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We were blown away when we first received this wedding. The bride, Tori, is absolutely stunning and works it in her fabulous {Manolo Blahnik} heels. Plus, can we talk about this rock?…and her amazing ring! (haha)  I adore it.  Tori chose these classic Grace Kelly stamps to set the tone for her very classy event. This Indianapolis wedding was captured by the phenomenal Todd from {Todd Pellowe Weddings}.  Thanks to Todd and his team for sharing these stunning images with us.

How did the two of you meet? Tell us your story…Our story is actually kind of funny. We met for the first time in high school in Indiana. We were both on the tennis team and also had a French class together. We were more acquaintances than friends, but certainly friendly. He went off to college two years ahead of me and we did not reconnect again until we were both living in New York. We met up for drinks one night and then those drinks turned into dinner and then that dinner turned into after dinner drinks and well… the rest is history! We both moved all the way to NYC and ended up with someone not only from the same town, but the same high school! Our friends and family still tease us to this day.
Describe the proposal:  We had of course discussed getting married but I didn’t really think any type of proposal would come until later in the summer of 2007. We were on a trip to India in January of 2007 and our first day took us to Agra and the Taj Mahal. After dinner that first night we went for a walk around the grounds of our hotel and we sat down in a little pagoda that had a view of the Taj. I thought Patrick was just being romantic because a proposal was the farthest thing from my mind but then he popped the question and I was floored! I didn’t even say yes… I just said, “REALLY?!?!” It was a great moment and India will always hold a special place in my heart.
What attracted me to my husband was: He is so smart but also so modest. He is very caring and also a great communicator. I think he expresses himself better than I do. He makes me feel loved.
And he looks great in a blazer! Ha!
What attracted me to my wife was:  She really cares for others and takes good care of me. Plus she likes my taste in music.
A date we went on that we’ll always remember:  We’ve had so many wonderful experiences together but I think our first date is probably the most memorable.
Tell us about finding your wedding dress:  Oh! I loved my dress!!! I bought it in New York at Carolina Herrera and actually found it the first day I tried on dresses. However, trying on the dresses was so much fun that I dragged the process out as long as I possibly could. I loved the ruffle detail on the bottom of my dress and the train. For the ceremony I had to have my shoulders covered and I was so lucky that one of my recently married bridesmaids had the most perfect bolero. It looked like it was made for my dress. It was such a key detail. I also was so happy with my shoes. I had been on many unsuccessful shoe-finding missions and actually found them just when I stopped looking. They were my something blue!
Scariest moment?  I was overcome with emotion right before I walked down the aisle. The whole morning was such a blur and a rush and next thing I know I’m standing at the top of the aisle with my dad. I didn’t want to make an ugly cry face the whole walk down so I made my dad tell me a funny story. It worked!
Were there any special family traditions you included in the wedding? Although we were married in the Catholic Church, we had a Quaker Marriage Certificate. My mother’s family is Quaker and the certificate has each guest individually sign the certificate as a witness to our marriage. It is a beautiful tradition and we are having it framed so that years from now we can look at those signatures and remember all the friends and family who helped us celebrate that day

More to come later!

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  1. avatar Tara reply

    Oh my! Those shoes, that dress, the ring…. gorgeous!

  2. avatar dolce chic reply

    Your blog is absolutely gorgeous. I don’t think I’ve seen more gorgeous photos!!!

  3. avatar tracey reply

    LOVE everything about this wedding. I know the wedding gown is by Carolina Herrera but anyone know the name of it or which season it’s from? LOVE it

  4. avatar Tori reply

    Hi Tracey,I think it is from Fall 2005. Here is a link to an AWFUL picture of it: some reason most of the samples came in that weird pink color. I have the exact style number in my binder at home, and can send that to you tomorrow.

  5. avatar Tori reply

    Tracey – It is callled 32614 Embroidered. Let me know if you have any more questions about it. I am more than happy to help!!

  6. avatar tracey reply

    Thank you so much for the information! I have to agree, that is a terrible picture of the gown. Do you remember the approx cost of this gown? It looked perfect on you!

  7. avatar Tori reply

    Tracey…. do you want to email me and I will give you lots more details (and better pics!)victoria.e.kelly{at}

  8. avatar Rebecca reply

    oh, that dress, those shoes! so chic!

  9. avatar Kelly reply

    I absolutely love the shoes! I’ve been frantically searching for attractive, designer shoes for my something blue. Were these dyed or are they the color?

  10. avatar Tori reply

    Hi Kelly – I actually bought the shoes in that color already. I bought them at Bergdorf’s…. I would just keep your eyes peeled for new spring shoes at CL and MB etc… I think I bought them in May or April of last year.

  11. avatar Cristin reply

    Do you know the name or style of the shoes? I’m in love with the shoes and want to find a pair of them!

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  1. avatar angie + matt reply

    congrats ladies!!!

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  3. avatar Poser reply

    rock it ladies!!

  4. avatar Polka Dot Bride reply

    Looooove it! Congratulations girls!

  5. avatar Diana Daley reply

    It’s YUMMY delicious! Congrats.

  6. avatar Candice @ Jubilee Events reply

    You have outdone yourself, ladies! It looks so fabulous and was well worth the wait!

  7. avatar betsywhite stationery reply

    Love it, love it, love it!!!! Wait, did I mention I love it? Great job ladies…it’s beautiful!

  8. avatar [email protected] reply

    Congrats!! All your hard work has certainly paid off!!

  9. avatar Annette reply

    Its fabulous!! Love it, Love it, Love it! Congrats

  10. avatar brandi brown reply

    It’s awesome, girls! Congratulations. Go have a mimosa (or ten) to celebrate!!

  11. avatar aletha :: pearls events reply

    It looks fabulous, as we all knew it would!

  12. avatar Woodward + Rick Photographers reply

    Hey Lara + gang! WOW! The new blog site looks amazing, congrats!xoxoxo,brian + gry

  13. avatar Nina reply

    The site looks ter-rific!!!

  14. avatar Katie Elfers reply

    Definitely worth the wait, ladies! Congrats on a blog that looks just as fab as the content :)

  15. avatar Tori reply

    Are you guys still in NYC?

  16. avatar Christopher Record Photography reply

    Looks fantastic! Great work. Congrats Lara and all!CRP

  17. avatar Lisa Jeffries reply

    Gorgeous! Very well done girls!

  18. avatar Mrs Kim @ The Event Essentials reply

    Absolutely FABULOUS ladies!! Great design work! :)

  19. avatar Michelle @ My Wedding Report reply

    Looks amazing!!!

  20. avatar Tara reply

    It looks fantastic, very nicely done. Congrats!

  21. avatar kelly reply

    Love it! I know how hard it is to get a nice blog up and running- tons and tons of work. Go girls!

  22. avatar Arianna reply

    OMG, it’s so beautiful! You guys are amazing! Congratulations on a super job!

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  24. avatar Rebecca reply

    congrats ladies!! :)

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