Enraptured Events

State: Georgia

Lissahn is a lover of love stories, and her flair for over-the-top romance will translate beautifully to your celebration! We especially love her ability to turn a ballroom into an elegant, custom space.

Enraptured Events is an award-winning planning and design company, providing excellent service with exquisite attention to detail to every client. At Enraptured Events, our goal and first priority is to passionately and enthusiastically tailor fit a wedding that is unique to you, from inception to completion. With a keen eye for details, a pulse on the fashion industry, and amazing vendor relationships, Enraptured Events is able to create a wedding that’s truly unique to your style and personality. The ultimate goal is to always ensure that you and your guests have a great experience, one that you’ll remember and cherish beyond your wedding day!

Full Name: Lissahn DeVance
Where you call home: Dallas, Georgia
Things you’d write home to your Momma about: My mother is so NOT tech-savvy and doesn’t have the internet at all. I talk to her daily and one of the first questions she asks is, “How are your weddings coming along?” It brings me great joy to send her a magazine that I’ve been featured in, or tell her that I’ve booked another amazing couple or that I’ve won an award. She gets excited to hear about the ideas that I’m working on for each wedding and I can hardly wait to send her pictures when I get them. I love sharing these things with her and I can always see her smiling through the phone. Her excitement is the icing on the cake to what I love doing every day.
Location/Coverage: Based in metro Atlanta, but travels everywhere love is!
How I got into weddings: I’ve been a sucker for romance since I was a teenager. I used to read romance novels and the stories were always crystal clear, as if the images jumped off the pages. When I got older and was asked to help a friend with her wedding, I naturally began to ask certain questions. It was like a real-life love story unfolding and I was thrilled! I was immediately hooked and knew that I wanted to continue telling love stories. Now, I have the luxury of telling love stories for a living.
Favorite thing about weddings in the South? I love the natural beauty of the South. It provides decor that you just can’t get anywhere else. It’s charming and magical at the same time.
Favorite part of a wedding day? This is a toss up! I love seeing the look on the groom’s face as his bride comes down the aisle. When everyone turns to look at her, I always like to get a peek at him. I also love the father/daughter dance. It’s always so emotional and sentimental, and brings tears to my eyes every time!
Best piece of advice you can give to brides and grooms? Enjoy the moment! Trust in your planner and the professionals that you’ve hired so that you can truly enjoy your wedding day because you deserve it!
Dream travel destination? Dubai
Favorite Southern city? Savannah. There’s so much charm in Savannah!
Early bird or night owl? I was born a night owl!
Favorite pie flavor? Caramel apple. What’s not to love about this combo?
Favorite biscuit topping? Good old fashioned strawberry jam! This always takes me back to my childhood.