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Southern gents know that there’s something to be said for the perfect bow tie. Sure, ties are professional, but Southern gentlemen know that bow ties add a little playfulness and make a man look just dandy.

If Southern gents are known for their bow ties, Southern gals are known for their ability to coordinate any outfit perfectly. Perfectly poised and put together, a Southern lady never forgets her pearls or that perfect clutch. And what could set a Southern gal’s heart to fluttering more than the chance to coordinate that perfect clutch with her beau’s bow?

Oatmeal Lace, known for fabulous clutches, has struck a beautiful partnership with Collared Greens, an eco-chic menswear line (with a fabulously Southern name). A match made in heaven? We think so, and love that their giving us the opportunity to make the perfect match for one Southern couple: a perfectly coordinated bow tie and clutch! These pretty, preppy accessories will be perfect for all of those friends’ weddings you’ll be attending this summer.

To Enter: Head on over to the Southern Weddings Facebook page and click the ‘Like’ button. Then scurry back over here and leave a comment telling us that you ‘like’ us. Lastly, tell us how you like to accessorize when attending a wedding (as a guest, naturally!).

Win: A gorgeous Gingham Clutch from Oatmeal Lace and a matching Gingham Bow Tie from Collared Greens. You’ll be the best looking couple, no doubt!

You have until next Tuesday, June 21st at midnight to enter!

Written with love by Whitney
  1. avatar Emily reply

    I “liked” you on facebook. :)
    And I think a cute date is the best way to accessorize. Well, that and a great dress.

  2. avatar Kt reply

    I “like” you on FB! And I think amazing shoes are a super fun way to accessorize at a wedding – and in life in general!

  3. avatar Natalie reply

    Liked the FB page!

    I like to have delicate, feminine accessories when attending a wedding. Perhaps drop pearl earrings and necklace and something simple for my hair. Elegant, simple and sophisticated.

  4. avatar Colleen Brown reply

    I like you on facebook. This would be perfect for my husband and I. We have two weddings to attend this summer. We would be the cutest couple at the party…other then the bride and groom of course. I love to accesorize with purses and bracelets. Love for things to match my outfits. Thanks for the chance at a great prize and I promise pictures if I win. =)

  5. avatar Bryan Mangas reply

    Liked! Matching your date is must. Great to see you’re supporting some fellow Hampden-Sydney guys at Collared Greens!

  6. avatar Laura reply

    I always like SW, but now I “like” you too! The best way to accessorize for a wedding is with pearls of any kind. Good shoes are awesome, but nothing finishes an outfit like pearls, especially in the south!

  7. avatar Caroline Clay Camp reply

    I really like y’all! and I have made it know on facebook! PS- I also like/love Collared Greens the food and the Brand!

  8. avatar Rochelle M reply

    I liked your on Facebook page! What a cute site I wish I would have known they had green mens accessories a week ago. Collared Greens would be absolutely perfect if they made custom pet collars and ties as well I am hunting for a bow tie for my weimaraner for my 11-5-11 wedding

  9. avatar Alicia @CharityWedding reply

    I am your newest liker! I love to wear bright colors or fun prints with simple accessories to weddings especially in the spring or summer!

  10. avatar alyssa reply

    I “like” y’all on facebook! And the best way to accessorize when attending a wedding: great shoes that match your jewelry! I’m a sucker for pearls, and DIY hair pieces!!

  11. avatar alyssa reply

    I “Like” y’all on facebook! [[and in real life too]] The best way to accessorize when attending a wedding: cute shoes that match your jewelry. I’m a sucker for pearls and DIY hair pieces!

  12. avatar Katie reply

    “Liked”! Best way to accessorize is a cute pair of shoes and my future hubby by my side :)

  13. avatar Simply Sara reply

    I am a fan of southern weddings on Facebook.

    My Fav way to accessorize is a black dress with a bright scarve and matching earrings!!

  14. avatar Lara reply

    I know I work here, but I not-so-secretly want to win this giveaway!!! LOVE THESE!!!

  15. avatar Raine reply

    “Liked” on fb and LOVE the site…best way to accessorize would have to be a bright colored dress and a wrap. AND best of all pearls.

  16. avatar Nicole reply

    Have “liked” y’all on Facebook for a while now! I’m picturing the classic J.Crew Cotton Cady Erica Dress ( in navy with a multi-strand pearl necklace, pearl studs, and this great little gingham clutch. Maybe even red He would be wearing khaki pants, a white button, a navy sport coat, and Collard Green’s bow tie. What says summer more than a little red white and blue?

  17. avatar Nicole reply

    Have “liked” y’all on Facebook for a while now! I’m picturing the classic J.Crew Cotton Cady Erica Dress in navy with a multi-strand pearl necklace, pearl studs, and this great little gingham clutch. Maybe even red He would be wearing khaki pants, a white button, a navy sport coat, and Collard Green’s bow tie. What says summer more than a little red white and blue?

  18. avatar Ashley Borysewich reply

    Liked you on FB as Ashley Borysewich!

    I love to wear a classic ensemble with cute and fun accessories at a wedding, so that I can feel great about myself without overshadowing the bride and groom :)

  19. avatar Lisa reply

    I’m a long-time facebook like-er of Southern Weddings! And gingham is my all-time favorite print… it’s even my blog background! For casual and outdoor weddings, I like to layer delicate gold necklaces, and for more formal weddings, I’m all about the pearls! Beautiful shoes are a given at any wedding (or party or dinner date, or really anything!) ;)

  20. avatar Izzy Hudgins Photography reply

    I like you!! I attend weddings more as a photographer – but we gotta look good too! I like to allow my personal style come through and this bow tie and clutch is def perfect for my husband and I!

  21. avatar Davonne reply

    I like yall because you represent me and the wedding I envision for myself and my finace. I love to accessorize simple dresses with bold necklaces and funky flats.

  22. avatar madelynne miller reply

    i LOVE southern weddings magazine! i like to accessorize with a bright punch of color!

  23. avatar Mary L reply

    I’ve liked y’all on Facebook! :)

    Usually when I go to a wedding, I like to keep my dress simple and classic and really amp it up with the accessories! I like to do a solid dress with a bold pair of sky high heels. If I wear a coral colored dress, I love using turquoise accessories (necklace/clutch).

  24. avatar Mary L reply

    I like to wear solid classic dresses to weddings so I have to step it up with accessories so I don’t look boring. I definitely like to accessorize with a bold pair of sky high heels and fun necklaces and clutches. My philosophy is to throw one unexpected item into my outfit and a fun clutch would be PERFECT.

  25. avatar Michelle Schuring reply

    I’ve liked y’all for a while now! I love to bling up a brightly colored dress with some great accessories, lots of sparkle! And might I add that clutch is super cute!!

  26. avatar Michelle reply

    I have liked y’all for a while now! I like to wear a bright colored dress and bling it up with some awesome accessories! I just have to say that clutch is super cute!!

  27. avatar Leah reply

    I “liked” your page! Shoes are the best accessory, always, hands down!

  28. avatar Caroline reply

    I like to accessorize with cute heels and a cold drink, preferably with a cute straw or flag.

  29. avatar Paige reply

    “Liked” you all on Facebook a long time ago! I love to accessorize with a great necklace!

  30. avatar kari reply

    i “liked” you :) i like to keep it simple, a plain color but with a cute twist, a colorful bag or a big ring :)

  31. avatar Kelsey reply

    I “liked” y’all…but I really love y’all! And this clutch and bow tie combo are just perfect! I love classic jewelry and a fun clutch to pull an outfit together, but my favorite accessory is my fiance! It’s almost as much fun picking out what he’s going to wear with all the different bow ties there is to choose from! And having the chance for my clutch and his bow tie to match? That’s almost too much to handle (almost)!

  32. avatar jules reply

    of course i like y’all! what a cute matching set! i love to wear a simple, sleek cocktail dress, if it fits the occasion. i always accessorize with fabulous heels and jewelry! i love to bring a wrap that has a nice pattern to go with my outfit, but not overtake it! this prize would be perfect for my boyfriend and me to wear to our many bama events! precious!!

  33. avatar Rob!n C. reply

    I “liked” you on facebook if only they had a “love” button for you all!

    My favorite way to accessorize this year has been wearing a fun nail color like buttercup yellow with a honeysuckle colored dress! It’s an unexpected detail, plus my hands look cute when I get to show off my beautiful engagement ring!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. avatar Megan reply

    Of course I have already “liked” ya’ll. I love to accessorize as a wedding guest by wearing colorful accessories to compliment my dress…and of course by sneakily matching my man (he hates when I make us too match-matchy)

  35. avatar Emily Lindner reply

    I love ya’ll on facebook!!! These would go perfect with our cotton boutonnieres down here in Mississippi!! But as I guest I love to wear a fun overly girly accessory like a huge bow headband to weddings! Can’t sleep tight without my daily fill of SWM! Love yall!

  36. avatar Jenny F. reply

    I “liked” you on facebook! I think the best way to accessorize is with some chunky statement jewelry. I’m a big lover of Etsy, beacuse they’ve got stuff there that you just can’t find anywhere else. It’s the kind of stuff that make people wanna strike up a conversation with you.

  37. avatar Elizabeth reply

    I “like” Southern Weddings and love all the great features y’all post! I recently discovered Oatmeal Lace, and think McKay has some absolutely beautiful designs, and I am loving the matching clutch and bow tie! When it comes to accessorizing for a wedding, I go for pieces that pop yet complement what I’m wearing:) And comfortable heels are always a must for the dance floor!

  38. avatar Marlowe Whittaker reply

    I “liked” yall on Facebook but I absolutely love yall. This clutch/bow tie combo is precious and perfect for a wedding. It would be the best couple accessory because I like to keep my style southern, classy and I’m always trying to get my Iowa boyfriend to get in touch with some southern roots.

  39. avatar Heather A. reply

    i “liked” y’all on facebook….i LOVE this…i don’t try to “match” my boyfriend, but i like for us to compliment….and i know, because we seem to go to a ton of weddings! this clutch and bow tie would be perfect for that!!! plus my guy looks so adorable in his bow ties :)

  40. avatar Jessica reply

    I just liked your facebook page! I already love your magazine too! I like to accessorize with pearls for a classic look or for a fun look with a flower headband and cute wedges!

  41. avatar Stefanie R. reply

    I “liked” you. I think the best way to accessorize is with a nice shawl. I have a champagne colored one that goes with just about everything and keeps me warm during those chilly evening receptions.

  42. avatar Kate reply

    I “liked” you on facebook! I think the best way to accessorize is with some beautiful pearls and a great pair of heels. Can’t go wrong with that!

  43. avatar Ashley reply

    I’ve “liked” you on facebook for a very long time! When attending a wedding, the dress is key. Something classy and cute that fits your personality.

  44. avatar Michelle reply

    I “liked” you guys on Facebook! I like wearing a muted solid color (black or navy, for example) with a pop of color in the shoes, clutch or flowery hair accessory! So fun!

  45. avatar megan reply

    i like you! i love to wear a colorful pashmina to weddings. it’s perfect to cover my shoulders during a church ceremony and handy to throw on when outside receptions turn a little chilly.

  46. avatar Jennifer reply

    Of course I like y’all on Facebook! I think a fancy pair of shoes is an accessory in itself! Bring along an equally fabulous clutch, and you’re set to go. Not to mention the proper jewels…. Either an amazing pair of earrings and a collection of bracelets or a chunky necklace with dainty stud earrings…pearls, maybe?

  47. avatar Sarah Torrens reply

    I love Southern Weddings!
    As a guest at a wedding, I usually wear a simple solid-color dress, but accessorize it with a chunky, interesting necklace or chandelier earrings!

  48. avatar Margaret Campbell reply

    If there was a “love” button on facebook, I would use it for y’all! As it is, I suppose I can settle for a simple “like.” Honestly, my favorite wedding accesory is a hefty champagne cocktail. But if we’re sticking to outfits, my fave accessory is my pearl studs or some gorgeous pumps. Keep it simple, keep it classy!

  49. avatar Joanie Oben reply

    I liked y’all. Hope I win!

    I’m actually going to a wedding tomorrow. I love to punch it up with bright colors in the summertime.

  50. avatar Amanda reply

    I like southern brides! and I liked you on fcbk! ;0) When I attend a wedding I first try and find out what the bridal party is wearing. I try not to match and clash at the same time. I looooove bangles and long dangling earings. It depends on the type of wedding but for my friends intimate backyard get together, I was able to wear a casual sundress, flip flops and dressed it all up with beautiful gold leaf earings and gold bangles.

  51. avatar Caitlin reply

    I “like” you a lot! (Even on facebook!) Love this giveaway! My wedding guest accessories usually consist of jumbo sized pearls, a hair flower clip or headband, a cute clutch bag (like the one in this giveaway – wink, wink), and naturally, some fabulous heels (you have to make your calves look ahhmazing)!

  52. avatar Weekly Round-Up « Southern Weddings Magazine reply

    […] Greens have partnered up to make you the cutest couple at the square dance. Head over to the original post to see just how cute these accessories are and to find out how to […]

  53. avatar Noelle reply

    I LIKE you!! As a wedding guest to a southern summer wedding, I like hair clips of flowers and my mothers pearls. :)

  54. avatar Megan Gibson reply

    I ‘liked’ you ladies on Facebook!! What a cute clutch and bowtie!!! I’m a southern girl and I like to accessorize my outfits on a subtle level with my boyfriend’s. This is a perfect example of how to do this!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  55. avatar Whitney G reply

    I like you on facebook :) I love to accessorize for a wedding with a chunky necklace or big jewel earrings, amazing heels, and a cute clutch!

  56. avatar Jessica reply

    Liked you officially on Facebook!! And my favorite accessories for when I attend a wedding are the perfect classic dress (color depending on the time/type of wedding) with pearls and a cute date that wants to have a good time and dance at the reception!

  57. avatar Jessica reply

    Liked SW officially on Facebook! My favorite way to accessorize for a wedding is with a classic dress (color and style depending on type and time of wedding) with pearls and a cute date who would have fun and dance at the reception!

  58. avatar joy gay reply

    I LOVE you guys! and I am dying to get ahold of this specific tie and clutch pair. I love to match us like southern beau and belle style. Because he calls me Belle. We are what I call country chic. Which is a classy look on a simply style. He is the most adorable thing in his suspenders and I like to get him and I tiny matching things to tie us together. I love to play up the fact that he is a southern doctor and he likes the way I make a throwback look for us when we go out to the theatre to see gone with the wind or at the wedding last month with a vest that was black and pink pinstripes and I wore pink heels and a clutch to match him. oooohhhh I hope I win!!!!!

  59. avatar Joy Gay reply

    I “LOVE” you guys on fb. I am dying to get my little mittens on this adorable pair. My best accesory is my sweet sugarbear! I love that he embraces that whole southern doctor thing and lets me get him in suspenders to take me out. We just did a wedding and he had a black/pink pinstripe vest and I wore heels and clutch to match. We almost stole the show, hahaha

  60. avatar Henria O. reply

    I like Southern Weddings on Facebook! This pair of accessories looks like they would be really fun to wear! Usually, I like to wear a pretty hair clip or flower in my hair along with a nice clutch and some interesting shoes!

  61. avatar Brittany Belle reply

    I not only like Southern Weddings, I adore y’all! My sweet beau and I try to wear outfits that compliment the wedding theme colors and I never forget my pearls!

  62. avatar Brittany reply

    I LOVE SW!!!

  63. avatar Sergio reply

    My wife loves SW and I do too (on facebook!) A well dressed gentelman always does a wedding good.

  64. avatar Britt reply

    SW is awesome! I love a classic dress and a string of pearls for a wedding

  65. avatar Whitney reply

    I “liked” y’all on Facebook! (And in real life too!) When attending a wedding, I like to accessorize usually with one bold statement piece, ie. a chunky costume jewelry type bracelet or huge dangly earrings or a cute belt. After I choose one bold piece, I add small details in fill the outfit out, such as tiny pearl earrings or a silver ring. I think this keeps the look fresh, classy, and doesn’t attempt to outdo the bride!

  66. avatar reply

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Written with love by Whitney
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  1. avatar Grayson Campbell reply

    So excited I won!!! It will most definitely be monogrammed!

Southern Weddings reserves the right to delete comments which contain profanity or personal attacks or seek to promote a business unrelated to the post.  And remember: a good attitude is like kudzu – it spreads.  We love hearing your kind thoughts!

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