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Have y’all had moments during wedding planning when the fact that you’re really getting married and your wedding is really happening hits you? Maybe thanks to our long engagement, I often feel like mine and Dave’s wedding is still in the distant future, but there have been a few moments in the past ten months that have made me stop whatever I’m doing and jump around the room shrieking a little bit. Embarrassing, I know–y’all please tell me I’m not alone in this! :) The most recent of those moments? Getting our save the dates in the mail!

I was originally convinced that I didn’t want to include a photo on our save the date, but that all changed when we opened up our engagement pictures by Ryan Ray. They captured our personalities and our joy so perfectly that we decided including a picture would be a great way to “introduce” our relationship to my family members and friends that Dave hasn’t met yet, and me to his. Once we decided to include a photo, we went directly to one of my favorite paper sources, Minted. At the Southern Weddings office, we had recently gotten a gorgeous box of Minted samples featuring their latest foil-pressed options, and I was totally smitten! Ready to see? Here you go!

We went with Minted’s Save in Script Foil Pressed Card in silver foil and I LOVE how it turned out! Minted is well known for being amazing about customizations (a great blessing for a picky bride!), and were so accommodating when I asked to switch the backer with one from another design. It’s a little hard to see in these pictures, but we chose a pale gray and white stripe that matches Dave’s seersucker bow tie! Even though this change was subtle, and I doubt most of our guests noticed, I love how this tiny tweak made our save the date even more special and personal. We kept the text simple, including just our names, our wedding date, the location, and our wedding website.

We also took advantage of Minted’s free envelope addressing service and were SO glad we did! What a time saver, and it looked way better than it would have if Dave and I had addressed each envelope by hand–neither of us has amazing handwriting :)

Note: This address is an old one!

Here’s a sweet tip when addressing save the dates/invitations to engaged couples: write them to “The Future Mr. and Mrs.”! Dave and I got a wedding invitation addressed that way in the most gorgeous calligraphy earlier this year, and it made us so happy! We did the same for our engaged friends in the hopes that it made them smile too.

After sealing these pretties up and popping on some stamps (we used these in honor of our spring wedding!), into the mail they went! It was so much fun to get excited texts and calls from friends and family members in the week that followed as they received their save the dates in the mail. I can hardly wait till they’re getting our wedding invitations in a few months!

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lisa Written with love by Lisa
  1. avatar Emily reply

    Love that addressing tip! And love that silver foil – looks beautiful on our fridge :)

  2. avatar lena reply

    Squealing–I just love them!

  3. avatar Dana reply

    I love the picture you chose! I can’t wait for the wedding!!!!!!!

  4. avatar Anastasia Cale reply

    Lisa, I LOVED the “Future Mr. and Mrs.” idea, it was a thoughtful reality check! Your save the dates are beautiful!

  5. avatar Sharon @ Red Poppy | Pink Peony reply

    Your save-the-dates are so pretty! I love using engagement photos for save-the-dates, and wedding photos for thank you cards.

  6. avatar Hannah reply

    I love these! I am anxious to see the invitations. Thank you for sharing your wedding planning journey! :)

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Yay, it’s time for another wedding planning update! As y’all know, I found my wedding dress during a whirlwind trip to Houston in June, but along with that, I also made a decision about bridesmaid dresses, which I’m excited to chat about today!

I feel so blessed to have eight gorgeous gals standing with me on my wedding day. There are my two sisters (who are my co-maids of honor–we made a pact years ago that we wouldn’t choose between each other!), Dave’s sister, two of my childhood friends, two of my high school friends, and one of my college friends. These ladies mean the world to me and I’m so happy that each of them is part of my bridal party!

Probably not surprisingly, since my girls are from all different stages of my life, they are spread out across the country, which made any possibility of shopping together pretty impossible. I figured that as long as I was respectful of everyone’s budgets and body types, and I chose something I personally would love to wear (a tip I picked up from Katharine’s bridesmaid dress post!), I couldn’t go wrong. Here’s some of the inspiration I collected as I began my search:

Clockwise from top: Laura Nelson via Snippet and Ink, Jessica Lorren, Jessica Lorren via Once Wed, Melissa Schollaert via Snippet and Ink, Brett Heidebrecht via Style Me Pretty, Lauren Kinsey via Southern Weddings

So pretty, right? As you can probably tell, I’m a big fan of the mismatched look–especially dresses in the same shape and fabric, but in all different styles and a lovely palette of colors. Long dresses were a must for me, since I think they add so much to the formality of a wedding. I also loved the idea of some special, unexpected detail–how gorgeous are those black lace backs? My plan was to choose about 10 dresses that I liked, and then ask the girls to pick their favorites–one of my friends did this when she got married, and it worked out wonderfully!

All of this in mind, who’s surprised that I ended up going with the same dress for everyone? I certainly was!

I had a handful of dress options saved that would have contributed to my mismatched look, so in between my bridal salon appointments, my sisters and I swung by a bridesmaid dress store to try one of them on. We all absolutely loved it–I even loved it enough to scrap my original plan so that everyone could wear this dress! It looked fabulous on all of us, if I do say so myself, and the price was extremely reasonable. Done and done!

Are your bridesmaids wearing something like what you originally expected, or did you end up changing your mind like I did? I’d love to know!

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lisa Written with love by Lisa
  1. avatar Julie reply

    I did the same thing. I pinned all kinds of mismatched looks, but am ending up going with the same dress for everyone!

  2. avatar Stephanie Scholl reply

    Such beautiful inspiration photos – I can’t wait to see the dress you ended up choosing. I’m positive it’s marvelous!!

    • avatar Lisa reply

      Thank you so much, Stephanie! I’m excited to share in a few months!

  3. avatar Chelsey reply

    Great post! I’m having a bit if difficulty choosing a bridesmaid dress (preferably long). Could you post any links to the dress you chose, or some that you considered? Thanks!

    • avatar Lisa reply

      Hi Chelsey! A few places I looked that have gorgeous options are J. Crew, Amsale, JLM Couture Occasions, and Joanna August. I hope this helps! :)

  4. avatar Laura Nelson reply

    Thanks for sharing our photo! Loving all the inspiration for your wedding. It’s going to be gorgeous :) xoxo

  5. avatar Dana reply

    so happy mine came in the mail yesterday! Can’t wait to wear it!!!

  6. avatar Lauren Taylor reply

    I had an inspiration photo of bridesmaids in maxi skirts that were all different shades of blue on my phone for ages . I ended up going with all the same color maxi skirt (navy!), with patterned tops from J Crew!

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First of all, on the heels of my last Lisa’s Southern Wedding post, I’m overjoyed and delighted to let y’all know that I found a wedding dress!!!! I was pretty nervous beforehand (I knew I was going to be incredibly picky, and I only had one weekend to shop with both my mom and my two sisters), but I ended up having a wonderful experience and found something that I absolutely love. Yay!! :)

Moving on from dresses to my other very favorite wedding topic, let’s talk about flowers! As you can probably tell on my Pinterest, flowers are a soft spot of mine–I love them, and they are the first thing I notice about any wedding, so it’s no surprise that they were one of the first details I started thinking about. Dave and I actually have two florists who will be working their magic at our big day. One is the very talented Mary Stevens at Fearrington, who will be creating our reception arrangements–a topic for another day. Mary is lovely and I’m excited to work with her!

While I love so many bouquets, I have never seen one that is perfectly on-point with what I want for myself. I searched high and low for a florist who I thought would totally get me and turn my mismatched “almost the right color palette,” “pretty texture,” “love this shape”-captioned pins into something magical. Then, Emily stumbled upon Kelly of Philosophy Flowers, who lives just a few hours away in Boone, and passed her website on to me–I could hardly email Kelly quickly enough! Here’s a peek at her beautiful portfolio:

Shortly after Dave and I booked Kelly for our wedding, the SW gals and I also recruited her for a V7 editorial! It was so much fun to meet her in person and see her in action–not to mention, it was the perfect confirmation that I made the right choice.

Without giving away too much of my floral inspiration, here are just a few images showcasing some of the flowers and styles that I love–I have had some of these pictures saved on my computer for years! Overall, I’m dreaming of super romantic bouquets featuring Southern blooms that have deep sentimental meaning to me.

Clockwise from top left: Eric Kelley via V5’s Love in Bloom, Jose Villa via V3’s Something Blue, Melissa Schollaert via V5’s Honey and Pecan, Thayer Allyson Gowdy via Brides

As well as my bouquet, Kelly will be creating two simple and elegant altar arrangements for our ceremony and bouquets for my eight lovely bridesmaids. I’m having a hard enough time narrowing down my bouquet inspiration, so I hardly have a clue of what I want the bridesmaid bouquets to look like! I’d love to know, were your bridesmaid bouquets similar to yours, or were they totally different? And if you’re wedding planning like me, what are you thinking for yours? I’d love any ideas!

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lisa Written with love by Lisa
  1. avatar Alana reply

    Oh my! Kelly’s work is gorgeous!! I do love mismatched bouquets : ) Each one just a little different, with it’s own beautiful personality just like all the lovely bridesmaids!!

  2. avatar Anna reply

    Hi Lisa! I just got married last month and I had the HARDEST time deciding about flowers. My Bridesmaids dresses were a orange/red so I didnt want things too be too busy. I ended up mirroring the girls flowers to mine but smaller and loved it the result. Here are a few of the pictures if you still need some inspiration :)

    • avatar Lisa reply

      Awww, congratulations!! You’re right, they looked beautiful! :)

  3. avatar Julie reply

    These are such beautiful flowers Lisa! I too am planning my wedding (it’s in December). I decided to have the bridesmaid’s bouquets mirror mine with color scheme and flower types but gave the florist the freedom to arrange each a little differently to make them unique. Since my bridesmaids will have matching dresses, I thought this would be a good way to showcase some contrast!

    • avatar Lisa reply

      Thanks Julie! My girls will be in matching dresses too, so I’ll definitely have to consider that! :)

  4. avatar lena reply

    What swoon-worthy inspiration–I can’t wait to see the bouquets!

    • avatar Lisa reply

      Thank you, friend! So much of my floral inspiration comes from your perfectly-curated Pinterest! :)

  5. avatar Emily reply

    My bridesmaid bouquets were a bit more pink/blush than mine (which had more white in it). Mine also had white and black anemones, which theirs did not, and a bit more greenery. And mine was bigger :)

    • avatar Lisa reply

      I don’t know if I’ve ever seen pictures of just your bridesmaid bouquets! At our next planning meeting, I might need to see your wedding photos in their entirety :)

  6. avatar Anna reply

    These pictures are swoon-worthy, you found an awesome florist! I just got married a few weeks ago and went with different flowers for my bridesmaid bouquets. I had always wanted a fluffy all-white bouquet of my own, while I dreamed of my girls bringing out more colors in their flowers.

    It worked out perfectly, my girls wore navy dresses and carried bouquets that were full of bright colors: pinks, oranges, yellows, and coral while I had an all white bouquet wrapped with navy and white striped ribbon. It all tied together so nicely. I also love when the groom has a boutonniere with a similar flower as the bride’s bouquet to distinguish him from the rest of the groomsmen!

  7. avatar Corinna reply

    Love the simplicity and beauty of all these arrangements!

  8. avatar Kat reply

    Oh, so fun!!!! Flowers are a favorite of mine!!! I had a bright bouquet & my bridesmaid’s bouquets all had white. All of them were textured and gorgeous, just different colors. I loved the contrast of my white gown with a bright bouquet & their bright gowns with white! Can’t WAIT to see what you decide!!!

  9. avatar Molly reply

    Ah wedding flowers! My favorite! I can’t wait to see what you’ll choose! I was obsessed with mine and sent no fewer than 4 pinterest BOARDS to my florist! Ha!

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