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There is a LOT of advice out there on the topic of budgeting for your wedding. And unfortunately? Most of it is not that great. In my opinion, the hardest thing about budgeting for a wedding is that most people only plan a wedding once — and until you start nailing down specifics and requesting quotes from vendors and venues, it’s nearly impossible to know how much YOU might spend for YOUR wedding under YOUR unique set of circumstances. Weddings are not easy to generalize! That being said, there are some universal tips — many from our own experiences as brides — that we’d love to pass along!

1. Start saving early. This might be my single best tip, especially if (like me) you tend to have “champagne tastes on a beer budget.” Even if you might not know exactly how much your wedding will cost, it’s a pretty good bet that it will be expensive. Like all expensive things, the sooner you start saving, the smaller the amount per month you need to save, and therefore the less painful it will be. Y’all, this is the truth: I started saving in college for my wedding. I put away money every month into a savings account, beginning with $50. If you know you’re going to want some of those amazing extras that a parent might not be as willing to splurge on, like videography, I’d highly recommend this tip!

The Reason via Southern Weddings

2. Set your budget. Thankfully, even though it’s nearly impossible to know how much the wedding in your head will cost before getting engaged and talking to vendors, it’s still possible to set your budget, because your budget should be based on the amount of money you have, not the amount of money you want to spend. In addition to tallying whatever you and your fiance will contribute, check in with both sets of parents (if they haven’t made the first move). I would recommend going into the conversation with a grateful heart and without expectations, and being thankful for any contribution they might want to make.

Amy Arrington via Southern Weddings

3. Prioritize your budget. Once you’ve determined the pool of money available to spend, it’s time to begin slicing it up. Start to talk with your fiance about what’s most important to you both, and start to reach out to vendors and venues with whom you’re interested in working. As quotes come in, you’ll start to see how your money might need to be allocated.

Wedding quotes can be eye-popping and confusing at first, but there are lots of articles out there that will help you understand them better (two I recommend on flowers: here and here). It also might be helpful to look at how other couples have split their budget — mine is right here, and Ruffled also runs a great series on real budgets. Also: don’t forget to calculate tips into the cost of each vendor. You can find our tips for tipping here.

Hunter McRae via Southern Weddings

4. Set up good relationships with vendors from the start. Keep in mind that most vendors like to work with nice, calm couples who respect their work and want to collaborate with them in the creative process. Tell them about what you have planned for your wedding and why you’re excited about it; tell them why you love their work. Vendors tend to go above and beyond for clients they genuinely like and who are appreciative of them — it’s just human nature.

Caroline + Ben via Southern Weddings

5. Negotiate with care. A photographer might be willing to take 10% off his package price under certain circumstances, but please don’t expect a discount — they’ve set their prices with careful thought. Instead, if the price quoted is beyond your budget, see if you can subtract something from what he’s presenting — an album, hours of coverage, number of prints — for a lower price. A florist should be able to work with you on what flowers are in season and which blooms will have the most impact per dollar. I’ve even known some vendors who love to travel waive their travel fees for certain locations that they’ve always wanted to visit — if you’re getting married in a particularly stunning location, it might be worth a shot! As I said above, just remember to go in with a grateful heart and without expectations or a bossy attitude.

For my wedding, I had a good experience asking the rental company I wanted to work with if they would price match a few standard items from one of their competitors. One more tip: if you have the luxury of a long engagement, you might be able to book vendors like photographers or videographers at, say, their 2013 prices even though your wedding is in 2014.

Abby Jiu from Southern Weddings

6. If necessary, cut based on your priorities. I hate blanket suggestions on what to cut from the budget, because those decisions should be based solely on what’s most important to y’all as a couple. I would have been horrified if someone had suggested I cut my invitations, after all! That being said, a few ideas to get your wheels turning: skip ceremony flowers (choose a beautiful location instead); skip favors unless you can think of something that’s truly meaningful to you as a couple; buy a pre-loved gown or sell yours post-wedding; borrow a car from a friend or just ride in yours instead of renting a limo or vintage car; skip a reply card and have guests email their RSVPs; order a simple cake design and crown it with a gorgeous topper (bonus points if it’s a family heirloom!).

Gabe Aceves via Southern Weddings

7. Consider alcohol. Though alcohol can be a big expense for a wedding, there are actually many ways to cut its cost. A few suggestions: cut the champagne toast; offer a limited bar (beer and wine) all night, or offer a limited bar at cocktail hour then open it up to a full bar at the reception (that’s what we did); or inquire about purchasing your own alcohol (especially if you have somewhere you can get a discount). Also, don’t assume that either paying by consumption or paying a per-person price is cheaper — here, it really helps to know your audience. John and I looked at our guest list, and, even though it was the scarier option (because we didn’t know exactly what the final cost would be), chose to pay on consumption. We ended up paying HALF the bill we would have if we had gone with a per-person fee.

Heirloom Collective from Southern Weddings

8. Supplement your professionals. While some things should ALWAYS be left to professionals, I think there are some amazing ways to cut costs while working hand-in-hand with the pros you’ve hired! For example, I provided the centerpiece containers and ribbon to my florist, knowing I’d be charged a mark-up for those items if I didn’t. We also hired a live band for our reception, but worked with them to play a CD my uncle mixed for us over their sound system at cocktail hour. One last tip from our wedding: Moya hand-lettered our first names for our invitation, and we were able to use that digital file several places in our wedding instead of, say, paying her to letter each one of our favors individually.

Tanja Lippert

9. Borrow! Not everything has to be bought new (or even old) for your wedding! Borrowed pieces can lend a beautiful air of family and heritage to your wedding day, and, in my experience, guests love having a hand in the magic! I borrowed my clutch, my bracelet, my earrings, lots of our centerpiece containers, our communion cups, easels from my artist friend, pillows and blankets for our lounge area, cake plates, and probably many other things I can’t remember. Replacing expense with meaning = always a win in my book.

Me in our veil, by Tanja Lippert, and Marget in our veil, by Katie Stoops

10. Share! I was lucky enough to be marrying just two months after my now sister-in-law, so we purchased several things to use at both of our weddings, including our veil and four boxwood garlands. We were also able to split some bulk supplies (like out-of-town bags) and therefore get a lower cost. I’ve heard amazing stories of brides getting married on the same weekend at a venue using the same tent draping, for instance, or the same arbor for their ceremony. See if your venue will put you in touch with your fellow brides, or put out feelers on social media or through friends of friends to see who you might be able to connect with! I love this idea!

Melissa Schollaert via Southern Weddings

11. Take care of your guests. We like details as much as y’all, but at some point (especially when you’re on a limited budget), it’s time to stop worrying about what your wedding will look like in photos, and start thinking about how it will FEEL to you and your guests. Sometimes, $15 worth of bug spray at a cocktail hour can be worth more than all the fancy linens and candles in the world. People will remember when you made them feel comfortable and included and welcomed, and they will also remember when they had to wait in a line or ate cold food or trek a mile to the bathroom because you didn’t want to pay for a port-a-potty. They will almost certainly forgive you for those things, because they are your dearest friends and family and they love you, but wouldn’t it be better to avoid them altogether? For us, gracious hospitality is always a budget “do.”

Brett Heidebrecht via Southern Weddings

12. Remember it’s not the only party you’ll throw in your lifetime. As I was planning our wedding, every so often I’d see an idea that I really, really wanted to include… except that it didn’t fit in our budget, or it didn’t fit with the aesthetic of our day. Whenever this happened, I sat myself down and issued a reminder: this party was not the last one I would throw in my lifetime. It might be the biggest, and it might be the most expensive, but I had years of dinner parties, birthday parties, and anniversary parties ahead of me, and there would more than likely be a place to incorporate my idea of the day into one of those future bashes. This almost always talked me down from the ledge :)

Bethany & Dan via Southern Weddings

I’ll leave you with perhaps my favorite way to sum up wedding budgeting: it’s possible to have a wedding on any budget, but it’s not possible to have any wedding on any budget. Your wedding will be gorgeous and meaningful and memorable because you two are at the center of it — blissfully happy and in love — no matter how much you spend or don’t spend. Years from now, that love and happiness is what you and your guests will remember above all else. It’s true.

Kristyn Hogan via Southern Weddings

Friends, I feel like I’ve hardly scratched the surface with these budgeting tips, even though this post is astonishingly long! What do y’all have to add? Where are you splurging and where are you saving for your wedding? Are you borrowing or sharing or supplementing? We’d love to hear in the comments!!

Melissa Schollaert and Amy Arrington are delightful members of our Blue Ribbon Vendor Directory!

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Laura reply

    These tips are really great! One thing I discovered during the planning process was that DIY is not always the most economical choice. For example, our invitations were from an Etsy retailer and although I could have printed them myself at home, once I factored all of the costs and took into account the time it would take to print off all of our invitations, it was more economical to go with a professional printer.

    • avatar Emily reply

      You are absolutely right, Laura, especially if the DIY project involves purchasing infrastructure (like a sticker machine or a heavy duty paper cutter) that a retailer already has!

  2. avatar Lauren reply

    This is SO helpful. I just got engaged (last week!!!) and didn’t really have any idea what kind of wedding we could plan until I spoke to my parents about the budget. Now that I know what I have to work with, I can decide what we can and cannot have.

  3. avatar Kelly reply

    All of this information is extremely helpful and there are some great tips that I’ve never heard before. I especially love the thought of borrowing items or sharing items with a friend or family member who is also getting married and looking into sharing a tent or other rentals with another bride at the same location. What a great idea!

  4. avatar Bonnie & Lauren reply

    Great advice, Emily. We’re going to pass this along to our sweet couples with smaller budgets!

  5. avatar Laura reply

    Great article, and the links to the other flower articles were also very helpful! I am currently planning a wedding and one thing I forgot to budget for was tax on things like the photography package, cake, etc. Those add up fast! One way we’ve found to cut costs just a bit is to get married on a Sunday over a holiday weekend…our venue rental was $1000 less than if we had chosen a Saturday.

  6. avatar Lauren reply

    This is such a great post! Thank you! I especially love #12 – this is not the last party you’ll throw. So true and so easily forgotten. I was getting overwhelmed with ideas and inspirations until I finally realized this. We decided to cut costs and have the small wedding I wanted by having a private ceremony in Napa, spending the day there wine tasting with just our immediate families and best friends. My fiancé was keen on having a big affair, so we’re doing a large backyard reception a month later to celebrate with everyone.

  7. avatar Rebecca reply


    We’re under three monts to go before our wedding (!!!) and checking in with our budget (progress, choices, etc.) more frequently after the initial wave of big decisions got finalized. This post is full of beautiful, sensible, thoughtful, reasonable advice, and I love the whole thing! Also loved the link back to your tipping advice.


  8. avatar Kristin reply

    I say this only to assure the future-bride who has maybe pondered it – it’s okay NOT to spend thousands of dollars on your dress. For many girls, dress is a top priority – which is totally fine. I film weddings and have seen many a gorgeous dress I wouldn’t have minded playing dress up in :) But for those that aren’t super-girly or maybe have a simpler style, take comfort – I bought a beautiful JCrew dress off of eBay for $100. It was comfortable, looks timeless in pictures and I’ve never once regretted it. We actually had a pretty fancy wedding (at least fancy where I’m from) but that decision alone gave us more room to expand our guest list and invite some of the other people we really wanted to be there.

  9. avatar Virginia Wedding Photographers reply

    Great. even sided look at proper budgeting for couples. We love it and will be sure to share!

  10. avatar Amanda reply

    Thank you for the shoutout ladies!

  11. avatar Tristan reply

    Some great practical tips and advice!

  12. avatar Lotus Eyes Photography reply

    Indeed these are some very valuable tips. We will pass this onto our brides!

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    […] going to need to have a firm handle on your entire wedding budget (we covered wedding budgets here). The industry rule of thumb is that the wedding gown generally makes up 10% of the overall budget, […]

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    […] advantage of any 2014 rates by booking in 2013–a tip I picked up in Emily’s amazing budgeting post. In North Carolina, we looked into Adaumont Farm, Raffaldini Vineyards, and The Sutherland, to name […]

  15. avatar Jaime reply

    Hi Emily. I was really inspired by your article.Thank you for sharing. I noticed that both you and sister-in-law used the same veil. It is actually the one I tried on and fell in love with at my bridal salon but unfortunately can not afford it at full retail due to my budget. I know it is far fetched but I didn’t know if you would be interested in reselling or renting to me.

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    […] party gifts. You want something personal, meaningful, lovely… and, of course, that fits in the budget whether you have two or ten bridesmaids! We’re so happy to share a few picks from Bip & […]

  17. avatar One Hand to Hold reply

    I love number 11: Take Care of your Guests: if everyone has a good time and is supportive of the bride and groom, it will certainly be a memorable day!

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Every spring, my mom and dad trot off like spring chickens into a thick field, big empty baskets in hand, to pick a sweet fruit that has become a part of our family.

Soon after, the house is filled with the divine smell of brewing Southern dewberries and friends and family are happily enjoying a delicious Mason-jar-housed treat on biscuits and toast.   I’ll let mom tell you, though.  She tells the story of the dewberry best…

As the days begin to warm from the chill of winter, small soft white flowers appear oddly out of place in their surroundings.  Fragile circles of rose-like petals, tinged with pink, pop up among the craggy vines and brown grasses.  Anchored low to the ground, the blossoms flutter gently in the breezes.  The message is simple.  Spring is not far away; the dewberries are blooming.  But the message is also rich and vivid, interlaced with memories of wild dewberry patches of the past, the carefree abandon of childhood, and the traditions making cobbler and jam.

Growing up in the South, we picked dewberries every spring.  The southern dewberry, Rubus trivialis, is a member of the rose family and a close relative of the blackberry.  Abounding with tiny thorns, the low trailing vines intertwine and entangle themselves and everything that grows among them.  As the flowers fade, the hard green berries begin to appear.  Over the next month, they turn red and tart, finally swelling quickly as they ripen into a shiny deep black burgundy. Although commonly referred to as blackberries, dewberries usually ripen several weeks earlier in May, and are larger, juicier and sweeter. Eaten by birds that spread their seeds, they grow wild along the roadways, in fields and empty lots, almost anywhere.  The naked berry is picked by rolling it slightly away from the stem, keeping it from being crushed and leaving the bud stem on the vine.  You can count on having purple tattooed fingertips and the lingering sting of tiny thorns.  A just picked dewberry, musty and sweet, and warm from the sun releases a burst of juice and a flood of memories.

When I pick the berries, I think of my dad.  One of seven children and the son of an Alabama sharecropper, he delighted in the local gifts of nature – scuppernongs, huckleberries, mayhaws and dewberries.  I can hear his voice warning me to watch out for snakes.  “You know that the snakes wait for the birds that come to eat the berries.”  Although I have never seen a snake in the berry patch, I still heed his advice. He taught me to carry a stick and make some noise in the vines – a prelude warning of our presence.  We would move about slowly and cautiously, not only to avoid a surprise snake sighting, but quick movements in the low thorny vines could painfully ensnare an ankle. With itchy stained hands, bug bitten and sunburned, we quickly forgot these hazards as we proudly admired our baskets of shiny berries.

My mother’s cobbler in the oven filled the house with fragrant drafts of warm, sweet dewberries baking under a blanket of tender spoon crust.  Another supper dessert would be fresh berries and whipped cream – simple, elegant, perfect.  And of course, there was jam, lots of jam. Tricky to make with just the right consistency, not too thin and not too firm, the jam was allowed to thicken naturally.  A mixture of ripe and under ripe red berries and an entire chopped lemon would provide the needed natural pectin.  Sealed in hot glass jars, stacked and beautiful, the sweet dewberries would last throughout the year.

It is that comforting ritual of jam and cobbler making that I continue in my kitchen today.  From the sightings of the first blooms, to the memories of past berry patches, the dewberry, gleaned with both fear and pleasure transforms me to the vestiges of my childhood.  The vivid memories of the past blend with the present.  As a child in the dewberry patch, I’m still there.  I never left.

Our pantry eagerly awaits new jars of dewberry jam from mom every year.  When Ari was deployed, the sweet little dewberry even made it’s way to Iraq in a care page or two!  If Ari and I ever did a vow renewal, you can guess what would be a part of our celebration.  There are dozens of empty Mason jars lining our cabinets now, all still ripe with memories of each season we enjoyed their contents.  If you saw a Mason jar on my wedding tables, this story would go right along with them.  There is a history that makes my heart sing!  There is a “meaning behind the Mason”.

There is nothing I love more in a wedding than seeing an authentic love story come to life through every photograph – from the love in the couples’ eyes to the special details that reflect their unique path.    No random pretties just because they are pretty.  No details just for detail sake.   Not to pick on the poor Mason jar, but we see them too often used as… here come my least favorite words… a wedding “trend” with no meaning.  Southern brides, you know what I mean!  Mason jars aren’t “vintage”, they are part of our history.  Our aunts and grandmothers and great grandmothers spent long hours in the kitchen canning to preserve the harvest crop through winter.  What a delightful history that little jar has!  When a wedding is infused with history, tradition and special meaning behind those little touches, your love is center-stage.  Magic happens on the big day!  Your guests are transported, inspired and you become closer to your nearest and dearest through the celebration of your wedding.  Your wedding tells your authentic love story and you create memories that you will never ever forget.  [P.S. – if anyone knows where that lovely photo above is from, can you let me know?  I would love to credit this beauty!]

So, what is your love story and how are you telling it in your special details?  Perhaps it’s as simple as using the same flower variety that your mother had in her bouquet or having your maids in Carolina Blue for your alma mater where you and your sweetie spent your first years of courtship.  Perhaps it’s a little photo locket tied to your bouquet with pics of those closest to your heart, cupcakes baked from your aunt’s favorite recipe, a favorite fabric you found on a romantic weekend trip to Savannah with your man (that special trip when he first said the three special words… I love you!) on your cake table or a special love quote on your programs that your grandmother always echoed.   Perhaps it’s the simple Mason jar… the same jars that were once filled with the poetic and perfect dewberry that are now filled with daffodils from your mother’s garden.  Whatever it is, tell your beautiful love story in the details.  Have fun with it and you may even get to know something new about your fiance and families in the process! [photo above source]

GIVEAWAY: Sound off!  Tell us about some of your special wedding details and the meaning behind them.  One lucky commenter will win a beautiful Ring Bearer Bowl from Paloma’s Nest!  This beautiful bowl is sure to become a family heirloom that you can pass to your kids one day, too!

P.S. Congrats to the last post’s Father of the Bride gushfest winner Courtney Christian.  All of your comments made my heart melt…  OK OK!…  there were some tears shed, too!  Email us your mailing address, Courtney, and we’ll get your prize right to you.

lara Written with love by Lara Casey
  1. avatar Natalie reply

    We are trying to make everything very personal for our wedding. We started by hand making our save the dates and invitations. So, there are tons of little details we are including to make everything special. For example, I will carry the same handkerchief with me that my grandmother had on her wedding day. We will cut the cake with the same knife my grandmother used for her wedding. We will have pictures of our parents and grandparents on a table. And we will be spending an entire weekend with close friends and family as we celebrate the beginning of our married life. We can’t wait!

  2. avatar Amber reply

    My grandmother passed away earlier this year and in her honor, we are serving mini pecan pies, just like the ones she used to make specially for me. I can’t wait to share that with our loved ones.

  3. avatar madelynne miller reply

    My favorite details are
    1. The pearl earrings my grandmother bought for my mom in Guam when my grandparents were stationed there in the military decades ago – I’ll be wearing them with the pearl necklace I got from my parents for my 16th birthday

    2. Third Presbyterian Church – The same church my grandmother married my grandfather in 1954

    3. The bride’s table – I’ll have framed photos of my sister, mom, and grandmothers on their wedding day

  4. avatar Hannah reply

    Back in 1982, my parents got married at The Breakers in West Palm Beach. Nearly 30 years later, I am lucky enough to get married there too! It was my mom’s suggestion and of course I couldn’t say no to the sentiment and such a beautiful location. I plan on having their photo of the cake cutting right by our cake too :)

    • avatar Lara reply

      I LOVE The Breakers! Such a perfect wedding location with such rich history! Be sure to send us pics, Hannah. SO thrilled for you!

    • avatar hannah reply

      Lara: Thank you, Lara! So excited too…the wedding will be March 2012, and I will be sure to send pictures. My fiance is from North Carolina and I am from South Florida, so we are combining the two and having a Southern Shabby Chic Wedding by the Beach!!!

  5. avatar Anne reply

    We’ll be incorporating a Chinese tea ceremony into our wedding day. My parents gave up everything they knew to start over in a new country for their children, so this is my way of honoring them and all they’ve given to me.

  6. avatar Nicole reply

    We have several details we’re incorporating into our wedding that has special meaning to us. For one, we’re getting married in Savannah, it’s not only where I was born and raised, but it’s where we had our first date. We were in a long distance relationship when we first started dating and he drove from Atlanta to Savannah to take me out on a fabulous first date complete with a horse drawn carriage ride around downtown. We’re having our rehearsal dinner at Vic’s on the River, where we ate on our first date. We’re even having the same shrimp and grits there that we had on our first date!

    I plan to wear a gardenia in my hair. My grandmother was famous for wearing this flower in her hair every day when she was young.

    Another detail we plan to incorporate is our collections – I have a collection of milk glass and together we have a collection of vintage cameras. I, too, hate the word “trend” but it has special meaning to us so we’re using them. I always like to be different. We both collected cameras before we even met so we just combined our collections together when we got engaged. He’s a videographer and I used to be an aspiring photographer so that is why we each started collecting them. Not to mention we love all things vintage!

    • avatar Sierra reply

      I love the idea of incorporating the camera collection and that it’s not just something vintage but has meaning for you and your fiance. My father is a photographer, now professor, that collects old cameras. When I was a little girl, he gave me this 1957 Girl Scout camera. Needless to say, I loved it!

  7. avatar Janice reply

    When we first met, my then-just-friend was about to be shipped off for training with the Army. We kept in touch by writing letters to one another. He wrote to me every day. It felt like WW2 as I excitedly checked the mailbox every day to see if another letter came from him! We got to know one another through these letters, and when he came back for holiday leave, we began dating.

    Since the letters were our only form of communication, they became a very important part of our relationship and we decided that when we get married we will have a love letter themed wedding! We are designing the invitations with a romantic font and a (fake) postmark to appear like a hand written love letter, tied together with twine to give the invitation suite a vintage look! Our table numbers will be table-top frames, matted with vintage stamps. Though not completely thought out yet, some other ideas include: giving letter openers as favors, giving guests a chance to write love notes to us, and using a vintage looking typewriter as part of the decor.

    • avatar Lauren Frances reply

      Janice: I adore your love letter theme! Such beautiful memories to be shared! I think it would be so sweet if you set up a table with sheets of paper (echoing your colors) for the guests to type up love letters to you and your new husband on your typewriter and then have them place the notes inside an old mailbox (maybe painted a certain color with the flag up, would a heart instead of a flag be too silly?). Good luck with all your ideas!

    • avatar Janice reply

      Lauren Frances: What a cute idea! Hmm…I think maybe the heart thing could be pulled off. Thanks for the reply! Keep them coming!

  8. avatar Cheryl reply

    Love this! One thing I’m really excited for is I am using my grandmothers Belgic Lace kerchief on my special day. I’m a crier, and when I mentioned it she almost teared up just with the idea of me using it, as she used it on her own wedding day 50+ years ago.

  9. avatar Lauren Frances reply

    Our wedding is filled with personal touches. I’m creating the invitations and all other paper goods, the favors, and the decorations. My mother will be arranging the flowers and baking the cake. One important part of the wedding will be wearing Justin’s Great Aunt Minnie’s engagement ring on my right hand as I walk down the aisle. The ring has a sad story; Minnie’s fiance JT proposed before leaving for WWII and although he fought the good fight he was killed in action in the Pacific months shy of the war’s end. Because the ring never made it down the aisle in their lifetimes I will be honored to wear it on our wedding day in Minnie and JT’s memory.

  10. avatar Sheila reply

    There are a few different things that I am incorporating into our special day that are meaningful to us. 1. Growing up, when I would go visit my grandparents (Grandmommie and Dee) I would run straight into my grandmother’s room and put on make-up and her jewelry. One day when I was about to leave, and as I was taking her jewelry off to put it away, she told me I could keep one ring. It ended up being my grandfather’s sister’s wedding ring. On the inside it was inscribed C.N.P. to M.C.M. 5-8-28. His sister’s husband’s initials and hers, and they day they were married. I am planning on wearing the ring or attaching it to my bouquet as my something old, so that Grandmommie and DeeDee can be there with me in some way because they have since passed away. 2. My mom and her mom both carried a bouquet of long stemmed Calla Lillies in their weddings, and I will carry a bouquet with miniature Calla Lillies in it to keep the tradition. 3. This past weekend I went gown shopping. My fiance had an arrangement of a dozen roses sent to my last appointment that was waiting for me when I got there. It was the sweetest thing ever, and I ended up buying my dress there which made it even more special. In the arrangement there were 3 peacock feathers. I am going to have my mom make my garter, and attach one of the tops of the feathers onto it. 4. My fiance’s little brother’s life was taken a year and a half ago, so he is leaving his Best Man spot open because it was supposed to be his brother standing there.

  11. avatar Allyson L. reply

    We are getting married October 2012 so we don’t have all the details finalized yet but some of the special details include that I will carry my grandmother’s handkerchief with me. Possibly wrapped around my bouquet with a broach from my mom. My grandmother passed away when I was young so it’s very important to have a part of her with me on that day. When I got engaged my parents gave me her engagement and wedding rings and I will be having my wedding band made from hers. It’s very important for me to do this because my engagement ring is from my fiance’s great grandmother’s engagement and wedding rings. It will be so special to have a symbol of our families coming together with the two rings I will be wearing. We will also be toasting with my parent’s champagne flutes from their wedding. My fiance is from Texas and we got engaged in his hometown, along with my engagement ring he bought me a pair of cowboy boots for Christmas. They are beautiful and I am so excited to wear them on our wedding day. I hope that our wedding day is filled with many special details and that it is really a reflection of who we are. I can’t wait!

  12. avatar Clara G reply

    I am hoping to fill our wedding with tons of personal touches from growing up in small town Alabama to falling in love at The University of Alabama. My favorite aspect is a shout out to my grandmother. Nana has a very special place in my heart. I was her only grandchild for 16 years, so I was completely spoiled and share a million memories with her. To honor her, I am wearing her wedding dress in my engagement pictures. It is a 50s style knee-length eyelet dress. When I get married, there will be my engagement picture next to her wedding picture, and I will be wearing a special ring that she gave me. There a ton of other sentimental touches, but to describe it all would cause me to write a billion paragraphs! :)

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    […] already knows that if she and Ari had a vow renewal, their tables would be lined with dewberry jam! Tell us what your love story is and the special meaning behind the details you’re including in your […]

  14. avatar Amanda reply

    I posted several of the traditions and memories to be incorporated into my wedding on the Father’s Day post, but I want to reiterate them again:
    My daddy passed away when I was 16 years old from complications from lung cancer, and as most every girl’s dream is to walk down the aisle with her father, I will have to let the details of the wedding fill that void so that everyone sees how special he was to me and my family. We will be getting married in the church I grew up and was baptized in, and the reception will be on the farm I was raised on and where daddy raised cattle my entire life. I am wearing the veil my mother wore when she married my daddy almost 50 years ago. My Godfather – also my dad’s best friend since the Vietnam war – will walk me down the aisle. In honor of my daddy, my Godfather and I will dance to the “Tennessee Waltz” because I went to every Tennessee football game with my daddy since I was old enough to walk and that’s also where he taught me to whistle with my fingers. Instead of a groom’s cake, we are serving my grandmother’s blackberry cobbler recipe, a la mode. My dad’s cousin is decorating the reception and also designing the floral arrangements and bouquets. My fiance is designing our Save the Dates and my brother is designing/making our wedding invitations. With almost a year left to plan, I am sure we will incorporate more traditions as we get deeper into planning the big day…

  15. avatar Whitney G. reply

    Hands down, the most special wedding detail is the date. We are getting married 04.28.12. My grandparents, with whom I am extremely close, were married on 04.28.51; so it would have been their 61st anniversary. My grandfather passed away March 2010, so it means a lot to me to share this date with them. Another special detail is our reception venue. We booked our reception in a venue downtown. When I told my grandmother she informed me that my grandparents went to prom together at that venue. Another special (unexpected) detail for our wedding day!

  16. avatar Sharon reply

    My favorite wedding detail was spending about 45 minutes at AT&T Park (where the SF Giants play) with our photographers taking photos. We’re huge baseball fans, and there was so much magic in the air, with people having beers and lots of fun. It’s something we’ll never get to do again, and I know it’s something my husband really wanted to do. It really made us feel like we were celebs for a day. Baseball til we die!

  17. avatar Amanda Noel reply

    My wedding will be in May 2012 so we still have a lot of individual details to go, but there are 2 we already set that really touch my heart. First, I knew I wanted a paper flower bouquet long before this style became all the rage. The detail that tells our love story is that the bouquet will contain pages from Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. We met going to grad school for Shakespeare in Performance and the first night we met we went and saw Much Ado together. The bouquet will contain script pages of all the beautiful love scenes in that play!
    Another detail that many guests may not even know about is Dan’s wedding ring. Dan’s mother passed away when he was in undergrad and he actually found out his father passed away the day he proposed to me (in his proposal he asked me to make the saddest day of his life the happiest. amazing.) In memory of them and as a testament to how madly his parents were in love with each other, we are making his wedding band by melting down and uniting their two wedding bands and adding a single emerald since that is my birthstone (my wedding band is a ring of sapphires, his birthstone). I can’t wait to put this incredibly meaningful ring on his finger and take a moment to think of my mother and father in law who can only be there in spirit.
    We can’t wait to brainstorm more personal details and share them with our family and friends as we start the next chapter of our love story!

  18. avatar Amanda Zerra reply

    I have so many favorite details! My goal was to define our wedding using the words ‘sentimental’ and ‘family oriented’. We did just that!
    Pictures are in my blog in the link connected to my name regarding all of the following :0)

    My absolute favorite wedding detail was my brooch bouquet! I saw a few on certain wedding blogs a couple years back and instantly fell in love with the idea. I knew I would have to have one created for our wedding. Months before we were even engaged I started collecting brooches from thrift stores and most importantly family members. It was important for me to have a display of each and every person important to me in my bouquet. Especially my Grandmother & Grandfather who passed away before our wedding. In my bouquet I had my Grandfather’s ‘Knights of Columbus’ pin, my Grandmother’s favorite costume jewelery, including an antique locket and her ‘Colombiette’s’ pin. I was in the Girl Scouts for 14 years and included my ‘Gold Award’ Pin which was awarded to me by my Mother who was also my Girl Scout Leader. My husband and I met in High School, so I included a sparkly bobcat paw pin, our High School Mascot. My husband gave me his ‘Navy Wings’ to put on display as he is a Navy Pilot. My in-laws also helped me with my brooch collection by gifting me some of their prized family heirlooms. I was able to re-purpose my mothers wedding gown and use the lace from her dress as the ruffles underneath the bouquet itself. We also used the buttons from her sleeves to line the stem. The process of gathering the brooch’s was a joy for everyone. My family members and future family members could not wait to spot their brooch ‘donations’ in the finished product. It was to die for and my absolute prized possession!

    My husband’s Alma Matter is the University of South Florida. After we were announced husband and wife, I surprised him by flashing my leg with my ‘USF Bulls’ garter. He was smiling from ear to ear. I am not good at keeping secrets and this was one I kept until the very end!

    Both my father and my father in law are huge ‘Godfather’ fans, whenever the family’s are together they are either watching it on TV or quoting every movie line. With that said, my husband and I decided to hire a violinist to play during our ceremony for the main purpose of surprising our guests with the ‘Godfather Theme’ as soon as we were announced Husband & Wife. It was such a surprise for everyone! *Another secret we kept* It is hilarious to replay our video and see our guests faces, some with confusion and most with laughter!

    My mother surprised me with my ‘something blue’ by re-purposing my late Grandmothers Diamond earrings with blue sapphires. They are stunning and sparkled on my ears on my wedding day.

    Speaking of jewelery I was honored to wear our family heirloom which we call ‘The Lavalier’. This necklace has been worn by every woman on their wedding day in my family on my Father’s side starting with my mother, my 3 Aunts, my Paternal Grandmother, her sister, their mother and dating back to my Great Grandmother. It was so meaningful for my dad to place this necklace on me before I walked down the aisle. We both could not stop smiling!

    My husband is obsessed with Back to the Future! He literally knows every single world to the entire trilogy and anyone who knows him, knows this! His Aunt and one of our Groomsmen and I were in cahoots to surprise him with a DeLorean for wedding photo’s. He was in shock! The pictures came out great and it is just added to the meaning and overall feel to our wedding day.

    On to my absolute favorite detail the entire wedding, which was a complete surprise to me. My husband is in the Navy and I was in the Coast Guard, the Military has been a huge part of the both of our lives beginning in our High School days where we both attended ROTC. In ROTC we would take road trips to many competitions a year, during each road trip the group would pass time on the bus either watching ‘Top Gun’ on DVD or singing along to the Soundtrack. No this is not a joke! Every High School student on that bus knew the words to ‘You’ve lost that Loving Feeling’. Coincidentally one of the pilot’s from my husband’s squadron asked the DJ to play the song so all of the Pilot’s could serenade me before my husband removed the toss garter. Here I am sitting in a chair on the dance floor as my husband, his Navy friends and our High School ROTC friends & Instructor sang ….”You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips….” I have goosebumps writing this.

    Our entire wedding was amazing. Everyone had a blast including the Bride & Groom. As you can see in my blog (where all of this is photo-documented by the way), I note that, IT IS ALL IN THE DETAILS!

  19. avatar Jen reply

    This is a such a lovely post! The ‘This is how our story begins sign’ is from seller ssanchez ( Hope that helps :-)

  20. avatar Jeannine @ Small & Chic reply

    I’ve been admiring Paloma’s bowls forever! I’d love to have one of my own!

  21. avatar Jillian reply

    My fiance and I have been together for so long– 10 years, since when we were 14– that we are incorporating a lot of special details into the wedding so we can really celebrate the long journey to our wedding day. Three of our details for our upcoming wedding on 8/20/11 stick out in my mind:

    Each of our tables will be numbered 2000 through 2011 for each year we’ve been together and will feature a picture of us from that year. We got engaged in Venice in 2009, so we are serving prosecco for our toast and a bellini as the signature drink. I’m also going to be attaching my mom’s wedding ring (who passed away in 2009) and my grandma’s wedding ring (who passed away in 2010) to my bouquet so I can have them both there with me.

  22. avatar linda d reply

    We are incorporating a couple of details that mean a lot to us in our wedding. The first thing is that I will be wearing the dress that my mom wore to her reception during our rehearsal dinner. It’s this beautiful maroon color 1970’s style halter dress that my mom sewed herself in place of a typical red dress for Chinese weddings. Since there was no way I could wear her wedding dress, this will be my way of honoring my mother. I will also switch to a traditional Chinese red dress during the last half of the rehearsal dinner to honor my new family. My fiancees favorite books growing up were Shel Silverstein so we are planning to incorporate images from the books in our wedding, for now its the cake topper, buttons, and in our program. But who knows, we may come up with some more details in the remaining time we have left!

  23. avatar Stacy reply

    We are having a cookie bar baked by his grandmother…bc she bakes a million italian cookies very Christmas…

  24. avatar Mandy reply

    The one detail I am most excited about is the new cupcake fad that my fiancé and I will be incorporating into our reception. He does not like cake and I babysit for a living. Obviously, kids and little things go together quite well. But to top if off, we are planning on making our own cupcakes based on cakes my fiancé does like… Boston cream, tres leche. So excited about this!

    As for me, I am interested in photography and graphic design, so I will be making all of the invitations, programs, save-the-dates, etc… I also spent a whole month looking for a photographer. My fiancé and I will be spending a good 2 extra hours with the photographer doing a unique family shoot and a bridal shoot before the reception.

  25. avatar Regina reply

    We had a few special details at our wedding to honor members of our families and as representations of us. First, my husband became interested in photography at a very young age, following in the footsteps of his mother. He is now in art school and credits the creative encouragement from his mother as a way for him to pursue a career in photography and video design. We knew we had to incorporate vintage cameras as a result and so they were sprinkled around tables at our wedding reception as a special symbol of his relationship with his mother. Also, my late grandmother has a special place in my heart and in my mother’s heart and we both miss her greatly. We couldn’t imagine simply placing a flower in her “place” at our wedding. We wanted to honor her in a way that made us feel more connected with her. My mother surprised me on my wedding day with a gift of a pearl bracelet. She actually had my grandmother’s long pearl necklace made into a pearl bracelet and another, shorter length pearl necklace. I wore the pearl bracelet and my mom wore the pearl necklace on my wedding day. We truly felt my grandmother’s presence with us the entire day. It was such a special part of our wedding, and something I treasure every day.

  26. avatar Fourth of July Heart Explosions + GIVEAWAY! « Southern Weddings Magazine reply

    […] Congrats to last post’s winner, Amanda Noel.  Oh wow, all of the comments on that post were so inspiring!  I can’t wait […]

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Well, thanks to y’all, I have a plethora of new Southern adventures I want to try. Such great answers on my last post! Congrats to [randomly chosen] winner of the gorgeous custom leather luggage tags from Of the Fountain, Caroline K, who said:  I think this is my favorite SW post ever. To me, those ordinarily wonderful moments are what add up to a lifetime of happiness. Perhaps because our graduate student budgets forced it, but most of our relationship was built wandering through small bookstores, sandwich shops, and towns in this Old North State. My favorite of these “wanderings” is when we meandered up the Outer Banks last summer– staying only in B&Bs, stopping at any interesting shop (or sand dune), and eating all the local ice cream we wanted! Love it!  Email us your info and we’ll get your custom luggage tags made for you.  Enjoy your adventures ahead!

Well, friends, I’m headed to a different South tomorrow… SoCal!  I’m so excited to be speaking on branding with a couple of my dearest friends at the Engage!11 luxury wedding conference in San Diego next week. The best of the best in the wedding world gather twice a year for this incredible summit.   This will be my sixth time attending Engage! and my third time as a speaker.  If you are coming next week, please come give me a hug and say hi! A favorite pic below of Emily and I walking the “pink” carpet last year with Engage! friends (shot by DVB Photographers). All you “Say Yes to the Dress” fans will recognize my sweet friend to my left who is brilliant at making brides feel like a million bucks on their big day:

A very simple thought for you this week: how do you want to feel on your wedding day? Most brides focus more on how they want the day to look than how they want to feel. They focus just on the surface details and end up spinning their planning wheels. When you focus on how the day will feel, decisions get so much easier!  Use all five senses.  How do you want the smells, sights, sounds, textures and tastes to tell your authentic love story and make you and your guests feel?  When all of those things are blended together beautifully, a true celebration comes to life!  If your goal is to feel 100% relaxed, calm and focused on loving your fiance and family on the day of, all of your decisions should be rooted in that goal.   Perhaps that complicated first dance routine you’ve been stressing over can go… and those cute little favors that are going to take you 20 hours to construct the day before the wedding.  Focus on how you want to feel, what really matters and simplify, simplify, simplify! 

Every day of my engagement, I’d want to feel 100% focused on my marriage and growing with my fiance. Loving this shot from Adam Hudson Photography.

This image from V3, shot by Paul Johnson, mirrors exactly how I’d want to feel on the big day: carefree and exceedingly joyful!

And when the party starts going, I’d want to feel like there’s no place in the world I’d rather be – surrounded by the people I love – having the time of my life! Photo by Poser.

GIVEAWAY: This week’s giveaway is sure to make you feel calm and relaxed on the big day.  I am a huge fan of these delicious candles from Illume.

The scent of Southern gardenia, star jasmine or sweet rhubarb wafting through the house as you get ready?  Yes, please!  Three lucky winners will get Illume candles for their big day prep (or to just set the mood for a romantic dinner with your sweetie!). 

To enter, simply tell us what you want you wedding day to feel like!

lara Written with love by Lara Casey
  1. avatar Kristin reply

    Lara, I can’t tell you how much I needed this reminder. I’m a month away from my “big day,” and the stress is starting to pile on my shoulders. This was the perfect post for today. The wedding of my dreams is one in which I feel all the emotions that I imagined I would when I first got engaged. That same love “overdose” that you want to cling to forever. I have been in a long distance with my fiance for three years, and we have overcome some extreme obstacles in the process. So on that day, when I’m standing next to the love of my life, all I want to feel is the nearness of him- the feeling that I crave all day every day… the feeling that I get to feel for the rest of my life.

    • avatar Lara reply

      Oh, Kristin! I’m thinking of you! You WILL have everything you are desiring here because it sure sounds like you want it badly enough to make those things come to life. I immediately started singing “The Nearness of You” by Nora Jones when I read this. So many good wishes for your wedding from all of us!

  2. avatar Corey reply


  3. avatar Nicole reply

    On my wedding day, I want to feel light and carefree. I want to feel the warmth of love from my family and friends as the support and help my Fiance and I take this huge step in our lives.

    Most of all, I want to feel comfortable: with my guests, with my ceremony, with my dress, with my expectations of the day. Like a pint of ice cream and your man’s sweatpants — your wedding should feel as good on the day of as it does on paper. I can’t wait!

    • avatar Lara reply

      OK, Nicole, don’t laugh. I immediately saw the words “like a pint of icecream” and the prego lady in me did a little happy dance! Love how you described this!

  4. avatar madelynne reply

    I want my day to be filled with love. I want my guests to be excited and comfortable… bright colors, live singer/songwriter, beer, and delicious food. The reception site is contemporary and it reflects mine and my fiance’s personality, so I want people to feel special to be a part of US on our big day. Most importantly, I want it to feel HOLY. It’s a very important religious sacrament, so I want to feel the presence of God the whole day!

    • avatar Lara reply

      You are a woman after my own heart, Madelynne! “Holy” is exactly the feeling of joy, authenticity and connectedness I would want. Many blessings on your marriage! Keep us posted!

  5. avatar Sonia reply

    I want to be overflowing with happiness! Laughing, crying from being so happy and laughing so much with my soon to be husband, family and friends. And just to live in the moment!

  6. avatar Rochelle M reply

    Candles can be relaxing, soothing, and luminous. That is how I want to feel. Relaxed that I will be able to pull off a small intimate wedding. Soothed that everyone can make it and enjoys themselves during our special day. And luminous.. I want to look radiant and at ease. :)

  7. avatar Erin reply

    Lara, I LOVE that you can meet and greet with Randy! You’re right–he has the most amazing ability to make everyone feel so special; I even start to feel excited and beautiful just when WATCHING Randy work his magic! I made sure to tune into TLC’s coverage of the royal wedding, too, since he’s so fun to watch on TV! Anyway, I’m hoping my wedding (we did a JOP in March but are planning a big shindig in September of 2012 when he’ll be home from deployment) will be “swanky, sexy, fun”–since we’re already legally married I want it to have a party vibe, but also be gorgeous and, well, swanky! I want my bridesmaids to feel gorgeous in their dresses and I want guests to feel like the champagne’s-a-flowin’ like a 1920s new year’s eve party!

    • avatar Lara reply

      Oh my goodness, Erin, I will tell Randy about your wedding when I see him! My husband was deployed for quite a while and it is a huge sacrifice. Please thank him from all of us for his service. Enjoy that swanky party in September – you deserve it!

    • avatar Erin reply

      Lara: Thank you so much, Lara! I’ll be sure to tell him :) You guys are too sweet <3 I don't think I realized your husband was deployed for a while–how did you stay sane? I'm trying to find lots of activities to keep me busy (a new house and a new dog I think may do the trick!), but still it's hard to think I won't see him for six months!

  8. avatar Taylor reply

    RELAXED! and lucky ;)

  9. avatar Natalie reply

    I want to feel a dash of excitement, a handful of happiness, and a pinch on nervousness. Most of all I want to soak in every second.

  10. avatar Jamie B reply

    This post comes at a funny time for me. Just last night I was going through a “wedding design questionnaire” with my fiance and we got to a question that stated “On our wedding day, we want our guests to feel….” and you had to fill in the blank. Without skipping a beat, he blurted out “joyfully tipsy!” He, of course, didn’t intend for me to read more into than that, but I think it conveys a feeling of lightheartedness and celebration of joy. In that sense, he’s pretty spot-on.

    • avatar Lara reply

      Haha! I LOVE that response! I’ll be thinking of you two and hope your day is 100% just that – “joyfully tipsy”!

  11. avatar Lindsay Weidenhammer reply

    I want my wedding to feel like being transported back in time to the late 1950s. Drinks in hand, Sinatra singing in the background, and preppy pink!

  12. avatar Kristy reply

    I want my wedding to feel light and happy.

  13. avatar Sara T. reply

    I want my wedding to feel casual, tuscan and stress free!

  14. avatar angelica reply

    i want my wedding to feel completely blessed, carefree, and happy. i want the day to radiate with love and joy. I hope people remember our wedding day as a celebration of love, forever-ness and family– and great food, drinks and dancing!!

  15. avatar jules reply

    i want my wedding day to feel sweet and southern. how do you feel southern? well, i recently moved to the deep south, where moss hangs from trees as you drive down the street. where the hot, humid days turn into warm evenings on the back deck telling stories with a cold drink (or two). i want my wedding day to smell of sweet peonies splashed with hydrangeas and roses. i want a light, airy feel in the atmosphere, achieved by men wearing seersucker and ladies in light pastels. i want the mood to be light, yet emotional as i see my husband for the first time as i walk down the aisle. i want a reception filled with good, fun music in the air and dancing away the night with the most important people in my life. most importantly, i want my wedding day to feel like LOVE. i already have that…just ready to let everyone else feel what i feel each day!

    • avatar Lara reply

      This sounds like a dream! Love everything you wrote here and I hope your day is perfectly “southern”!

  16. avatar Ashley B. reply

    On my wedding day, I want to feel complete BLISS! Blessed to be marrying my best friend, happy to be surrounded by amazing friends and feeling all the love from my family and sharing it with my new family!

  17. avatar Loren K reply

    I want to feel like I’m going to feel for the rest of my life :)

  18. avatar Ashley Borysewich reply

    I want my wedding to feel like a beautiful new beginning! i’m so excited for our future!

  19. avatar Brittany R reply

    I want my wedding day to feel like the celebration that no one wants to end! Cozy yet fun, fresh, airy, romantic and, of course, southern! Lots of dancing and lots of fun. Full of love, for sure!

  20. avatar Erin B. reply

    On my wedding day, I want to feel overwhelming relief, peace and calm that this pivotal point in my life has finally arrived. I want to be present in each moment and soak it up like a sponge. I want to revel in the one night that all of my and my mans family and friends are in one place, having a good time, and celebrating our love.

  21. avatar Desiree reply

    Well..I felt FAN TAS TIC on my wedding day. I felt healthy, confident, excited. CALM – because I had amazing women like Marissa Kloess {and others} helping the day set up just right. My day went so well, as a wedding coordinators assistant, I knew to let the uh-oh’s and whoopsies go, and to just embrace the whole day for what it was and however it turned out. Lucky me, it was perfect.

    2 years and my own business later; I took those feelings to heart and they are the core of my business: {direct from the philosophy tab on my website} “It’s neither the dress, nor the rings, the flowers or the cake; the most important detail a couple should remember on their wedding day is to breath in the love of the people that surround them. Their family, their wedding party, and their guests deserve the best them during the planning process and especially on the big day”

    • avatar Lara reply

      You really can’t go wrong with Marissa there!!!! Lucky bride, you!!!

  22. avatar Madi reply

    There are many things I want my wedding day to feel like: calm, relaxed, exciting, classy, and just absolutely perfect. However, when it all comes down to it, I want my wedding day to feel like a Beginning: the beginning of my life as not only just a best friend, but as a wife. I want to feel the excitement and anticipation that one has at the beginning of a story, the joy and delight as one hears the story, and the hope that one feels as they anticipate the happy ending. A wedding is a celebration, and I want it to feel that way!

  23. avatar leah reply

    fun fun fun. laid back. a dream come true <3

  24. avatar Carlyn reply

    I want my day to feel like we’re walking on air. My dear friend is officiating, my best friend’s husband is playing guitar and another good friend is singing – our friends’ and families’ involvement is key to our day. We want everything to be fun and light and a celebration for all. More than half of our 265 invited guests are from out of town – so this will be a special reunion also.

    We’re getting married in a courtyard, which will then be transformed for cocktail hour with high top tables decorated with ivory candles – the whole courtyard will have a soft glow. Inside at the reception our best man’s dad will be our DJ/singer – entertaining our guests with special songs and humor.

    We’ll have a “family tree” table with pictures of our parents’, grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ wedding photos. This is our way of carrying on their traditions and paying our respects to those not with us on this special day – I can’t wait to spend time at this table and kind of “check in” through out the night with his mother and my grandparents.

    Personally, I want to relaxed, comfortable and filled with joy and love. I want to feel my most beautiful. With him as my partner? I always do.

    I want to have faith in all the work we’ve put in and comfort when I see the shared love and happiness in our guests’ faces. We have an amazing family friend doing our flowers and I can’t wait until the room is filled with the scent of the fresh flowers and greens that she selects.

    Also, the gift he decided to give me on our wedding day is a perfume he selects personally – I can’t wait to see (smell!) what he chooses and breathe it in all day – then when I wear it in the future, it’ll refresh all of our amazing memories.

    Goodness – I could go on forever! Less than 4 months until I have the honor of calling my best friend, my husband. I cannot wait.

  25. avatar Brittany reply

    Well I’d have to say my wonderful fiance said it very well, “I want it to feel like Christmas morning, and fireworks, and birthdays, and puppies!” He is just so darned cute! And he’s so right! I’m so very very lucky.

  26. avatar Janna reply

    We wanted our day to feel like a big family reunion where we were surrounded by the love of our family and friends who have become family! Both of us growing up, had family as a huge part of our lives and we knew our wedding wouldn’t be any other way.

  27. avatar Cheryl reply

    We want our wedding day to feel like a cross between a family reunion on a hot summers day lounging by the pool, and a romantic, secret garden. The cross between is his vs my vision haha.

  28. avatar Stephanie reply

    I imagine my day filled with love and laughter surrounded by my closest friends and loved one. The only thing better than sharing my love with my partner is sharing that spirit with the whole family…while dancing the night away :)

  29. avatar Weekly Round-Up « Southern Weddings Magazine reply

    […] week, Lara is asking another crucial question that we often overlook. How do you want to feel on your wedding day? Use all five of your senses and focus on that amid all the wedding planning hubbub. Go to the […]

  30. avatar Valerie Owens reply

    On my wedding day, I want to feel relaxed, calm, and elated. I don’t want to be stressed, worried, or irritated. From lovely scented candles to a morning yoga session, I will do what it takes to make sure nothing gets to me on my big day. I wasn’t going to hire an event planner, but I believe it’s worth it! Let them deal with the stress!!!

  31. avatar Davonne reply

    I want my wedding day to feel like the two of us…laid back and happy and full of love.

  32. avatar Brittany M reply

    I feel like my fiance, Adam, put it best when I asked him what he wanted our wedding to feel like:
    “Like Christmas morning, Fourth of July fireworks, birthdays, puppies and swinging on the swing set!”
    I think that sounds like it will feel wonderful. :)

  33. avatar Ilana reply

    On my wedding day I want to feel the excitement and anticipation of the first snowflakes in winter, the warmth of a mellow, sultry evening in July, and the connection I felt when we first walked into the mountain chapel where we want to get married.

  34. avatar Melissa reply

    I want it to feel surreal, surrounded by so many people who love us, looking at the one who loves me more than anyone on this earth, and to feel God in that place when I join the one made for me. I want to soak it in, bottle it up, and save it for the rest of our lives.

  35. avatar AshleyHH reply

    On my wedding day above all the crazy, joyful excitement… I want to feel peace.

  36. avatar Ashley Stout reply

    I want it to feel like a dream come true. I want that feeling of butterfly’s in my stomach,the knot in my throat while trying not to cry, the feel of my first tear drop rolled down my face,the feeling i get the first time I see Stephen looking at me, the feeling I get on the father daughter dance,and the feeling of love from all the attendees. I know my wedding day will be one I will never NEVER forget.

  37. avatar KAREN COGBURN reply

    I want my special day to be filled with lovely fresh flowers & scents. The aroma sticks in your mind & reminds you of what you were doing on that day.

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