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It’s funny to think that, just six months ago, I was still living in a college dorm (yay, Dunster House!), sleeping on a Harvard-issued twin size bed and eating dinner with seven of my best friends every night in the communal dining hall… not to mention all those papers I was writing, the exams I was taking and the senior thesis I was finishing.  Whew.  And now, with college already feeling like a whole lifetime ago, here I am in sunny North Carolina working for a magazine (can we say dream job?) and keeping my long-term boyfriend, Kyle, company as he braves his first year of med school at Duke.  To top it off, I’ve traded the snowy Boston winters for the (almost) perpetually sunny Tar Heel state and have even found myself just three short hours from my family’s home in Williamsburg, Virginia.  What can I say: 2009 certainly has been good to me!  While I’m not expecting 2010 to hold as many life-changing events as 2009, I’m kind of looking forward to the quieter year ahead as I settle into my new life here.  But who am I kidding: if you knew what the SW girls had planned for this year, the flurry of last year would seem like a piece of cake! 

P.S.  Tonight, as in right now, I’m ringing in the New Year with my father and my brand new fiance (excited editor’s note: KATHARINE JUST GOT ENGAGED!!! WOOOHOOO!!!), Kyle, in NYC!  I couldn’t think of a better way to end one of the best and busiest years of my life.



What an amazing year.  Seriously.  Sometimes I forget how amazing this year has been, and forget just how much has changed in the span of 365 days.  At the beginning of the year, I was finishing up four years of college.  Then I graduated, a milestone that was almost overshadowed by what came after it.  Then I went on a not-quite-once-in-a-lifetime-but-it-sure-won’t-happen-again-anytime-soon vacation.  I hiked in the White Mountains with some of my very best friends, I traveled to Ohio and Michigan with my boyfriend and his family, and I relaxed with my family and our significant others at our cottage in Maine.  And then, just a few weeks later, I made an epic caravan of a drive down to North Carolina to start working at SW.  I found a job, for goodness sake, which is no small matter in this economic climate.  And I like to think I’ve prospered.  It hasn’t always been easy, but it has been extremely rewarding.  The people I’ve gotten to know and the people I’ve gotten to work with — it’s almost (literally) unbelievable.  On the top of that list?  The ladies I get to work with every day.  It’s unfortunately easy to forget in the daily grind of everyday life just how to lucky I am to have the job that I do, but I vow to do an even better job of remembering in the new year.



I cheated on this post… click here.

Wishing everyone a safe and very happy New Year’s Eve! xo

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  1. avatar Michelle Guzman Photographers reply

    Happy 2010!!!!! I can’t wait to see what it brings for everyone!

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