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Last week, we were thrilled to introduce the blog’s newest feature, the Honey List to you! This curated list is chock full of the best honeymoon spots for you sweet Southern couples. Whether you’re the adventurous type, the romantic type, or the luxe type, we’ve got you covered with locations from quaint Southern towns to Caribbeans resorts. Each location has been personally visited and reviewed by one of us, so you know it’s gooder than grits!

Y’all know over here at Southern Weddings, we like to start things off with a bang. For you lucky honeymoon-planning couples, that means a giveaway with Heys USA modern luggage! We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the launch of the Honey List than by giving away a carry-on-friendly luggage piece to one happy couple. Whether you’re packing hiking boots or swim suits, we’ve got you covered! The 4WD has a hard shell construction that’s designed to flex under stress to absorb impact and then return to its original shape and features an expandable design for up to 25% additional packing capacity. Another pro? All of Heys USA 4WD luggage pieces are incredibly lightweight, so extra baggage fees are avoided. That just means you can pack more souvenirs for the trip home, right?

Win: One Heys USA 4WD carry-on luggage piece in the color of your choice!

To Enter: There are four ways and doing each can increase your chances of winning!
1. Leave a comment on this post telling us about your ideal honeymoon spot.
2. Follow Heys USA on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway to us! Then leave a SEPARATE comment here saying you did so!
3. Like Heys USA and Southern Weddings on Facebook and then leave a SEPARATE comment here saying you did so.
4. Link to this giveaway on Facebook and be sure to tag Southern Weddings and Heys USA! Then, you guessed it, be sure to come back here and leave a SEPARATE comment telling us you did so.

This giveaway will close on January 1. Good luck!

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar Laura reply

    Hmmm, our ideal honeymoon would be some place low-key and relaxing with maybe some adventure thrown in. I’ve heard that Montana and Glacier National Park are beautiful.

  2. avatar Kristi reply

    My future husband will be deploying shortly after we get married so I’m just thankful we have the time to take a honeymoon. We’ll be spending ours relaxing on the beach in the Dominican Republic. This luggage would be great to have since he uses him gym bag every time we travel.

  3. avatar Tara reply

    Relaxing with a view. Must have good food and good wine to share with my honey. It’s as easy as that.

  4. avatar Sonia Marie reply

    My Dream honeymoon spot? Hawaii !!

  5. avatar Megan Gibson reply

    Ooh I like this question! My ideal honeymoon spot is somewhere with history and beauty. I don’t want to spend my honeymoon on a beach somewhere, I want to travel around Italy or France or even Greece. I want adventure and learning. This luggage set would be amazing to take on the honeymoon, thanks for the awesome giveaways!!!

  6. avatar Sonia Marie reply

    Liked Heys USA on Facebook & of course already liked Southern Weddings :)

  7. avatar Allyson L. reply

    We’re thinking about taking our honeymoon to the Banff and Lake Louise area. We would like to do some hiking but also relax and we think that we’ll have the best of both worlds there.

  8. avatar Katie O’Donovan reply

    Our ideal honeymoon spot would be Hawaii. My fiance and I are avid hikers and love and adventure but we want to be able to relax on the beach as well!

  9. avatar Megan Gibson reply

    I now follow Heys USA on Twitter!!

  10. avatar Megan Gibson reply

    I now “like” both of you on Facebook!

  11. avatar Angela Alpaugh reply

    Turtle Bay!

  12. avatar Andrea reply

    We are thinking about going to Fiji. Looking forward to making travel arrangements soon!

  13. avatar Linden reply

    Somewhere beautiful and relaxing! Not much matters though since you’re with the one you love!

  14. avatar Caroline reply

    We’re hoping for a delayed honeymoon romp through Europe!

  15. avatar Laura reply

    Okay, I’m a bit indecisive. Can I go to Italy, then Hawaii, then round off the adventure with a cup of hot cocoa at the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone (with snow)? I’ve experienced two of those places, but it’d be much better to experience them with my better half.

  16. avatar Katie reply

    I “like” you on facebook! Ideal honeymoon destination would have to be Turks & Caicos where I can lounge on the beach with my hubby and completely relax after a stressful wedding planning. This luggage set would be PERFECT to take on that trip!

  17. avatar Madelynne Miller reply

    My ideal honeymoon spot is anywhere tropical and warm, which is why we’re going to Playa del Carmen, Mexico!

  18. avatar Madelynne Miller reply

    I tweeted about this contest! @smaddogmiller

  19. avatar Madelynne Miller reply

    I like Heys USA and Southern Weddings on facebook!

  20. avatar Madelynne Miller reply

    I linked this giveaway on facebook and tagged you both!

  21. avatar ashley konkle reply

    the amalfi coast! if only I could convince my fiance that’s his ideal spot! ;)

  22. avatar megan reply

    greece! anywhere and everywhere in greece :).

  23. avatar Whitney reply

    My fiance and I would love to go to a Sandals resort! We’re getting married in February, but have to wait till he comes home from Afghanistan before we can honeymoon. The best part about that plan is that we don’t have to worry about fitting that into our wedding budget!

  24. avatar Jen reply

    My fiance and I are headed to California because it’s a mix of everything we love from hiking to museums to amazing food to the ocean!

  25. avatar Amanda Aviles reply

    My fiance and I are going on a cruise to Mexico! We’re going to take salsa lessons, swim with dolphins and enjoy the relaxed excitement of a cruise (and we’d LOVE luggage to help out!) For us, this is the ideal honeymoon!

  26. avatar Melanie reply

    My ideal honeymoon spot is Italy!

  27. avatar Vanessa reply


  28. avatar Sandryte reply

    I could go to some exotic island for my honeymoon – sure, why not! :) For example, Bali.

  29. avatar Amanda reply

    We are trying to plan a European honeymoon with a stop in Paris and then Florence/Tuscany and Venice. We are trying to go for around two weeks in November so the weather won’t be amazing but we’ve both never been to Europe and with a little wedding help we are hoping it will be decently affordable! I’m nervous about not having a relaxing time but we are planning on spending evenings with lots of wine and wonderful food which is highly important!! But the luggage would help with our euro trip!! So here’s to hoping for good luck to be on our side!

  30. avatar Amanda reply

    I have also started following Heys USA on twitter!

  31. avatar Rachel Gunn reply

    Paris would make a wonderful honeymoon, the language, the food, the city, so romantic!!

  32. avatar Melissa W. reply

    Our ideal honeymoon spot (assuming money or time was not an issue) would be Costa Rica!!!

  33. avatar Melissa W. reply

    I like Heys USA and SW on FB!

  34. avatar Amanda reply

    I already follow you on Facebook but I started following Heys USA on fb too!

  35. avatar Jada reply

    I’m thinking Napa sounds wonderfully romantic! And to change things up a bit, I think visiting Portland and other parts of Oregon sounds rugged and exciting!!! Would love to use this luggage on our honeymoon June 28th!! :)

  36. avatar Laura P. reply

    We are delaying our honeymoon, but hoping to go to some nice beach in South America and relax when it is winter in the northern hemisphere.

    And I already follow SW on facebook!

  37. avatar Amanda Zerra reply

    My ideal honeymoon destination would be Ireland. I would love to take in the historic greenery with my honey. Oh what a dream that would be! :)

  38. avatar Sarah H. reply

    St. Lucia and we can’t wait!

  39. avatar Jessica reply

    My ideal spot is Paris, as I’m a food nerd and would love to spend a few lazy afternoons hopping between museums and pastry shops!

  40. avatar kfloveinme reply

    OMG! My ideal honeymoon spot is the Fiji islands!! We always wanted to go there and hoping that we will be able to save enough to go. Definitely will be a dream come true!

  41. avatar Liz D reply

    HAWAII! Can’t wait!

  42. avatar Liz D reply

    I already like Southern Weddings on facebook but I just liked Heys USA as well!

  43. avatar kfloveinme reply

    I followed Heys USA on Twitter and tweeted @mskenyaf

  44. avatar kfloveinme reply

    I liked Heys USA and Southern Weddings on Facebook..Kenya G.

  45. avatar Liz D reply

    Just tweeted (EDESHAZO) about the fabulous HeysUSA giveaway!

  46. avatar Jenny Tenney reply

    Santorini, Greece is where I’d love to go!

  47. avatar Shannon reply

    Tanzania/South Africa/Spice Islands…so many cool spots in that part of the world!

  48. avatar katie reply

    we would love to go somewhere private and tranquil. napa valley would be ideal!

  49. avatar Jennifer smith reply

    our ideal spot is the entire western carribbean, so we are planning on going on a 7 day western carribbean cruise!!!!!!

  50. avatar Jennifer smith reply

    Hey ladies! I liked Heys USA and of course I already liked SW mag!!!!I absolutely love ya’ll!!!

  51. avatar Courtney Anne Rafes reply

    I love these bags! That’s something I didn’t think I would need but I guess for the honeymoon!!! My ideal honeymoon spot would be someplace new, exciting and fun… and pretty much any place would be that for me so if I got to pick I would pick Hawaii!!

  52. avatar Nicole reply

    My ideal honeymoon spot is one of those faaabulous cute little bungalows over the water…Bora Bora maybe?!….yes, please!! They’re sooo romantic and the water is gorgeous, I WILL be shopping around for a steal on those between now and honeymoon time!

  53. avatar Taylor reply

    Woohoo!! My ideal honeymoon spot would be Hawaii! I’ve always wanted to go so bad….
    loving the orange suitcase – go vols!!

  54. avatar Taylor reply

    Liked Heys USA and Southern Weddings on Facebook!

  55. avatar Taylor reply

    Also, following @HeysUSA (and @iloveswmag of course!)


  56. avatar Katie reply

    My fiance’ booked our honeymoon right after we booked the venue (14 months in advance)! See where our priorities are?!! We are headed to St. Lucia to relax on the beach, enjoy delicious food and each other! No itinerary, please!

  57. avatar Jessica Gilmore reply

    Thinking about honeymoons makes me want to take mine all over again!! Being from the north, and getting married in December made Mexico sound perfect for me and my groom a few years back. We went to a beautiful resort and were spoiled for a week on the beach. Our flights got delayed there and back, we didn’t get our lost luggage for a few days into our honeymoon.. but i honestly wouldn’t change a thing. And advice to those who are traveling for their honeymoon: pack a carry on bag!!

  58. avatar Jessica Gilmore reply

    I liked SW Mag!

  59. avatar Wehaf reply

    I would love to go hiking in New Zealand – that sounds like the perfect honeymoon to me!

  60. avatar Courtney reply

    I went to St. Barts for my honeymoon and it was beyond perfect! All we did was lay out and eat lots of French food. I highly recommend it!

  61. avatar NatalieG reply

    I sweetie and I will be going to Scotland for two weeks this July for our honeymoon!!!! He thinks he’s a Scot (Mr. Campbell) … boys ;-)

  62. avatar AshleyHH reply

    I would love to go to Europe but my man thinks we should stay in the States… I guess we will have to see!!

  63. avatar Lauren reply

    our perfect honeymoon is my fiancee and i out on the beach sipping bahama mamas and listening to the waves roll in and out! can’t wait!

  64. avatar Robbie reply

    We’d love to go to Scotland, or somewhere over seas. Like Italy or even somewhere in southeast asia, like Thailand or something… budget constriction definitely don’t allow for that much air travel, so we are deciding between jamaica, and/or a combo of a couple of days in vegas and maybe the canadian rockies. (We got offered the use of a time share, at those locations, so we could go to both, and still be at our budget)

  65. avatar Erin reply

    My ideal honeymoon spot would be a house in the mountains.

  66. avatar Betsy reply

    Our perfect honeymoon spot has enough stuff to do (for him), but won’t make us feel guilty if we take some time to just relax (for me). I’ve been pushing for Canada– Montreal or PEI maybe? It might not be your usual tropical honeymoon, but, hey, if it’s good enough for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. . . .

  67. avatar Meagan reply

    Paris in the fall!

  68. avatar AmandaR reply

    This luggage is PIMP! I think I’ll be buying some new honeymoon luggage from Heys USA irrespective of this giveaway, and the orange luggage has me hooked (Go Vols!) My man and I are set to actually GO on our dream honeymoon to Jade Mountain St. Lucia for a week and then a client/friend of my future hubs is sending us sailing in the Southern Caribbean on their private sailboat for another week as their wedding gift to us! Dream come true. I still can’t believe it. I’m gonna need some Heys USA luggage to keep the sailboat from sinking because I’m not a light packer!

  69. avatar AmandaR reply

    I am now following Heys USA and I tweeted how awesome their luggage is on my twitter @dawnspass. I’m new to twitter, so I hope I did it right:)

  70. avatar AmandaR reply

    And I now “LIKE” the heck out of Heys USA on Facebook and Southern Weddings (duh) as well. And I posted on Heys USA’s wall that I love them.

  71. avatar AmandaR reply

    And I posted on Southern Weddings FB post about Heys USA.

  72. avatar Brianna reply

    This luggage is awesome! We could desperately use a lightweight piece of luggage for our honeymoon!

  73. avatar AmandaR reply

    I also linked this giveway on my FB page, but I can’t figure out how to tag SW and Heys USA from my phone…?

  74. avatar Megan reply

    Just told all my FB friends about this adorable luggage that would be great for a honeymoon!! :)

  75. avatar christina reply

    My hunny and I are getting married in September of 2012 and are looking into the French Polynesian Islands! I would love to have a new piece of carry on luggage and a Heys USA piece would be perfect! xo

  76. avatar christina reply

    I’m a new Heys USA Facebook fan!
    xo Christina

  77. avatar Kassi reply

    My DF and I are going Dove hunting and horseback riding in Argentina… we both love the outdoors and a good adventure :-)

  78. avatar Michelle reply

    I link both Southern weddings and Heys USA in an update on facebook.

  79. avatar Michelle reply

    I followed HeysUSA on twitter.

  80. avatar Michelle reply

    I Like Heys USA on facebook

  81. avatar Kristin Jones reply

    I liked HEYs USA and Southern Weddings on facebook.

  82. avatar Kat reply

    My ideal honeymoon spot would be something where we could get away from it all like Hawaii or somewhere beautiful like that

  83. avatar amanda reply

    linked you ladies on facebook! :)

  84. avatar Elizabeth P. reply

    My ideal vacation spot? Anywhere with my honey of course! But sunshine, a beach, and a margarita would be nice too.

  85. avatar Elizabeth P. reply

    I liked Heys and SWmag on Facebook.

  86. avatar Elizabeth P. reply

    Linked to the contest on FB!

  87. avatar Jennifer reply

    Our ideal honeymoon spot would be Fiji, but we will settle for anywhere else, beside the Bahamas, that will get us another stamp in our passports.

  88. avatar Brittany reply

    My ideal honeymoon spot would be Tahiti. A girl can dream. :)

  89. avatar Brittany reply

    I follow Heys USA on twitter now.

  90. avatar Brittany reply

    I Liked Heys USA and Southern Weddings on facebook.

  91. avatar Lorene Brooks reply

    I Tweeted this great offer! @lorenebrooks

  92. avatar Meaghan reply

    My ideal honeymoon spot would be Tahiti (or anywhere warm and sunny)!

  93. avatar sarah reply

    The South Pacific for sure!

  94. avatar Nariné reply

    I “liked” Heys USA on Facebook! I already liked Southern Weddings on Facebook a long while ago :)

    Ideal honeymoon would be to Paris!

  95. avatar Maria reply

    Our ideal honeymoon spot would be somewhere we could cozy up next to a warm fire– vermont or montreal in the fall

  96. avatar Maria reply

    Liked you both on facebook! Would love to win one of these great bags!

  97. avatar Kelsey Moore reply

    I just tweeted this contest! Yay!

  98. avatar Kelsey Moore reply

    I liked Heys USA on Facebook and I have had you liked on facebook for a while :)

  99. avatar Kelsey Moore reply

    My ideal honeymoon would be, as tacky as it sounds, a road trip across America. I would like to travel my own beautiful country before seeing others.

  100. avatar Kelsey Moore reply

    Hey, just posted and tagged on facebook. You guys rock!

  101. avatar Janel J reply

    An ideal honeymoon is any beautiful beach, a fruity cocktail, and my hubby in tow!

  102. avatar Amber reply

    My ideal honeymoon spot would be a trip to Angkor Wat (religious monument in Cambodia) because it’s my #1 bucket list trip, but we’re planning a belated honeymoon trip to Italy for the Spring since that’s a bit more romantic! New luggage would definitely come in handy!

  103. avatar Courtney Cross reply

    Anywhere in Caribbean! Jamaica or St. Lucia and a all inclusive!

  104. avatar Becky reply

    My fiance and I are going to Nicaragua (only 8 and a half more months till wedding/honeymoon!) for some beach, rainforest, coffee, yoga, adventure and more!

  105. avatar Becky reply

    Just “liked” Heys USA & Southern Weddings on Facebook! :)

  106. avatar Kara reply

    My fiance and I are heading to the Maldives for our honeymoon in May. We came across a picture of the islands and knew immediately that if there was any way to make it happen, we had to go!

  107. avatar Kara reply

    I “like” you both on Facebook!

  108. avatar Becky reply

    Just tweeted this out: Hoping @HeysUSA picks me to win their 4WD luggage giveaway…would be perfect for our trip to Nicaragua! cc @iloveswmag

  109. avatar Sarah reply

    Our ideal honeymoon spot is somewhere where the sun shines and the water is blue, and me and my soon-to-be hubby can nab a fru-fru umbrella drink. St. Lucia, St. Thomas, St. John…any of the above!

  110. avatar Sarah reply

    I tweeted about the giveaway!

  111. avatar Sarah reply

    I “liked” Heys USA. No, really, I really DO like them! And I “like” Southern Weddings, too!

  112. avatar Sarah reply

    I linked to the giveaway and tagged you and Heys USA BOTH in my post!

  113. avatar Lauren O’Neill reply

    Goodness me! What a great giveaway! Our ideal honeymoon would be sailing the Greek Isles with lots of sun + yummy food!

  114. avatar Sandryte reply

    I’d love to spend my honeymoon somewhere in the mountains (like Chamonix).

  115. avatar Krystal reply

    somewhere with a beach+beach weather = smaller clothing articles=more clothes in the suitcase :)

  116. avatar Krystal reply

    i liked you both on facebook!

  117. avatar Emily reply

    My ideal spot is somewhere with a little adventure and a little relaxation. My outrageous ideal spot would be South Africa, and something a little closer to home would be Costa Rica!

  118. avatar Christina reply

    Our ideal honeymoon spot would be somewhere relaxing and tranquil, with an amazing view! Sailing around the Greek isles would be perfect.

  119. avatar Clarssa reply

    Our ideal honeymoon would be somewhere beautiful with an ocean view. We’re thinking about a Sandals resort in the Carribean :)

  120. avatar Sarah reply

    I am having my honeymoon in Punta Cana at the Paradisus Real. We are getting married at the Now Larimar in Punta Cana and staying at both hotels for a week. I am super excited!
    If I could have it any way and I had money growing on trees I would go to Europe. Anywhere in Europe!!! Ha! I think I would blindfold myself and play pin the tail on the country! I want to travel the world and see all of the history and learn about the different cultures. I want to wake up in a bed and breakfast and walk for miles learning about the landmarks that are hundreds of years old and eat at little cafes up and down the streets and watch the locals do what they do on a normal day in Paris or Milan. I want to be the corniest tourist in all of these towns and sight see for hours upon hours!

    I am the type of tourist that usually lays at the pool and sips pina coladas all day waiting to get my bronze on! I want to start learning more about architecture and history. I want to explore the world and eat all of the staple foods each city has to offer!

  121. avatar heather reply

    my ideal honeymoon spot would be to visit Norway!

  122. avatar Kennedy reply

    My ideal honeymoon would be to go Kenai Fjords in Alaska to go whale watching.

  123. avatar Brooke Holden reply

    I’ve always dreamed of going to Hawaii for my honeymoon! The sand, beaches and waves are appealing to anyone! My fiancé agrees Hawaii would be perfect :) Win! Win!

  124. avatar Brooke Holden reply

    I really like you, Southern Weddings
    and I really like Heys USA
    to confess my unabated devotion
    I liked you both on Facebook, today! :)

  125. avatar Brooke Holden reply

    I also tweeted about you and your AwEsOMe giveaways! (They really rock!)
    I also included Heys USA (Didn’t want to leave them Out)
    Thanks for the fun!! :)

  126. avatar Brooke Holden reply

    I definitely checked off all four requirements! Wish me luck :)

  127. avatar Aaron reply

    Puerto Rico, San Juan to be exact.

  128. avatar frank L. reply

    Thailand for sure.

  129. avatar frank L. reply

    Tweeted about it!!/Dealatron/status/146376809875910656

  130. avatar Caitlin reply

    I am so excited to check out the honey list! Ideal honeymoon would be secluded, adventurous and a photographer’s dream.

  131. avatar Kate Egg reply

    My ideal honeymoon spot is New Zealand. It’s beautiful and seems full of potential adventures!

  132. avatar Kate Egg reply

    I follow Hey USA on twitter (@jumpjuniper).

  133. avatar Katherine reply

    My ideal honeymoon is an African safari followed by a trip to the Seychelles… it might just happen for us!

  134. avatar Amy Fenwick reply

    my ideal honeymoon would be a getaway to Hawaii :)

  135. avatar Amy Fenwick reply

    Following Heys USA on twitter

  136. avatar Amy Fenwick reply

    Already “liked” Heys USA on facebook & now like Southern Weddings on Facebook also :)

  137. avatar Amy Fenwick reply

    Just Linked to Facebook :)

  138. avatar Pamela reply

    Following on twitter as @Pamela_Porter

  139. avatar AmandaR reply

    I’m still loving Heys USA luggage! I asked for a big one for Christmas, but Santa did not put it under my tree:( Here’s to hoping my New Year will be orange and in the shape of a Heys USA suitcase!!!!

  140. avatar Dorothy Turner reply

    I want to win this contest and I followed instructions and “Like Heys USA and Southern Weddings on Facebook and then leave a SEPARATE comment here saying you did so”. Thank you! Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!

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New Feature :: The Honey List

by in Main, News on

I know a few of you dear readers are starting to feel the chill of winter, so I am SO thrilled to introduce one of our brand spankin’ new editorial features – The Honey List! It’s sure to cure the cold weather blues away in a flash! The Honey List is a carefully curated list of the best honeymoon spots for you lovely Southern couples. From sweet Southern mountain hideaways to luxurious secluded resorts in the Caribbean, each location has been personally visited and reviewed by one of us lucky editors.

The Honey List just moved in right up there in our navigation bar. You can search by location or by type to find the perfect spot for you and your beau.

We’re working hard to stock The Honey List with amazing suggestions, so readers, we want to hear from you! Do you have a Southern (and spectacular) spot you’d recommend for a honeymoon? Email me or leave a comment below and let us know.

Properties, interested in getting involved? Send me an email, I’d love to get to know your location!

Sit a spell, and take a mini-vacay to The Honey List! Don’t forget to check back often as we’ll be adding more properties!

marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar Annie reply

    Great idea! I may have already had the honeymoon (St. Lucia–it was beautiful!) but I am definitely going to be keeping the Honey List in mind for future romantic getaways. Is it too soon to plan a second honeymoon?

  2. avatar Southern Weddings Honey List Giveaway « Southern Weddings Magazine reply

    […] week, we were thrilled to introduce the blog’s newest feature, the Honey List to you! This curated list is chock full of the best […]

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