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Sweet friends, I could not be more overjoyed to introduce you to…the Southern Weddings V8 cover!!

Isn’t she gorgeous? And even better, though you can’t tell from the image above… the flag is the most beautiful rose gold foil!

In this issue, we really honed in on the stories behind our editorials. Each one starts with a couple and a love story we dreamed up, because we wanted to demonstrate how you too can be inspired by your own story while planning for your wedding–the kick-off to the adventure of married life. Along with that, we also thought long and hard about YOU, our dear reader. More than anything, we’re passionate about equipping you with the very BEST information and tools to plan your wedding. We want you to enter into married life joyfully and confidently, knowing that you lived your engagement with intention and planned a truly purposeful wedding–pointing yourself, your groom, and your guests to the true meaning of the day.

We thought about your families and the traditions you hold dear. We thought about the lessons you’ve learned from the generations before you, the heirlooms you’ll pass down someday, and the elements of the South that fill your heart and make you feel most at home. We’re so honored to have you as our reader, and to walk with you on this sweet journey into your forever marriage. It’s only fitting, then, that we wanted our cover to represent YOU!

Our cover girl, Alexandra, is a reader model who flew from Alabama to Virginia one day this summer to join us at a shoot that was all about celebrating what it means to be a Southern belle. Our longtime friend Eric Kelley photographed her at Tuckahoe Plantation, while Heidi Marie Garrett gave her an adorable top knot and fresh makeup, Mallory Joyce lent her styling eye, and Watters (a designer based in Texas) provided her fun gown. We love the fact that this cover is reminiscent of V3: Alexandra has the sweet approachability and joy that Paulina, our V3 cover gal, did, but Alexandra’s look is completely modern and perfect for a Southern belle in 2015!

Our official release is Thursday, but if history is any indication, copies may begin to pop up on news stands any day now! Be sure to snap a pic of yourself with your copy and hashtag #SouthernWeddingsV8 on Instagram or Twitter–we LOVE seeing your smiling faces!! If you live outside the South, you can always find a copy in our shop. Preorders are shipping this week!

We can’t WAIT to hear what you think of this issue and this darling cover!! Honestly, y’all, it’s my all-time favorite, and I know I’m not the only one in the SW office :) Comment below and let us know if you love it as much as we do!!

lisa Written with love by Lisa
  1. avatar Kati Mallory reply

    Absolutely LOVE it! Great job girls – can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

  2. avatar Kyla Fetzner reply

    Oh my stars this is beautiful ladies!! :)

  3. avatar Dana reply

    I picture myself very similarly on my wedding day. Though, do I dare eat a peach? This cover is PERFECT and I can’t wait to get the magazine!!!!!

  4. avatar Stephanie Scholl reply

    Ya’ll. I CAN’T EVEN!!!!!! So, so, so good – and it’s true, it’s even more beautiful in person!!!

  5. avatar Carrie Joy reply

    Oh my goodness – this is just STUNNING! Y’all have outdone yourself yet again! I can’t wait to see it in person :-) And I love how it has that similar quality to V3 – the first issue I got my hands on & where my love of Southern Weddings began! Y’all are amazing!

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Hi y’all! This may be one of the Lisa’s Southern Wedding posts I’ve been the most excited to write—today, I’m introducing our photographer! As far as wedding vendors go, photography has been my number one priority since long before I got engaged. I truly believe that having the right photographer—someone whose style you love and who makes the effort to get to know you and your story—makes all the difference in getting the timeless wedding pictures that will become heirlooms for generations to come.

Before Dave and I had a wedding date or a venue, or even a state to get married in, we emailed the photographer we wanted to work with. While I do not recommend this (a time and place are obviously crucial details for booking wedding vendors!), we were too excited to wait, and thankfully, our photographer was very gracious with us! I’ve known for a few years now who I wanted to photograph my wedding, but truly, there are SO many photographers whose work I love. In case you’re looking for a photographer right now, I wanted to share a few other photographers I am a huge fan of—had our photographer not been available on our wedding date (once we chose one :)), I would have been just as thrilled to work with any of these talented people.

I love every picture Ali Harper takes more than the last. She uses light so beautifully and has an incredible editorial eye. Some of my all-time favorite wedding pictures are by Ali (like the photo on the left—swoon!), and she is so sweet—exactly the kind of person you want to have around on your wedding day!

Eric Kelley was one of the first photographers I met when I started working for Southern Weddings, and I must admit, it was a little surreal meeting him after admiring his work for so many years, but he couldn’t have been nicer! Eric is so amazing at capturing details and I especially love the bridal portraits he takes.

I just adore Landon and Jordan of Landon Jacob Photography—they are some of the friendliest people ever, and their work is so dreamy. From working with them on our V6 team shoot, I also learned firsthand that they’re not afraid to step in and “fix you” (out-of-place hair, necklace clasps, etc.), which I think is an essential quality for a great photographer to have!

As you can tell from this list, we were looking for a photographer who shoots film, has a strong editorial eye, and who Dave and I genuinely like as a person–after all, we’ll be spending more time with our photographer than almost anyone else on our wedding day. We are overjoyed that our photographer has all of these qualities in spades. If you haven’t guessed it already, I’m thrilled to announce that the one and only Ryan Ray will be photographing our wedding!!!

Seriously, y’all. Do I even need to say anything else following these beautiful pictures? Ryan is truly gifted at capturing everything from stunning portraits to sweet moments to gorgeous details, and his images just sing to me. I’ve been known to say that I can spot a Ryan Ray picture from a mile away! Plus, he is SO nice. I love working with him for Southern Weddings, and know his personality will be a perfect fit with Dave and I and our families. We are truly, truly honored that he’ll be making the trip to North Carolina to shoot our wedding day!

I’d love to hear, who is photographing your big day? How did you choose them?

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lisa Written with love by Lisa
  1. avatar Janine reply

    Ginny Corbett of Ginny Corbett Photography is photographing our wedding September 14, 2014! She has a heart of gold and her easy going, loving, and hilarious personality made it a piece of cake to choose her to be there to capture our memories! We’ve become GREAT friends and I can talk to her about anything, wedding or unrelated. She uses light in the most beautiful way and is truly interested in the couple’s priorities and captures their love in the moment. My fiancee and I had SUCH a fun time at our engagement shoot and can’t WAIT to share our wedding day with Ginny (as well friends and family, of course!)

  2. avatar Corinna Hoffman reply

    Beautiful pictures! Love the photo with the bride & her floral bridesmaids dresses!

  3. avatar Dana reply

    Ryan Ray is going to make me look soooo beautiful in photos! And of course, you. :D

  4. avatar Emily reply

    I love this post!! Like you said, there are so many talented photographers out there (a perfect fit for every couple), but I definitely believe Ryan will be an amazing addition to your day. Can’t wait!!!

  5. avatar Abby reply

    will you also be doing engagement pictures with him? Just wondering how that works since he is from out of state! I imagine I will be in the same situation someday, so just wanted to hear your thoughts. I know most people shoot with the same person to get comfortable before the big day. Would love to hear your thoughts on that!

    • avatar Lisa reply

      Hi Abby! We will be doing our engagement pictures with him. Ryan is based in Dallas and my family lives in Houston, so Dave and I are going to take a little road trip up to Dallas during a trip home. We’re really excited to meet Ryan in person before our wedding and start to feel comfortable with him photographing us. While it is definitely not necessary, engagement pictures are a great opportunity to get to know your wedding photographer, if you can make it work! One other possibility is trying to coordinate travel plans if your photographer frequently shoots in a location you can get to more easily. Hope that helps! :)

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Happy Wednesday, friends! Are y’all feeling the holidays in the air? Sure, it’s getting mighty cold around here, but that’s a sign that the fun is coming! My favorite part about this time of year is the gathering of family and friends. It’s what we love about weddings, and it’s why we love this feature. Y’all know nothing gathers people to one spot quite like good Southern food. We’ve done biscuit bars, biscuit favors and even a biscuit cake in another V6 feature. This one, however, is a good ole spin on traditional recipes handed down from our grandmas and the food staples of the South. Might it inspire some last-minute Thanksgiving menu changes?

This feature was truly an in-office collaboration. These three spreads contain the illustrations of Lara and our intern, Morgan, the hand-lettering of our own Emily (who has hand-lettered quite a few of our features now!) and some Photoshop magic from Adobe and myself. It was truly meant to be viewed as a whole, so we love that we can share these spreads directly from V6 with you!

You didn’t think I’d tease you with those tiny photos, did you? Our photographer Eric Kelley did an amazing job capturing the delectable ingredients that Chef Crawford and Chef Benjamin from The Umstead Hotel created and styled. Here’s a closer view. (Be warned: you will become very hungry!)

Aren’t those kissing fishies the cutest?

We are glad that our chefs were well-prepared and had plenty of leftovers. The whole team kept sneaking back to the kitchen to nibble on extra biscuits. The sweet potato and herb biscuits were my favorite!

Are y’all’s mouths watering yet? Look at those berries, below!! Gorgeous!

Now if that doesn’t call for the addition of a biscuit bar to tomorrow proceedings, I don’t know what will! We love each of these for incorporating our favorite Southern flavors. Which one is your favorite?

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole

Southern Weddings reserves the right to delete comments which contain profanity or personal attacks or seek to promote a business unrelated to the post.  And remember: a good attitude is like kudzu – it spreads.  We love hearing your kind thoughts!

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