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Let’s cut right to the chase: I love (I mean love) this Florida wedding from J. Monet Studios!  But really, from the bride’s stunning open-back lace Alfred Angelo gown to the perfectly pink centerpieces from Designs by Elsa (305-470-1834), what’s not to love?  While the Deering Estate in Miami, Florida where Archie + Danny exchanged their vows is a picturesque throwback to a sprawling Southern plantation, the portraits of the couple have a sleek and modern edge to them.  Can we say breathtakingly stunning?  Event designer Nora Salario from Absolutely Famous Weddings and Events perfectly captured the sophisticated and ultra-glam undertones the couple tried to weave into their wedding day celebration.   Every now and then, wedding cakes look (almost) too good to eat, and the feminine five-tiered confection courtesy of Mr. Bee’s Cakes is definitely one of those masterpieces.  Can we have a slice?

 How did the two of you meet? Tell us your story. We had both gone to play pool at Dave and Busters. We were introduced through a mutual friend and immediately hit it off. We talked about everything under the sun, including our shared love for everything Will Ferrell. I knew we were a perfect match and have been together ever since!
Describe the proposal:
It was our one year anniversary, and little did I know that Danny and my mom had planned a huge surprised for me. That night, I was dropped off at the beach with only my cell phone. Danny called me and guided me to where he was. As I got closer, I saw him waiting for my by the water. He had prepared a beautiful candlelit beach blanket and had even brought a bottle of champagne! Soft music was playing in the background, and I realized that it was a play list of every song we had ever dedicated to each other.  At some point Danny slipped away and returned with a large gift box. I opened it and found a smaller box. Upon opening that box, I found an even smaller box. I finally came to the last and smallest box and Danny told me to stop there. He then played our song, “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain, and began to read a poem he had written entitled “If Love Is.”  The poem ended with the best line ever: “Archelle Coll…will you marry me?” With the music playing, the waves crashing behind us and the love of my life proposing to me, it was truly like a fairy tale!
The weather on our wedding day was:
It didn’t rain! Because we were having an outdoor wedding, rain was our biggest concern. The weather report had called for a 60% chance of rain! Fortunately, the sun was out all day and it was a beautiful day! We were still able to have a beautiful outdoor ceremony!
Three adjectives that describe the day are:
Vintage, elegant and magical!
Describe your wedding flowers:
My flowers were perfectly pink, with a mix of peonies, roses and my favorite — tulips!
What advice would you give to someone planning their wedding?
Getting married is truly a once in a lifetime event! You should have fun and don’t sweat the small stuff! Don’t let the minute details get the best of you and make you make your day happy and memorable rather than stressful and rushed! It’s also important to not bicker with those closest to you, and to keep in mind that they are trying to help you and make you happy! Finally, this is not just your day: don’t forget that there wouldn’t be any wedding if it weren’t for that that incredible man standing next to you!
What’s next for you as a couple?
I just graduated from nursing school and will start working as an RN, while Danny is in the process of starting nursing school. But right now we are really focusing on starting our careers and playing house in our adorable apartment!

Congratulations, Archie + Danny!  Best of luck with your new careers!

Written with love by Southern Weddings
  1. avatar Toronto Flowers reply

    I love your flowers. Very pretty! Your whole wedding looked amazing! Congratulations!

  2. avatar Ramirez reply

    pink wedding flowers with some red and white roses,how does it sounds? :d

  3. avatar Patrick Anderson reply

    This wedding seems so perfect! I love your tungsten wedding bands!

  4. avatar jessi ringer reply

    what a beautiful wedding:)

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Talk about Old Southern Elegance!  With its impressive marble columns and perfectly-manicured lawn, the Spindletop Hall where the new Mr. and Mrs. Durtschi celebrated their marriage with friends and family is reminiscent of a sprawling Kentucky estate – and I love it!  Photographer Laura Negri did a fabulous job capturing the classic elegance and Southern sophistication of the couple’s wedding without losing sight of their fun, easy-going personalities.  Seriously: how much fun does it look like they’re having?!  (We think the red accents really help bring out Brittany + Patrick’s fun side!)  Since I’m a bit of a sugar addict, I hope you’ll indulge me as I marvel over the delicate four-tiered confection from Martine’s Bakeryamazing.

Tell us about finding your wedding dress: My mom and I went to try on dresses the day after the 4th of July.  There weren’t a lot of people in the salon because of the holiday weekend, so I pretty much tried on dresses for hours.  When I tried on the lace Lazaro gown and looked in the mirror, I was shining!  I felt different in this dress and knew I looked different because of the way my mother was looking at me.  I wanted to make sure this was “the dress,” so we visited some more salons in Florida and Kentucky.  Eventually, we were back in Florida and I was purchasing my Lazaro gown.  It really was the perfect gown for me.
Describe your wedding flowers:
 The flowers were simple and elegant.  For our centerpieces we used oversized mint julep cups filled with bright, beautiful flowers.  Roses and hydrangea’s are my two favorite flowers so we made sure to have plenty of those in each piece.  Nancy Potter, a family friend, made all of the gorgeous floral arrangements as a wedding gift for the two of us.
Describe your wedding cake:
 We wanted our cake to look like a traditional wedding cake; white, classic and elegant.  Two of the tiers were red velvet, since that is our favorite flavor, and the other two were vanilla with butter cream.  The topper was a gift we received from one of my grandmothers.  The groom’s cake was a complete surprise for Patrick!  He loves Makers Mark bourbon and I wanted to surprise him with a Maker’s Mark-inspired cake at our reception.  It turned out to be a huge hit with all the guests, and it was definitely delicious.
Were there any wedding traditions or new ideas you included?
  We included several family traditions in the wedding.  The flower girl baskets we used were over thirty years old and already have been used in three other family weddings.  Another family tradition is for the Groom to change his jacket, so, after our ceremony and formal photos, Patrick changed in to a white dinner jacket.  The look was very Gatsby and he loved it.  All of our rings (including my engagement ring) were made by a jewelr in eastern Kentucky and he happens to be the same jeweler who made some of my aunts’ and uncles’ rings.  It felt great to know he made ours, too.  We started a new tradition by having the wedding party ride in the back of my dad’s 1936 Ford Truck. 
What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day?
  We both agree that the most memorable moment was when I was waking down the aisle to meet Pat.  It was a feeling we will never forget.  It was finally our wedding day and now the two of us are a family. 
What’s next for you as a couple?  What are you looking forward to in the future?  Enjoying one and other, traveling, moving in to our first home and having fun every day. 

Congratulations, Brittany + Patrick!

lara Written with love by Lara Casey
  1. avatar Ansley reply

    What beautiful pictures! As a guest of the wedding, I can truly say this was a gorgeous Southern wedding, through and through.

  2. avatar Alaka reply

    Everything looked wonderful! The thank you umbrella was a really cute idea. Looks like you had a perfect day!

  3. avatar Amanda reply

    The smiles on the lovely couple tell it all! Congrats and good luck to this creative couple!

  4. avatar Dana reply

    This is such a beautiful wedding! I love how they incorporated all of the family traditions. The photography captured the event perfectly.

  5. avatar Estella reply

    What a beautiful couple and classy wedding! And the best were the RED shoes, my favorite color!

  6. avatar Jill reply

    What a beatiful wedding!!!!! This event was all about the details, smart and classy!

  7. avatar Lou reply

    This was the epitome of a true Southern Wedding. Unlike any Wedding I have ever attended. From start to finish, this Wedding was fun, relaxed yet sophisticated, and KENTUCKY all the way!

  8. avatar Tara reply

    The pictures say it all. This classy, elegant, personable wedding decribes Brittany and Pat. This Southern Wedding was a one of a kind. Celebrating Brittany and Pat’s nuptials was an honor. I for one can’t wait for all the Southern Anniversary Parties.

  9. avatar Ann reply

    Congradulations!!!! What a fabulous wedding and beautiful pictures.

  10. avatar Angie reply

    The colour red really popped in this wedding. The parasol is so cute and will be a perfect photo for their thank you notes. The groom’s cake is so unique and fun.

  11. avatar Victoria Joanne reply

    What an amazingly beautiful Venue!! such beauty!

  12. avatar Emily @ Southern Weddings reply

    The red shoes were my favorite part about this wedding, too! Aren’t they divine?

  13. avatar louise reply

    Looks like a beautiful wedding that shows hours and hours of preparation……Wishing you all the happiness in the world.

  14. avatar Diana reply

    Inspirational wedding photos for my daughter’s upcoming ceremony! I like hearing all the personal stories that really make the celebration special.

  15. avatar Faye Baby reply

    The bride and groom look soooo happy! It looks like a perfect day. I hope there life is just as special.

  16. avatar Jenny reply

    The thank you umbrella is such a good idea, I didn’t see something like this when I was looking for wedding accessories…. I’d definitely buy it!

  17. avatar Girl Dresses reply

    The bride and groom look soooo happy! It looks like a perfect day. I hope there life is just as special.

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Brittany + Patrick’s Kentucky wedding from Laura Negri Photgraphy reminds me how much I adore red accents!  (It really isn’t used enough, it it?)  Just like the bride was hoping, the ruby-colored red details in everything from the bridesmaids’ pleated Anna Elyse sundresses and matching bouquets from family friend, Nancy Potter, to the bride’s fun, feathered shoes really pop against a crisp, all-white background.  How stunning does the bride, in a wonderfully lacy Lazaro, look amidst the lipstick-colored details?  We’re swooning over the newlyweds’ fence-side portraits in front of the Mt. Horeb Presbyterian Church where they exchanged traditional Christian vows but are mildly obsessed with the father of the bride’s classic 1936 Ford truck that served as the wedding party’s getaway car. 

How did the two of you meet?  Tell us your story.  We met in 2003 while studying at the University of Florida in Gainesville.  One night, my best friend and I were going out to some of our favorite places downtown and she decided to invite some of her friends from high school.  Patrick was one of the people I met that night and nothing was ever the same.  He was handsome smart and had the best sense of humor of anyone I had ever met!
Describe the proposal.
  The proposal was perfect and I never saw it coming.  Patrick and I had made plans to spend the weekend at Disney World (one of my favorite places) but he didn’t want to propose there.  The ring was burning a hole in his pocket so he knew he had to come up with a pretty clever plan to talk me out of going to Disney.  That’s when his Dad called and told me he won a package at an auction and didn’t realize it expired that weekend (his parents were out of town).  The package was a sunset boat rental on the lake, followed by drinks and dinner at the Mission Inn Resort Club.  I really wanted to go to Disney, but I felt bad for his parents so said we would use the package for them.  Wow, was I ever fooled.  When we arrived at his parent’s house on Saturday, the ruse was all set up.  They even went so far as to make a fake auction letter and had it all printed on Mission Inn letterhead.  Pat and I made our way to the dock for our boat rental and spent the afternoon cruising around.  It turned out to be a beautiful evening and we anchored the boat to watch the sun set.  We were dancing on the boat and, just after watching one of the most beautiful sunsets, Pat dropped to one knee and asked me to make him the happiest man in the world before pulling out the most beautiful emerald-cut diamond I had ever seen.  “Will you marry me?” he asked.  I was so surprised and emotional I forgot to answer to “yes.”  Once I realized what had just happened, I kept saying “yes!” over and over.  I was even more surprised when he told me all of our family and friends were in on the surprise.  We had an amazing dinner at the Mission Inn that night.  The entire balcony was reserved for the two of us and there flowers and a card waiting from his parents.  We went to Disney the next day, of course.
Three adjectives that describe the day are:
 Classic, elegant and fun!
What was the design inspiration for your wedding?
 We wanted the day to reflect each of our personalities.  We wanted to incorporate vintage flair and Southern hospitality, all the while keeping the design elegant and timeless.  We wanted to use red and a lot of other bright summer colors to complement it.
What was your favorite design element of your big day?
  We loved all the red!  It all started with the bridesmaids’ dresses.  We picked red dresses because we thought the color red would really “pop” against all the beautiful Kentucky bluegrass.  It all came together with the red in the flowers, the red velvet wedding cake and even my beautiful wedding shoes. 
Our favorite detail of the wedding was: Our getaway cars!  After the ceremony the entire wedding party rode in the back of my dad’s 1936 Ford truck that was once used to service an apple orchard.  It was one of our favorite memories of the day.  Cars were honking and we were all waving like we were in a parade.  After the reception, Patrick and I made our getaway in a beautiful 1956 Bentley.  It was so romantic because it was finally just the two of us and we were riding away in this beautiful classic car. 

Check back soon for more of Brittany + Patrick’s real (red!) Kentucky wedding!

lara Written with love by Lara Casey
  1. avatar Mary Ann reply

    I love everything about this wedding!!! this wedding reminds me how much I love Kentucky weddings

  2. avatar Greg reply

    This wedding spelled Kentucky all the way down to the groom’s wedding cake, beautiful Southern wedding.

  3. avatar Michelle reply

    Loving the Kentucky themed bucket! So many personal favorites inside. Making me miss home right now. :)

  4. avatar Angela Kelsheimer reply

    This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful weddings I have seen! So many fabulous ideas! I loved how personalized everything was from the stitched hankey for the Bride’s sister to the KFC gift boxes. They did a remarkable job on one of the most important days of their lives. Would love to see more photos!!

  5. avatar mary reply

    What a beautiful wedding!! I am from Kentucky and it brings all the memories back with such wonderful ideas related to the Southern Hospitality and countryside. The day was perfect and what a beautiful couple.

  6. avatar Lisa Jongbloed reply

    Love the wonderful and original ideas incorporated in this southern wedding! The attention to detail is amazing and I bet the bride and groom could not have planned a better wedding that was so true to their personalites. Love the red feather shoes, how original!! The KFC gift buckets were very cleaver and guests are still probably talking about the get away car! How fun! .

  7. avatar Lisa reply

    What a magical event! It looks like they stepped right out of a fairy tale. The amazing surroundings set the perfect ambiance, and they were so creative! I love the KFC bucket and Burberry socks. So many great ideas!! They created the perfect southern wedding, complete with elegance and warmth.

  8. avatar Alaka reply

    Gorgeous Southern wedding!!! Loved all the red pieces…especially your red shoes. Everything looked beautiful. Can’t wait for part 2.

  9. avatar Terri reply

    Beautiful Kentucky wedding!! Love the red shoes and the KFC giftbasket!

  10. avatar Lara Keene reply

    There are no words to describe how beautiful! Perfect!!!

  11. avatar Laura Tipton reply

    All the pictures and the article is wounderful. Again, congratulations to you both !!!

  12. avatar Taylor P reply

    What a beautiful wedding and especially beautiful bride! Love the shoes!

  13. avatar Kathy Dreadin reply

    What a beautiful wedding! Congrats and God’s blessings to you both-Delta Love,Kathy D. (Ansley’s mom)

  14. avatar Amanda reply

    What a thoughtful and creative wedding! Love the old pick up.

  15. avatar Dana reply

    I love love love this wedding! You can tell the bride and groom thought through so many of the details. The welcome package is so creative and I can’t get over the truck. How fun.

  16. avatar Gay reply

    A beautiful, perfectly planned wedding, loved everything about it. The day was seasonally perfect, a wonderful historic church, a reception to die for, with a host of wonderful family and friends. Brittany and Patrick are so blessed.

  17. avatar ruby reply

    congrads to the beautiful couple I’m not from Kentucky but seeing these pictures I appriciate the values and the uniqueness of this wedding everything is so special even down to the shoe for her and the socks for him I love it

  18. avatar Stephanie reply

    Congrats! Your wedding looked amazing and very fun. This wedding definitly deserves to be in the magazine.

  19. avatar Krista reply

    The couple looks so very happy and in love. The southern flair was very original and unique at the same time. All the best to the lucky couple. If the wedding was this spectacular where is the honeymoon going to be. Great

  20. avatar Laura reply

    What a beautiful wedding. Love the men’s socks!!

  21. avatar Victoria Joanne reply

    I am IN LOVE with that veil! So beautiful

  22. avatar Jill reply

    Details!!!! Details!!! Details!!! Smart and Classy..

  23. avatar Beth reply

    I loved looking at the beautiful photos of this real southern wedding. The attention paid to the details made each aspect of this day so special. The bride and groom look as though they are having a wonderful time. They certainly planned a gorgeous event!

  24. avatar Jasmyn reply

    Congratulations to both of you all! Looks like the wedding was amazing! Love the pictures! :)

  25. avatar Virginia Vo reply

    I love the details and want her red feathery shoes…just amazing and one of a kind!

  26. avatar Herb reply

    I attended this wedding and it was something special from start to finish! I cannot imagine a better kick off to a wonderful lifetime together.

  27. avatar Mary reply

    What a beautiful wedding! Best wishes to you both!

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