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I wish I could win today’s giveaway!! I’ve been a big fan of Furbish Studio ever since I moved to the Triangle area (they’re based in Raleigh!), and I’m a loyal reader of Jamie’s blog. Today, we’re offering up a holiday duo from her awesome inventory — perfect for a newlywed Southern Christmas!

Win: One Merry Christmas Y’all Pillow and one Plaid Pom Pom Tree Skirt (the tree skirt is actually sold out, so you’ll be one of the lucky few to have this beauty gracing your holiday home!)

Number of Winners: One

Ways to enter:*
1. Hop over to the Furbish site then come back here and leave a comment telling us your favorite product.
2. Follow Furbish on instagram then leave a comment telling us you did so.
3. Pin something from the Furbish site then leave a comment with a link to your pin.

*You can enter as many or as few ways as you’d like, but you MUST leave a separate comment for each entry! We use a random number generator to choose a number and then match it to the corresponding comment, so it’s definitely in your favor to do so!

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emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Heather reply

    The Kala rug!

  2. avatar Mariel reply

    It’s so hard to pick just one! I’m loving the Mr. & Mrs. glasses with the santa hats, though. So darling!

  3. avatar Mariel reply

    I followed on IG

  4. avatar Mariel reply

    Pinned to my “holiday” board!

  5. avatar LAUREN L reply

    Goodness y’all I LOVE Furbish. It is one of my favorite shops in Raleigh. I must say my favorite holiday items are the mugs and lovely Christmas pineapple towel (my Charleston, SC husband would love it).

  6. avatar Lauren L reply

    I pinned those mugs to my holiday board

  7. avatar Laura H reply

    What a fun shop! I love the blue and white teapot!

  8. avatar Ally Simmons reply

    I posted this beautiful Talavera pottery planter to my Pinterest! I love this style.

  9. avatar Heather B. reply

    I’m currently loving all things wishbones (as if I don’t have enough between my everyday dainty earrings and the new bottle opener from anthropologie…) and have been coveting the wishbone jewelry holder!

  10. avatar Heather B. reply

    following furbish on instagram {@heather_beale}

  11. avatar Heather B. reply

    just pinned my love for the wishbone too!

  12. avatar Ally Simmons reply

    Oh my goodness, I love love LOVE the Britt Bass “He and I” print in the art shop!! I would love that on my wall!! How beautiful. It’s my favorite!

  13. avatar Ally Simmons reply

    I am following Furbish Studio on Instagram!!

  14. avatar Chloe reply

    I followed them on Instagram!

  15. avatar Chloe reply

    Love the Hillary zig zag rug

  16. avatar Chloe reply

    Pinned here:

  17. avatar Lindy reply

    I have been wanting a pouf for our living room and Furbish has some great options!! (Along with lots of other lovely things I’d love to own or gift!)

  18. avatar Lindy reply

    And I followed on instagram!

  19. avatar Lauren reply

    LOVE Furbish! Their shop is adorable! But my favorite holiday item would have to be that adorable holiday pillow. How cute is that?!

  20. avatar Taryn reply

    I love the brass sea urchins!!

  21. avatar Laura reply

    I love their pillows! Especially the ones with the Greek key trim.

  22. avatar Laura reply

    I also had to pin this pitcher to my wishlist, it’s so cute!

  23. avatar Kathleen reply

    I love the Mr. and Mrs. holiday glasses and the deck the halls table runner :)

    What a cute website!!

  24. avatar Kathleen reply

    I am following on Instagram!

  25. avatar Kathleen reply

    Pinned it!

  26. avatar Taylor J reply

    I love all the Mr & Mrs pairings!! ALL OF IT!!

  27. avatar michelle reply

    favorite item is Harry Allen Golden Pig Bank

  28. avatar Taylor J reply

    Following on instagram!!

  29. avatar Taylor J reply

    pinned the heirloom candle!! SO CUTE

  30. avatar Mollie reply

    I LOVE Furbish’s linen pillows, especially the coral one!

  31. avatar Mollie reply

    I already follow Furbish on Instagram :)

  32. avatar Betsy reply

    What great items! It’s hard to decide but I’d love one of their duvets. So beautiful.

  33. avatar Sarah Brooke reply

    Loving the Apricot Jingle Necklace!

  34. avatar Sarah Brooke reply

    I follow on instagram (@sarahbkane)

  35. avatar Sarah Brooke reply

    I pinned the necklace!

  36. avatar Maghon reply

    LOVE Furbish and Jamie, as well! My favorite product is the Mr. and Mrs. cocktail glasses set. Those have become my go-to engagement party gift for friends, and the holiday set is just darling!

  37. avatar Maghon reply

    I already follow furbish on instagram!

  38. avatar Maghon reply

    I pinned the Mr. and Mrs. Santa Glasses! AND bought a set, because all holiday is 40% off! LOL They got me!

  39. avatar Brittany Davidson reply

    I love the mr. and mrs. santa hat glasses!

  40. avatar Logan reply

    I love the love dove ornament set!

  41. avatar Brittany Davidson reply

  42. avatar Logan reply

    I followed Furbish Studio on Instagram.

  43. avatar Logan reply

  44. avatar Laura reply

    I love everything on the Furbish site, put how cute would that Boheme Stitchery stocking look hanging from the mantel?

  45. avatar Laura reply

    Im now following Furbish on IG!

  46. avatar Allyson W. reply

    I love the Mr. and Mrs. Santa hat holiday glasses! They are so cute!

  47. avatar Laura reply

    LOVING this pillow i just pinned from Furbish:

  48. avatar carrie reply

    Love the Mr & Mrs Santa glasses on furb’s website!

  49. avatar carrie reply

    I follow Furbish on instagram too! They are one of my favorites!

  50. avatar Margaret reply

    Followed on Instagram!!

  51. avatar Margaret reply

    I love all of the pretty bed linens!

  52. avatar Margaret reply

    I posted the Mr. and Mrs. Holiday glasses on my “Holiday Fun” Pinterest board!

  53. avatar Katie S reply

    obsessed with this giveaway! living in Raleigh, I can’t get enough of Furbish!!!

  54. avatar Ginnie Reed reply

    I am a follower of Furbish on Instagram! Love them!

  55. avatar katie s reply

    it being my first christmas as a newlywed, I would LOVE the santa hat Mr and Mrs glasses!! darling

  56. avatar katie s reply

    been a long time follower of furbish on instagram :)

  57. avatar Catie reply

    Furbish has great Christmas cards! I pinned their Tidings of Comfort cards!

  58. avatar Ginnie Reed reply

    I absolutely LOVE the Sally King Bendict paintings that Furbish sells…specifically the Cacti in the Sun painting!

  59. avatar katie s reply

    this necklace I pinned is drool worthy!!

  60. avatar Jessica Thornton reply

    I pinned what I want!

  61. avatar Jessica Thornton reply

    I already follow Furbish on Instagram!

  62. avatar Jessica Thornton reply

    I’d want the Handmade Flamingo Ornament from the website!

  63. avatar Billie reply

    Love the Mr. and Mrs. Glasses – they are on our registry!

  64. avatar Catie reply

    I love Furbish’s Geometric Pouf in Grey!

  65. avatar Billie reply

    And I am also a long-time follower of Furbish on Instagram!

  66. avatar Courtney Huggins reply

    This is probably so random, but I really like the Talbot Key lamp- I want it!! hash

  67. avatar Courtney Huggins reply

    I liked it so much I had to pin it too!

  68. avatar Elisabeth Carol reply

    I love the bone stag votive!! So cute!

  69. avatar Elisabeth Carol reply

    I’m following on Instagram! (@elisabeth_carol)

  70. avatar Elisabeth Carol reply

    I pinned!! :)

  71. avatar Lauren reply

    Followed Furbish on instagram!

  72. avatar Lauren reply

    I pinned!

  73. avatar Courtney VanMinsel reply

    I absolutely LOVE the Ava Buffet!! The mirror drawers give it an antique feel and I love the natural wood color. Really wanting to save up for this fabulous piece for my home!! Thanks for sharing Furbish Studio with us!! Cant wait to see some more of their wonderful home warming pieces!!

  74. avatar Hannah m reply

    Followed on Instagram

  75. avatar Sarah (Danaher) Bradshaw reply

    My husband would LOVE the Winter Cocktails book!!

  76. avatar Sarah (Danaher) Bradshaw reply

    followed on Instagram!

  77. avatar Sarah (Danaher) Bradshaw reply


  78. avatar Caitlyn Goodman reply

    Oh my stars! Those Mr. and Mrs. santa glasses are perfect for holiday cocktails as a newlywed!! I have just added them to my Christmas wish-list. Thanks for introducing Furbish to me SW–you all are the reason I am going broke! :)

  79. avatar Jillian Manger reply

    The Boheme Stitchery Stocking is so cute!:)

  80. avatar Caitlyn Goodman reply

    Now following Furbish on Instagram! So many pretty things–I want them all!

  81. avatar Jillian Manger reply

    Followed Furbish on Instagram!

  82. avatar Emily C. reply

    My favorite product (SO hard to choose one) was the Geometric Pouf!
    here’s the link to my pin! :

    So excited to be following them on instagram!! I NEED this tree skirt! Mine doesn’t fit and is throwing off the gorgeousness of my tree :(

  83. avatar Caitlyn Goodman reply

    Also pinned them:

    Ah they are so cute!

  84. avatar Jillian Manger reply

    Pinned this cute stocking!

  85. avatar Caitlyn Goodman reply

    Wait–also the Ostrich Cake Plate is hilarious! That would be a conversation piece! I can’t pick just one thing–I love everything.

  86. avatar Melanie Ann reply

    I Pinned!!

  87. avatar Melanie Ann reply

    I follow them on Instagram!! (happyjax)

  88. avatar Melanie Ann reply

    I am crazy for this amazing stocking!!

  89. avatar Julie reply

    Capiz Pendant!

  90. avatar Julie reply

    Pinned it!

  91. avatar Anna reply

    Merry Christmas Y’all! I followed Furbish on Instagram, I adore the Flamingo Wall Paper on their site, and I pinned a gorgeous Sputnik brass chandelier!

  92. avatar jacci hotzel reply

    LOVE Furbish Studio! My favorite item from their site was the zebra Christmas pillow — so sad I didn’t order it in time because they are all sold at! Would love the Merry Christmas Y’all instead! ;)

  93. avatar Jacci Hotzel reply

    I’ve been a long time follower of Furbish on IG ;)

  94. avatar Jacci Hotzel reply

    Mr. & Mrs. Glasses!

  95. avatar Hollis Harmon reply

    Followed on Instagram!

  96. avatar Jordan reply

    I love the Mr. and Mr. Holiday glasses with Santa hats! I just sent the link over to my mom as a fun gift idea for my new fiancé and I! I love finding new fun websites like Furbish, thanks for this giveaway!

  97. avatar Jordan reply

    I am now following Furbish on pinterest and loving it! :)

  98. avatar Jordan reply

    Loving the mr. And mrs. Santa hats!

  99. avatar Ashley S reply

    I love everything on the site, but I just love the look of the Big Sur Media Console!

  100. avatar ashley s reply

    I follow them on instagram

  101. avatar Ashley S reply

    :) Love it

  102. avatar nicole chapman reply

    I followed them on Instagram!

  103. avatar Elena Breeden reply

    Just tickled pink over the Breakfast at Tiffany’s print on Furbish’s website! Love Audrey Hepburn in that film and the illustration depicts all of Holly Golightly’s delightfully precious characteristics perfectly!

  104. avatar Justine reply

    Loving the felted berries tree skirt!

  105. avatar Justine reply

  106. avatar Kristy reply

    I really like Capiz lotus – pink

  107. avatar Ali S. reply

    Favorite Product: Of course the Merry Christmas Y’all Pillow but as for a fresh item I just saw on her site, the Mr. & Mrs. Holiday Cocktail Glasses.

  108. avatar Ali S. reply

    I follow Furbish on Insty!

  109. avatar Ali S. reply

    I pinned the Mr. and Mrs. Holiday Cocktail Glasses. Yeehaw!

  110. avatar Ali S. reply

    Pinterest link for you!

  111. avatar Esther reply

    Love those cute little golden animal magnets!

  112. avatar Esther reply

    Added them on Instagram! Can’t wait to check out the rest of their goodies!

  113. avatar Esther reply

    Pinned this gem:

  114. avatar Katie Stansell reply

    I LOVE all of the duvet covers for the bedspreads, and we are looking for a beautiful set for our room when we get married!

  115. avatar Katie Stansell reply

    I also followed on instagram!

  116. avatar Kelly Robinson reply

    I love the chevron cocktail napkins!

  117. avatar Kelly Robinson reply

    Followed them on Instagram!

  118. avatar Jamie reply

    Finally followed furbish on Instagram :)

  119. avatar Jamie reply

    Love the zebra Christmas pillow, would look great with that beautiful tree skirt and antique ornaments :)

  120. avatar Ilicia Book reply

    I am in love with the Mr. & Mrs. holiday cocktail glasses!

  121. avatar Ilicia book reply

    I followed on IG

  122. avatar Shana reply

    AGH!!! I think that the Wayland Slipcovered chair is amazing!!!

  123. avatar Shana Wooley reply

    following on IG… (@shanawooley)

  124. avatar Heather Lemoine reply

    Love their Bison ornament!

  125. avatar Kathryn reply

    My favorite product is the star pendant (chandelier). I love shopping at Furbish!

  126. avatar Kathryn reply

    I follow Furbish on Instagram.

  127. avatar Ashleigh reply

    I’m following on insta! @ashleighwnc

  128. avatar Ashleigh White reply

    I LOVE the Piece XXI in artwork – or the southern cocktails book. Which I’m ordering this second!

  129. avatar Ashleigh reply

    Here’s the link to my pin. That herringbone throw looks delightfully warm!

  130. avatar Jennifer reply

    I love the Dauville Gold Ice Bucket! It would be perfect on my bar cart!

  131. avatar Jennifer reply

    Following on Instagram!

  132. avatar Madelynne Moulton reply

    I follow Furbish on Instagram!

  133. avatar Madelynne Moulton reply

    I pinned the awesome elk wall hooks!

  134. avatar Madelynne Moulton reply

    I love the Antwerp Floor Lamp – Brass! It’s so elegant!

  135. avatar Kelly Blanks reply

    The Rachel slipcovered swivel chair is darling & definitely a fav pick!

    I followed Furbish on instamgram.

    Here is a link to my pin:

  136. avatar Kelly Robinson reply

    Liked them on Facebook!

  137. avatar Lindsay reply

    love the samode navy rug!

  138. avatar Diana Schmitmeyer reply

    I am now following Furbish Studio on Instagram!

  139. avatar Diana Schmitmeyer reply

    I pinned this AMAZING chandelier to my home board on Pinterest!!!

  140. avatar Diana Schmitmeyer reply

    The Lucas Tassel Pillow will have to be my favorite!

  141. avatar Jenny reply

    The short bubble glasses are my favorites!

  142. avatar Rebecca H reply

    I have been searching for a new rug and the Samode Sprout/Ivory is just perfect

  143. avatar Chloe Calhoun reply

    I am following Furbish on instagram!

  144. avatar Chloe Calhoun reply

    My favorite product is the fishing fly card wallet!

  145. avatar Elizabeth Corgan reply

    I LOVE the Kala Rug!! SO fresh!

    I need a tree skirt so bad! :(

  146. avatar Elizabeth Corgan reply

    I follow them on instagram!! say whaa

  147. avatar Elizabeth Corgan reply

    I pinned the Kala rug to my pinterest … cuz i like it!

    And I LOVE that tree skirt!

  148. avatar Jessica K. reply

    The Boheme Stitchery Stocking is definitely my favorite!!

  149. avatar Joy reply

    Love me the Raleigh wingbacks at Furbish! Been eyeing them forever!!

  150. avatar Joy reply

    Been following Jamie and Furbish on instagram forever!

  151. avatar Joy reply
    Pinned my favorite Furbish headboard!

  152. avatar Lorin reply

    Just started following Furbish on Instragram. Hashtag Hollerdays?! Totes adorable way to spread some Christmas cheer!

  153. avatar Lorin reply

    They have SO many adorable products. Goodness! I’m digging the cheery Spectrum Bone Frame & would totally display that in our bedroom :)

  154. avatar Erin reply

    Apricot Fringe Swivel Chair – Fo Sho!!

  155. avatar Erin reply

    Followed on IG

  156. avatar Erin reply

    Pinned :0 –

  157. avatar Leigh Ann reply

    Following on Pinterest! ~*~

  158. avatar Ally reply

    I really love the Merry Christmas Y’all pillow! So southern and cute!!

  159. avatar Ally reply

    I follow furbish studio on Instagram!!

  160. avatar Courtney reply

    I love the Dauville gold ice bucket!

  161. avatar Sterling Blankenship reply

    “Followed” on Instagram!

  162. avatar Sterling Blankenship reply

    Love the Southern Cocktails book!

  163. avatar Sterling Blankenship reply

  164. avatar Stewart reply

    I love the Tatum Sideboard!

  165. avatar Cait T. reply

    No doubt about it, I’m in love with the Navy Greek Trim Pillow!

  166. avatar Cait T. reply

    No surprise, I also pinned the Coral Greek Key Trim pillow!

  167. avatar Samantha Spivey reply

    I have a week spot for quilts, so any of their quilts would have to be my favorite item in their shop!

  168. avatar Samantha Spivey reply

    I pinned a beautiful quilt!

  169. avatar Samantha Spivey reply

    Following on instagram!

  170. avatar Mandy DeTurk reply

    I love the Bison and Donkey, homemade ornaments so cute.

  171. avatar Sarah J reply

    I’m in love with everything on that site! I love the tree skirt!

  172. avatar Sarah J reply

    Followed on Instagram!

  173. avatar Sarah J reply

    Here’s my pin:

  174. avatar Emily reply

    the elsa quilt is so pretty!

  175. avatar Lauren reply

    Following Furbish on instagram!

  176. avatar Laura reply

    I really love all of their products, but if I have to pick a favorite, I think I’ll choose the Greek Key Trim Pillow in Navy!

  177. avatar Laura reply

    I pinned the Greek Key Trim Pillow in Navy…here is a link to my pin:

  178. avatar Hibben reply

    Well darn I already follow them on Instagram! But besides loving EVERYTHING I’ve always had my eye out for the Mr. and Mrs. cocktail glasses.

  179. avatar Lauren reply

    Followed on Instagram!

  180. avatar Lauren reply

    Thank you for introducing me to Furbish. I pinned a beautiful necklace to my style board on Pinterest

  181. avatar Kristyn Monaghan reply

    I love the He & I Print

  182. avatar Kristyn Monaghan reply

    I pinned the He & I Print:

  183. avatar Kristyn Monaghan reply

    I followed on Instagram (@kristyngrace)

  184. avatar Arielle reply

    I love the Mr. and Mrs. cocktail glasses

  185. avatar Arielle reply

    I follow Furbish on instagram @ellesalon

  186. avatar Arielle reply

    I pinned the ombre flower how to @ArielleClaude

  187. avatar Kathryn reply

    Followed on Instagram

  188. avatar kathryn reply

    I love the Geo nesting bowls!!

  189. avatar Grace reply

    I love the Mr. & Mrs. Cocktail Glass set and the Mrs. Necklace

  190. avatar Grace reply

    I followed Furbish on Instagram

  191. avatar Grace reply

    Pinned this

  192. avatar Elizabeth @ hobbylobbyist reply

    I love the bamboo mirror in aqua.

  193. avatar Elizabeth @ hobbylobbyist reply

    Following in Instagram

  194. avatar Elizabeth @ hobbylobbyist reply

    Here’s my pin:

  195. avatar amanda reply

    already follow them on insta!

  196. avatar amanda reply

    i’d die for one of their rugs!!!

  197. avatar Samantha Wright reply

    My favorite Furbish Studio product is their Best Wishes Note Card! All of their stationary is adorable!

  198. avatar Samantha Wright reply

    I pinned this lovely Reindeer to my Christmas board:

  199. avatar Samantha Wright reply

    I am following the Furbish Studio on Instagram!

  200. avatar Larissa M reply

    The Kala rug so cute

  201. avatar Jamie reply

    My husband and I would use the Mr. & Mrs. Old Fashioned glasses all the time if we got those!

  202. avatar katelyn broomfield reply

    absolutely beautiful quilts, oh my gosh!!

  203. avatar katelyn broomfield reply

    Liked on FB

  204. avatar Katelyn Broomfield reply

    followed on IG

  205. avatar Meghan Duke reply

    Follow on Instagram!

  206. avatar Melissa reply

    Following Furbish on Instagram!

  207. avatar Melissa reply

    I would love to have the Winter Cocktails book!

  208. avatar Madison reply

    Venna Blue Duvet- so colorful and crisp. So beautiful

  209. avatar Madison reply

    pinned the Veena Blue Duvet

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