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Here at Southern Weddings, you’ll find that we steer clear of talking about wedding trends – in fact, they’re kind of persona non grata around here, because we would MUCH rather you have a joyful, meaningful wedding than a trendy wedding! But, we also acknowledge that you want your wedding to reflect who you are, and to feel fresh and exciting — and sometimes that requires talking about what’s new and next! :)

The interesting thing is that at least from our perspective, the overarching “trend” we’re seeing is… a more classic wedding! (How’s that for an oxymoron?) So today, we thought we’d share ten “twists” for 2017 to help make your classic wedding feel fresh. Call them trends if you will, but we hope they’ll help you think differently about ways to make your wedding your own!

I’d LOVE to hear from you in the comments, so chime in below with what you think about our predictions!

Left photo by Davy Whitener from V9, right photo by Sawyer Baird from V9

The Classic: An all-lace wedding dress
The 2017 Way: A wedding dress with lace accents, or romantic detailing like tulle

Call us trendsetters (haha), but we think the cover of our newest issue is representative of what will be most popular in wedding dresses this year. From sleeve detailing to lace combined with illusion netting, we are loving all of the ways designers are updating this very traditional material! We also love the way brides have been embracing tulle, like Whitney’s from this recent wedding.

Left photo by Elizabeth Messina, right photo by KT Merry from V7

The Classic: A chignon
The 2017 Way: A high bun, slightly undone

This style is formal enough for a ballroom, but fun enough for dancing the night away. In other words, it feels put together and special without feeling too perfect!

Bridal party photo by Heather Hawkins from this wedding, inspiration board image from Martha Stewart Weddings, navy striped photo by Jose Villa

The Classic: A blush color scheme
The 2017 Way: Blush + something else!

You love blush. We love blush. Blush isn’t going anywhere, but if you’re looking to make it feel a bit more fresh and unique, why not try pairing it with other shades? Right now, we’re loving blush + tangerine orange and kelly green; blush + navy, orange, and bubblegum; and blush + lavender, violet, and periwinkle. Can you tell Nicole, our resident orange lover, helped me put these palettes together? :)

Left photo by Floret Flower, right photo by Samantha James

The Classic: An all rose bouquet
The 2017 Way: An all sweet pea bouquet

We considered suggesting a garden rose bouquet as a fresh twist on the classic, but though I ADORE garden roses (they’re one of my favorite flowers!), they’ve become quite popular in the last few years! If you’re looking for something sweet, classic, but a little bit different, I suggest an all sweet pea bouquet. It’s not as common to see these flowers used by themselves, but I think it’s such a beautiful, Southern look.

Left photo by The Black Tux, right photo by Jose Villa

The Classic: A tuxedo
The 2017 Way: A navy tuxedo

Favored by movie stars and fashion-forward grooms alike, the navy tuxedo is poised to have a moment! It has all the sharp style of the classic black and white and fits right in at formal affairs, while also feeling current. If you’d like to try out this look, we love the midnight blue tuxedo from our friends at The Black Tux!

Left photo by Love & Light Photographs, right photo by Sawyer Baird

The Classic: Matching bridesmaid dresses
The 2017 Way: Matching bridesmaid dresses — in a pattern

While the mix and match look isn’t going anywhere soon — in one recent survey I read, 70% of brides chose it for their weddings!! — a look we love for 2017 is outfitting all of your ‘maids in the same fabulously patterned pick. There are SO many ways to make this idea your own, including stripes, florals, color blocking, and, of course, the Southern favorite: Lilly! Many options are off the rack, too!

Left photo by Amy Arrington from V9, right photo by Eric Kelley from V9

The Classic: An all-white wedding cake
The 2017 Way: Focus on the presentation

If you love a classic, white, tiered cake, we say: go for it! And if you’re looking for a way to make it your own, we say: focus on the cake table. A beautiful linen, a pretty cake stand, something hanging from the ceiling above it, or interesting lighting can all make this traditional choice feel more “you,” without adding color or embellishment to the cake itself.

Photo by Kristyn Hogan from V9

The Classic: A ballroom wedding
The 2017 Way: Bring the outdoors in

The good news is that we’ve seen ballroom aesthetics take a huge jump forward in recent years, as venues update their color schemes and materials to reflect current taste. Regardless of how recently your ballroom has been redone, though, a great way to make it feel fresh is to bring the outdoors in. This could be as simple as using branches (like magnolia or dogwood) in your centerpieces, or something as showstopping as installing full-scale trees around the dance floor.

Left photo from Emma Katzka, right photo by Jen Dillender from this ranch wedding

The Classic: A cathedral veil
The 2017 Way: A (modern) crown

Hear us out! Though a crown might sound a little… extravagant, the new versions we’ve been seeing are delicate and lovely and decidedly un-princess-y. (We’re loving Emma Katzka’s designs in particular.) They would make gorgeous heirlooms to pass down to a daughter, and are simple enough to look at home in a field or in the aforementioned ballroom! And of course, we still adore a classic veil, and these crowns and hair pieces all pair easily with the veil of your choice.

Left photo from Martha Stewart Weddings, right from My Baking Addiction

The Classic: A chocolate groom’s cake
The 2017 Way: The chocolate dessert of your (his) choice

Brownies, nutella chocolate chip cookies, pot de creme, chess pie, grown-up “dirt” (!), or even something non-chocolate: whatever your groom loves best, that’s what we think you should serve in his honor! We love these creative alternatives to a traditional cake, and think your guests will, too.

Friends, I’d LOVE to hear: what do you think of these 2017 twists? Did you do any of the classics or the new versions at your wedding? Let me know in the comments!

Davy Whitener and Amy Arrington are delightful members of our Blue Ribbon Vendor Directory!

emily Written with love by Emily
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    Love this!

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    Love these Southern twists! I think they are spot on…cant wait to see them incorporated in our 2017 weddings this year!! xoxo

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