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It’s no secret that the Southern Weddings ladies have a thing for photo booths. One of our favorite parts of any celebration is packing into a photo booth, gathering all the props we can find and getting a little silly. I know y’all are the same way! Don’t you love getting those photos back and just laughing your heads off at your friends’ funny faces?

Say Cheese! Paper Props provides you with colorful and fun items that make photo booths so exciting. From Marilyn Monroe lips to proper bow ties, the belles and beaus at your wedding will be accessorized perfectly for posterity.

Say Cheese! even does paper banners and signs. I love the idea of hanging the “Just Married” banner across the newlyweds chairs or on the back of the getaway car. The “Thank You” sign would be perfect for photos to send to your guests after the wedding or hung across a table full of favors for them to take home.

To Enter: Leave us a comment below telling us about your favorite photo with your sweetie! When was it taken and why do you love it so much?

Win: A kit specially made for a Southern Weddings winner by Say Cheese! Paper Props! It includes 4 Marilyn Monroe Lip props, 4 Fancy Mustaches, 1 “kiss me” prop, and a “Just Married” Banner.

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar Mary reply

    My favorite picture with my fiance is our very first picture together. It’s from a youth group trip that we chaperoned together…I was wearing a silly medal that one of the students gave me. I took a picture with my now fiance and in the picture the medal was glowing. We tried to re-create it several times with some of the kids but couldn’t get it to do it again. Everyone said it was a sign that we would end up together one day…and they were right!

  2. avatar Danielle reply

    Oh my gosh! I’d love to win these beautiful props!

    My favorite picture of me and my H2B is of us at his sister’s wedding. I was a bridesmaid and he was a groomsmen. My dress and his suit matched perfectly and he had said something so funny I was laughing hysterically. The professional photographer captured the moment so beautifully and every time I see the picture I smile so big! We look so happy and absolutely in love with each other which is how I feel every day :-)

  3. avatar Jenna Corum reply

    My fav pic of the two of us is the first picture we took together. We had been dating a few months and I wanted this purple camera for Christmas. Well “santa claus” couldn’t find it. So I took back the one I got. So he called and he drove me all over backwoods southeastern Kentucky to every Walmart, Kmart, Target ect around to try to find this camera! We spent at least 3 days trying to find this thing! When we finally did find it we get back home to my momma’s couch, take it out of the box, and he snapped the first picture of us together! We got a lot of bonding time out of the ordeal and it was one of the first things he did for me that was sweet and selfless. All over a silly little purple camera!!

  4. avatar Stefanie R. reply

    My favorite picture was taken when my fiance and I went to Disney World last year to cheer on friends who were running the marathon. We took a picture with Chip and Dale and it’s an incredibly silly and goofy picture – I love it and keep it at work to remind myself not to take things so seriously.

  5. avatar Shaina reply

    My favorite photo of us is one where he picked me up and held me behind his back, spun me around and the photo was taken as he set me back down. I was still clinging to him, both of us laughing like crazy! It’s such a good reminder of why we work together. :)

  6. avatar Larissa reply

    My favorite picture of my fiance and I was taken early in our relationship — seven years ago! We are at a football game with a blanket thrown over our legs, and we look so young, so happy, so naive (in a good way). I have it framed and I love to think about how much we have grown as individuals and together since that day.

  7. avatar Davonne reply

    My favorite photo with my finance is after a hike we took in Utah. We are hot and sweaty and so happy. I love nature and spending time outdoors with my honey.

  8. avatar evelyn reply

    My favorite photo with my sweetie will be one of our first ones in the car giving us a kiss and having our first date movie theater on the background :)

  9. avatar Ashley reply

    My favorite photo with with my ‘ham’ was taken while we were kayaking for the first time in Frisco, CO! I was so nervous about doing it but he made it so much fun that I didn’t even think about being scared! This picture was a self portrait from the middle of the lake and our smiles couldn’t be bigger….it 100% captures our fun-loving, patient and spontaneous love and life with each other!

  10. avatar Ashley B. reply

    My favorite photo with my ‘ham’ was taken while we were kayaking for the first time in Frisco, CO! I was so nervous about doing it but he made it so much fun that I didn’t even think about being scared! This picture was a self portrait from the middle of the lake and our smiles couldn’t be bigger….it 100% captures our fun-loving, patient and spontaneous love and life with each other!

  11. avatar Liz Duckett reply

    My favorite pic is from a couple Halloweens ago. He was
    Charlie Brown and I was Lucy, so we did the classic kicking the football just as Lucy pulls it away pose. When I look at it, it reminds me of the side of him that I love and that few are privy to- a far cry from the proper and polite southern businessman most people know him as.

  12. avatar Liz reply

    My favorite pic together is from a couple years ago at Halloween. He was Charlie Brown and I was Lucy, so we were doing the classic kick the football just as it gets pulled away pose. It reminds me of the side of him I love the most-that few are privy to see. It’s a far cry from the polite, proper southern businessman most people know him as.

  13. avatar madelynne miller reply

    My fiance and I went to his high school sweetheart’s wedding. They are a close-knit group of friends and we took a picture with the bride and groom and another guy that dated her and his new girlfriend. It was so nice to know how close they have all stayed after all these years. I love all of my fiance’s friends and I love how they support and stand by each other!

  14. avatar Sonia Marie reply

    My favorite picture with my love has to be the photo is mom captured when he was proposing! It is the best picture because I was completely shocked & looking for ghost crabs on the beach so in the picture you can see the flashlight that was still in my hand when he told me “he found a crab” (and then preceded to show me a diamond ring!) His mom had asked me to show her how to put her camera on night setting so she could get some good pictures at the beach that night, but i had NO idea! The picture is just so perfect and clearly shows how shocked I was and how nervous he was waiting on his knee for me to say something!

  15. avatar Christina Ross reply

    My favorite photo of Jeremy and I is a picture of us dogsledding through the snow covered mountains, I was all bundled up in a sleeping bag and he was steering the dogs! The only thing the photo didn’t show was that 5 seconds later a dog pee’d and it splattered all over us…gross…but hilarious! Great memories!

  16. avatar Annie reply

    My favorite picture with my fiance was just taken about 3 weeks ago! We were at the jardin du luxembourg in Paris where he proposed! It was so beautiful with the eiffel tower in the background in the most romantic city in the world! perfect.

  17. avatar Desiree reply

    One of my {many} favorite photos of me and my bubba (smirk) is from our one year anniversary where we visited the beautiful and adorable town called Serenbe, Ga. We walked around the farm and ate amazing produce from that farm, did plenty of hiking and even played with the animals! My favorite photo from that trip was when we both got good n’ dressed up and headed to The Farmhouse for an amazing dinner – after we ate, we stopped and posed for a quick shot in front of the big porch and right then and there we renewed our vows. We had made it to one year! the first of many anniversarys for us. the photo, for me, represents a renewal of promises…to get dressed up sometimes instead of stay in jammies, to try to things and visit new places with each other, and to hold hands for as long as we can. :) i really love that pic!!!

    on a side note, I’d love to use those props for the photobooths that I put up for my weddings! they’re great!

  18. avatar Robin V reply

    My favorite picture was from the beginning of college. My fiance and I go to rival schools and were each wearing something with our school logo on it, and yet we were looking at each other, laughing and talking.

  19. avatar Anne L reply

    One of my favorite photos is from our engagement. I’m holding out my ring and we’re both just beaming from ear to ear!

  20. avatar Anne L reply

    One of my favorite photos is from our engagement. I’m holding out my ring and we’re just beaming from ear to ear!

  21. avatar Vanessa reply

    My favorite picture with my fiance is one of us standing in front of a huge red maple tree in this expansive garden for our engagement shoot. We were pretty nervous about getting our picture taken and having it look natural. The photographer was getting into position when my fiance decided to let a fart out, we bursted into laughter and she captured the moment perfectly. It just describes our relationship so well, whenever I’m feeling apprehensive or uncomfortable about something, he always does something to make me laugh or take my mind off of things. Good thing she had no idea what really happened, the picture looked so sweet and romantic on film!

  22. avatar linda d reply

    My favorite picture of me and my fiance is our very first picture together. He hates pictures and luckily a friend of ours took one of us candidly that was awesome!

  23. avatar Chrissy reply

    My favorite photo of my fiance and I is from earlier this January, taken in a field somewhere between Texas and New Mexico…

    After seven months of dating and eight years of living in New York City–my boyfriend and I packed up a giant Budget moving truck (towing my car on a trailer behind it)–and moved to Los Angeles. We were initially delayed a few days as there was a gigantic blizzard and he got stuck with his family back home for the holidays while the airports straightened everything out, and I had to move the contents of both our apartments alone. When he finally got back to NY and we were about to start our journey–the battery died in our truck before we even left Brooklyn. We laughed it off, knowing we were in for an adventure–and boy, did we get it! The second day of our trip, we had a tire blowout. A few days later? Our gas was siphoned overnight. Even with all of these crazy events, we kept going, and kept laughing. Anyway….a gorgeous sunset crept up on the next to last day of our move, so we pulled over, put the camera on the bumper, set the timer, and kissed.

    The picture is admittedly pretty epic…it almost looks like an advertisement. The light is perfect, the wind is blowing my hair, our clothes randomly matched the scenery–and most of all–it’s clear that we are a couple very much in love. (linked above as my “website”)

    We’ve now been living here for 6 months, and last month we got engaged & will marry in Louisiana next May…and of course, we’d love these cute props!

  24. avatar Jessica reply

    My favorite is one of me showing off my right bicep while grinning, with my fiance looking on in amusement. It’s very us.

  25. avatar Urska reply

    My favourite photo of us if our very first photo we took. We are both photographers so went shooting our little town for us first date and in the end when it was getting darker we decided to put my camera on a tripod and shoot a few photos with remote control. The whole photo is blurry and a big bokeh but we love it so much since we were laughing so hard cause we couldn’t get a “proper” focused shot of us but in the end we love the bokeh and blurry photos so much and it’s the best from all the photos we took since it’s our first one taken on our first date :)

  26. avatar Linden reply

    My favorite picture was taken at a friend’s wedding. We had no idea it was being taken and were just talking to each other… He is obviously telling me a joke and I have thrown my head back in laughter! That man can make me laugh like no one else which is just one of the many reasons I am SO excited to marry him! (And yes- we are having a photobooth at the September reception!!! This would be AWESOME!!)

  27. avatar Michelle reply

    My favorite photo of my man and I is a black and white taken at the U of Arkansas homecoming game. We’re looking cute, spirited, and so happy to be together!


  28. avatar Kristi reply

    My favorite picture of the two of us was taken right after he was promoted to Captain in the Marines. He’s wearing his dress blues…and those always make for a good picture.

  29. avatar Stephanie A reply

    We take goofy pictures each year and send them out to my family. My favorite one is us wearing white turtle necks and jeans jumping in the air. We have such a fun time having out friend do the shoot and just getting to be goofy!

  30. avatar Courtney reply

    My favorite picture of my fiance and I is a picture of the moment we met. We met at a “mixer” that his fraternity threw for my sorority, October 2, 2008 ( I still have the invitation). We were talking about how we were from the same hometown (Chickamauga, GA) when one of his fraternity brothers came by and snapped a picture of us. Not many couples have a picture of the moment they met, so we are lucky. Now almost 3 years after that picture was taken we are getting married. We are getting married on August 20, 2011 in our shared hometown of Chickamauga, GA. (This is a very small town. We both grew up there all of our lives and never met. I went to the City school and he went to the County school. We also had mutual friends and never met til we joined Greek Life. )

  31. avatar Amber reply

    I actually have two favorite pictures, but they are related. When we first started dating, we decided to do two weekend trips in a row – one to the local Western NC wineries and the next weekend to Charlottesville, VA area vineyards. Our first stop in NC was Raffaldini Vineyards where we had someone snap our picture outside on the piazza, it was our first pic together and now that very spot is where our wedding ceremony will take place. The next weekend in Charlottesville, while enjoying King Family Vineyard, we snapped another picture outside and recently realized the tree we were engaged under (a year later) is in the background of that picture. Needless to say, they’re all great memories and very special mementos to us!

  32. avatar Jill reply

    My favorite picture was the first night we met. We actually had on matching shirts!

  33. avatar Clara G reply

    My favorite picture of us is our first Christmas card we sent out to our friends and family. About three years ago, we had been dating for 7-8 months and decided a Christmas card would be a fun way to show everyone how happy we were together. We bought Christmas themed onesie pajamas that had cute little footies (Sam’s feet looked like sock monkies)!! We had a mini-photo session in my living room and looked like complete goof balls! Thankfully, our fun times made the most hilariously adorable picture!

  34. avatar Katie reply

    my favorite picture with my fiance is our engagement picture! they really capture the excitement we have to spend the rest of our lives together!

  35. avatar Daniel reply

    my favorite picture with my sweetie is a picture taken at her college formal! it was taken spur of the moment and captures our happiness as a couple!

  36. avatar Katie C reply

    my favorite picture with my fiance is of the night we got engaged! I look at it every day and am so excited to share my life with him!

  37. avatar Kelly reply

    My favorite photo of my fiance Chris and I is a photo that mom took of us at the beach when we were dating. I made him dress up and go out to the beach for a mini photo shoot. He was goofing around and my mom snapped some photos of us in our element. We ended up with a beautiful photo with the wind blowing, both of us laughing and totally happy. I love this photo so much because I think it portrays our relationship perfectly. We both look so happy and comfortable. Also, it was taken on Isle of Palms, one of my favorite places :)

  38. avatar Melissa W. reply

    Hands down, my favorite photo of us is one of him kissing me on the cheek in San Diego. We were staying for a long weekend to attend our friend’s wedding, and our friends captured the photo. We love the picture so much that we decided to use it for our save the dates!

  39. avatar Allyson L. reply

    My favorite picture is one from our engagement photo shoot. It’s of the two of us holding hands and walking away from the photographer with our backs towards him. I love because to me it symbolizes us walking to our future together and it’s in black and white which are my favorite kinds of pictures. It was taken near Greensboro, NC at Hagan Stone park on a pretty nasty day but you would never know it from the pictures.

  40. avatar Hannah Montgomery reply

    My favorite picture of us is from one of the first times we hung out. A bunch of my friends went country dancing at this place called Billy Bobs. Austin finally got the courage to ask me to dance on one of the last dances which was Josh Abbot “It’s a Good Night for Dancing.” Austin had his camera with him and wanted to take a picture, but was too shy to ask. After a little pep talk withhis friend (which i totally saw the whole thing and knew what was going on the whole time, but pretended to not see it), he asked if we wanted to take a picture together. First dance, first picture, and 11 months later, he’s the one I’ll be dancing with and taking pictures with for the rest of my life.

  41. avatar Melissa B. reply

    These are absolutely the cutest photo booth props I’ve ever seen! I’d love to win them for the photobooth at my wedding on October 1st!

    My favorite photo taken with my sweetie is from our trip to Australia last year. He works for a band and is away from home on the road for half the year, so I was overjoyed to get to accompany them to a festival they played in Australia. One of his dreams was to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. It sounded pretty amazing to me as well, but I was really scared. A bumpy three-hour ride into the ocean didn’t exactly calm me, and when it was time to jump in the water, I was shaking. I finally jumped in, and my sweetheart reached his hand up to me to guide me toward the most beautiful fish I’d ever seen. It was almost as big as me and stunningly colorful, just gracefully swimming along. The photographer from the excursion we were on snapped our photo, and perfectly captured the moment where my fiance gently took my hand to guide me toward the fish. It was probably the most amazing experience of my life, and a really loving moment between us. The picture now hangs on our wall, so we can be reminded of this special moment everyday.


  42. avatar Dannon reply

    My favorite photo of my sweetie and I would have to been one of our first. After going out with our friends, we went to go get a late night snack at a pizza parler. I, for some reason was in a bad mood, and one of our friends took a candid picture of Josh and I. He was pulling my lips up to make a smile and of course my mood had changed entirerly and I can never remember why I was even upset that day!! He always knows how to turn that frown, upside down :)

  43. avatar Dannon reply

    My favorite picture of my sweetie and I was one of our first ones. After we went out with some friends, we got a late snack at a pizza parlor. I, for some reason was in a bad mood and Josh came up to me and pulled my lips up into a smile with his fingers. One of our friends had taken a picture of the moment and my mood had suddenly changed from bad to good. I’ll never remember what exactly I was upset about. He always knows how to turn my frown upside down! :)

  44. avatar Emily reply

    My fiance and I have been long distance for the majority of our relationship, and as such we do a lot of traveling. Whenever we visit a new state, we like to stop by a toy store and find the little mini bike license plates with our names on them and snap pictures of us holding our respective license plates. The first one, taken before we were officially a couple, is definitely my favorite!

  45. avatar Clarissa reply

    My favorite pic is from our engagement pictures- it’s a very dramatic shot of him holding me close and kissing me while the sun shines strongly through like a really cool lens flare! It’s framed in our bedroom! :)

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