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Found on everything from family Bibles to signet rings, handkerchiefs to dress labels, the monogram is perhaps the most beloved and widespread tradition in the South. Monogrammed pieces are passed down through generations as a reminder of those who vowed their love before us, and the rows of monograms on an heirloom are an amazing encouragement to a bride just starting out on the marriage journey. However, the etiquette of which monogram to use when and where in your wedding can be particularly tricky, so we thought we’d revisit this topic and share a bit of what we’ve learned over the years!

From Farris + Taylor‘s wedding (photographed by Kristyn Hogan)

First of all, let’s define maiden monogram and married/joint monogram. A maiden monogram features your first initial on the left, middle initial on the right, and initial of your maiden name slightly larger in the middle (for example, my full name is Lisa Janel Olson, so my maiden monogram is LOJ). A married, or joint, monogram features the initial of the wife’s first name on the left, the initial of the husband’s first name on the right, and the initial of the couple’s married surname slightly larger in the middle (for my fiancé, David Kirk, and I, our future married monogram is LKD). Most etiquette books now suggest the order we have here, but in the past, the husband’s first initial was placed on the left because it was believed that his first and surname initials should not be separated.

Before the wedding: For anything you’re going to wear, such as a monogrammed robe, dress patch, clutch, or bouquet wrap, use your maiden monogram. For wedding details that are used before you say “I do,” such as save the dates, invitations, and ceremony programs, you can use your first initials joined by an ampersand with the bride’s first initial listed first (for Dave and me, this would be L&D). In general, a married monogram should not be used before the couple is officially married.

Clockwise from top left: Marenda + Jonathan (Anna K), Cameron + Evan (Virgil Bunao), Alyson + Brian (Leigh Webber), Eddie + Jordan (Harwell Photography), Angelica + Colby (Jake Holt), Celie + Shane (Sweet Tea Photography)

During the wedding: We love the idea of debuting your married monogram at your reception! It would be perfectly appropriate illuminated on your dance floor, iced onto your wedding cake, calligraphed on menus, or printed on your favor bags, to name a few. As an added bonus, if you don’t include your wedding date, some leftover monogrammed items (like cocktail napkins!) can be used long after your wedding day in your newlywed home.

Clockwise from top left: Blair + Brian (Justin DeMutiis), April + Nick (Pasha Belman), Kristin + Kyle (Martha Manning), Sarah + Nick (Pure 7 Studios), Sarah + Gabe (Ashley Seawell), Emily + Cole (Sposa Bella), Sarah + Gabe (Ashley Seawell), Claire + Michael (Watson Studios)

After the wedding: The exception to avoiding your married monogram until after the wedding is when registering for monogrammed items, since you’ll be using your registry gifts once you are married. Many stores offer monogramming on anything from candlesticks to cutlery, and in turn, these pieces may become heirlooms for future generations to cherish as much as you do!

For even more information about monograms, take a look at this past post, complete with a handy monogram guide, and find lots more monogram inspiration on our Pinterest board. Of course, if there’s anything we missed, chime in in the comments section!

lisa Written with love by Lisa
  1. avatar Bumby G reply

    I just love all the monogramming. Especially those purses. :)

  2. avatar Kat reply

    Love this post!!! Monograms & weddings go hand in hand :)

  3. avatar Mackenzie reply

    Love this post! I am thrilled to slap a monogram on anything that will stop moving long enough for me to do so. I do have a quick question, though. What are y’alls thoughts on a monogrammed aisle runner? Maiden monogram or married?

    • avatar Lisa reply

      Thanks, Mackenzie! That’s a tough one–we think the most appropriate option would be your first (or last) initials joined by an ampersand, or a 2-letter monogram as shown in this post: /2012/09/19/monogram-etiquette-from-emma-j-design/ Hope that helps!

    • avatar Britt reply

      Love this!
      What about on the morning of the wedding on the wedding dress hangers?
      I see a lot of girls and on Etsy use Mrs. (Who they are getting married to). Should I use my Soon to be Last Name or my Maiden Name?

  4. avatar michele reply

    My wedding invitation monogram template only allows for 1 letter. Now what? help

  5. avatar Nursery Rhymes reply

    […] Daddy’s setting up the nursery donning goodies from our baby shower over the weekend… We just LOVE these monogrammed burp cloths from Auntie Lyndy ~ so Southern […]

  6. avatar Andrina T reply

    Help! I am embroidering a handkerchief as a wedding gift and am stumped on the monogram. Should I just use the bride’s first initial? Bride and groom first initials (in opposite corners)? Or maybe just her new last name initial, in case it gets passed down as an heirloom? Thanks!

    • avatar Emily reply

      Hi Andrina! So fun! I think either the bride’s first initial or just her new last initial would be great. Don’t worry too much about what others will think if it’s passed down – I think part of the reason people love heirlooms is not because they have the right initial for them, but because the details remind them of dear family members!

  7. avatar Brenda reply

    I bought a bible for a wedding gift and I need to know on the page where it says presented to , do I put the brides name first or the grooms ?
    Thank you

  8. avatar Judy reply

    Monogram for bride’s bouquet …new or old? What about changing the ribbon on bouquet after the ceremony for photos from old to new? Thank you for suggestions.

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Like most Southern gals, we are quite fond of monograms here at Southern Weddings. They’re a way of carving your mark into your world, a way of saying, this is who I am, this is my family. They’re inherently and unabashedly personal. John and I didn’t register for tons of monogrammed items on our registry, but one thing I was really looking forward to post-wedding was ordering a return address label for our new family. (Technically, you’re not supposed to debut your joint married monogram until after the ceremony!) Vino Backyard Designs makes some lovely options!

Can you imagine how many cramped hands you’d save yourself after a few years of sending out Christmas cards with these lovelies?

Victoria’s stamps also come neatly packaged, making them a great option for gifting. I’d have loved to receive one of these for a bridal shower gift!

Vino Backyard Designs has several options to choose from, including block and script monograms and stamps with and without a return address. The monogram stamps would be perfect for stamping wedding favors, menus, or other reception items!

Vino’s prices are totally reasonable, and their options include something for everyone. Take a peek at all of her options here, then leave a comment below for a chance to win the design of your choice! We’ll choose a winner next Friday.

Itching to get started? Good news! Vino Backyard Designs is offering everyone 15% off with code SOUTHERNWEDDINGS until May 1! Be sure to check out her beautiful wooden monograms, too – perfect for wedding decor! Happy monogramming, friends!

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Catherine Grace reply

    oooo, they look devine.

  2. avatar Miranda reply

    These are so classy! They would be great for the thank you letters for after the wedding!

  3. avatar Casey Barreto reply

    Loving the monogram return stamp with the wavy edges!

  4. avatar Natasha Powers reply

    I loooove these, such a unique idea for the monogram!!! I really would adore having one of these for my stationary!!

  5. avatar Amy reply

    Love the monogram return address stamp at!

  6. avatar Hannah reply

    Love these!

  7. avatar Marie reply

    I love the monogram stamp! We tend to move around quite a bit, but it would be lovely to have a monogram that would work wherever we go.

  8. avatar Elyse G. reply

    The Monogram return address stamp is lovely! *fingers crossed*

  9. avatar Haleigh reply

    I love these! So adorable. I’m getting married in Wisconsin this June, but I am bringing some South to the North! :)

  10. avatar Brenna reply

    I would love to win this for my September wedding! I love monograms! :)

  11. avatar Martina reply

    Love the stamps and monogram wall hanging! Would be perfect in our nursery!

  12. avatar Loah reply

    Just loving the simple one inch monogram…gorgeous!

  13. avatar Carolina Garza reply

    Absolutely love the monograms!! Very handy and gorgeous engraving

  14. avatar Vanessa M reply

    Love these so much! Would be super helpful for thank you letters! this is my favorite!

  15. avatar Kari H reply

    I love how you used white on the coral envelope. Adorable and so classy!! I would love to do a similar DIY. Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. avatar Gracie reply

    Love these! So classy and clean. And the monogram venn diagram is very unique… I like it a lot!

  17. avatar Laura reply

    I love the classic monogram with no address :) How great to have & use, no matter how many times you move!

  18. avatar Diana Schmitmeyer reply

    Love the monogram stamp! PERFECT!

  19. avatar Victoria H. reply

    Even though my husband and I are not in our “forever home”, I would love a monogram stamp! Perfect for newlyweds!

  20. avatar Lynn reply

    Love the block monogram stamp. Can’t see how to order it. Hope I win one for my daughter’s new initials

  21. avatar Morgan DeGarmo reply

    I love this monogram-stamp so much! It’s perfect for the ultimate girly-girl!!

  22. avatar Lauren reply

    I love the classic script monogram return address! My new husband and I would use this ALL the time!

  23. avatar Stephanie reply

    Such beautiful stamps – I am loving all of the mongorammed ones so much!

  24. avatar Jamie Geddings reply

    love these monogram stamps!

  25. avatar Lauren M reply

    I love the monogram return address stamp.

  26. avatar Shannon reply

    Oh how lovely!! I love the monogram return address stamp, but also the 1.5 inch monogram stamp which would be perfect for all kinds of wedding projects!

  27. avatar Heather B. reply

    A stamp with my new monogram? sign me up!! the return address stamps are especially perfect for all those thank you’s post-wedding :)

  28. avatar Morgan Gremillion reply

    My fiancé and I just purchased our first home and this would be the perfect way to display our new address! These stamps are just adorable!

  29. avatar Dana reply

    Yes please!!!

  30. avatar Kristy reply

    It would be GREAT to have one of these!!

  31. avatar Samantha P reply

    I would love to debut my new monogram with a Vino Backyards Design stamp!

  32. avatar Krystal Kenny reply

    Happy Friday! I just checked out the Vino Backyard etsy shop, and all of the items are precious! These would totally make a perfect bridal shower gift! Thanks for sharing the website :)

  33. avatar Morgan reply

    Love these!

  34. avatar Jennie Smith reply

    I love anything monogram, what southern girl doesn’t! I have been looking for the perfect stamp and this is it!

  35. avatar Michelle reply

    “If it’s not moving, monogram it” is right! I would love to have one of these for our wedding invites and thank-you notes!!

  36. avatar Hannah reply

    I love these! They’re so classy and would add extra flare to our invitations.

  37. avatar jackie reply

    Super cute for my snail mail. :)

  38. avatar Lauren reply

    Great giveaway! I’ve been wanting a return address stamp since we got married 6 months ago. We’re about to close on a house in 4 day (!!!) so this would be perfect! Thank you!

  39. avatar mara reply

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these and have been looking for the perfect one for years….found it! Fingers crossed :-)

  40. avatar Krista Earl reply

    I just got married and would LOVE to win a new monogram family stamp for our first home!

  41. avatar Katie Minnick reply

    Love the Venm Diagram stamp. So simple yet chic!

  42. avatar Krista B. reply

    These as sweet as pie!

  43. avatar Robyn McNally reply

    I absolutely adore all of these stamps! I would love to win this so that I can continue the art of writing beautiful letters!

  44. avatar Kate E. reply

    These are one of those things I can’t wait to buy post-wedding. So cute!!!

  45. avatar casey reply

    The Monogram return address stamp would be a life saver! My shower is next month and the wedding is in two… lots of thank you cards coming up!

  46. avatar Sarah Kane reply

    Precious! I love the Vine Couples Monogram!

  47. avatar Laura reply

    I love this idea for thanks cards, invites etc.!

  48. avatar Ellen Elizabeth reply

    My monogram is symmetrical so I just love to use it! I would love to win this for my mail!

  49. avatar Kelly E. reply

    I love the monogram return address stamp. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  50. avatar Amie Kromis reply

    I’m absolutely in love with these! Especially since we decided to go with wax seals for our save the dates to add a personal touch. Although they added great detail, it was extremely time consuming. Thank you, Southern Weddings, for this great alternative!

  51. avatar Taylor Rae reply

    We’re moving soon and this would be so perfect!

  52. avatar Lindy reply

    These are SO lovely! I definitely am done with rewriting my return address on every single Christmas card and these designs are so much more stylish than many of the other companies I’ve seen!!

  53. avatar Amy C. reply

    My monogramming obsession has, um, exploded over the past year! I honestly have something monogrammed with me everyday (today it’s my tervis tumbler I brought to work). I am old-fashioned and write thank you notes/other letters all the time, and would absolutely LOVE if I could get one of the monogram stamps to make them all so personal :) Please pick me!

  54. avatar Jessica reply

    Oh I am SO excited to debut my new monogram after my September wedding!! I love the monogram return address stamp, would be so helpful for all those wedding gift thank you notes!

  55. avatar Laura reply

    So precious!! I would love to win one of these stamps!! Love the address ones!!

  56. avatar Em Ma reply

    I absolutely love the 1 inch monogram stamp and the Monogram Ven Diagram stamp. These would be perfect for me to stamp all of my wedding thank you notes with! Fingers crossed to win this amazing giveaway!

  57. avatar Kaya reply

    How cool! I would love one!

  58. avatar Alexandra W reply

    I love the Wedding Stamp. Since we live in an apartment and won’t be here forever, I’d love to get one that can be used long after our address changes!

  59. avatar Stephanie Claire reply

    What a lovely giveaway!!

  60. avatar Amy Bell reply

    These are beautiful! This is my favorite:

  61. avatar Amanda reply

    I’d love the monogram return address stamp! We just moved into our first official home so I’d love to have one!

  62. avatar Jessica Schaffner reply

    Absolutely love these and your other products! Do you ever partner with bloggers for giveaways by chance?

  63. avatar Emily W reply

    I love them all, they’re so gorgeous. I’d love to have ANY of them. What a great giveaway!

  64. avatar Ellen reply

    So cute! I love these! I’m definitely going to buy one when I know our new address!

  65. avatar Diane reply

    I love these! aren’t they so pretty?

  66. avatar Meredith reply

    I would love one for all my thank you notes and invitations for my southern August wedding! I love the classic monogram with no address, so my husband-to-be and I can use it for years to come no matter where we move :)

  67. avatar Abby reply

    What a cute idea! I don’t think I would have thought of something like these, but it is a sweet touch.

  68. avatar Kelly Hughes reply

    I would love to use an unfinished monogram to use as a decoration at my upcoming wedding!

  69. avatar Eileen L reply

    I really like the monogram return address label. So timeless.

  70. avatar Slee reply

    I do particularly love the font used on the monogram return address stamp. It seems simultaneously whimsical and classic.

  71. avatar Laura reply

    Love these stamps! I usually go for script monograms, but the block ones are just too cute.

  72. avatar Bethany reply

    The ven diagram stamp certainly speaks to our geek.

  73. avatar Karen reply

    Soooo southern and so ELEGANT. Love tradition!

  74. avatar Heather S. reply

    I LOVE Monogram return address stamp! It’s an especially good time to get a new return stamp since we just bought our first home! I can’t wait to send out tons of handwritten letters from our new space, hopefully with one of those precious stamps on the envelope!

  75. avatar Mary P. reply

    My fiancé and I have been engaged since July 2013, but now that we have hit March 2014, it has finally hit me that I am getting married next year! I am definitely thinking more about planning and how I want to present our new monogram following our wedding – this would be such a wonderful way to help!

  76. avatar Allison reply

    I would use the the three letter script monogram style! It would really help make a dent in those thank you notes!!!

  77. avatar Julie reply

    This one would be perfect!

  78. avatar Samantha Spivey reply

    I have been dreaming of a chance to get one of these beauties! My wedding is May 24th in Dothan, AL. This would be perfect for stamping our Thank-You cards!

  79. avatar Stewart reply

    I am in a dear friend’s wedding in May and she and her fiance just finished building their first home together. A return address stamp would be the perfect add-on to her shower gift!

  80. avatar Victoria reply

    Looks great!

  81. avatar Kristyn Monaghan reply

    I love the monogram return address stamp! And those hey y’all ornaments are adorable!

  82. avatar Mary reply

    These stamps are so lovely! What a clever idea!

  83. avatar Michelle reply

    love the one pictured with the package!

  84. avatar Leslie reply

    I am newly engaged and working on getting the perfect design of all things paper and print for my upcoming wedding! I would love to have this beautiful stamp! This is perfect for all the southern belles out there! I hope I win!!

  85. avatar Hannah reply

    Love the block monogram with names and addresses!! Super cute!

  86. avatar Camry reply

    My sister got one for her wedding! I would love one for min too…classy and cute!

  87. avatar Sydney Basden reply

    These are gorgeous! Planning on a spring/summer wedding next year and would love to have one of these for invites! =)

  88. avatar Laurel reply

    These are BEAUTIFUL!! Love the Monograms.

  89. avatar Jackie C reply

    Oh my!! LOVE these. I’m probably too late to enter, but sure love them anyway!

  90. avatar Laura Oakley reply

    I’m trying to buy my niece a wedding gift. My late husband was from the south and I’m not understanding the monogram. Does the husband first,last name, then the wife? Please help. Thanks

    • avatar Lisa reply

      Hi Laura! We have a whole post about monogram etiquette here: /2014/04/15/southern-etiquette-monograms/
      Hope this helps!

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Especially in a week of freezing weather, summer can feel incredibly far away. That made this the perfect week for me to pop open a jar of berry jam–the same jam in this shoot, in fact!–to spread on a biscuit for a little taste of the warmer months. As Lara so beautifully wrote in V6, canning is a Southern tradition with a rich history, and for many people, cherished memories. Just like people used to can fresh produce to eat during the low harvest season, it is important to store up precious memories, sweet adventures, and treasured words to savor when times are tough.

This shoot, styled by Lovely Little Details and photographed by Jessica Burke, celebrates the tradition of canning in such a lovely way. Don’t miss the feature in V6 for recipes to accompany each of these sweet scenes!

After collecting your ingredients and tools, you’re ready to can! Find the full list of canning supplies and ingredients you need for these recipes in V6.

First up, homemade ingredients for a bloody mary bar, perfect for a bridal luncheon or day-after brunch. We can’t get enough of the florals Jacin designed for this scene–there are heirloom tomatoes nestled among the blooms!

Peach preserves are a Southern Weddings office favorite–Lara and her family have even been known to eat her mama’s recipe right from the jar with a fork. These sweet preserves would make a beautiful gift, especially when topped with a monogrammed jar cover.

Canned goods always make much-appreciated favors at weddings and parties alike. We love these pretty options for both the sweet tooth and the savory-lover–berry jam and dill pickles.

Do you have any cherished memories of canning? We’d love to hear them!

Photographer: Jessica Burke | Film Processing: Richard Photo Lab | Styling, Florals, Signage, Paper: lovely little details | Location: Longmeadow Ranch Rutherford Gardens | Hair and Makeup: Katie Nash Beauty | Monogrammed Jar Cover and Dish Towel: Oatmeal Lace Designs | Models: Stars Model Management | Illustrations: Joy Laforme

lovely little details is a delightful member of our Blue Ribbon Vendor Directory!

lisa Written with love by Lisa
  1. avatar Anastasia Kristina reply

    I dog-eared this page in the magazine – I can’t wait to try canning my own jam!! Beautiful photos!

  2. avatar Beane and Company reply

    Lovely shoot! Makes me miss home and helping my mother can jam every season.

  3. avatar Kyla F reply

    Y’all have inspired me to make jam this summer. We do not have any special jam recipes within my family but I would love to start a tradition to pass on to future generations. I will be taking notes from V6. I really enjoy peaches so that sounds like a lovely place to begin!

  4. avatar Josh Gruetzmacher reply

    Wow. Such a beautiful shoot!

  5. avatar peach warmth | lovejoyandlaughterblog reply

    […] for more of this lovely, inspiring article:  photo credit […]

  6. avatar jacin reply

    aw yay! i love hearing that!! happy canning!

  7. avatar jacin reply

    as y’all know this is so near and dear to my heart and to be able to share this with all of your lovely readers meant so much to me (and jessica!) thank you southern weddings for allowing us to be part of your gorgeous magazine and now, blog :)

  8. avatar Southern Weddings Weekly Round-Up – Southern Weddings Magazine reply

    […] We also shared our celebration of canning–a rich Southern tradition that we find so applicable to love and marriage. See it here. […]

  9. avatar Diana reply

    Just so lovely. It’s simple, yet beautiful. I love everything that Jacin puts together, she has such great style and heart.

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    […] Well we made it, it’s finally Friday! I hope you have a weekend full of fun plans ahead. It’s Charleston restaurant week and I will be hitting up my favorite Thai place with some friends. My inbox has been full this week with lots of fun submissions that I can’t wait to get on the blog for you to see. Hope you have a great weekend!Jessica Burke Photography via Southern Weddings […]

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