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We help you cultivate what matters, right where you are.

Southern Weddings Magazine is the South’s premier publication for the modern bride. From bow ties to biscuits, monograms to mason jars, we preserve the best of the past while celebrating the true heart of a wedding — the marriage at its center — through artful storytelling. In all that we do, our mission is to inspire brides to cultivate a life full of love — celebrating their families, the culture of the South, and what matters most to them — and then to draw from that rich well to create a meaningful beginning to married life. In short, this is why we do what we do.

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to inspire brides to cultivate a life full of love—celebrating their families, the culture of the South and what matters most to them—and then to draw from that rich well to create a meaningful beginning to married life.


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We think
weddings are beautiful when the details hold meaning for the couple. We choose not to focus on trends, which can make you feel like the only thing that matters is having a “stylish,” “blog-worthy,” and “Pinterest-perfect” wedding.

We are
passionate about sharing the wedding planning information that we’d give to our own sisters, cousins, and best friends. We’ll encourage you to use your resources wisely and the time you are engaged well.

We use readers and real-life couples as models whenever possible, and they are full of joy! We hope you’ll be able to envision yourself when you look at our pages.

We’ll encourage you to plan your wedding together with your fiancé, and with your guests in mind. We’ll remind you that manners, respect, and kindness are the keys to being a gracious bride.

We’ll encourage
you to remember that at the center of each wedding is a real couple who poured their hearts into their celebration. We’ll invite you into a conversation as we learn from those who’ve walked down the aisle before us.

We focus on the wedding day as the kick-off to one of the richest adventures life has to offer: marriage! Our goal is to equip you to step into newlywed life on the right foot by providing good advice and realistic role models.

We know that every marriage will have its hills and valleys, but encourage you to be in it for the long haul. We believe strong marriages can change the world.