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From {Fred Egan Photography}.   Love those heels!  For more from Jeff + Caroline’s golden big day, check out Fred’s {BLOG}

Written with love by Southern Weddings
  1. avatar Heather reply

    This wedding looks gorgeous! I like the detail on the chair tie:)

  2. avatar kristin @ the fairmount bride reply

    Ummm, the shoes??! Yes Please!!

  3. avatar FRED EGAN reply

    Thanks ladies….keep up the wonderful work :D

  4. avatar poser reply

    way to go THEfred.

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From the infamous {Jessica Claire} and second shooters {Braedon} and {Mark Brooke}.  This wedding is FABULOUS!  You have to see the rest of the details… flawless!

Written with love by Southern Weddings
  1. avatar stacey reply

    She is my absolute favorite photographer! She always does such amazing work, but this wedding she really took it to the next level.

  2. avatar ailey reply

    That one by the window is too cute

  3. avatar Dani Ross reply

    amazing photographs–i love the vintage feel!

  4. avatar David [C+D Photography] reply

    We love Jessica. She’s such an amazing photographer and this one is one of her best yet! Not only that but we’re huge fans of Mark (and his wife, and lens-mate, Candice) who do an amazing job too!!! ROCK ON!

  5. avatar FRED EGAN reply

    Great job by Jess and crew!

  6. avatar Whitney Lee @ LoveBirds reply

    I love her lounging on the car! What a fabulous shot!

  7. avatar Ashley @ Bliss Event Group reply

    The shot on the car is vintage glam, and her hat-piece is fabulous. Lovely couple.

  8. avatar Elizabeth reply

    The Rolls picture is amazing!

  9. avatar Maria @ {ritzy bee} reply

    LOVE the car shot!

  10. avatar Danielle reply

    I love that Jessica Claire admits she had to step out of her comfort zone for this one. The risk was defintely worth it because the images are phenomenal. Rock on JC!

  11. avatar angel swanson reply

    i loooved working with nicholas & monika on their wedding. ;-) jessica captured the beauty of the day perfectly!

Southern Weddings reserves the right to delete comments which contain profanity or personal attacks or seek to promote a business unrelated to the post.  And remember: a good attitude is like kudzu – it spreads.  We love hearing your kind thoughts!

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Here are a few of our favorite "SWS" Contest entries.   All of the entries are displayed anonymously, so vote by leaving a comment with the number you love.  Which is your favorite?  Every vote counts and voting ends tomorrow night.  Thank you to all of the readers who participated!  We have a very exciting contest coming up next!



Written with love by Southern Weddings
  1. avatar Elizabeth reply


  2. avatar Rebecca reply

    I love number 3!

  3. avatar Jessica reply

    #3 rocks!

  4. avatar Heather reply

    I vote for #8. Okay, I guess I can just really relate to that one. My one year old loves cheerios and always dumps them on the floor and eats them:)

  5. avatar Julie reply

    #3 is my favorite. I wonder how many participants it took to create this. Really cool!

  6. avatar Hannah reply

    #3 is very cool … neat idea!

  7. avatar Carly reply

    I vote for number 3!!!!

  8. avatar Brittany W. reply

    # 3 Knocks my socks off… I love it!

  9. avatar jen buehrer reply


  10. avatar b.h.c reply

    I have to take #1. I like the kitties giving SWS some love!

  11. avatar Michelle M reply

    I love #3…Very creative!!

  12. avatar Jessica Lynn reply

    number three for sure!!

  13. avatar Hannah C reply

    #3 for sure! :)

  14. avatar Bonnie reply

    I vote for #3. It’s awesome! #8 is also cool

  15. avatar Whitney reply

    My fave is #3!

  16. avatar Sara Jane – SJ Design reply

    #8! So adorable!

  17. avatar Erica Richards reply

    I am going to have to go with #7. Very creative! ~Erica, Bliss Event Group

  18. avatar Rene Van Brussen reply

    I think 8 is the big winner! That baby is having a ball eating those cheerios. Oh, to be a kid again!

  19. avatar Whitney Lee @ LoveBirds reply

    The kitties with the cat food are hilarious! #1 all the way!

  20. avatar Alisha reply

    #3 for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. avatar Nickie reply

    #3 is way creative…Cheerio baby is pretty close ;)

  22. avatar Danielle @ Bliss Event Group reply

    This is so hard to choose, but I love the idea of starting our fans out early, so I have to go with #8. Isn’t she the cutest?

  23. avatar Jamie reply

    # 3 is very unique! All great but definitely #3!

  24. avatar Missy Sue Hanson reply

    #3….it reminds me of Summertime!!!!

  25. avatar Rae Leytham reply

    I am very fond of #8. Cheerios get me every time. :o)

  26. avatar Kirstin reply

    I pick #8

  27. avatar Anthony reply

    I think 3 captures the concept in the most original way. Yes I’d have to say absolutely, number 3 is the best.

  28. avatar Vieve reply

    #3 is FABULOUS!

  29. avatar Patsy Brown reply

    OMG, IT HAS TO BE NUMBER 8!!!!!! That is the cutest baby in the whole WIDE world and I LOVE CHEERIOS TOO!!!! Not to mention it is the best image anyway!!!!

  30. avatar liliane reply

    number 3

  31. avatar kerry reply

    #8! That baby is too cute

  32. avatar Ashley A. reply

    #3! WOW! How creative:) Very eye-catching!

  33. avatar Michele reply

    #8 is SO CUTE!! My mother tells the story about my brother and the 21 cheerio wedding. When he was only a year old, they took him to a friend’s wedding, arrived, and realized no one had refilled the snack bag!! They counted and they had 21 cheerios. And cheerios were the magic food for my brother – he would happily (and quietly!) play with them for a while before eating them. So my parents fed him cheerios, 1 at a time, trying to stretch the entertainment of each cheerio! "I now pronounce you husband and wife!" My parents sighed relief as Mike was playing with his last cheerio. whew!

  34. avatar IrFu reply

    #3 is VERY creative

  35. avatar Amanda reply


  36. avatar Jessica reply

    #3, reminds me of "writing" with sparklers!

  37. avatar Sam Tavarez reply

    I think I have to go for #8 because I can completely relate to the whole cheerios stage having a 1 year old!#3 is also an awesome shot … that’s a hard one.

  38. avatar kenju reply

    # 6 for me!

  39. avatar Kate reply

    Okay – I’ll admit #3 is my fav.

  40. avatar Crystal reply

    #1 please. :)

  41. avatar Ginny reply

    Hands down…number 3!

  42. avatar m c b reply

    # 8 for me….

  43. avatar Helen reply

    I like 3, but it’s 8 for me!! Who doesn’t love Cherrios??

  44. avatar Suzanne reply

    8! She’s a very talented little girl!

  45. avatar Mike reply

    Hands Down #8.

  46. avatar sj reply

    #8 is the winner for me!

  47. avatar Mike reply

    Hands Down #8

  48. avatar Trysha love reply

    #8 is just the cutest that has got to be the cutest baby,

  49. avatar diana reply

    #8 is my favorite, too too cute

  50. avatar Kayla reply

    #8 Love it!! :)

  51. avatar Kayla reply

    #8 Love it!! :)

  52. avatar Kayla reply

    #8….Love it!!

  53. avatar cs reply

    #3 for me! Love it!

  54. avatar Jess reply

    I love #3 it’s the only one that is different and totally outside of the box :)

  55. avatar LJ reply

    Number 3 for me!Totally cool!

  56. avatar Christin reply

    I like number 3. It’s just cute!

  57. avatar Susan reply

    #8 is my fave by far!

  58. avatar Jennifer reply

    I love love #8

  59. avatar Jennifer reply

    I love #8 So cute..

  60. avatar Jo reply

    #8 – that baby is adorable!

  61. avatar Michelle reply

    #3 is the best

  62. avatar scott hritz reply

    #8 is fantastic. How could that not win??

  63. avatar colleen reply

    number 3 by far

  64. avatar rachel reply

    number 3 is my favorite.. its so creative!

  65. avatar Kelly Harville reply

    #3…I think it has more of a feel for the idea than any of the others.

  66. avatar Madelyn reply

    I love number 8! So precious! #7 is really cute as well. But I think 8 takes the cake for me!

  67. avatar Angie reply

    #8 is adorable!!!

  68. avatar Carrie S. reply

    #3 Rocks!

  69. avatar ~nicole r.~ reply

    ~I couldn’t make up my mind so i have to pick two… 3 and 8 are my favorites~

  70. avatar Lindsay reply

    Number 3!

  71. avatar Bridgett reply

    # 3 Has my vote! Its so different!

  72. avatar Sharon Posey reply

    I like number 3 – I always did that as a kid…wrote with light at night…so neat to e captured in a photograph

  73. avatar Sara reply

    I love cheerios and SWS so I vote for #8!!!

  74. avatar leah @ reply

    My vote goes to #2…it looks southern:-).

  75. avatar Caitlin reply

    I pick # 3 no doubt

  76. avatar Brian reply

    Number 3 gets my vote!!

  77. avatar John Smith reply

    #2…love the lighting and texture of the table

  78. avatar Ampd reply

    #3 is definitely the most creative and prettiest

  79. avatar Christina Kickliter reply

    #8 gets my vote! I liked #1 but the cats had nothing on the beautiful little girl in #8.

  80. avatar Melissa reply

    #8 All the Way!

  81. avatar Sara Jones reply

    I love number 3, how did they do that

  82. avatar DRB reply

    Number 2 gets my vote

  83. avatar Amy Carroll reply

    I adore #3, but a close runner up is #8

  84. avatar Alan reply

    That baby is a cutie pie! #8

  85. avatar Syd reply

    I like #6. I think it looks more southern than the others.

  86. avatar AMY P reply


  87. avatar dsw reply

    #8 all the way

  88. avatar Heather reply

    #8…I love cheerios and cute babies!

  89. avatar Heather reply

    My vote’s for #8!

  90. avatar laura reply

    Luvin me some #3!

  91. avatar Mattie R reply

    Number 3!! Super cool!

  92. avatar Beth reply


  93. avatar kdo reply

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE #8….isn’t that the cutest?!

  94. avatar Jamie reply

    #8 for the win!

  95. avatar Cindy reply

    I love #8 – we eat cheerios every night!

  96. avatar Mimi reply

    3 is very neat

  97. avatar Tia Lemming reply

    3 all the wayyyyy!

  98. avatar Nikki reply

    #8 is too adorable…it’s hard NOT to vote for it!

  99. avatar kristin @ the fairmount bride reply

    #8. She is so darn cute.

  100. avatar Adi reply

    #8 is a winner!

  101. avatar th reply


  102. avatar Noemi P reply

    3 rocks my world! go 3!

  103. avatar Heather reply

    #3 is my favorite!

  104. avatar mizz tori reply

    i love number three…soo cool

  105. avatar Tim reply

    #3 is the best!

  106. avatar cherell reply

    number 3 definitely

  107. avatar teresa reply

    i absolutely love number 3

  108. avatar nany reply

    number 3

  109. avatar anna reply

    number 3 all the way

  110. avatar anono reply

    number 3!

  111. avatar Michelle reply

    #3 is the best

  112. avatar Wes reply

    #8 is the best.

  113. avatar Wendy reply

    #8 caught my eye. She is a cutie pie. It’s marketing-whatever works.

  114. avatar Baxter reply

    I like #8. The cheerios look yummy and the baby is silly.

  115. avatar Beth reply

    #8. How cute is the cheerios baby?

  116. avatar Heather reply

    #8 is adorable!!!

  117. avatar Kenneth reply

    #8 I wonder if mommy got to clean those up afterwards or if they all made it into the mouth :)

  118. avatar Tomeka Hall reply

    wow, there are a lot of comments here! I’m with the cute baby cheerios crew- #8!

  119. avatar Iris reply

    me too… 8. i like 3 but 8 makes me feel warm and fuzzy : )

  120. avatar Matthias reply

    Number 3!

  121. avatar melissa van belle reply

    number 3 !!!!!!

  122. avatar Rachel F. reply

    Definately #8! It’s so creative!

  123. avatar Jessica reply

    # 3 is the best

  124. avatar Cartha reply

    #8. It is great!!!

  125. avatar Theresa reply

    #3 all the way!

  126. avatar Patti Matthews reply

    Number 3 def the nicest one to me.

  127. avatar Katie Powers reply

    #8 for sure. That baby is adorable!

  128. avatar AMB reply

    I am voting for #8. It is adorable and something many people can relate to.

  129. avatar Carnley reply

    Number 8 is way cool!

  130. avatar Alicia reply

    I love #8! It’s the best!

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