continue taking stunning pictures for future SW giveaways. Of course, the competition was fierce.

Then, the powers that be (us SW editors) left it up to the blog readers to choose the winner! Why? Well, honestly they weren’t capable of selecting a winner. There were too many great options! The Skype date was the perfect example of modern day SW readers. All of the brides to be were downright gorgeous. Lola the puppy was just so darn cute! How could they ever decide?

After counting the hundreds of votes that poured in over the week, we are so excited to announce the winner!! Congratulations to Jessica B. and her two labradors, Cooper and Scout! She won our readers over with her perfect picture of Southern charm. The lemons are a perfect touch, don’t you think?

Tune in tomorrow to find out the winner of the Chaviano Couture giveaway!

Written with love by Whitney
  1. avatar Kelly Sauer reply

    I love it. If I had to lose, I am so, so glad I lost to Jessica! If my own photo hadn’t been a finalist, I would have totally voted hers myself! Congratulations!

  2. avatar Birds of a Feather Events reply

    I agree with Kelly! I was in the contest, and this one was my fav as well! Go Jessica!

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Today it struck me just how lucky we are to have the world wide web. If we didn’t have this grand invention, well, our lives would be completely different in very major ways. Most importantly, there would be no such thing as the Southern Weddings daily blogsite — what an awful world to live in!

Another important thing that wouldn’t exist? We couldn’t have wonderful giveaways like our mega photo giveaway! That would make me quite sad.

Lucky for us (and you), the internet does exist! As do digital cameras and e-mails! This means that I got many stellar photo entries from our readers — depicting everything from a SW Skype date to a sunny day on the water, SW in hand — and I’m dying to share them with you.

Here’s the deal. Below are our 10 favorite entries for the mega photo giveaway. Remember that one? We asked you to send in photos of you with your copy of V3 for a chance to choose from a $50 ITunes gift card, an ad on the blog, or a Mini Instax camera.

Here’s where y’all come in. Look through the submissions below and leave a comment telling us which one is your favorite. It’s up to you! Who is our lucky winner?

Please, ladies and gents, only vote once. WE CAN SEE YOUR IP ADDRESS, PLEASE NO CHEATING. You also must enter a valid email address for your vote to be counted. Voting will close a week from today, on January 17 at 11:59pm. Best of luck to all!

Written with love by Whitney
  1. avatar Summer reply

    I love #8. The effort that went into styling for this shot is apparent, and it looks so warm and lovely.

  2. avatar Monica Stevens Smyth reply

    I vote for #3—what a clever and adorable idea!

  3. avatar Monica Stevens Smyth reply

    I vote #3

  4. avatar Allison reply

    3 and 5 are both just too cute and silly!

  5. avatar Laura reply

    Entry number 4! I remember hearing that story, and it’s to cute NOT to vote for them!

  6. avatar Becca reply

    I vote for #9 So pretty!

  7. avatar Tour de Glam reply

    Love the smile on the lovely lady in #8. (#5 is adorable) All are very creative – it was hard to narrow down!

  8. avatar Brooke Hostetler reply

    Number 9! :D

  9. avatar Hannah reply

    I love #4. Adorable.

  10. avatar Nydia reply

    #4 :)

  11. avatar Sarah reply

    #4 – It was hard to decided between 4 and 5 but I decided on 4 :)

  12. avatar Sarah reply

    #5 hands down!!

  13. avatar Jaime reply

    #3 is by pick!

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  15. avatar Bradford reply

    Number 3 yo! For Liz!

  16. avatar Tina reply

    Number 8:)

  17. avatar kerry reply

    3,4, and 5 – but if i have to pic one, i pick 3. Very creative!

  18. avatar Rebecca Freeman reply

    Number 8 is precious! I love how she has thought to incorporate a sweet southern flair. The details make #8 my fave.

  19. avatar Kristy reply

    Number 4!!!

  20. avatar Jes Plain reply

    Number 3 for sure! It’s so different from the rest. I also love how she and her friend are reading together over video chat – so true to the planning phase! Yay number 3!

  21. avatar rachel reply

    I love #3!!

  22. avatar Kelly Sauer reply

    I have to vote for #9!

  23. avatar Elizabeth reply

    I LOVE #7! She looks the way that you feel when you read SWMag…you know, how you’re looking at all the pretty spreads and imagining how it will be for you on your day…you imagine yourself looking like models in the magazine. The bride in #7 looks so radiant…just like the brides in photoshoots you see..its like all her planning and daydreams came true-just like she had imagined when flipping through her SWMag!

  24. avatar Stacey Fitts reply

    I love number 8. It’s the most natural, that’s the way I look at magazines, out in my yard with a cozy blanket. 10 is super cute too and 3 is cleaver, friends discussing SWM V3.

  25. avatar Heidi reply

    Definitely #9!!

  26. avatar Tim reply

    Number 3 is fantastic.

  27. avatar Beth reply

    #9 is the most alluring. I love it.

  28. avatar Melissa Brotherton reply

    Number 9! Love it!!

  29. avatar Marian reply

    #9 is gorgeous! I vote for it…

  30. avatar Kristen reply

    I really like #9!

  31. avatar Karlie reply

    LOVE #9!!

  32. avatar Jenn reply

    #3!! It’s the obvious choice!

  33. avatar Natalie reply

    #9 is simply breathtaking, simply beautiful.

  34. avatar megan reply

    I vote for #3!!!

  35. avatar Becky@My Daily Journey reply

    Number nine is my favorite one!

  36. avatar Jenn reply


  37. avatar Hannah Chen reply

    #3 is super cute, and totally true of planning a wedding today!

  38. avatar Linden reply

    #3 is so cute!

  39. avatar Cheryl Smith reply

    #9 Love the simplicity and the perspective. Colors are great too!

  40. avatar Becky@Daily On My Way To Heaven reply

    Number Nine!

  41. avatar Emily reply

    I think #9 has the most old-fashioned southern grace and charm. :)

  42. avatar angela reply

    My vote is for #9!

  43. avatar Kirsten Mertus reply

    #3 – your SW blog entry talks about how awful this world would be without the technology of the world wide web – if we hadn’t gotten as far as the internet, how would we have ever reached a skype date between two best friends to plan her most important day? This is a clever image and really shows how creative “planning” has become.

  44. avatar Mallory reply

    I love #7

  45. avatar Daniel Bostic reply

    #9 is the best in my opinion. Great composition, coloring, and theme. :)

  46. avatar Jessica Lago reply

    I’m gonna go with #9… so beautiful!

  47. avatar Sally reply

    #8…doesn’t get any southern than sitting in a rockin chair with mans best friend readin a good ol’ magazine! Simple and Southern. love it!

  48. avatar Elizabeth Ruck reply

    I most assuredly will vote for #9…….it has unique flair and southern charm….. :-)

  49. avatar Elizabeth Ruck reply

    I’m going with #9……..unique flair, warm feel, and southern charm written all over it. :-)

  50. avatar Carolyn reply

    I vote for #3!

  51. avatar Amy reply


  52. avatar Gabe reply

    Not to quote the Beatles or anything, but…Number Nine.

  53. avatar Ana reply

    Sweet, romantic picture.

  54. avatar Lindsey reply

    I love #9!! :)

  55. avatar Natalie reply

    #8 is my favorite…everything about it says southern…it’s very creative and you can tell the bride is in love :)

  56. avatar Katie Sellers reply

    LOVE #8–What could be more southern than lounging in a rocking chair with two cutie labs!!

  57. avatar Jessica reply

    Going with #8! Look at those labradors — what cuties!

  58. avatar natasha nazar reply

    I pick #8! Love the picnic scene, lemons, and cute puppies.

  59. avatar Hannah Spencer reply

    # 8 all the way!!!

  60. avatar Hannah Spencer reply

    #8 all the way!!

  61. avatar T Jocelyn reply

    I vote for #8!!

  62. avatar Olivia Hoegstrom reply


  63. avatar Carissa reply

    #8 is absolutely perfect!!! Screams Southern Bride :)

  64. avatar Erin Eppley reply

    Definitely #8! Beautiful picture, that exudes southern charm!! :)

  65. avatar Lola reply

    #8 has my vote because it is clearly the best photo…. so many adorable details!

  66. avatar Christine reply

    Entry Number 8!! She truely looks like a southern belle! Nothing more southern than a good old fashion rocking chair, sweet citrus fruit, a southern style plantation home, and two beautiful dogs!!! I really hope she wins!! Vote for 8!!!!!

  67. avatar Christine reply

    Number 8!! Nothing more southern than a good old fashion rocking chair, sweet sitrus, southern style plantation home, and two adorable puppies!! VOTE # 8!!!!

  68. avatar heidi reply

    Love #9!

  69. avatar Hannah reply

    I like the 9th one!

  70. avatar debbie clocksin reply

    love #9

  71. avatar Hannah reply

    Number nine is by far the coolest!!!

  72. avatar Erin reply

    I’d like to vote for number 10–I definitely need that sign while I’m nose-deep in one of me SW magazines or the blog!

  73. avatar Allie Bennett reply

    Definitely 8!! :)

  74. avatar Dari reply

    Going with number 9…hope you wil. Their all good.

  75. avatar Dari reply

    Number 9 love it!

  76. avatar Julianne reply


  77. avatar Angella reply

    number 8 is super cute…. she had me w/ the labs!

  78. avatar Marla Connick reply

    I absolutely love photo number 8. The bride to be is beautiful and the magazine placement is the perfect advertisement for Southern Weddings. The background with an old Florida home with the oranges and orange trees is exactly what the south is all about. Takes me back to a simpler time and makes me want to be a guest at her wedding. This is your winner for sure!

  79. avatar Emily reply

    Number 9 is definitely the best!!!

  80. avatar ronna sasser reply

    Love this so much…sweet innocence!! Love the pearls on the doggy!! Wonder where this photo was taken/

  81. avatar Amanda reply

    Number 8 is the best! =]

  82. avatar Cheyenne Sellers reply

    #8 is a wonderful example of Southern beauty! I vote #8!!!!!

  83. avatar Kristi reply

    Wow, #8 & 9 are both great. But Id have to go with #8; the house, trees, dogs, pic-nic….. that’s capturing southern “right der”!

  84. avatar Jill reply

    #4 for sure!! such a great story!

  85. avatar William Smyth reply


  86. avatar Jennifer reply

    Number 4!

  87. avatar kimmy reply

    I vote for #9:)

  88. avatar Tara reply

    I vote for photo #8. It encompasses all the charm of a Southern wedding. The pearls and bow tie on the dogs–what a cute surprise!

  89. avatar kimberly dolph reply

    I vote for #9!

  90. avatar Janet reply

    My vote goes to #9! Love the flowers!!!

  91. avatar Jennifer Wheeles reply

    Just love this pic!

  92. avatar Esther reply

    #3! Clever and cute idea!!!

  93. avatar Anthony reply

    Number 9 for sure. Love the colors in it…

  94. avatar kristi jernigan reply

    Number 8 is my favorite and should definitely win! The epitome of a true Southern Bride!

  95. avatar Debbie reply

    Number 9 is the best one. How classy!

  96. avatar Ashley S reply

    #3…the most unique!

  97. avatar Kim reply

    #8 is perfect! Love it!

  98. avatar Sharon reply

    I love the idea of two best friends talking to each other about the most important day of the bride’s life! Number 3 really captures the image that no matter the distance, you can celebrate and commiserate with those you love!

  99. avatar Beth reply

    My vote is for #8! A true southern bride to be.

  100. avatar Nathan reply

    I really like #9!

  101. avatar Sharon reply

    I love the idea of two best friends sharing the most important day of the bride’s life together. Number 3 really captures the idea that no matter the distance, planning a wedding deserves to be celebrated and commiserated with those you love!

  102. avatar Sharon reply

    I love the idea of two best friends sharing the most important day of the bride’s life together. Number 3 captures the essence of the idea that no matter the distance, planning a wedding deserves to be celebrated and commiserated with those you love!

  103. avatar Lyla reply

    #9, of course.

  104. avatar Kristi reply

    My vote is for #8, LOVE IT!!!!

  105. avatar Helen reply

    #3…super cute and super original :)

  106. avatar Brenda Murtha reply

    my vote is for number three, they are two of the most wonderful and talented people I know

  107. avatar Heather reply

    I like #3, very creative!

  108. avatar Jillian reply

    i love #4.

  109. avatar Courtney reply

    I LOVE picture #8! Its so southern and beautiful!

  110. avatar adam reply

    #4 all the way.

  111. avatar Hayden reply

    Number 8 is the most beautiful picture on here. Such an adorable setteing and cute puppies! This girl is really pretty and I love her red hair. Number 8 should definitly win!

  112. avatar Dominic DiMaria reply

    #9 is so the best.

  113. avatar Deb reply

    I love #4!!

  114. avatar Jana reply

    Number 8!!!! BEAUTIFUL!

  115. avatar kevin reply

    number 8!

  116. avatar Geno reply

    Number 9 gets my vote!

  117. avatar Karla reply

    #8 ~ Beautiful bride to be :) Perfectly charming picture. Love the dogs!

  118. avatar Jenna Lea reply

    I love #9, its adorable! All the elements of the South: a rocking chair, quilt, big dogs, pearls and a great magazine to read outside!

  119. avatar Valerie reply

    I vote #3!! Very creative and real!

  120. avatar Tara reply

    #4 all the way, super cute!

  121. avatar Sarah reply

    Number 4!

  122. avatar Racquel reply

    Number 8!

  123. avatar ely reply


  124. avatar Elizabeth reply

    #10 gets my vote!

  125. avatar Elizabeth reply

    #10 gets my vote

  126. avatar Rachel LaMontagne reply

    I like number 9 the best. The flowers greatly accent the curly hair of the girl reading your magazine!

  127. avatar Marie reply

    Definitely #8. She’s a beautiful southern gal and the picture exemplifies the sunshine and gentility of the south.

  128. avatar Debbie reply

    Number EIGHT!!

  129. avatar Jonathan Ivy reply

    I vote for #10 Go Nicole!

  130. avatar Shantell McLean reply

    I think number 8. She’s beautiful and iconic with her glowing skin and beautiful hair! And the dogs and the perfect American touch!

  131. avatar Shantell McLean reply


  132. avatar Kristin reply

    8!! Just beautiful :)

  133. avatar Betsy reply

    Shhhhhhh – #10!!!

  134. avatar Heather reply

    I love #8!

  135. avatar Catie Ronquillo reply

    I vote for #10! Gooooo Nicole!

  136. avatar annie baker reply

    I pick #8! Jessica Brown!

  137. avatar Heather reply

    #4 is my favorite, as she included her “other half” in the photo! A wedding, and marriage, can’t exist without the love from someone wonderful :) Congratulations, you two!

  138. avatar Heather reply

    I love number 8!!!!!!!!!!

  139. avatar Heather reply

    Number 8 is so cute!

  140. avatar Stacy reply

    #8 by far depicts how southerners are. Such a beautiful girl. Go #8

  141. avatar Judy H reply

    Definitely #8….what a beautiful southern bride to be!

  142. avatar Bethany reply

    Definitely #8… Classic southern style of life

  143. avatar Krysta Langner reply

    Beautiful #9!

  144. avatar Carin reply

    #8 is gorgeous! I love the southern belle charm

  145. avatar Carin reply

    #8 is gorgeous! I love the southern belle charm.

  146. avatar Sarah reply


  147. avatar Scott reply

    I love #10!!!

  148. avatar Ruth reply

    I Love # 8. Beautiful !!!

  149. avatar Scott reply

    Simply the best, #10!

  150. avatar Cole B. reply

    It was a tough choice, but I have to go with #8. It is the one I really identify with and makes me wish I had some of that nice weather right now to go outside and relax in!

  151. avatar Annemarie reply

    # 4

  152. avatar Laura Brazinski-DeMers reply

    #8 is absolutely exquisite! The bride-to-be is just lovely and the photo captures the essence of Southern Weddings magazine perfectly.

  153. avatar Peter reply

    The composition of no. 9 is by far the best of the shots shown. Most of the others appear too posed- no. 9 jumps out for its sense of realism while maintaining a sense of soft, hopeful anticipation.

  154. avatar Riley Brandon reply

    #4 without a doubt

  155. avatar Cat reply

    Love #10 ;)

  156. avatar Cat reply

    love 10

  157. avatar Adrienne reply

    #7 She is darling and looks like the kinda girl that anyone would wear an ugly bridesmaid dress for!

  158. avatar Jan reply

    Love #4!

  159. avatar Calle reply

    Number 3!! So creative!

  160. avatar Terri Nixon reply

    Love pic # 8. She’s a winner.

  161. avatar Sonsee reply

    I love #8. A real southern belle!

  162. avatar emily freeman reply

    oooo, number 9!!

  163. avatar Lara reply

    I choose 8. Very pretty!

  164. avatar Amy Nabors reply

    I vote for #9.

  165. avatar Lynn reply

    We all know that #3 is the only one that depicts a REAL way any of these women have ever read SW. What a wonderful idea for an entry!

  166. avatar Susan reply

    Number Nine!!

  167. avatar Susan reply


  168. avatar Jodi reply

    I love #9! What a beautiful picture!

  169. avatar Rachel reply

    #9. Definitely. :)

  170. avatar Rachel reply

    #9. Definitely. :)

  171. avatar Lyn reply

    I *love* number 9!

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    […] All!  A few months back Southern Weddings Magazine announced they were going to have a mega photo contest for their readers.  After picking up the magazine reading and re-examining every picture I […]

  173. avatar Bailey reply

    #8….beautiful inside and out ;)

  174. avatar Bailey reply

    #8…beautiful inside and out ;)

  175. avatar Barbara reply

    I vote for #8. A beautiful Southern Belle!

  176. avatar Brenda Sauer reply

    I love the look of #9!

  177. avatar Molly reply

    I think number 9 looks like it belongs in a Southern magazine more than any of the others. Beautiful shot!

  178. avatar Molly reply

    I think #8 looks the most Southern and like it would be in a “Southern Magazine.” Plus its a beautiful picture!

  179. avatar Samantha reply

    I love #8! What a beautiful bride to be! :)

  180. avatar Billy reply

    #7 Aside from the fact that is is one of, if not THE best quality photograph on here, she just happens to be the girl of my dreams… 8-)

  181. avatar Becky@Delicias a Tu Diestra Para Siempre reply

    My vote goes for number 9!

  182. avatar Julie reply

    #9 is adorable!!! =)

  183. avatar robin reply

    love #7!!!!

  184. avatar Michelle reply

    # 8 !

  185. avatar ronna sasser reply

    I vote for number 8

  186. avatar joy reply

    #3! #3!

  187. avatar Nikko reply

    Wow—-#3 is my winner! Way to put some creativity into it!

  188. avatar Gracie reply

    I have to say I love #3, so fun

  189. avatar meredith reply

    #3 for the win! It just sums up what modern wedding planning is all about, and shows a creative and collaborative way to help your bride from states away

  190. avatar Kelly reply

    #4 for sure!

  191. avatar Lindsey Charlton reply

    #3, #3!

  192. avatar Megs reply

    Most definitely #9!!!

  193. avatar Hillary reply

    Number 9! It is so ethereal.

  194. avatar Oks reply

    Number 9 is lovely!

  195. avatar emily reply

    number 9 :)

  196. avatar Heather reply

    My favorite is #9

  197. avatar Christine reply


  198. avatar Lauren reply

    My vote is number 9! It’s absolutely fantastic, and so creative!

  199. avatar Anna reply

    # 3

  200. avatar Ruthiey reply

    I vote for number 9! It has lovely texture and composition.

  201. avatar Judy Kitchens reply

    I wholeheartedly vote for #3. This montage portrays connection and approachability between bride and photographer. It underscores availability and spontaneous “What do
    your think about this?” kind of interchanges. Second to the sacredness of joining your life with another before people you love and who love you is the wedding photographer who
    is capturing those moments and nuances behind her lense for future moments and memory. Great job Photographer #3! Congratulations Bride of #3!

  202. avatar Maureen reply


    It’s natural, simple, and fulfills the purpose of the shot, to put the focus on the magazine.

  203. avatar ashley reply

    Number 9 – it is beautiful and I love the wildflowers!

  204. avatar Ellen reply

    #8 has my vote.

  205. avatar Scott reply

    I vote for Number 3. Those girls are cute!

  206. avatar S. Etole reply

    Definitely #9 … very professional looking.

  207. avatar sarah reply

    I vote for number 9. It’s so lovely.

  208. avatar Katie reply

    I love #9!

  209. avatar Erin reply

    I’m a sucker for pooches. #5 gets my vote!

  210. avatar Mike reply

    #9 for sure!

  211. avatar Ryan reply


  212. avatar Kristen Callagahn reply

    AHHhhh I LOVE #8 It’s the perfect Southern scene while reading Southern Weddings Magazine!

  213. avatar Sharon O reply

    Number 9 is awesome

  214. avatar Keeli Dawn reply

    #3 for sure!

  215. avatar Nicole reply

    Definitely #9. Clean, crisp and professional with the focus being on the magazine!

  216. avatar Jared Crossman reply

    #3. Two friends planning weddings together over the world wide web – which is what this blog entry was about, after all. Perfect.

  217. avatar karen h reply

    I love #9….it’s gorgeous!!!!!!

  218. avatar Kim reply

    # 3 ! So creative

  219. avatar Tiffany reply

    entry 8! (:

  220. avatar Tiffany reply

    entry number 8!

  221. avatar Tiffany Faulkingham reply

    entry 8!

  222. avatar Helen reply

    My vote goes for #8!!

  223. avatar Jane reply

    Number eight is a great example of a truely southern state of mind! The orange trees, labs, and rocking chair – very cute.

  224. avatar Larke reply

    #8!!!!! precious picture!

  225. avatar Billy Sellers reply

    #8 is definitely the winner. This picture is a cut above the rest with two Labs dressed in wedding atire sitting with the Bride to be among some fruit trees in a southern town in Central Florida.

  226. avatar sheila reply

    #8 gets my vote.

  227. avatar Kristen Burnette reply

    I think number three really thought about what she was going to submit. Her entry is very creative, unique and stands alone. Good luck!

  228. avatar deb reply

    I vote for # 9 … love the real life blooms bursting from hope

  229. avatar Danielle reply

    #9! Love it!

  230. avatar Susan reply

    Submission # 3 has my vote. Very creative!

  231. avatar Sol reply

    I am in love with the simple elegance offered by #9. I hope it wins!

  232. avatar Darlene reply

    Definitely #9 – hands down!!

  233. avatar Meghann reply

    My vote is for # 8 !! What a beautiful bride :)

  234. avatar Meghann reply

    # 8 is perfect :)

  235. avatar Kristin Small reply

    #5 definitely!!!

  236. avatar Dy reply

    #3 :)

  237. avatar Coni Boufford reply

    I Like number eight! very pretty! Love the dogs!

  238. avatar Joey noxon reply

    picture #8 is the raw definition of southern charm. This belle displays beauty, class, elegance and everything else the south has to offer!

  239. avatar Lindy House reply

    It’s a no brainer, #8 of course!!!
    She just looks like a Southern Bride!!!
    Love it!

  240. avatar Jessica A reply

    My vote goes to number 8!!

  241. avatar Ninotchka reply


  242. avatar MeeGee reply

    #9 is gorgeous!!

  243. avatar Shelli @ Hopefully Devoted reply

    #9 – beautiful!!!

  244. avatar Tonya Freitas reply

    Love #9!!

  245. avatar deidra reply

    Love number nine! Truly.

  246. avatar Sam Van Eman reply

    #9 gets my vote.

  247. avatar Jana CG reply

    Number 9 is my favorite. Lovely!

  248. avatar Rachelle reply

    #9…I love it!

  249. avatar Karen reply

    I vote for #9. It’s lovely!

  250. avatar All Occasions Party Rentals reply

    #5! Cutest little pooch!

  251. avatar Robert reply

    What says the South more than a beautiful girl, orange trees and to labs by her side!!!! I vote for #8, hands down!!!

  252. avatar Ashleigh Jayne reply

    #9 100%!!!!

  253. avatar Carolyn Q reply

    NUMBER 9! Its so simple, elegant, and beautiful. :)

  254. avatar trent reply

    I’ve got to vote for LOLA #5!

  255. avatar Ginny reply

    Definitely #5!!

  256. avatar Melissa reply

    NUMBER 5!!!

  257. avatar Bob reply

    I vote 8 for sure.

  258. avatar Dara Kent-Cobb reply

    #5 is the cutest!!!

  259. avatar hojoo reply

    # 5 !!! so adorable!

  260. avatar Tiffany reply

    #5…Lola should win!

  261. avatar Heather Cheramie reply

    Number 5 is my favorite!!

  262. avatar Tiffany reply

    #5…Lola is my favorite!!!

  263. avatar shaina sadow reply

    #5 is my favorite !!!! =)

  264. avatar shaina sadow reply

    #5 is my favorite!! =)

  265. avatar Jennifer@GDWJ reply

    I vote for #9.

  266. avatar Deanna Hodges reply

    #5 is the best!!

  267. avatar luis reply

    I’m lovin’ #5!

  268. avatar Kaye reply

    #5 is adorable!

  269. avatar molly reply

    #5 is too cute… that dog obviously has good taste.

  270. avatar Kaye reply

    #5 is adorable

  271. avatar Lyn C. reply

    #9 is just gorgeous… I vote for that one. The artistry of it makes it one of those photos that could be poster-sized, and you’d never tire of looking at it.

  272. avatar Whitney reply

    #5! Paws down lol!! So cute!

  273. avatar deborah rowdon reply

    i vote for #5 lola, she is very photogenic and is really cute

  274. avatar Melinda Giardina reply


  275. avatar rhonda reply

    The precious pup in #5 is my pick….cutest little “NEWYORKIE” ! ! !

  276. avatar Megan reply

    #5 is the best!

  277. avatar Tara Fletcher reply

    #5 is adorable! Go Lola!

  278. avatar Melissa Fortune reply

    #5 is my fav, sooo cute

  279. avatar Polly reply

    #9 is my favourite

  280. avatar Dave reply

    Number 5

  281. avatar Dave reply


  282. avatar Kari reply

    I vote #9. I love the flowers.

  283. avatar Katy reply

    Number 8! So southern, y’all!

  284. avatar jamie Glisson reply

    Hola Lola! I love #5!!

  285. avatar Kaitlyn reply

    #5 is the cutest!!

  286. avatar Tom reply

    # 5 is my vote

  287. avatar Sheridan reply

    I like #8

  288. avatar Sheridan reply

    I vote #8

  289. avatar Candi reply

    Number 8!!!

  290. avatar Rachael reply

    Entry number 8!
    So Cute!

  291. avatar Kensie reply

    #8 hands down, so beautiful!

  292. avatar Judy reply

    #8 looks like a true Southern bride…

  293. avatar Tricia Bechtelheimer reply

    love #8…the boots..lemons…dogs..background…and the future bride is gorgeous !

  294. avatar Katy reply

    Definitely # 8. Lovely!

  295. avatar Beth reply

    Sure hoping #8 wins! She’s beautiful……….inside and out!

  296. avatar Courtney reply

    #5 is absolutely adorable!

  297. avatar feuza reply

    #5 Lola is stealing the show

  298. avatar Adam Coberly reply

    #5 what a great pic! ;-)

  299. avatar Elizabeth reply

    Woo love #5!

  300. avatar Brittany reply

    I heart #8

  301. avatar Ev reply

    Number 8 seems very “Southern” to me! ;)

  302. avatar Amanda Chavers Zalfen reply

    I love #5!! That is my vote!!

  303. avatar Charl Ann McKneely reply


  304. avatar Holly reply

    A vote for #8 – how can one say nay towards 2 hunky labradors and a pretty lady?!

  305. avatar Charl Ann McKneely reply

    Precious!! I vote #5

  306. avatar Maggie reply

    #5 vote!

  307. avatar jamie Glisson reply

    Hola Lola! #5!!!

  308. avatar Katie reply

    I’m voting for Entry #8!!! My beautiful friend Jessica deserves the best!!! She is a lovely young woman on the inside and out!!

  309. avatar deborah reply

    i vote for #5 lola she is so cute

  310. avatar deborah reply

    #5 is the cutest

  311. avatar Candi N reply

    Number 8!!!

  312. avatar Breezy reply

    #8 has my vote. Country girl through and through. Stunning.

  313. avatar kirsten reply

    number 9 is oh-so-fine!! ;o)

  314. avatar Alysha reply

    #8 what a beautiful girl and photo. perfectly southern!

  315. avatar Bre reply

    My vote goes toward #8!

  316. avatar Bre reply


  317. avatar patty reply

    #9…. if i were looking for something classy, something hip, something sophisticated, something oh-so-southern… #9 all the way!

  318. avatar Leanne reply

    I vote for submission #8. What a true beautiful Southern Belle!!

  319. avatar Justin reply

    #8 has the most southern charm…so beautiful!

  320. avatar NatalieC reply

    #8 hands down the best!

  321. avatar Ceste reply

    #9 all the way!!!

  322. avatar Ashley reply

    #8 FOR SURE!! :0)

  323. avatar Ashley reply

    #8 for sure!!!

  324. avatar ELMK reply


  325. avatar BK reply

    #3, for my wifey.

  326. avatar Helena reply

    I’m loving #3! :)

  327. avatar Melissa Abeyta reply

    Go #3!!! =)

  328. avatar Chrissy Piper reply

    #3 looks good to me!!!

  329. avatar Maureen reply

    I vote for #3!

  330. avatar Josh reply

    #9 seems to me like it strikes the right balance.

  331. avatar Gwen reply

    Not a huge dog lover but number 5 is my choice! Too cute!

  332. avatar Eve reply

    #3 for sure! So cute!!!

  333. avatar David reply

    Number 5

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