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I have a little confession for y’all: I used to think that buying a wedding gift off of a couple’s registry was boring and impersonal. Not so, friends!! It wasn’t until I got married that I realized just how wonderful registries really are–especially for notoriously picky people (ahem, guilty). Dave and I spent tons of time creating our registries carefully and thoughtfully, and as boxes from our generous loved ones arrived one by one, I realized that the gifts I was MOST excited about were the most practical items we had selected–those things that we could start using in our daily lives right away. It changed my perspective on wedding gifting forever, and I am now proud to be the one to gift a couple their everyday plates, cereal bowls, or drinking glasses!

Along with registering for things that are useful and sensible, choosing where to register is equally important–and there is no shortage of options out there. While you can certainly opt for some out-of-the-box registries, I think there’s something to be said for choosing at least one retailer that your guests will know and trust. The Registry at Kohl’s is a perfect example–their locations are easily accessible to guests all over the country, they carry plenty of beloved brands to choose from, and they have some pretty amazing registry benefits to boot!

Most registry programs offer completion discounts, and Kohl’s is no exception–theirs is 15 percent for three months after your big day. But, what’s more is that your guests will be gifting you double every time they make a purchase from your registry, because with Kohl’s Ever After Rewards, you’ll earn 10 percent back. So that $280 KitchenAid you’ve been dreaming about? Not only will it make you delicious chocolate chip cookies, it’ll also earn you $28 to put toward any remaining items on your registry after the big day. I think this will be especially handy if the majority of your guests think like I used to, and you wind up with plenty of gorgeous cake stands and kitchen gadgets, but not enough silverware!

Kohl’s is well known for their competitive prices and frequent coupons, and as a registrant, you’ll be able to offer a great deal to your loved ones–they’ll send you announcement cards with a special discount (20 percent off of a $100+ purchase) that your mama or maid of honor can easily pop into your bridal shower invitations. From buying a gift to traveling to the venue, the cost of attending a wedding can really add up, so any way you can help cut costs for your guests is a kind gesture of hospitality!

Learn more about The Registry at Kohl’s, including all the details about their extensive benefits, on their website! And I’m curious–if you’re married, do you cherish your super practical wedding gifts most, or are you partial to some of the more precious, once-a-year type of things? I’d love to know!

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If there’s a recurring struggle among our newlywed home tour couples, it’s this: how to combine households when two become one. What stays? What goes? What new items need to be added to create a space that’s reflective of your personalities, and warm and comfy for hosting friends? There’s no easy answer (and probably several long conversations in your future about which sports posters and/or Lilly Pulitzer pillows will make the cut!), but we’re excited to share a shop filled with personalized home picks and wedding gift ideas that would all be welcome additions.

Love to entertain? Things Remembered has you covered with drinkware for all occasions, including cozy dinners at home with just the two of you. A personalized cheeseboard and monogrammed wine glasses make even a random Tuesday feel like a celebration!

They also have sweet options for remembering your wedding in your home, like picture frames and shadow boxes. Any of these would make lovely wedding gifts, too!

Using a universal wedding registry like Amazon? Add a few of Things Remembered’s personalized gifts to your list. We can’t help you with every decorating decision, but their classic pieces will get you started off on the right foot!

See their full selection of wedding gifts and personalized home items on the Things Remembered site. Happy shopping, and happy decorating! :)

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The Southern Weddings ladies are quite giddy these days thinking of all of the belles who have gotten engaged over the last few weeks and months. It does seem like a lot of rings get presented in December, January, and February, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome the newly engaged gals to our gaggle! Aside from securing your Planner, one task you’ll likely turn your attention to early in the process is creating a wedding registry. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Target to share a few of our best tips as well as a fun, interactive quiz to help determine your registry style!

Take the quiz here and read on for our tips below!


Start the process early. There’s no need to rush out to the stores as soon as you have a ring on your finger, but we recommend starting at least one registry early in your engagement if there’s an engagement party in the works. Aside from engagement gifts, make sure your registry is open at least two months before your first bridal shower or six to nine months from your wedding date. 

Decide where to register. For a well-rounded registry that caters to all of your guests, register at two to three shops. At least one shop should be a larger chain retailer with an online presence, such as Target. There’s no need to register at each store all at once, so start with your top pick and gradually add additional stores as time allows. Managing registries at more than three stories can quickly become overwhelming, so if you’re looking for maximum variety, choose a universal registry like or that will allow you to add items from any online retailer.

Consider your lifestyle. Prioritize the items that align with your values and the life you’d like to live (not necessarily the life you think others expect you to live!). If you and your groom plan to cook and entertain frequently, then by all means, consider adding a full 12 place settings of fine china and monogrammed silver. If you prefer traveling and spending time outdoors, register for a nice set of luggage and camping supplies. Target has an amazing selection of items for every type of couple!

Check store policies. When narrowing down store options, return policies can make or break your decision. Returning a few gifts is inevitable, so make sure the store has a return or exchange policy that’s agreeable to you. You may also want to check if the store offers a completion program, allowing you to purchase any leftover items at a discount. We know of many couples who opt to register for larger items, like a bed frame or sofa, not because they expect to be gifted them, but simply so they can take advantage of a completion discount post-wedding.

Here’s a peek at our quiz! Take it here.


Shop together. Create your registry as a couple. The gifts are for both of you, so it’s important that you’re both happy with the selections. Make a date of it, and enjoy shopping around and dreaming of your newlywed life together! Warning: this step sometimes sounds more fun than it actually is. If control of the scan gun turns into a tug of war over the aesthetic of your future home, take a break and return another day. And may we recommend starting with our Newlywed Style quiz? It will help you hone in on the items that are most important to you both!

Add a variety of items. Be sure to include items that accommodate a range of budgets. As long as you include several affordable gifts, don’t shy away from picking more expensive items, too: your college friends may choose to go in together to purchase a pricier gift, and what is expensive for one person may be considered quite affordable for another. A good rule of thumb is that many couples will be looking for something in the $50-100 range.


Communicate with your guests. Heaven forbid you include your registry information on your wedding invitation, but you’ll still need to pass along the word. Linking to shops on your wedding website is acceptable, as is word of mouth (be sure your parents and bridal party are up to date on your registry details, as they’re the folks most likely to be queried!).

Follow up. Registries are not a one-and-done thing, so don’t abandon yours after your initial trip! As guests begin to purchase gifts, check in every few weeks to make sure there are still a variety of items and price points from which to choose.


Write every note. Yep, it’s true — thank you notes should always be handwritten; no emails allowed! The art of the handwritten note is alive and well, especially in the gracious South, so while it may seem tedious, your guests will expect and appreciate your heartfelt gesture of gratitude. 

Be timely. Thank you notes should be sent promptly — within two weeks of the date that the gift is received for those that arrive before the wedding. If the gift is given at your celebration, send a note within one month of your wedding date. We recommend writing a few notes every day, if you can, so that the task doesn’t become too much of a burden. 

Get everyone involved. While notes for bridal shower gifts should always be written by the bride, there’s no rule that says you have to write every thank you note for the wedding gifts. After all, they were given to both of you, and you’ll both enjoy them! Split the writing duties — if you choose to write to each other’s families, it can be a great way to introduce yourself!

Ready to get inspired? Take our Newlywed Style quiz here! Already ready to register? You can begin setting up your Target Wedding Registry right here!

This post is brought to you by Target–thanks for your support of the brands that make Southern Weddings possible!

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