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While writing thank you notes doesn’t rank high on most brides’ list of fun wedding planning tasks, I think it should – after all, you’re only writing thank you notes because guests have been kind enough to give you gifts! Thank you notes also give you a chance to express your love and appreciation for individual guests, something you might not get to do on your wedding day. Keeping the intention behind thank you notes at the front of your mind should make this task a breeze – yes, hand cramps and all :)

DO thank everyone. Every gift – an item, money, an event in your honor, or a gift of time or talent – should be acknowledged in writing. A personal, handwritten thank you note remains the blue ribbon standard. Remember that an individual note should be sent to each person who contributed to a group gift, and shower gifts should also be acknowledged with a note, even if you thanked the giver in person.
DON’T delay. If gifts arrive before the wedding, open them! A thank you should be sent within two weeks of receiving a gift (one month for a gift given at the wedding). Trust me, thank you notes are much less daunting if you’re only writing one or two a day.
DO put pen to paper. Yes, paper – no emailed thank you notes here! The stationery you choose doesn’t matter much, but save anything with your new or joint monogram until after the wedding.
DON’T do it all yourself. Involve your groom. There’s no rule that says brides have to write all the thank you notes. Ask your groom to write the notes for his side of the family, or write to each other’s families – it could be a great way to introduce yourself! Of course, bridal shower gifts should remain the bride’s domain.
DO acknowledge kindness. Want to go above and beyond in the “graceful bride” category? Weddings are often a group effort; you’ll find that throughout your engagement dozens of people will pop up with acts of kindness – your neighbor who offers you her rose bush blooms for your shower centerpieces, the cousin who supervises guest parking at your reception, the postman who sets gift deliveries on your porch instead of leaving them out in the rain. A thank you note or sweet treat will likely be unexpected by these folks, but gratefully accepted!

Okay — you’re feeling grateful and ready to write some thank you notes! Even the best intentions, however, can wither when faced with a tall, blank stack of notes. Thankfully, after writing piles for my own wedding, I realized there was something of a formula to the gracious thank you note – a recipe, if you will, that helps you cover your bases in each note and also makes sure each gift is acknowledged in the same courteous, generous, and personal spirit in which it was given. Here are my steps:

1. Open by thanking them for their gift. “Thank you so much for the waffle iron and cookbook!” If the gift was cash, I like the line, “Thank you so much for your generous gift!”
2. Elaborate on your thank you. Add a line or two about why you love the item, why you added it to your registry, or how you plan to use it in your newlywed life. For example, “Kip and I are really looking forward to establishing a big Saturday morning breakfast tradition, and we can’t wait to try out different waffle and pancake recipes.”
3. Add a personal note. If the gift arrived before the wedding and you know their RSVP, add a relevant line: “We can’t wait to see y’all at the wedding – just fourteen days to go!” If the gift arrived on or after your wedding day, that gives you an opening, too: “We wish you could have been at the wedding, but we’re so grateful for your support and felt your prayers on that day. We can’t wait to see you at Christmas!”
4. Close with another thank you. Reiterate your gratitude: “Again, thank you so much for the gift and for the sweet wishes in your note.”

The concept of thank you notes isn’t new to anyone – least of all Southern belles – but I hope this post might have given you a few new tips in your gracious tool kit! Wishing you all relaxed hands as you check this task off the to do list :)

emily Written with love by Emily
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  1. avatar Kathryn reply

    This post couldn’t come at a better time. Between the numerous gifts already arriving at my front door (101 days until the big day!) and my Bridal Shower last week, I’m already feeling a bit overwhelmed – but this helped put me at ease. Planning a wedding is a serious commitment, practically a part-time job (that you of course pay for yourself, however ha!) but it is beyond worth it. I am so thankful and so blessed to be marrying my best friend …and can’t wait to celebrate with those we love come September!

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  1. avatar Whitney reply

    I am so excited about this! I love everything on her site! I think my absolute favorite is the “Everyday I’m Hustlin” mug!

  2. avatar Whitney reply

    I follow Ashley Brooke Designs on Instagram!

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    I like ABD on Facebook!

  4. avatar Ally Simmons reply

    I’m following Ashley Brooke Designs on Instagram!!! Yay!

  5. avatar Ally Simmons reply

    I like Ashley Brooke Designs on Facebook!!

  6. avatar Ally Simmons reply

    My favorite item from Ashley Brooke Designs is the pink “You can’t sit with us” mug from Mean Girls! Hilarious.

  7. avatar Tori reply

    I think the Collegiate Girl cards from the Tailored Collection are adorable! I would customize with my favorite team, the Florida Gators!

  8. avatar Tori reply

    Followed on Instagram!

  9. avatar Justyne M reply

    I love the “You’ve Got (fancy) Mail” Stamps, so perfect for wedding invitations!

  10. avatar Justyne M reply

    I (bridejem) follow Ashley Brooke on instagram

  11. avatar Justyne Matheny reply

    I Like Ashley Brooke Designs on Facebook

  12. avatar Sarah Brooke reply

    I love her engagement thank you cards – I had them pinned for months and they were my first post-engagemnt purchase!

  13. avatar Sarah Brooke reply

    I like her on facebook!

  14. avatar Sarah Brooke reply

    Also follow on twitter – @sarahbkane

  15. avatar Jennifer reply

    I love all of her mugs! They are so fun!

  16. avatar Jennifer reply

    I follow ABD on instagram!

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    I like ABD on Facebook!

  18. avatar Kelly reply

    I love those Naughty&Nice coffee mugs! So cute for the holidays!

  19. avatar Kelly Robinson reply

    I followed her on Facebook!

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    I also followed on Instagram!

  21. avatar Shannon reply

    I love all of it! but especially the tailored collection: fancy couple cards!

  22. avatar Shannon reply

    I follow ABD on instagram!

  23. avatar Lauren M reply

    I love the Mrs. Fancy Pants and the Fancy Couple notes!

  24. avatar Melanie Ann reply

    Oh this shop has such cute stuff! I LOVE the “to legit to quit” mug & the “good morning doll face” mug!!

  25. avatar Melanie Ann reply

    I LOVE ABD on fb!

  26. avatar Melanie Ann reply

    I follow ABD on instagram (happyjax).

  27. avatar Shannon M. reply

    LOVING the ‘Good Morning, Dollface’ mug- but considering I call my hubs-to-be ‘Handsome’ as a nickname, I think the ‘Mr. Handsome’ mug would go perfectly in his stocking…

  28. avatar Shannon M. reply

    Have followed ABD on Instagram! Yay for prettiness in my feed!

  29. avatar Shannon M. reply

    ABD followed on Facebook! WAHOO!

  30. avatar LINDSAY reply

    My fave ABD product (besides these adorable mugs) has to be the “You’ve Got Fancy Mail” stamps – to go with the cute engagement thank-yous!

  31. avatar Jordan Ray reply

    I love the Mr. And Mrs Mugs! Also, I began following you on Pinterest! Love all th products on the ABD site though.

  32. avatar Margaret Parke reply

    I followed ABD on Instagram!

  33. avatar Margaret Parke reply

    I love all of the mugs, especially the Mr. and Mrs. mugs! I love the Dream Big mug also and all of the stationary!!

  34. avatar Margaret Parke reply

    Liked ABD on Facebook!! Such cute stuff!

  35. avatar Emily Preaus reply

    i love the jingle juice napkins. they are my favorite. and of course sold out.

    i have liked the ABD fb page and instagram page :)

  36. avatar Allyson W reply

    I follow Ashley Brooks Designs on Instagram!

  37. avatar Hailey Rotenberry reply

    I am OBSESSED with the “you can sit with us” mug!! Mean Girls is my all time favorite movie and my friends would die if I got them this mug for xmas!

  38. avatar emily thompson reply

    Following on Instagram!

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    happy to have a new designer/small business owner like myself to follow on instagram! Following!

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    I love the naughty or nice mug.

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    Following on facebook as well!

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    I follow Ashley Brooke Designs on Facebook!

  44. avatar emily thompson reply

    Love the Mr. & Mrs. Mugs and also the You can’t sit with us Mug.

  45. avatar Ashleigh reply

    I actually love these mugs the most! They are just so darn cute!

  46. avatar Stacey Tompkins reply

    I follow Ashley on Instagram

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    I liked Ashley’s Facebook page!

  48. avatar Ashleigh reply

    I’m a fan of ABD on Facebook!

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  50. avatar Mariel C. reply

    I love the personalized couple stationary with the pup. Our dog Bowser would love to be on our cards!

  51. avatar Mariel reply

    I followed her on Insta!

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    I also liked her on FB!

  53. avatar Allyson W. reply

    I love her Tailored Collection fancy couple cards. I would love to order these with out little Boston Terrier on them!

  54. avatar Julie reply

    Treat yo self Mug = Awesome!

  55. avatar Kelsey B reply

    I love the Hustlin’ t-shirts!

  56. avatar Kelsey B reply

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  57. avatar Katie reply

    Gosh, I love all of her designs. The Mrs. Fancy Pants and Everyday I’m Hustlin’ mugs are to die for.

  58. avatar Heather B. reply

    my favorite ABD are those exact mugs! I’ve had them on my wishlist for quite some time. also love the naughty & the nice notepad :)

  59. avatar Katie reply

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  60. avatar Heather B. reply

    liked ABD on facebook! {Heather Beale}

  61. avatar Katie reply

    I’ve been following ABD for ages, I love seeing her ideas and designs- so inspiring!! xx

  62. avatar Katie reply

    apologies forgot to mention the following is on facebook*

  63. avatar Lindsay Castle reply

    As an avid coffee drinker, I very much love ALL of her mugs!

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    Loving the holiday sticker set!

  65. avatar Heather B. reply

    following on instagram too! {@heather_beale}

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    Following on facebook!!!

  67. avatar Mary Carroll reply

    Also, loving the #killing it post its! Very cute.

  68. avatar Blair Bone reply

    Love love love the Mr. & Mrs. coffee mugs! My husband and I sit on our couch every Saturday morning and enjoy a cup of coffee together-best mornings ever!

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    Following on Instagram (Blairthomasbone) :)

  71. avatar Amanda Giesler reply

    LOVE ABDesigns! My favorite is the “Everyday I’m hustling” mug! My friend got it for me and I absolutely love it. Would love to add these cozy mugs to my collection!

  72. avatar Amanda Giesler reply

    Oh and I followed her on Instagram and Facebook!

  73. avatar Michelle reply

    I’ve been following ABD on Instagram for awhile now – she alway posts the best stuff!

  74. avatar Megan Jones reply

    Hi! I’m Megan Jones. Love your publication and store. I have the gold vows print hanging in our dining room among wedding pics… PERFECT for newlyweds! :)

    I have liked Ashley Brooke Designs on Facebook AND followed on Instagram. I’d love these mugs for my new hubby and myself.

    -Meg Jones

  75. avatar kelsey pickens reply

    My favorite product is her mugs and the sayings on each one!

  76. avatar Larissa M reply

    The “to legit to quit” mug is, indeed, too accurate to terminate!

  77. avatar Sara reply

    I love the Mr. and Mrs. Mugs!

  78. avatar Sara reply

    I follow ABD on Instagram

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    I follow ABD on Facebook

  80. avatar Elizabeth Langgle-Martin reply

    Love the Everyday I’M Hustlin T-shirts! :)

  81. avatar Sarah Goehringer reply

    I would love to get a custom drawing!

  82. avatar Sarah Goehringer reply

    I follow on instagram! @sarahgoehringer

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    I follow on Facebook!

  84. avatar Caroline reply

    My favorite item on ABD’s website is her “let’s always be fancy” coffee mug.

  85. avatar Caroline reply

    I follow ABD on instagram!

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    I “like” ABD on facebook!

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    I love the engagement thank you cards!

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    The Naughty & Nice mugs <3

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    I’m following on instagram. @maecimartin

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    I like ABD on facebook.

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    I’m following on Facebook!

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    I love her hashtag cards!!!

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    Following ABD on instagram

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    Liked ABD on FB :)

  96. avatar Brittany Davidson reply

    I love the mugs- so cute! I would get one that said Mrs. Wild Thang and one that says Mr. Wild Thing. Our first dance was to the wild thing song by the troggs. It’s so funny now all our little cousins and family call us “wild thing’ and sing it. It’s so fun to see our favorite song now become our family and friends favorite thing to sing around us!

  97. avatar Brittany Davidson reply

    I have also followed ABD on instagram and facebook!

  98. avatar Madeleine B reply

    I love the holiday insta-cards! So cute and a cute way to use your own pictures!

  99. avatar Madeleine B reply

    Followed on Instagram and Facebook!

  100. avatar Elise reply

    I love all her cards!

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    I like the Dream Big mug!

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    Liked on facebook!!

  104. avatar Mandy reply

    I now like ABD on instagram! So cute :)

  105. avatar Mandy reply

    I LOVE the everyday I’m hustlin’ coffee mug! That would definitely get me excited about going to school each morning to teach my little kiddies!

  106. avatar Mandy reply

    Now liking and following ABD on facebook :)

  107. avatar Ione Barrera reply

    you cant sit with us mug.

  108. avatar courtney d reply

    i like the everyday im hustlin t-shirt! so cute!

  109. avatar courtney d reply

    i like ABD on FB

  110. avatar Sandryte reply

    Liked the page on FB ;)

  111. avatar Sandryte reply

    I love this: The Naughty & The Nice Foil Notepad

  112. avatar Erin reply

    Love her Hustle print and all the his and her mugs. :)

  113. avatar Erin reply

    And I’ve been an instagram stalker/follower of ABD for a while now hahaha!

  114. avatar Carley reply

    I follow Ashley Brooke Designs on Instagram – so pretty!

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    I am now following ABD on Facebook.

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    And finally, my favorite product in the online shop must be the Dream Big mug :)

  117. avatar Caroline reply

    I absolutely LOVE the “Treat Yo’ Self” mug. That’s my motto, (from Parks & Rec of course)!! haha

  118. avatar lindsey reply

    i love the “everyday i’m hustlin\'” mug!

  119. avatar lindsey reply

    i follow ABD on instagram!

  120. avatar Hannah Moore reply

    Love all the custom stationary

  121. avatar Katie reply

    How much do I love the fancy couple thank yous!!!! And the Mr and Mrs mugs are great! Love it all!

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    I follow on Insta!

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  124. avatar Alex S. reply

    The “You’ve Got Fancy Mail” stamps just made me giggle! I absolutely adore them!

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    I can’t wait for Ashley Brooke Designs to start showing up on my Instagram feed!

  126. avatar Alex S. reply

    This new friend on Facebook makes my day! Officially a follower!

  127. avatar Mariela Niland reply

    The ABD “you’ve got mail” stamps are precious!

  128. avatar Emily K. reply

    Love the “Goodmorning Dollface” mug!

  129. avatar Emily K. reply

    Liked ABD on facebook :)

  130. avatar Emily K. reply

    I follow ABD on Instagram! @emilymkrieger

  131. avatar Kelly reply

    1. I love her Hustlin t-shirt and the dream big, really big mug! So cute!

    2. I follow on instagram at k_cru

    3. And I like ABD on facebook!

  132. avatar Megan reply

    I adore the you can’t sit with us mugs.

  133. avatar Lee Anne Jackson reply

    I love the “Too Legit to Quit” Mug, but let’s be honest, it’s ALL fabulous!

  134. avatar Lee Anne Jackson reply

    I followed ABD on Instagram @fabulousmissla

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    I liked ABD on facebook!

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    Following Ashley Brooke Designs on Instagram @glitterandbow — ABD is the best :) xx

  139. avatar Rachel C. reply

    I’d have to say the ‘Everyday I’m Hustlin’ tee is my fave! One day I will have to treat myself to it :) I also really like the ‘Mr. Handsome’ mug because I have the ‘Mrs. fancy pants’ one and my hubby should be drinking out of its counterpart! xx

  140. avatar Randee Bowling reply

    I love the mugs and all her stuff. My favorite is the his and her mugs. : )

  141. avatar Randee Bowling reply

    I love the mugs for Ashley Designs!! <3

  142. avatar Emily Swanson reply

    THIS mug set has been my absolute favorite product of Ashley Brooks Designs! I got married in July and have been keeping an eye on it since!! (If I have to pick a second since this is the give away- those “you’ve got fancy mail” stamps are to die for!!

  143. avatar Emily Swanson reply

    I follow Ashley Brook Designs on Instagram!!

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    I like Ashley Brooke Designs on Facebook!!

  145. avatar Ashley Schooley reply

    My favorite product from Ashley’s shop is her “You’ve got fancy mail” stamps!

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    Already follow ABD on Instagram :)

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    Already follow ABD on Facebook! :)

  148. avatar Michelle reply

    I love ABD Dream Big mug! It’s so inspiring to make it happen!

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    I can’t decide between the Dream Big mug or the Too Legit mug!! Both are adorable!!

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    Hustlin’ mug!

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    Following Ashley Brooke on Instagram and Facebook and hustlin mug!

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    I love her too legit to quit mug!

    I also follow on Instagram.

  156. avatar Anne Plummer reply

    Loving Ashley’s Tailored Collection! What a great idea for truly custom stationary! =D

  157. avatar Anne Plummer reply

    followed on instagram!

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    Liked on Facebook!

  159. avatar Katie Stansell reply

    I absolutely LOVE the Mr. and Mrs. mugs pictures more than anything else, we are getting married soon and have nothing that says Mr. and Mrs. yet!

  160. avatar Katie reply

    I just “liked” ABD on Facebook! So cute!

  161. avatar Whitney Goetz reply

    I follow ABD on Instagram as WhitRaye

  162. avatar Whitney Goetz reply

    I love the Mr. and Mrs. coffee mugs Thanks for hosting such a great give-a-way!

  163. avatar Allison reply

    What a great website! I love the monogram door hanger in orange and blue for my Auburn house!

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  165. avatar Chloe Calhoun reply

    My favorite product from Ashley Brook Designs is The Tailored Collection: Fancy Couple stationary.

  166. avatar Chloe Calhoun reply

    I am following Ashley Brooke Designs on instagram!

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    Love all of the enclosure cards! So adorable!!

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  170. avatar nicki reply

    i love flamingos so I’d have to say the you fancy cards!

  171. avatar nicki reply

    i like on fb!

  172. avatar Lorin reply

    The bright Hey There Buttercup Folded Cards are my favorite product from Ashley Brooke. Would love to send those to sweet friends & clients :)

  173. avatar Carlye reply

    Mr. & Mrs. Mugs! Perfect for our household!

  174. avatar Stewart reply

    I think the “Making Moves” moving announcements are super-cute!

  175. avatar Melissa Jones reply

    I love the “thank you” engagement cards. I am recently engaged and would love to send those out to all of my girls for their help.

  176. avatar Melissa Jones reply

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    My favorite is the making moves moving announcement. Would love to send those out after we move to Charleston!

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    Love the summer girl!

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    OH, I’ve loved ABD for a loooong time now. I love how she customizes each piece of stationary! That is my favorite stuff of hers!

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    Love the “The Naughty & The Nice ” Foil Notepad

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  203. avatar Erika Carbray reply

    Hello! :)
    My favorite product of ABD is definitely her “let’s get down to business” consultation package. That is truly amazing that a business owner would offer to help another business owner. Shows true character! I’ve been wanting to start mine for a long time. Love ABD and her mugs!!

  204. avatar Erika Carbray reply

    Hello! :)
    I followed ABD on Instagram! Woohoo!

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    Hello! :)
    I liked ABD on Facebook! Yay!

  206. avatar Lauren reply

    I love the “Let’s always be fancy” mug, but I don’t see it in the shop anymore! Please re-order!

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    I’m loving Ashley’s Tailored Collection! So cute!

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  211. avatar Laura reply

    After looking through all of ABD’s fun goodies, I think my favorite is still the Mr. Handsome mug…too cute!

  212. avatar Eva McCracken reply

    I LOVE their Naughty + Nice mugs. That cute little saying pretty much sums me up perfectly, LOL.

  213. avatar Eva McCracken reply

    I follow ABD on Instagram (username evamariex387)

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    I like ABD on Facebook

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    I follow ABD on Instagram (@kristyngrace)

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    I love the Jingle Juice napkins and the “Everyday I’m hustlin\'” mug

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    I LOVE the sunglasses print!

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    My favorite product is the “dream big” mug! Such a great reminder in the morning!

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  228. avatar Kayla reply

    Love the “Goodmorning doll face” coffee mug!

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    I love these mugs!

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    I like the jingle juice napkins. Wish they weren’t sold out already.

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    I liked Ashley Brooke Designs on Facebook!

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    I just followed Ashley Brooke Designs on Instagram!

  235. avatar Brittany Jacobson reply

    I love her “Let’s Get Down to Business // Brand Consultation with ABD.” I recently started my own cupcake business that also seeks to end Human Trafficking and would love for someone like her to teach me the ins and outs of successful business management and how I can further my business!

  236. avatar Narisa D reply

    Liked ABD on facebook.

  237. avatar Jenn Fraleigh reply

    My favorite really is the Mr and Mrs mug, they crack me up. Cute design :)

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    I follow ABD on Facebook :)

  239. avatar Samantha Wright reply

    I am a HUGE fan of Ashley Brooke Designs! I am following her on Facebook!

  240. avatar Samantha Wright reply

    Ashley Brooke Designs is one of my favorite Instagram users that I follow!

  241. avatar Samantha Wright reply

    My favorite Ashley Brooke Designs product are her Tailored Cards. Especially the couple ones because I am getting married in less than 2 months!

  242. avatar Larissa M reply

    Naughty&Nice coffee mugs adorbs!

  243. avatar Casey reply

    Liked ABD on Facebook!

  244. avatar Casey reply

    Oh my stars, her products are all hilarious. There’s just too many great designs to pick a favorite, but I am particularly fond of the “You Fancy” Flamingo Folded Cards and the “#KillingIT” cards. Ha!

  245. avatar Jamie reply

    I love the fancy stamps! I would use these all the time!

  246. avatar Madison G reply

    Have been following on IG and liked on Facebook a while ago. Love everything ABD but if I had to choose it would be the jingle juice napkins. I would love a custom illustration of my lab to use as stamps for wedding invites.

  247. avatar katelyn broomfield reply

    Followed on instagram

  248. avatar Katelyn Broomfield reply

    such cute stationery!

  249. avatar Katelyn Broomfield reply

    Liked ABD on Facebook

  250. avatar Catherine R reply

    Following ABD on Facebook! Thanks for this sweet little giveaway!

  251. avatar Krystin reply

    I love the Mr. & Mrs. mug set!

  252. avatar krystin reply

    I liked ABD on facebook!

  253. avatar krystin reply

    I am following her on Instagram!

  254. avatar Krystin reply

    I love the Miss Fancy Pants Mug :- ) sooo cute!

  255. avatar KH Bride reply

    I like the naughty and nice mugs

  256. avatar KH Bride reply

    Follow on fb

  257. avatar Tiffany reply

    I like the Treat Yo Self mug

  258. avatar Erin reply

    loving the miss fancy pants mug-but the “you fancy” notes are amazing!


    Erin @

  259. avatar Kelsey reply

    I love the hashtag Folded Cards!

  260. avatar Kelsey reply

    Followed on Instagram!

  261. avatar Kelsey reply

    Liked on Facebook!

  262. avatar Meghan Duke reply

    I love ABD coffee mugs!

  263. avatar Meghan Duke reply

    I LOVE ABD on Facebook!

  264. avatar Meghan Duke reply

    I follow ABD on Instagram!

  265. avatar Brandy reply

    I have liked ABD on Insta and Facebook! Love her stuff!

  266. avatar Melissa reply

    Following ABD on Instagram!

  267. avatar Melissa reply

    I’ve always loved her mugs!

  268. avatar Parchet laminat reply

    Someone essentially lend a hand to make critically articles
    I might state. That is the first time I frequented your web page
    and to this point? I surprised with the analysis you made
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    Excellent job!

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Finding the perfect paper goods that show off your personality while maintaining great quality is a challenge. I can get in a rut just choosing blank note cards sometimes!

Personalization can be tricky, too. You want your details to reflect who you and your beau are, but you still want the design to be clean and precise.

We just adore Ashley Brooke Designs for her way of effortlessly making paper products combine the best of both worlds. Her aptly-named Tailored Collection has been a favorite of ours. We even gave away her Tailored Holiday Cards this Christmas!

When Ashley told us she was creating a wedding collection for her Tailored line, we knew she would have a winner on her hands! Now, your save the dates and thank you cards can be customized with your face and hair. My favorite part? You can even add your dear furry companion to the illustration!

Win: 100 folded cards from Ashley Brooke Designs Tailored Wedding Collection (including one pet!).

To Enter: There are two ways to enter!
1. Leave a comment below telling us how you and your sweetie’s personalities mesh wonderfully.
2. Tweet “I just entered the @ABDesigns giveaway on @iloveswmag!” Then come back here and leave a SEPARATE comment telling us you did so!

This giveaway ends at midnight on May 15. Good Luck!

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar amanda reply

    my fiance and i compliment each other so nicely! he’s my rock and foundation when things are crazy, and i’m his support when things are crazy for him. although he’d say the exact same thing about me, that i say about him. we’re best friends and i would never change that. i also tell him i appreciate him never borrowing me clothes without asking.. that’s a plus too! but really he’s the perfect arm candy and i get to marry him in november! cannot WAIT!

  2. avatar Ashley Brooke Designs + Southern Weddings = A Giveaway! – Ashley Brooke Designs reply

    […] color, your hair, and even add in your favorite furry companion… so, you are going to want to enter! These cards also make perfect and personal gifts for showers and […]

  3. avatar Elizabeth reply

    M is the man I always dreamed of. He is kind and considerate. He makes me laugh when I’m angry and comforts me when I’m sad or sick. I am a strong, independent woman, and he lets me be that way. But he also knows exactly when I need him, and he relishes in his role as “protector.” I am so in love with this man and thank the Lord every day that he is my forever Mr. Right.

  4. avatar Elizabeth reply

    I also just tweeted :)

  5. avatar Jen M reply

    These are such cute “Thank You” cards! For an example of how we “mesh” together, here’s a quick story about our wedding shower. As a surprise to me and all the ladies, Steve, my dad and his dad participated in some “household challenges” where they had to peel a potato, set a table, fold laundry and diaper a baby doll. All the ladies got to cheer them on! He loved being in on the surprise and I always love being able to cheer him on! He’s a great competitor, but he was also very gracious when he lost to the dads who each had 30+ years of married life experience! We’ll make a great team!

  6. avatar Jen M reply

    I just tweeted about this contest, too!

  7. avatar Katie O’Keefe reply

    I would definitely love to see how she would depict my 6’5″ man with me at 5’3″, and our yellow lab puppy. :)

    Thank you cards would be wonderful as we can use them for anything.

  8. avatar Courtney reply

    My husband and I mesh together because we have a lot in common but still have our differences. I am the social butterfly and he is more reserved, I handle the financials and he handles maintenance, I like bold colors he likes earth tones, etc . One thing that will always bind us is the love we have for one another (even if differences arise) and our love for University of Georgia football (GO DAWGS)!

  9. avatar Patty reply

    These are too cute! I would absolutely love to use these as my wedding thank you cards. My handsome fiance and I are head over heels in love and can’t wait to get married in October. Together, with our silver lab, Miles, we are a happy little family! He encourages me to be my best self and we are supportive of each others goals and dreams. I am the luckiest girl to be marrying my best friend.

  10. avatar amanda reply

    i tweeted y’all! and ashley retweeted me! WOOT!

  11. avatar Larissa reply

    My sweetie and I really are opposites, but I can’t imagine life without him balancing me. I tend to stress about things, but he calms me down. I motivate him while he assures me living my life is okay :)

  12. avatar Sarah Lindsay reply

    My fiance and I definitely mesh (and we should because we’ve been together for 9 years) before he popped the question! Now I’m only 23, so do the math — high school together, college together! He is my best friend, someone who I can talk to about anything and who I can always be myself with.

    If you are interested in how he proposed, check out my blog (I included the link above). Let’s just say that I would absolutely love these cards b/c he proposed to me on my new puppy’s dog collar!!! And I am obsessed with the save the date cards from ABD that have the two dogs used as the bride and groom.

  13. avatar Taylor J reply

    WOOHOO! I love when y’all give away Ashley Brooke stationery!!! Fantastic. I have to say the best way our personalities mesh is that Z is more of a “take charge” kind of man, whereas I’m more timid and the “team player”. But best of all, is even when I decide to head a big project, he always is my number one fan and support system.

  14. avatar Taylor J reply

    Tweeted “I just entered the @ABDesigns giveaway on @iloveswmag!” :)

  15. avatar KristinD reply

    Love these!!! I think being opposites help “mesh”. I’m the “I have to have it planned days in advance…know what I’m doing” where he’s the “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of guy. Makes wedding planning a little difficult. heehee. Can’t wait to get married this September and these thank yous are adorable!!

  16. avatar KristinD reply


  17. avatar Mary reply

    My sweetie and I complement each other because we can both keep the situation light for one another when either of us needs it!

  18. avatar Erin reply

    My main squeeze, Stephen, and my personalities mesh so well because he’s a big, goofy, crazy, man! He brings the big, goofy, crazy girl in me out!! In general I’m not a big risk taker, so I’m the calm one of the two of us, but I’m teaching him responsibility (yes, it IS important to pay bills on time!) while he teaches me how to get the most out of life (“guess what baby, I forgot half of our camping gear! we’re Bear Grylls now!”)…it’s crazy, it’s silly, it’s love <3

  19. avatar Carolyn & Dave reply

    My fiance and I are such a good match! My strengths and weaknesses are different than his so we support each other, in good times and bad. We make each other smile!

  20. avatar Katie O’Keefe reply

    I just want to say yay! and thanks again for having a ABD giveaway…love love love this! And I just tweeted about it.
    How we mesh- My man is country boy and I’m a city girl. He keeps me grounded and I keep him organized. I think what makes us mesh so well is that we’re best friends who happen to be madly in love with each other. We appreciate each other’s strengths and see beyond each other’s weaknesses. We also laugh a lot. :)

  21. avatar Carolyn & Dave reply

    Just tweeted:!/TheWeddingQueen/status/199945765332844546

  22. avatar Sarah reply

    He likes cooking, I like cleaning, what could be better than that?! But in all seriousness, our personality traits keep us perfectly balanced out. My fiance loves to be spontaneous, and I love to be organized, so we manage to live our day to day life incorporating both of those sensibilities!

  23. avatar Tyla reply

    My fiance and I met almost 6 years ago at a sleep-away camp in West Virginia, where we were both camp counselors. Being confined to camp for two months, we had to get creative with our dates. We made fires and cooked smores, canoed down the river on our hours off, and watched movies in the gym. We saw each other at our silliest and messiest moments, and knowing we could survive the good ol’ outdoors together, I knew we could do just about anything together and have fun while doing it. Now, years later, we still enjoy the same things. We are both passionate about education; he is a teacher, and I am in graduate school to be a school psychologist. We are both so excited to start our lives, as we truly feel that we complete each other.

  24. avatar Jessica Williams reply

    I have to say, those are the most adorable thank you cards I have ever seen!! My fiancé and I have been together almost 8 years and are getting married on the beach in NC in September. And yes.. Our little Maltese will be right there!! Chris and I are 2 peas in a pod. We both love sports, Especially the Indianapolis Colts!! I am the luckiest girl in the world, because I am actually marrying my best friend. Thanks so much for this opportunity, and we will be keeping our fingers crossed!!

  25. avatar Vicky reply

    My fiancé and I love to cook with each other. Although he’s more of the cook and I more of he baker, we compliment each other and always make a fabulous meal. We also work with each of our strengths in our relationship to create the strongest bond possible.

  26. avatar Vicky reply

    I just tweeted. :) @VMurph8

  27. avatar Deb reply

    These Tailored Thank You Cards are ADORABLE! They would make a perfect way to thank all of our amazing guests who will share our special day with us!

  28. avatar Jenna reply! I love these! So cute!

    My fiance and I both have such a fun sense of humor and love laughing and living life to the fullest :)

  29. avatar Kristyn M reply

    We are both so strong willed but we keep each other in check. We challenge each other daily to be better people.

  30. avatar Kristyn M reply

    I tweeted about it! @FireflyCarolina

  31. avatar Shannon soon to be Vizenor reply

    My soon to be, as we now call eachother, compliment eachother wonderfully. We can drive eachother crazy, but sometimes I think that’s why we love each other so much. We both come from totally different backgrounds, but one thing is true, we value family above all else and will work to no end to make that a priority. We joke about how we both get so wound up, we work together, and if it weren’t for the other, I don’t know how we would ever have calm after a stormy workday. He makes me laugh, i make him laugh harder. He’s spontanious and I can go with the flow. I love everything about him, and the things i don’t make me love him more.
    Love this contest, we are doing a primarily DIY wedding but every little extra will help!!

  32. avatar Erin reply

    My fiancé & I truly balance each other out in a wonderful way. He’s from Texas, I’m from New York. I’m an planner, he’s completely laid back & calm over everything. He shows me that certain things in life aren’t worth stressing over, and I show him the practical side. He’s my best friend & I love that we’re different!

  33. avatar Erin reply


  34. avatar Legal Preppy reply

    Me and my man are like two peas in a pod. We mesh so well because we are so similar to each other, we can complete each others sentences, we can be ourselves around each other and love each other for who we are, and we are always completely open and honest with each other which is what makes us the perfect match. xo, LP

  35. avatar Legal Preppy reply

    I tweeted about your giveaway @legalpreppy – thanks for hosting such a wonderful giveaway, I love Ashley Brooke!!

  36. avatar Lindsey reply

    These are adorable; I would really like some of the thank you notes. The art work adds such a special touch that you cannot get anywhere else in my opinion. That is a thank you not to hang on the fridge or proudly display.

  37. avatar Lindsey Long reply!/LindseyLL/status/200239555012599810 I sent a tweet about it!

  38. avatar Erin E reply

    My love and I compliment each other well! I actually broke up with him after a month of dating because I thought we were too different. Turns out his conservative, even keeled country boy personality tempers my crazy, neurotic city girl tendencies.

  39. avatar Elizabeth L reply

    I knew we were meant to be when we raised the most amazing black lab ever. Our personalities made for an incredibly laid back puppy that is a spitting image of the best in both of us. We are incorporating her in our wedding day and these cards would be the perfect thank you’s for us.

  40. avatar Liz reply

    I just tweeted! Plus- we mesh because we complement each other. I like to plan, he’s spontaneous. He likes to try new things to do & places to go, whereas I’m more habitual. But it works & we’re loving life right now with about 20 days till our wedding!

  41. avatar Ashlee reply

    My fiance, Ray, and I compliment each other very well! We’ve been together for 12 years, since playing soccer together in high school, and have many of the same interests and values. We had the same group of friends and transitioned into a couple with ease. We both love to cook together and have a strong passion for all things food & dogs. Our friends say that we play off of one another when we joke around, making it much more interesting to listen to or watch. He grounds me: If ever I complain, he learned very quickly to ask — would you like me to just listen or help solve the problem. We are getting married in less than 3 months and can’t wait to marry my best friend, literally in the city we grew so fond of one another when we were young, Savannah, Georgia.

  42. avatar Becky reply

    The thank you cards are fantastically adorable! Thank YOU for the opportunity to win via Twitter. (Here’s my tweet:!/Becky1012/status/200946405135749120)

  43. avatar Liz Harvey reply

    We are each others best friends and I think its not necessarily just about how much you are alike, but also accepting and encouraging each other for your differences. Chris is a Red Sox fan and Im a Yankees fan!!! Due to our differences, it makes for exciting baseball seasons! I wouldnt change this about him at all!

  44. avatar Laura reply

    Some people say opposites attract, but me and my sweetie mesh because we are so similar! We rarely fight about anything. I do have to say, though, that he is THE HAPPIEST person in the world (literally never gets upset about anything) which is amazing because he can pull me out of mood funks I get into occasionally. Love, love, love him! And I’d love to win this giveaway too :)

  45. avatar Laura reply

    Just tweeted too :)

  46. avatar Christy L reply

    My fiance and I fit wonderfully together because we share the same interests, values, and sense of humor! We met three years ago in Dallas, just as I was planning a big move to Chicago… and gosh am I happy I chose to stay in the South! :) George and I love going to football and hockey games, cooking dinner together (I must admit he does most of the cooking!), traveling back to the midwest to spend time with our families, and hanging with our new rescue puppy, Tim Riggins. George is the most kind & considerate person I’ve ever met, and I can’t wait for our wedding day! We would be so excited to win cards from Ashley Brooke Designs Tailored Wedding Collection – what a great way to include Mr. Riggins in our big day!

  47. avatar Christy L reply

    I just tweeted as well! Thanks for this great opportunity, I love Ashley Brooke Designs & these thank yous could not be more fitting for our wedding :)

  48. avatar Ali reply

    I just tweeted about the adorable Ashley Brooke Design cards…fingers crossed!! These would be perfect to send out as our thank-you notes!

  49. avatar Ali reply

    Eric and I fit perfectly together because we have the same values…faith, family and football above all else! We would love to send out these Thank-Yous by Ashley Brooke Designs to all our wonderful guests!

  50. avatar Nicole reply

    I tweeted! ( @NLM92 )

  51. avatar Sarah Lindsay reply

    I tweeted! @SarahMargaretL

  52. avatar Elizabeth @ HobbyLobbyist reply

    Our personalities are a great match because he’s easygoing when I get stressed.

  53. avatar Erin reply

    I’m a huge fan of my guy and I’m also a huge fan of Modern Family which is why this quote from one of their episodes describes everything about us PERFECTLY…

    “There are dreamers and there are realists in this world. You think the dreamers would find the dreamers and the realists would find the realists, but more often than not the opposite is true. See the dreamers need the realists to keep the dreamers from soaring too close to the sun. And the realists? Well without the dreamers, they might not ever get off the ground.”

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