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Show your Southern Pride! These badges are ready to be downloaded and displayed on your blog or website. Just right click and save!

Featured on the Southern Weddings Blog:

FeaturedBadge_SW1_300 FeaturedBadge_SW2_300

FeaturedBadge_SW1_150 FeaturedBadge_SW2_150

Featured in Southern Weddings V8:



Featured in Southern Weddings V7:

SWV7_A_300 SWV7_B_300

SWV7_A_150 SWV7_B_150

Featured in Southern Weddings V6:


FeaturedBadge_SWV6_150 FeaturedBadge_SWV6_150B

Featured in Southern Weddings V5:

Featured_1_300 Featured_2_300

Featured_1_150 Featured_2_150

Featured in the Magazine:

FeaturedBadge_SWM1_300 FeaturedBadge<a href=

FeaturedBadge_SWM1_150 FeaturedBadge_SWM2_150

Love Never Fails:

Love-Never-Fails-Badge_1 Love-Never-Fails-Badge_2

Love-Never-Fails-Badge_3 Love-Never-Fails-Badge_4

For our Sweet Tea Society Badge, take a look here.

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