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FAQ: A New Chapter for Southern Weddings

Tell me more about the why behind your decision. You can read all about our decision on our founder’s blog here. Over the last few years, we’ve seen the potential we have to impact not just the lives of brides, but of all women, through our sister brand, Cultivate What Matters, and its products, namely the PowerSheets and Write the Word journals. We want to have the bandwidth to amplify that growth, impact, and potential while maintaining the quality of life that is so important to our team.

What will happen to the Southern Weddings site? We believe our content is timeless and will stand the test of time, and we want it to be accessible to brides for many years. We will not be regularly updating the Southern Weddings blog, but we are leaving the site active as an archive. You will see some tweaks to the site structure soon to make our archives more readily accessible to future brides. Digital copies of the magazine will remain available, as well.

What will happen to the Southern Weddings Shop and Joyful Wedding Planner? Out of all that we have created over the last many years together, our Planner and wedding planning tools are some of the work we are most proud of, and we want to keep them available to brides for as long as possible. We expect to keep the shop open until inventory is sold out. We’d encourage you to pick up your favorites now while they’re on sale at a great price!

Are you selling the company? We are open to the possibility of passing the torch for the right opportunity and most importantly, the heart of the interested buyer. We have been in talks with some truly incredible interested companies over the last few months and appreciate your interest. Please note: we cannot respond to all inquiries.

I love you guys and still want to hang out with you! GREAT! We are so happy to hear that, as we still want to hang out with you, too! Our social media platforms will remain active on a more limited basis for the next few weeks. More significantly, we hope you will join us in the Cultivate What Matters community, no matter what stage of life you’re in. We are planning to continue to share our hearts for relationships (hopefully in an even more impactful way!) in new content on the CWM blog going forward. You can follow our blog here, Instagram here, join our active newsletter list below, and also follow Lara’s updates here.

What will you all be doing now? Lara, Jess, and Kaylee were already heavily involved on the CWM side of our business, and will continue in their current roles. Emily remains our Creative Director, leading photo shoots, helping craft our vision and aesthetic, and writing on the CWM blog. She has also taken on the role of Chief of Staff, working with Lara on strategic decisions and projects that impact our team culture. Kristin, who has always been our Making Things Happen Conference Director, will continue in that role. Marissa is managing brand partnerships, PR, and our affiliate programs for Cultivate. We’re all excited about what’s ahead and can’t wait to have you join us!