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Where to start, where to start?  The vintage car lot escort cards?  The fold out dinner menus?  The relationship map?  The champagne bottle guest book?  The cute graphic signage?  Unsurprisingly, the details from Sabrena + Casey’s wedding are as stunning as the couple themselves, and, might we say, as stunning as the photography from Next Exit.  See more of this wedding on their blog here!  And P.S. Sabrena’s darling reception dress is from Melissa Sweet.

What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day? When Casey and I did our first look and portraits before the ceremony.  It was a really great opportunity to just be together, and a fun kick-off to the rest of the day.  
Did you write your own vows?  If so, what was your favorite phrase, verse or line?  Yes, we both wrote our own vows.  Casey liked when I used my shoe collection to talk about how great of a guy he is!
What’s next for you as a couple?  What are you looking forward to in the future?  We are just enjoying married life!  The wedding planning spawned a career in letterpress printing and design for me, so keep an eye out for “Dear Lola,” a letterpress stationery line, in 2010.

Congratulations, Sabrena + Casey!  We’ll keep our eyes peeled for Dear Lola!

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  1. avatar Leslee Mitchell reply

    Now THIS is what I call some cool wedding details. Ingenious. Pure ingenious. LOVE IT!!!!! With all my <3.

  2. avatar executive desks reply

    What a cool wedding! I love all the details! Details from the invitation to the giveaways, they are all so cool and so cute.

  3. avatar Cabo Wedding Photographer reply

    Hey awesome man!!!Cool pics….Loved every bit of it..what a lovely wedding! Cabo Wedding Photographer

  4. avatar Cabo Wedding Photographer reply

    Hey awesome!!! Cool pics….Loved every bit of it..Nice couple :)Cabo Wedding Photographer

  5. avatar Vicki Grafton reply

    Love the car escort cards and the relationship map is amazing! Such great ideas. Thanks for sharing this unique wedding.

  6. avatar cassandra @ cocokelley reply

    seriously one of the most fun weddings i’ve seen posted on! LOVE the little cars – what an awesome idea!!

  7. avatar clair reply

    I love your ideas, what a cool wedding! I would like more details on the guest book and gift bags, please.

  8. avatar Marlyne reply

    What an amazing wedding!!! Congrats! Where did you order the little license plates from?

  9. avatar katie reply

    Where is the brides dress from? Beautiful & looking for something elegant and simple!

  10. avatar Southern Weddings reply

    Hi Katie! Sabrena’s long dress is from Nicole Miller and her short dress is from Melissa Sweet. Hope that helps!

  11. avatar Ruth Damaris reply

    I’ve always been crazy for original escort cards, and am LOVING the cars. Next to that is how everything in the venue goes with their wedding palette. Looks like it was specially made for them. So modern, and the bride is gorgeous! Awesome work.

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Katharine will probably kill me for saying this (she is, to put it mildly, not the world’s biggest animal lover), but isn’t the poodle ring bearer super cute?  Almost as cute as the photo of Sabrena + Casey chillaxing on the Viceroy’s lounge chairs.  Sabrena’s stunning dress, by the way, is from Nicole Miller.  Love it!  Thank you, thank you to Next Exit for sending these images our way!

Describe your wedding flowers: We wanted a really modern and clean look so we went with white ceramic vases. The one flower I absolutely loved and had to have was blush pink anemones.  Our florist was awesome and tracked down the grower from a picture I found through Martha Stewart.  Unfortunately, the grower misled our florist, and I ended up with a really deep pink color and a flower mess the week before the wedding.  Our florist was great, though, and worked with us until I was happy.

Describe your wedding cake: We didn’t want to go the traditional wedding cake route since I’m a huge cupcake lover.  So we did cupcakes through a local Palm Springs baker in a variety of flavors.
What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome while planning your wedding?  The planning was so much fun, and there really weren’t any challenges during the bulk of it.  The wedding flower issue, as well as having a hair and makeup artist cancel on me five days before the wedding, were some last minute glitches that we had to work through. 

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  1. avatar los cabos wedding photographer reply

    Lovely, such a pretty bride.lovely really! that dress is so pretty!los cabos wedding photographerr

  2. avatar Melesha reply

    What a beautiful dress. Course it helps to have a great body to go into it.

  3. avatar deanne reply

    Does anyone know the style number on that gorgeous dress?

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We know it’s going to be a great wedding when a) it’s sent to us by the talented team at Next Exit Photography and b) it’s held at the Viceroy Palm Springs.  The fabulous hotel’s punchy palette has inspired countless weddings over the years, and Sabrena + Casey’s bash is no different.  Holy wow, just take a look at a few of the details below: the invitation suite (made by the bride!), the welcome bags, the stunning florals by Desert Floral Importers?!  I’m dying over here, and Katharine tells me the bridesmaids’ pink and black bouquet is her all-time favorite arrangement of 2009.  Check back soon for more from the ceremony and reception!

How did the two of you meet?  Tell us your story.  I was visiting my friends from college in Washington, DC and met Casey when we all went out for the 4th of July.  When we first met, we just really hit it off.  I was living in Los Angeles at the time, but we started emailing and talking on the phone, and before we knew it, we were trying the long distance thing.  Casey likes to say we kept Jet Blue in business during the first few months we were together!
Describe the proposal.  
For our four year anniversary, we took a trip to the Viceroy in Palm Springs.  I thought we were celebrating our anniversary that weekend, but Casey had his own agenda and had been working with the hotel on a big surprise, including making spa reservations for shortly after we arrived.  While I was finishing my treatment, Casey cut his short to run back to the room, grab the ring, and make sure all the arrangements were in order before heading back to the spa to wait for me.  When we opened the door, I saw a room filled with flowers and poured champagne but was still a little out of it from my treatment so I said “You must have told them it’s our anniversary”… only to turn around and find Casey on one knee with the ring.  This all made having our wedding day at the Viceroy Palm Springs even more special.
Our favorite detail of the wedding was:
All of the special touches, from the gene chart, to the car escort cards to designing our own invitation suite.
Tell us about finding your wedding dress:  
My long dress was a really easy decision — I just felt like I was shopping for normal clothes.  Eventually I started to get worried that I would be too hot in a long dress for the entire wedding, so that’s where the short dress came in.  I saw it online, fell in love, and immediately tried it on – it was perfect.

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  1. avatar Nicole reply

    What a gorgeous, fun & unique wedding!

  2. avatar weddings in los cabos reply

    Love, love these dresses!This was a wonderful wedding weddings in los cabos

  3. avatar Shan reply

    I love the bridesmaids dresses are amazing! I really just want it for a New Year’s Eve party :)

  4. avatar Rebecca reply

    Amazing wedding! I love all of the yellow and black details. The overall feeling and emotion come through so well in the photos. One of my favorite details is the out of town welcome bags! Too cute.

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