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We all love a little bling, right? Who doesn’t want a little something sparkly topping off that glorious gown? The right jewels add the perfect dash of drama and sophistication to any outfit, wedding gowns not excepted. What better place to look for that bling factor than Desires by Mikolay. Their newest line pays homage to the lingo of all things sparkly: the Bling! line. Each dazzling jewel in their collection has just the right amount of sparkle to help you look lovely on your wedding day.

To Enter: Leave a comment below letting us know which Bling! accessory is your very favorite for your chance to win this amazing giveaway.

Win: One super lucky winner will get a pair of shiny Bling! Diamond Shape Filigree Earrings. You will most certainly be the belle of the ball when you wear these babies!

You have until Tuesday, June 14th at midnight to enter! Go, go, go!

Written with love by Whitney
  1. avatar Marie reply

    I’ve been on the hunt for a pretty pair of earrings for my wedding look. The Diamond Shape Filigree Earrings would be just right.

  2. avatar Rochelle M reply

    I absolutely love the blue topaz pendant with diamonds. The simplicity of the design would make the perfect “something blue” for my wedding attire. All of the bling accessories are very understated and elegant. Thanks for the feature!

  3. avatar Amber reply

    I love the blue topaz cocktail ring, it would definitely be a statement “something blue” piece!

  4. avatar davonne reply

    I would rock the BLING! Blue Topaz Earrings with Diamonds! So beautiful and eye catching. I love it!

  5. avatar Linden reply

    It is so hard to settle on just one favorite, but I narrowed it down to the diamond or round filagree earrings…. From there, I think I need a daisy to play the grown up version of ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ except substitute in ’round, diamond, round, diamond, round….”! Either way, I’d win! LOVE this brand! Thanks for the intro… I know what will be on my birthday wish list! I only wish I’d known about them sooner so I could have ordered something for my sister’s wedding THIS weekend!!!!

    • avatar Tara Mikolay reply

      Linden: We have them in stock and can get them to you by Friday…Let us know :) 914.238.2223 x.2

    • avatar Tara Mikolay reply

      At the price range of $125-$150, you cannot go wrong. Diamonds that are affordable are a MUST for any bride on a budget :)

  6. avatar Kate reply

    Wow, what a gorgeous collection! I love the moonstone pear shaped earrings. These would make amazing gifts for my bridesmaids — the color would go great with their blue dresses. Love the diamond shape filigree earrings too!

  7. avatar Roberta Lasky reply

    The round circle earrings are PERFECT!

  8. avatar Natalie reply

    I like both the round and diamond shape filigree earrings. They are so BEAUTIFUL! wow. Can’t stop admiring them! And while I don’t wear rings that often (other than my engagement ring) I like the Citrine Ring with diamonds. Wow it is hard to pick one favorite.

  9. avatar Melissa W. reply

    I love the green amethyst cocktail ring!!! Beautiful earrings:)

  10. avatar Stacy reply

    I like the Smokey Topaz Ring with Diamonds

  11. avatar Patricia reply

    I can’t decide!! I love the Smokey Topaz ring (one of our wedding colors is brown) But I know the diamond shape filigree earrings would beautiful with my dress! Decisions, decisions.

  12. avatar Bri reply

    The smoky topaz earrings would make perfect bridesmaids gifts! I love them!

  13. avatar Cindy Nolen reply

    I love the filigree earrings and think these would be a perfect for my daughter’s October wedding !!

  14. avatar Amanda Moon reply

    LOVE the necklace featured here!

  15. avatar Courtney reply

    I absolutely LOVE the necklace and bracelet!! The bracelet would add such a delicate but elegant touch to any dress!

  16. avatar Sonia Marie reply

    It is so hard to choose, but my favorite BLING! accessory has to be the Green Amethyst Earring with Diamonds! They are soo gorgeous and I just love the simplicity, but with some color!

  17. avatar Bristol reply

    I love the Diamond bar necklace on their website as well!

  18. avatar Lacey reply

    I love the Diamond Shapped Filigree Earrrings…they are just what I’ve been looking for to go with my gown! It would be awesome to save some money and wine this prize!

  19. avatar Genevieve reply

    I love the simple elegance of the Bling! Diamond by the Yard necklace.

  20. avatar Jennifer reply

    I’m absolutely in LOVE with the sparkly pair of Diamond Shape Filigree Earrings! my wedding is next Saturday & they’re the perfect accessory to compliment my romantic curly side bun (: not to mention the flower detail in the center is perfect for a spring wedding!

  21. avatar Leslie reply

    Diamond by the Yard Necklace!!! Classic and Simple–Love!

  22. avatar marci reply

    Absolutely love the round earrings! They are amazing!

  23. avatar nicole reply

    I love the diamond shape Filagree ones that are being given away. Earrings are the only thing left I have to get for my wedding dress and this art deco look is exactly what I am looking for to go with my lace dress!

  24. avatar Emily reply

    I love the Smokey Topaz Earrings with Diamonds! I’d wear them alllll the time. Such beautiful jewelry.

  25. avatar Michelle H reply

    My very favorite? Besides the Diamond Shape Filagree Earrings? Really tough, but the Diamond necklace (the diamond bar on the chain), is fabulous!

  26. avatar Tonya Johnson reply

    I LOVE the green amethyst ring. However, the Diamond Shaped Filigree Earrings would be beautiful on my wedding day!

  27. avatar Julie reply

    I LOVE the White Bangle Bracelet with Round Diamond Stations! So pretty :)

  28. avatar Catherine Haldeman reply

    The square shaped earrings!

  29. avatar Rachel reply

    I love the diamond shape earrings. They look vintage, as if they have been passed down by youre grandmothers. Definitely add the perfect amount of bling while still staying classy and elegant!! Love them!

  30. avatar Kate reply

    I love the diamond shape filigree earrings! They are to die for!

  31. avatar lindsey reply

    the green amythest ring is so so elegant and beautiful. thank you thank you!

  32. avatar Shari reply

    Hands-down – I love the Bling! pearl and diamond bracelet. Pearls: something so beautiful – yet the source is an “aggravation” – a tiny piece of sand. And diamonds – the strongest gem. Is it true that it comes from coal? Something so plain an uninteresting? Just like love and marriage – and life! Sometimes we have to look beyond, and deeoer into the plain, wait out the uninteresting, and make the most out of the tiny aggravations.

  33. avatar Allyson reply

    My favorites are the Bling! round filigree earrings with matching pendant. It’s a classic set that can be worn anytime of day for work or formal evening occasions. But I have to be honest, I also loved the smoky topaz ring. It is HOT!

  34. avatar Lauren Smith reply

    I LOVE the round earrings! They are exactly the kind of earrings I’ve been searching for to complete my look!

  35. avatar Cheryl reply

    I would have to say my favourite accessory is the pearl and diamond bracelet!

  36. avatar Erin B. reply

    Wow! All of these are stunning pieces! I had to pull up a picture of my dress next to the earrings and the diamond shape earrings would make just a PERFECT match!! The sparkle and bling is just the right amount! LOVE them!

  37. avatar Susan reply

    They are all gorgeous! I love the diamond and round shaped earrings! Perfect for a lovely updo.

  38. avatar Kaleigh reply

    As a bride-to-be, I was immediately drawn the the Bridal section and absolutely love the Aragon Diamond Earring — but all of it is beautiful!

  39. avatar Kate reply

    I love the pendants, with either amethyst or emerald!

  40. avatar Angie reply

    I love, love, love, love , LOVE the diamond by the yard necklaces. Simple perfection!

  41. avatar Kristy reply

    I am in love with the Green Amethyst earrings with diamonds! So, so pretty.

  42. avatar Christie H. reply

    I LOVE the diamond-shaped filigree earrings! Timeless and beautiful!

  43. avatar Rachael reply

    The White Pearl & Diamond Bracelet by Desires by Mikolay is so simple, so elegant! A great way to add a touch of class!

  44. avatar Lindsay Weidenhammer reply

    I love the round earrings!

  45. avatar Heather A. reply

    love the round filigree earrings!

  46. avatar Joy S reply

    Oh My!!… I LOVE the fire opal celebration cocktail ring!!! So beautiful with the bright orange center stone, diamonds, two tone gold, and split shank! A stunning ring that I would love to have, if I had the money!

  47. avatar Kat reply

    I adore the Crown Collection Stud Earring in White Topaz. I love love. I wantttt:)

  48. avatar Kelley Gallo reply

    I love LOVE the bottom left earrings!!! They are a beautiful and delicate shape. They would look beautiful as a standalone accessory.

  49. avatar kitty reply

    I love that bracelet but would be happy with any of the collection!

  50. avatar AshleyHH reply

    LOVE the blue topaz with diamonds ring… so gorgeous…

    But I am also in love with the Diamond Shape Filagree Earrings, they just seem so elegant and timeless.

  51. avatar Caroline Davidson reply

    I am absolutely in LOVE with the Smokey Topaz Earrings with Diamonds! How lovely!

  52. avatar Paula reply

    Oooo as may baby I cannot go past the ultimate… Emerald Statement Necklace… sigh! But wouldn’t mind those brilliant looking ANZIE Emerald Wire wrapped hoops either!

  53. avatar kara reply

    I love the pendent necklace!

  54. avatar EM reply

    I love these! Wowed by the Blue Topaz Pendant in particular–such a lovely “something blue”!


  55. avatar Courtney H reply

    *Sigh* The Blue Topaz Ring with Diamonds is so dreamy! Maybe if I drop a few hints, my fiance will purchase this beautiful ring and surprise me with it as my gift at the wedding. ;-)

  56. avatar Mariah Tudeen reply

    Love the Smokey topaz earrings! How stunning!

  57. avatar Kelly reply

    I’m a sucker for the classics with an updated punch! That’s why I love the diamond and pearl bracelet. It has the old world charm with modern sparkle. It would look great with everything!

  58. avatar Whitney reply

    I love the round diamond filagree earrings. I think they would look so lovely with my dress which has a rosette design all over the A-line skirt. The dress is so romantic and I think these earrings are absolutely perfect to complete the wedding day look I am going for…classic southern elegance!

  59. avatar Mary C reply

    LOVE the Blue Topaz Pendant!

  60. avatar Bella reply

    My favorite Bling! accessory is the blue topaz with diamonds earring set. Topaz is my favorite gem because I think it helps bring out the brightness of my blue eyes. The whole collection is stunning!

  61. avatar Katie reply

    I love the diamond bar necklace. Not only is it stunning, but it’s very unique. I like that it’s classic but with a twist to keep it modern and fun! Thanks for the great post!

  62. avatar cherie reply

    So pretty!! I really like the Green Amethyst Earrings with diamonds :)

  63. avatar Beth reply

    Oooh!! My sister just told me about this giveaway. Fabulous!! I think the White Pearl & Diamond Bracelet is amazing!!

  64. avatar Ashley Borysewich reply

    The White topaz cocktail ring is breath taking! I’d be honored to wear any of Bling!’s jewelry to my upcoming wedding!

  65. avatar Kristen reply

    I love the blue topaz cocktail ring. The perfect something blue for my wedding!

  66. avatar Amy reply

    I love the round earrings!!! Yah Bling!!

  67. avatar Alyssa G reply

    I am in love with the Citrine Earrings with Diamonds and of course the matching Citrine Ring with Diamonds… Thanks fir sharing such a beautiful line!!

  68. avatar Dee reply

    I love it all BLING is great!!!

  69. avatar Kristen @ Popcorn on the Stove reply

    I love the Smokey Topaz Earrings with Diamonds. It matches a necklace my fiancee gave me for our anniversary 2 years ago!

  70. avatar Sarah reply

    I absolutely LOVE the cable-style bangle with dainty bits of bling! This would be the perfect modern accompaniment to any gown!

  71. avatar Ilana reply

    I actually LOVE the diamond shape filigree earrings! The detail is so delicate and it looks like lace made out of diamonds. Simply stunning…

  72. avatar Jeannine @ Small & Chic reply

    I was going to say that the earrings being given away are my favs, but for fun, I kept looking and found the pearl and diamond bracelet. I love it!

  73. avatar Miranda reply

    I love the white pearl and diamond bracelet!

  74. avatar Lauren Frances reply

    The round pair of earrings are stunning! They remind me a a few pairs of sterling silver earrings I picked up at the outdoor market in Charleston that are modeled after the iron gate designs on King and Queen streets.

  75. avatar Caitlin reply

    I love the diamond shape filigree earrings! They are so classic!

  76. avatar Amanda Meyer reply

    I adore the green amethyst cocktail ring but my oh my are those diamond shaped filligree earrings stunning! Love! They are beautiful BLING in every way!

  77. avatar Nicole C. reply

    I love the smokey topaz cocktail ring! Very much my style and color palette!

  78. avatar Weekly Round-Up « Southern Weddings Magazine reply

    […] of your mother’s wedding dress or brand spankin’ new. Whitney brings us the perfect giveaway this week with Desires by Mikolay. Their Bling! collection will have you looking dazzling on your […]

  79. avatar Caroline reply

    The Round Diamond Filagree Earrings are timeless! They would be the perfect touch on my wedding day and so versatile for everyday wear for years to come.

  80. avatar Jasmine reply

    I love the Filigree diamond shaped earrings. Perfect for a wedding, a black tie event, or just for feeling glam!

  81. avatar Jasmine reply

    Love the diamond Filigree earrings. Perfect for a wedding, black tie event, or just for feeling glam!

  82. avatar Izzy Hudgins Photography reply

    I love the green amethyst ring with diamonds!!! What a fab giveaway!!

  83. avatar maegan reply

    I looooooove the Round Diamond Filagree Pendant!! It’s beautiful!!

  84. avatar Kayla C reply

    I like the Blue Topaz Earrings with Diamonds!

  85. avatar Ali reply

    The round Diamond Filagree earrings would be the perfect compliment to any southern bride. I can hear the “ooohhhh Dahlin” from my grandmother now…

  86. avatar Kelsey reply

    The Round Diamond Filagree Pendant is so pretty and elegant! Love it for every day!

  87. avatar Michelle reply

    Amethyst Ring with Diamonds is beautiful! :)

  88. avatar Caroline reply

    Well, I think my favorite is the Diamond Shape Filigree Earrings. My other favorite would have to be the Smokey Topaz Ring with Diamonds ring. I love the chocolatey color.

  89. avatar Perla reply

    I love the diamond shape Filigree earrings. What a timeless look!

  90. avatar Vanessa reply

    LOVE the diamond shaped filigree earrings! I can so see myself wearing them w/ the wedding gown I’ve chosen for my October wedding! :)

  91. avatar Katie reply

    Love, love, love the green amethyst earrings with diamonds. Amethyst is my birthstone, but I’ve never seen a green one before. How beautiful and fun!

  92. avatar Kathy McD. reply

    My favorite accessory on the site is the set of blue topaz earring with diamonds around them- I’m a sucker for color and the blue is just gorgeous! If I had to pick a second favorite, it would be the pearl and diamond bracelet. Pearls are so classic that I can’t get enough of them. :)

  93. avatar Taylor reply

    The diamond shape earrings remind me so much of my great grandmother’s engagement ring! What a treat to win!

  94. avatar Ashley Stout reply

    I love the Danhov pear shaped engagement ring….it is so timeless in and gorgeous but modern and sexy. This ring produces everything a women wants to be. Love it!!!!

  95. avatar Ashley Stout reply

    I love the Danhov pear shaped engagement ring….it is so timeless in and gorgeous but modern and seductive. This ring produces everything a women wants to be. Love it!!!!

  96. avatar Katie reply

    The white pearl & diamond bracelet is beautiful! Definitely my favorite :) It would go perfectly with the “look” I’m going for at my wedding!

  97. avatar Emma reply

    I’ve been searching for earrings for my wedding since January and haven’t found anything that was quite right- the Bling! Diamond Shape Filigree Earrings are exactly what I want!

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There isn’t much that is more exciting than receiving a save the date card in the mail. Nestled between the bills (ew) and junk mail (gross), occasionally a save the date comes my way. Not only do save the dates provide you with important information like the location, time and date of the event, the best save the dates are also sneak peeks into the style of the couple, and may provide some hints about what’s in store for their big day!

Spark Letterpress is a clever stationery design company that started after sparks flew between two designers (aw!). They began by designing their own wedding invitations, and and orders have been coming in ever since. Now, Spark Letterpress wants to help keep the sparks flying between you and your soon-to-be spouse!

Are you a couple with a flair for modern design? The Lucinda save the dates would be perfect for you. More traditional? Check out the Felicity and Anthony designs. Are you the mysterious type? Appeal to the secret agent inside with the Claire save the dates.

Win: Here’s your chance to win some letterpress love! One lucky winner will receive 100 save the date cards and 100 envelopes of their choice from Spark Letterpress! Yes, 100!! You can even completely customize the designs to your wedding style by changing the paper or ink colors, the fonts or the layout.

To Enter: Head over to the adorable Spark Letterpress website and check out all of the wedding stationery styles. Which one fits your wedding best? Post a comment below with your answer for your chance to win!

This giveaway will end on Tuesday, May 10 at midnight. Have fun!

Written with love by Whitney
  1. avatar madelynne miller reply

    My favorite wedding suite is ‘Amelie’, which combines just enough whimsy and modernity to suit the vibe of our October wedding

    • avatar Meredith reply

      We are getting married at the Chicago Civic Opera House and are trying to keep with the elegant theme of the Opera! I am in love with the Caitlyn design, it combines elegance with a hint of modern and drama, which is not easy! The style is perfection! I especially love the save the dates!!!

  2. avatar Linden reply

    JOY is beautiful- so soft and delicate and elegant. I love the soft pink and gray- it’s perfection in an invitation suite!! LOVE!

  3. avatar Brittany B. reply

    The Arianna would fit our wedding theme the best! It is traditional but has a modern edge to it…the perfect combo of my fiance and me :)

  4. avatar Stefanie R. reply

    I love the Amelie suite – it has the perfect modern, yet elegant feel that we want for our wedding. Beautiful!

  5. avatar Khristina reply

    The Katie has a great vintage flair! Love it!

  6. avatar Abbe reply

    Caitlyn, for sure! It has the delicate swirls and ethereal quality I’m planning for my wedding!

  7. avatar Mary Kathryn reply

    I absolutely LOVE the Ava design. The classic staple of navy and the touch of blush are a perfection mixture of both my fiance and myself. It also doesn’t hurt that blush and navy are our exact wedding colors! A match made in heaven!

  8. avatar Ashley reply

    I love the Theresa design! It is done beautifully.

  9. avatar Bonnie-Lynn reply

    I love the Sarah design

  10. avatar Davonne reply

    I love the Valerie suite. It has the country chic feel we are going for on our special June wedding.

  11. avatar Mandy reply

    I love the “Margaret” design for its beautiful calligraphy and soft colors. This design would compliment my wedding theme perfectly.

  12. avatar Tara reply

    It is so hard to choose as there are so many amazing designs! The design that best fits my fiance and I would be Isabel. We are getting married on the beach and the bright colors and festive “personality” of the suite fit it perfectl!

  13. avatar Julie reply

    I love the whimsy of their dotted flourish suite. It’s fun and classic – exactly what I want my wedding to be :)

  14. avatar Danielle reply

    I love the Theresa. It matches the color theme for my wedding, and brings in the romantic feel that me fiancée and I want for our wedding. Lastly the floral design is what my Fiancee and I have in mind for our wedding.

  15. avatar Farren reply

    I ordered my wedding invitations from Spark and could not be happier with the letterpress loveliness I sent to all my family and friends! I searched for months to find the perfect invitation that matched my specific vision but failed to locate one. Spark allowed me to custom create an invitation with the border, background, and font I desired. The best part is, with all the customization, I still paid less than what many companies charge for letterpress!

  16. avatar Rebecca H reply

    I LOVE the sarah design. The colors are chic and beautiful and I love the birds.

  17. avatar Tracy reply

    love, Love, LOVE the Valerie suite…which also happens to be my mother’s name :)

  18. avatar Stefanie reply

    I love the Lucinda – it’s pretty, modern, and casual, which is exactly what we’re hoping our wedding will be!

  19. avatar Rachael reply

    I love the Floral Tile design from the Spark Pattern collections. Its clean and simple, which it exactly what we are aiming for with our wedding. We are having an simple outdoor ceremony and reception by the water (Tampa Bay) friends and family.

  20. avatar Jillian reply

    I love “Margaret” .. so beautiful! and its my grandmother’s name too. crossing my fingers!

  21. avatar Kristen Cowan reply

    I love the “Isabel” suite! It is light and summery, perfect for our June wedding! :)

  22. avatar Erin B reply

    While initially tempted to go with my namesake, the Erin style, the Destineation style is definitely the most fitting choice for us. As a couple that met while in law school in South Bend IN, and spent three arctic winters keeping each other warm, we truly feel that inviting our guests to a February wedding in Miami is a “passport to paradise”….

  23. avatar Courtney M. reply

    I love the Arianna! So classy!

  24. avatar Sheila reply

    It was hard to choose one as of right now, but my two favorites are Natalya–FI and my fave, but doesn’t go with the rest of our wedding vibe (we may just have to change the wedding to match! haha), and Hollie–I am obsessed!!! This one would go well with what we have planned and it is so cute!

  25. avatar Erin B. reply

    While initially tempted to go with my namesake, the Erin style, the Destination style is definitely the most fitting choice for us. As a couple that met while in law school in South Bend IN, and spent three arctic winters keeping each other warm, we truly feel that inviting our guests to a February wedding in Miami is a “passport to paradise”….

  26. avatar Molly Wood reply

    I was drawn to the destination suite at first because our wedding is a destination wedding…. But I’m sure our guests are expecting us to go with some type of “passport/travel theme” so I would love to shock them with the unexpected. I love LOVE LOVE the Lucinda suite! The woodgrain did it for me! My fiance loves trees and since our ceremony is under a beautiful Banyan tree this would be perfect :)

  27. avatar Stacy reply

    I like the Natalia and the Caitlyn

  28. avatar Kfloveinme reply

    We’re getting married in Dominican Republic, so the Destination suite is definitely our pick! Thanks for a lovely giveaway!


  29. avatar Christi reply

    My favorite is the Sarah. I think the colors are beautiful and would match perfectly with our blush and blue color scheme. I really liked the save the date cards though, because of the plaid like pattern on them and the sweet love birds.

  30. avatar Kimber reply

    The Stella would be perfect for our outdoor wedding next summer. The branches have so much life to it!

  31. avatar Allyson L. reply

    As I was going through the designs there were so many that I liked but as soon as I saw Arianna I knew that one was perfect. We’re getting married next fall and along with fall colors in the decorations the wedding colors are black and white. I intend to use lace throughout the wedding so this would be perfect. I love the monogram as well. These would surely set the tone for the rest of the wedding.

  32. avatar Anna Halliwell reply

    My fiance and I love the Isabel design! It would be perfect for our outdoor September wedding! I adore their letterpress.

  33. avatar Bella reply

    I love the Isabel design! How beautiful!!

  34. avatar Jenny reply

    I love the adaptable Spark Patterns in the Floral Tile – it fits perfectly into our wedding theme!

  35. avatar Caroline reply

    Love, love, love the Margaret! It would perfectly fit the theme of my Spring garden wedding. I would change the gray ink color to slate blue to match the color of the long chiffon Amsale bridesmaid dresses. The script choice is absolutely beautiful! Well done Spark!

  36. avatar BVJ2 reply

    Destination suite for us for our upcoming wedding on beautiful clear beach of the Caribbean!

  37. avatar Ashley reply

    Absolutely in love with Spark Letterpress! I’ve been looking at their invitation designs for months now and would LOVE to have save the dates from them! My style is definitely the Margaret. My fiance and I are having a formal wedding in New Orleans June 9, 2012, and this modern french design goes perfectly with my vision.

  38. avatar Lori reply

    I LOVE the Valerie! They would be perfect as save the dates (which I am dragging my feet on sending as I type…. And haven’t ordered yet!!) for our wedding. :) They would be perfect for our October wedding.

  39. avatar Chloie reply

    I love the Amelie! The fun/modern feel fits the exact style we are going for, plus I love the colors and the overall look. Also, I love your site– I just found it and it has so many neat things!

  40. avatar Stacey Van reply

    I L*O*V*E the Margaret design. It’s fresh and elegant! It would be perfect for my southern wedding!

  41. avatar Meredith reply

    Oops replied instead of posted!

    We are getting married at the Chicago Civic Opera House and are trying to keep with the elegant theme of the Opera! I am in love with the Caitlyn design, it combines elegance with a hint of modern and drama, which is not easy! The style is perfection! I especially love the save the dates!!!

  42. avatar Caroline reply

    Margaret is just Dreamy !! It would be perfect for my downtown Charleston SC wedding ! What a beautiful design, I would be honored to have as my invitation suite :)

  43. avatar Laura reply

    Absolutely love the “Margaret” design! I cannot get enough of caligraphy style names and the colors are so beautiful. I never win anything, but would absolutely love to win these save the dates! We just put a deposit down on our venue too, so we officially have a date to save!

  44. avatar Jasmine reply

    I am soooo in love with Stella! :)

  45. avatar Brittany Kostiha reply

    The Lucinda set immediately caught my eye! We are doing a small rustic wedding in an old stone house offset by the Catoctin Mtn Range in Maryland. Additionally we are doing a peacock theme so the two birds in the Lucinda along with the browns and blue would match beautifully!

  46. avatar Natalie A. reply

    I love Amelie!

  47. avatar Jenn reply

    The Amelie suite fits the “vintage with a modern twist” feeling of my wedding perfectly!

  48. avatar Britt reply

    I love the “Graceful Orchid” pattern! So cool that the Save the Date is circular!

  49. avatar Sabrina Mix reply

    OMG, Whitney!

    I could just choose one set. Love the Sarah, Natalya and Joy one.

    Hope I can win one of these.


  50. avatar Josh reply

    Tough choices!! I believe that Stella would be a perfect invite for our Ireland destination wedding. Pick us!

  51. avatar Lauren reply

    I would love to send the Amelie! Good luck to me!!


  52. avatar Aimee reply

    I love the drama of the Natalya and the elegance of the Margaret. Such a contrast those two :)

  53. avatar anjie reply

    the natalya is *exactly* what i’ve been dreaming of for our wedding stationary suite. please oh pretty please pick me!

  54. avatar rachel reply

    I adore the Claire! Perfectly whimsical & modern at the same time!

  55. avatar Courtney Tayor reply

    I love the ERIN Invitation line so mordern playful and romantic

  56. avatar Courtney Tayor reply

    I love the ERIN invites! So modern playful and romantic would be perfect for our san fran wedding

  57. avatar EM reply

    I absolutely adore the “Sarah” set! Truly beautiful–thanks for sharing!


  58. avatar Amy T. reply

    Amelie is definitely the style for us. It’s a little bit country, modern and traditional all rolled into one. Not to mention the citrus colours are completely what I have envisioned for our big day. It’s sunny and happy, just like us!

  59. avatar Ashley reply

    Hollie is definitely my favorite. I’ve been swooning over the xoxo motif since I first got engaged.

  60. avatar Nicole reply

    as a southern yankeebelle, I adore the Margaret. We’re (fingers crossed) getting married in an old Commander’s Mansion in Boston in the Fall and the Margaret is the perfect twist of whimsicality and elegance, witha little Parisian flair. Exactly what I’m going for…:)

  61. avatar snowygreen reply

    Spark is amazing!! i love letterpress, ever since i learned how in college. I wish I had time and a nearby press to use to make them myself, so i hope we win and get to have letter press! My favorite is Felicity, all the way!

  62. avatar Celine reply

    I love the “Sarah” design – simple & romantic/

  63. avatar Kadye reply

    They’re all so lovely! I’d have to pick Margaret or Katie! We’re having a December wedding and in blue or purple those would be beautiful!

  64. avatar Jana reply

    I absolutely adore the Amelie set! The mix of vintage and modern style go perfectly with the feel we want for our wedding. Plus…Amelie is our favorite movie!

  65. avatar abby reply

    I absolutely adore the Padma collection. The intricate details and the neutral colors would fit in perfectly with my late summer Smog Shoppe wedding! Thank you for the opportunity.

  66. avatar Sarah reply

    I love the erin collection. Its simple, but still fun, which is totally me and my fiance’s style.

  67. avatar Alison reply

    What a great way to set the tone for an elegant and fun wedding. I love the holly and the margaret.

  68. avatar Layla reply

    I love the Erin design. So simple and chic. We are getting married in a barn and want our day to be relaxed and about sharing our love with family and friends. The heart design is very fitting!

  69. avatar Val reply

    We are having our country inspired wedding on this beautiful 40 acre B&B in Fayatteville Texas. The town is in the shape of a square and has fewer than 300 residents. Our 150 guests will take over the area for our weekend country affair. The Stella design is a perfect combination of everything we want our wedding to be about. I think of the words stylish, rustic, beautiful, unique, memorable and perfect when I view the invites online. It is just the right combination for our outdoor country wedding.

  70. avatar Cheryl reply

    Lily, the passport suite, is a great fit for our destination wedding. Of course, the destination suite is also stunning!

    Very elegant, creative products on the site. Wish our budget could’ve afforded them!

  71. avatar Harris reply

    Like the Lucinda or Erin.

  72. avatar Micki reply


    I love the modern look and feel of it and the fact it is not your normal wedding font/style. I am wanting a fun, casual wedding and this design is perfect for that!

  73. avatar Jenny B reply

    Loving the passport suite! My fiance is from Ireland, so his whole family is trekking over for our wedding in Chicago and these would be perfect!

  74. avatar quin reply

    I LOVE the Arianna. We are having a black and white wedding and I love the almost gothic inspired scroll detail. They are so perfect for us!

  75. avatar Amy Prentis reply

    I love “Natalya”. It is definitely vintage in style but it has a modern edge to it with the linear stripes. The monochrome color palette adds such a sophistication.

  76. avatar Beverly Furer reply

    Letterpress is a work of art on paper – and Spark does it very well!! I’d love to use Spark’s work for my wedding!

  77. avatar Steph reply

    I think these would be perfect for our wedding next May:, because my fiance loves art nouveau inspired lettering, and I love the colors!

  78. avatar Danila Crespin reply

    We are tying the knot under the shade of a 200 year old Elm tree in Algodones, NM. The Lucinda design would be a perfect way to notify our closest friends and family of our outdoor celebration.

  79. avatar Anne Johansen reply

    I love the Lily! I work for a travel agency, and I met my fiance when he came in to pay for a last minute trip. We’ve been together and traveled together ever since!

  80. avatar Taylor reply

    I love the Spark Floral – Graceful Orchid set. So perfect for our wedding!!

  81. avatar Lindsay reply

    Caitlyn is so beautiful! What a talented couple!!

  82. avatar Jessica reply

    I love the spark classic Timeline. It’s classic and fun…just like us :)

  83. avatar Camille reply

    I think I’d go with stella…but they’re all so appealing.

  84. avatar Genevieve reply

    It’s so hard to decide! I love the quirky Amelie design, and the simplicity of the overlapping circles patterns.

  85. avatar Kristyn reply

    I love the Margaret Suite!

  86. avatar Becky reply

    They are all so so pretty! But I would have to say that the Amelie is the best fit for our fall, destination (-ish) wedding.

  87. avatar Jessica G reply

    The Dotted Flourish design perfectly fits the subtle beach theme of our wedding and the relaxed elegant style of our oceanfront venue.

    This design would be the perfect way to introduce the style for our wedding when we announce the date we are so excited to share with our loved ones!

  88. avatar Brooke Sigmon reply

    I LOVE the Joy style as it represents simplicity and the calm peacefulness my fiance and I feel about each other. We’re getting married at the beach and it will be very timeless, simplistic and graceful. I think this save the date style represents this perfectly.


  89. avatar Bridget reply

    The margaret is beautiful!!

  90. avatar susan reply

    Amelie all the way.

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