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Our Southern Wedding of the Week couple has a beautiful engagement story.  With Shea carrying his wallet and cell phone out in his hands, Holly asked what was going on to hit his back pocket to feel a jewelry box.  Knowing what was about to happen, the two both shared a moment that ended with Holly explaining that Shea was jolted up with excitement.  In her words, he was like Tom Cruise on Oprah’s couch.  Wow.  Having both begun their relationship in Florida and having Shea sharing his love to Holly on {Bud & Alley’s} porch in Seaside, Florida, the two decided a destination Florida wedding was perfect for them.  The two were married on the Western Green.  Holly’s bridal gown was purchased at {Simply Elegant}.  Capturing this wedding was Paul and Mecheal Johnson of {Paul Johnson Photography}. More to come in the second post.

How did the two of you meet? Tell us your story: Shea and I were introduced by a mutual friend. Over time we discovered that we had a lot in common. We both loved to travel, we both loved sports, and most importantly, we both love children and family. We dated for over a year and half before becoming engaged.
Describe the proposal: Shea intended on planning an extravagant, romantic proposal. He had a friend make my engagement ring and it came in the mail on a weekday afternoon. He had it shipped to the friend who had introduced us. Upon picking it up from her that day, he put it in the pocket of his scrubs pants (Why, I’ll never know.) After this, he met me at the local mall for errands and Christmas Shopping. As we were finishing up, I was asking him to let me help carry some of our bags. Shea is the ultimate gentleman. He was carrying all of the bags and I noticed he had his phone and his wallet in his hand. As I was asking him why he was carrying his wallet, I slapped his back pocket and felt the jewelry box. I instantly knew what the box contained and grew nervous as my eyes teared up. He says he knew then that this would be the night he proposed. He took me to one of our favorite local spots and proposed only minutes later. He was dirty and in his scrubs from being in the operating room all day — unexpected, yet perfect. He was on a knee and as excited as I’ve ever seen him. I compared him and his emotion that night to that of Tom Cruise on Oprah’s couch. He was so sure and I was nervous and a little scared. I remembering telling him I was scared. (I had been married before and I still can’t believe I’ve been lucky enough to find such a wonderful man.) What I will always remember about our engagement is what Shea said to me after I had told him I was scared. Shea said, “I know baby, you’re always scared..don’t you know I’m always going to be brave enough for the both of us.” That melted my heart.
What attracted me to my husband was: His “old soul” heart (I call him Humphrey Bogart), his sense of humor, and his spontaneity
Why do you love your husband? I love Shea because he is genuine and he really does make me a better person. I am stubborn and hard headed. He has taught me patience, selflessness, and to appreciate the moment. Shea makes me want to surrender the fight not worth fighting, compromise, and forgive. I love him because he is a loyal friend, a devoted Father, and a classic romantic!
What attracted me to my wife was: Holly the person. I always thought she was beautiful. I loved her smile and her subtle freckles. I fell in love with Holly when I learned about everything that makes up who she is inside. Holly loves me like no one else. She has an infinite amount of compassion and capacity to give. She is an incredible mother. Life is tough and so is my Holly. I know she will always stand by me and fight life’s battles beside me.
A date we went on that we’ll always remember: The first time Shea returned from being deployed out of the country we spent a weekend “date” away in Seaside, Florida. It was during this trip that he told me he loved me. It was in a “not so quiet” quiet corner of Bud and Alleys rooftop bar. I was still playing hard to get and could not tell him at this point I loved him. Seaside will always be a special place for the both of us. We still love to go there and we always go to the beachside bar to remember.
Tell us about finding your wedding dress: It was the first one I tried on! My Mother was there and she cried. My girlfriends were there and they each thought it was “so me!” Elegant, but ever so simple. (Shea’s words.) The brown bow made it just perfect for me!
Biggest challenge the day of the wedding: Dry sand. This sounds ridiculous, but we used a sandvase in place of the traditional unity candle. The storms made dry sand a near impossibility. Shea climbed under the pier and dug a hole about a foot deep to get “damp” sand. He and his brother and best friend then baked the sand in the oven to have it ready for the ceremony.
Did you write your own vows? If so, what was your favorite phrase/verse/or line? No. We used traditional vows. Shea is big on tradition. I love this about him!
Were there any special family traditions you included in the wedding? I wrapped up the “old, borrowed, and blue” tradition into a handkerchief. Shea’s best friend had loaned me his handkerchief at my grandmother’s funeral last year. Later, his wife took the handkerchief and had it embroidered with a blue “B” for the wedding. This was a stretch to the standard “tradition”, but, the ties it had to my grandmother made it feel “old”, the fact that the husband of the couple that introduced us had let me “borrow” the hankie when it was so needed was beautiful, and the blue emrodiered “B” was a perfect final touch. I know that hankie will be a part of many more memories in our future. I used it just three weeks after our wedding at my Grandmother Lackey’s funeral.
What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day? Shea says it was seeing me with the boys for the first time. I say it was when I saw Shea and could tell he was crying as I came down the aisle. Shea never, ever cries. It was so touching.

More to come from Holly + Shea.

lara Written with love by Lara Casey

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