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Oh my goodness, y’all!! In just two short weeks, Southern Weddings V4 will be sitting on shelves all over the country! We’re so excited that we had to celebrate. In addition to Whitney’s awesome ad action, we’re featuring a fabulous Southern Fab Finds giveaway.

We see a lot of bow ties in this office (just take a look in our closet!), but we never get tired of seeing new designs from new people. Starboard Clothing Co. sent us a few of their bows to take a look at and when we opened the box, the first word out of our mouths was “oooh” followed by “adorable!

The bright colors, fun patterns and soft fabric instantly won us over. I think you’ll agree that these handmade bows are both classic and unique, just as the makers intended them to be.

To Enter: Go to Starboard Clothing Co.’s site to explore and then come back here to tell us which bow is your favorite and why. For an additional entry, tweet “I entered to win a @StarboardStyle bow tie from @iloveswmag!” with the link to this post, and then leave us an additional comment saying you did so!

Win: Four Starboard Clothing Co. bow ties for your sweetie (and his friends!).

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar Simone Anne reply

    I ADORE the orange seersucker bowtie! the blue seersucker one is pretty cute too, but the orange one is the winner for me!

  2. avatar Gordon Phillips reply

    My favorite Starboard tie is the Charleston Toile Beau. My parents were married there, and the town has always held a special place in my heart. I’ve also never seen a tie like it before, so it does a good job representing the unique architecture and spirit of the town.

  3. avatar Gordon Phillips reply

    I forgot to include it in my comment, but I also Tweeted about the contest/

  4. avatar Melissa W reply

    The Baskerville Houndstooth Beau is my favorite!

  5. avatar Joanna reply

    I love the gillmer-horton blue gingham. It is carolina blue and I know my Tarheel would love to wear it for our special day!

  6. avatar Brianna reply

    I adore the yellow seersucker bow-ties! We want to do these for our groomsmen to match their yellow tulip boutonnieres!

  7. avatar Lisa reply

    I love the classic blue seersucker beau!

  8. avatar Courtney Cross reply

    The GILLMER-HORTON GINGHAM BEAU is my favorite. I love the soft blue color. This would be perfect for a spring wedding or anytime really! The blue could just be a pop of color in your wedding or the main color. This blue is soft enough that it would look great with any color suit: gray, tan, black,etc. Think of it as “something blue” for you man! You could accent with small blue flowers in your bridesmaids bouquets to give a cohesive look!

  9. avatar Ilana reply

    I love THE CHARLESTON TOILE BEAU! Our colors are blue and peach, and we’re getting married in Charleston, SC! It would be such a sweet nod to the city we love and in which we are choosing to say our vows. What a sweet website!

  10. avatar Ilana reply

    I also tweeted!

  11. avatar Katie S. reply

    My fiance’ and I have been searching for cute bowties as groomsmen gifts…and I think we’ve come to the right place! My man would look super cute in the severn tattersall for the ceremony (and of course a change into the erdmann orange gingham for our Clemson orange sendoff!)

  12. avatar Madi reply

    The Charleston Toile is absolutely charming! Only a true Southern gentleman could make toile look dapper.

  13. avatar Rissi reply

    Uhh…The Charleston Toile Bow Tie anyone? Perfect!

  14. avatar Kelley reply

    I love, love, love the classic blue seersucker beau! It goes perfectly with the theme of our Spring 2012 wedding and my fiance would look absolutely stunning in it! Oh, and I tweeted it, too! :)

  15. avatar Brian reply

    My favorite like many of the people here is the Charleston Toile Beau. Nothing epitomizes classic southern class and prep like the city of Charleston.

    I tweeted as well!

  16. avatar madelynne miller reply

    My favorite is the yellow seersucker beau – it will match our yellow and grey color scheme!

  17. avatar madelynne miller reply

    I tweeted about the contest so all my friends can check out their awesome bow ties!

  18. avatar Emm reply

    These are so awesome, it’s hard to choose! I think my favorite would have to be the orange seersucker. The material and the color is so summer friendly, and the pattern’s really fun!


  19. avatar Jackie G reply

    I love the orange seersucker beau. Its my fiance favorite color and he really wants to rock some kind of orange with his tux. This would be perfect for him!

  20. avatar James Frazier reply

    Severn tattersall Beau! Love the Blue!!!!

  21. avatar James Frazier reply

    I tweeter it also.

  22. avatar cami reply

    I LOVE the Erdmann Orange Gingham Beau, however, the gentleman chiming in over my shoulder votes for the Classic Blue Seersucker Beau! :o) Hope we win {well he}. Thanks so much for being a fun magazine/website for us to look at and reference for our own wedding planning! Can wait for V4!!!

    • avatar Sean William reply

      My favorite beau is the Lily P. Tribute Beau … As a child, my mother dressed me in LP, however a few years back she discontinued the majority of her mens line, leaving only a few accessories to fulfill my desire! Plus, who can resist pink and green!?

      I tweeted as well

  23. avatar firenze23 reply

    I love the Baskerville Houndstooth because it is crisp, classic, and named after one of my favorite childhood literary characters. Plus it would really pop with my boyfriend’s best suit (and he just started a new job!)

  24. avatar firenze23 reply

    I just tweeted~!

  25. avatar Ethan reply

    I’ve got to go with the Rudolph Christmas Plaid Beau. It said limited edition so I don’t know if it is still for sale, but it epitomizes the classic Christmas spirit. Classic Christmas colors with a classic plaid print would look awesome at any Christmas event. Gotta love Christmas!

  26. avatar Emily reply

    I LOVE the Charleston Toile! Charleston is such a special and unique place that exudes everything Southern, just like this bow-tie!

  27. avatar Kelly reply

    I love the Charleston! I want to wear it as a head band. I think my guy would prefer that. But he would look dapper in any of their bows.

  28. avatar Michelle reply

    I like the Charleston Toile because it would look beautiful with my fiance’s beautiful blue eyes. I’d love to have a vintage wedding with bow ties for the groom and groomsmen. My fiance has been wooing me with dates involving bow ties for years and we both love all the colors and pattern available with Starboard Clothing Co. We’d love to win and use them to color up our wedding and make the day even more fun and special!!

  29. avatar Brian K reply

    I think they are all great, but if I had to pick only one I would go with The Independenc Beau. It’s a great way to show pride in the USA.

  30. avatar Devin reply

    The Annapolitan Patchwork Beau is definitively still my favorite. It definitively has that east-coast, classic prep look that never goes out of style

  31. avatar Cait reply

    Love the Navy Midshipmen Gingham Beau ties! They would look so great on my fiance and his groomsmen for our rustic barn wedding next September!

  32. avatar Cailin reply

    I LOVE the houndstooth beau! It’s the perfect accessory to transition those boys into fall/winter!!

  33. avatar Gary Gonsalves reply

    My favorite Starboard ties are the Seersucker ones…blue.

  34. avatar Angela Alpaugh reply

    I’d love the Lilly P tribute tie for my love !

  35. avatar Philip Mancuso reply

    The Toile Beau is amazing! I’d most likely pair it with a white or yellow oxford button-down and some khaki chinos. It’s the kind of bowtie that really stands out, but not an obnoxious sort of way. It’s the perfect finishing touch to an outfit and would be an excellent addition to any wardrobe.

  36. avatar Sarang P reply

    Definitely the Baskerville Houndstooth! Black and white go with everything and the bold pattern will keep things interesting. Elementary, my dear Watson!

  37. avatar Alan reply

    I really like the Easter Sunday and the Jessica-Sarah ones and I could use them for the rehearsal dinner and wedding for my girlfriend’s older sister this upcoming summer.

  38. avatar Ashton H. reply

    While I would be more inclined toward the Lilly Pulitzer Tribute, MY Beau would pick the Erdmann Orange Gingham to represent at Tennessee football games! I also tweeted!

  39. avatar Michelle reply

    I love this contest and want to win so much that I added Starboard on twitter and posted the link too!

  40. avatar Cait reply

    Forgot to mention that I also tweeted! :)

  41. avatar cami reply

    I tweeted! :o) xoxo

  42. avatar Mary K. reply

    I love the classic blue seersucker beau. It is so southern and would look perfect on my fiance. I’m sure he’d love the orange one for gamedays too.

    I also tweeted :)

    Thanks yall!

  43. avatar Rhian reply

    It would be hard to get my fiance to wear one of these but my dad would totally rock them. His favorite color is orange so he would love the Orange Seersucker Beau or the Erdmann Orange Gingham Beau!

  44. avatar Jay zaleski reply

    My favorite bowtie is the one Ben Meredith made custom for me. I managed to spill white paint all over my favorite Burberry shirt and he was able to turn it into a one of a kind bowtie for me. The man is a wizard

  45. avatar Danielle Holland reply

    I LOVE the yellow seersucker one. It would match perfectly with my wedding colors, and I know my fiance and his groomsmen would love it too!

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  47. avatar Southern Peach » bits&bobs blog reply

    […] credits from top left: cake ritzy bee blog, bow tie southern wedding, invitation snippet and ink, jute twine etsy, tissue garland etsy, peach lemonade style me pretty, […]

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How To: Tie a Bow Tie

by in Main on

I’m really excited about today’s How-To! I’ve been fixin’ to do a feature on bow ties for awhile, and since we’re giving away a couple of snazzy Forage bow ties this week, I thought this was perfect timing!

Illustration by Katie Rodgers via Pinterest.

Belles and beaus, I’m here to teach you how to tie a bow tie. There are some of you who have known how to do this since you donned your first seersucker bow in your cousin’s wedding when you were six. Others of you, like me, never had a pressing need to learn. That’s right ladies, it’s good for you to know, too!

Image credit: Upper French via Green Wedding Shoes

The period between your engagement and your wedding day is the perfect time to hone your bow tying skills, lest you end up like these guys.

Image Credit: Bobbi + Mike

I’ll admit, I was one of those guys just a few weeks ago. Though I wasn’t a groomsman preparing for my friend’s wedding, I was sitting at my desk in the Southern Weddings office with my laptop in front of me trying to learn. Whitney and Sierra will tell you this is a true story, since they laughed at me while I did it. The happy news is that I can now tie a bow like no one’s business! I enlisted Sierra’s brilliant design skills to bring you a step-by-step of the process. But before we get to that, let’s do a quick rundown of the different types of bow ties that you have to choose from.

The Butterfly Bow Tie. This bow has a wing span of 3 inches to 3.5 inches. It can look too big for you, but if you’ve got a wider neck span or a larger face and chin, this might be your guy!

Image Credit: Ashley McCormick

The Classic Bow Tie (A.K.A. the thistle or semi-butterfly bow tie). This is the bow you envision when you think of bow ties! With a wing span around 2.5 inches, it’s perfect for any event and suits any face shape and neck size.

Image credit: Bella Grace

The Batwing Bow Tie (A.K.A narrow bow tie). Elegant-looking and thin, there’s a bit of debate over whether this style is more formal or less formal than the classic bow. It has a wing span of 1.5 inches to 2 inches and, although it may look like a one long piece of fabric, it’s tied the same way as the classic bow.

Image credit: Pierrepont Hicks

The Pointed End Bow Tie. It’s exactly as it sounds! For a spin on the usual shape, the pointed end bow is also appropriate for formal occasions.

Image Credit: The Cordial Churchman and Forage

Now that we know what’s what, pick out your favorite bow and let’s tie it!

Need to remember this for later? We’ve got you covered! Sierra made us a fab downloadable PDF with illustrations that walk you through the steps. Print it out and with some practice, you could look as dandy as this guy.

Image credit: Paul Johnson (See more of this wedding here!)

Want more tips and tricks? Check out our past How-To’s.
Biscuit Bar
Send Your Invitations

Tell us about your bow tying experience in the comments below!

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
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Y’all know that down here in the South, bow ties are near and dear to our hearts. We never tire of seeing handsome groomsmen donning our favorite striped, seersucker, madras or gingham bows. That’s why Forage bow ties were the perfect fit to start off this new giveaway column, our aptly-named Southern Fab Finds. This time around, we’re bringing you more than just great products we’re bringing you items that resonate with Southern culture and items that are made right in your backyard by vendors who know firsthand what it means to live below the Mason-Dixon line.

Forage knows bow ties! We’ve been fans of theirs for quite some time and love how they hunt down the best fabric to make their bows. Therefore, each bow tie they make is part of a limited edition. One lucky winner will receive two of their chambray ties!

To Enter: Go to the Forage site and tell us which bow tie your sweetie would look smashing in!

Win: Two Forage solid chambray bow ties for those dapper men in your wedding.

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar Sydney reply

    What amazing products Forage has! I love the unique design and nature of each bow tie. The only problem is that since each tie is so unique, many of the ones I love were already sold out. Oh well, just another reason to keep looking at their website. Thanks for the tip!

  2. avatar Ashley Stout reply

    My fiance would look amazing in the yellow gingham bow tie. Are wedding theme is rustic and country style. He would just look amazing in it.

  3. avatar Cami reply

    I would LOVE to see my fiance in the amber or emerald gingham! We are huge fans of Forage bow ties and hope to make them a part of our special day!

  4. avatar Laura P reply

    I’m lovin’ all the gingham Forage has! The amber gingham would look great on my fiance – no only because yellow/grey are two of our wedding colors, but also because it would go with suits he already has for non-wedding wear.

  5. avatar Stacy reply

    Love, love, love the amber gingham and multi gingham! My husband and son wear only bow ties, so I love to see beautiful ones!

  6. avatar Amanda reply

    Im not sure why my comment didn’t post for this contest but….

    I think my honey would look great in the multi gingham bow tie. He can pull anything off and this colorful accessory would be no exception!

  7. avatar Danielle B reply

    Oh my goodness, they’re all so beautiful. I really dig the Multi, metallic stripe, ad purple plaid. I’ve been looking for some super sweet bow ties for a while now and apparently Forage is the place to go! My sir will be looking extra handsome sporting these now:)

  8. avatar Sarah Torrens reply

    My honey would look just fabulous in the emerald gingham Forage bow tie! And he’d just fit right in with our fresh spring color palette of green, chartreuse, yellow and white!

  9. avatar Heather reply

    My sister is planning a bow tie themed wedding and I know she would absolutely love to gift this to her fiance for their special day!

  10. avatar Erin reply

    I just loooooove these bow ties. My man friend would look super cute in the mint one, but they’re all adorable.

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    […] true Southern fashion, we offered up some dapper bow ties from Forage and wanted to know which bow your beau would look most handsome […]

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