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Nicole and Jordan of Forage + Film have a knack for photographing elegant details and natural moments on film–we know they’ll capture stunning images of your special day!

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Husband and wife film photography studio Forage + Film specializes in intimate and organic wedding photography. Their “quality over quantity” approach leads to intentional images that are both romantic and timeless. While based in Raleigh, North Carolina,, F+F happily works with clients nationwide.

Name: Nicole Moering
Where you call home: Raleigh, North Carolina
Things you’d write home to your Momma about: We have been so honored to receive multiple brides choice awards, as well as be featured in the industry’s top publications, both online and in print!
How I got into weddings: Don’t all good stories start with “That one time in college…”? Well, our story is no exception! Photography brought us together when we started working at NC State’s newspaper as photographers! From there, our craft evolved into what it is today–a full-time fine art wedding photography studio!
Favorite thing about weddings in the South? We really love BBQ. Like a lot. So we are thrilled that BBQ is such a commonly served entree!
Favorite part of a wedding day? We love portrait time. We crave intimate images that capture our couple’s love, so that one-on-one time with them in the midst of all the wedding fun is just perfection.
Best piece of advice you can give to brides and grooms? Throw out all those rules and have the wedding that you want!
Dream travel destination? Anywhere in Europe!
Favorite Southern city? Charleston! Those flower boxes get us every time…
Early bird or night owl? Both!
Favorite pie flavor? Apple crumble all the way!
Favorite biscuit topping? Bread doesn’t need a topping.