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Lucky to have lived under Carolina blue skies for most of her life, Nicole, Southern Weddings’ Art Director could survive off of hush puppies and BBQ alone. She has an affinity for the color orange, all things pug-related and paper. Her favorite parts of the day include unwrapping pretties that have arrived from the printer, planning weekend brunch and snuggling up with her pup, Rudy. Nicole is an avid list-maker, color-swatch-collector, and office-supply-lover. She believes in family dinners, bear hugs and candy stashes.

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Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina
Birthday: July 31 — the same as Harry Potter!
What fires me up: The color orange, office supplies, cooking and eating, planning date nights, and putting together Ikea furniture
You would be surprised to know: I once had purple hair.
Favorite class I took in college: Magazine design. Can you tell? I love the camaraderie and creativity that comes with a group of designers locked in a basement staring at computer screens all day and all night. It’s a fight for survival by then, y’all, and you discover if you really love magazines or not.
How I came to work at Southern Weddings: I started out as a design intern while I was still in college and stuck around through much growth and many changes. Eventually, I became the right person to take on the role as Art Director!
Favorite Southern Weddings editorial ever: So far, my top three are the Blue Ribbon Bounty shoot (so many gorgeous pies, gorgeous china patterns and an amazing Southern supper feel), the Freshly Squeezed shoot (bright colors, citrus and pure celebratory images galore!) and the Love in a Mist shoot (truly amazing textures that perfectly highlight the beauty of the North Carolina mountains!
Best part of my job: Doing a little bit of everything and loving every minute of it. On any given day, I’m at my desk working with design, playing photographer, helping to style a shoot, brainstorming ideas with the team or outside completing a #SouthernDoin. We get to meet to best people and read the best love stories — that never gets old.
What I do in my spare time: I play tourist in my own city with my boyfriend, teach my pup, Rudy new tricks, try my hand at a new recipe, and read.
The cause/organization/charity that most captures my heart: Supporting girls’ education in developing countries, and world refugees. I truly believe good change in the world starts with empowering girls. There’s nothing that can’t be traced back to the importance of education, equality, and freedom. My heart goes out to all refugees around the world, especially as the daughter of two refugees from the Vietnam War. Compassion for their lives and admiration for their desire to give their families a better future is something I embrace.
True love is: always having a partner in crime. It’s thrilling, fulfilling, humbling and magical.