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Buckle your belts, ladies, because it’s Day 2 of the 12 Days of Southern Weddings Christmas! In true Southern form, we’re continuing this big ol’ series with something monogrammed! One lucky reader will win a set of six custom hemstitched dinner napkins from our friends at Monogram Works. Can’t you just imagine setting your table for Christmas dinner as newlyweds with this lovely addition? With so many gorgeous monogram options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your style.

Win: A set of six monogrammed dinner napkins

Number of winners: One

Ways to enter:*
1. Take a gander at the Monogram Works site and leave a comment telling us which monogram style you’d choose for your napkins. (You can see all the styles in this listing!) Feel free to tell us the napkin and thread color, too! :)
2. Like Monogram Works on Facebook then leave a comment telling us you did so.
3. Post on Facebook with a link to this giveaway. Be sure to tag both @Southern Weddings and @Monogram Works Custom Gifts! Then come back here and tell us you did so with a link to your comment.

*You can enter as many or as few ways as you’d like, but you MUST leave a separate comment for each entry! We use a random number generator to choose a number and then match it to the corresponding comment, so it’s definitely in your favor to do so! :)

Giveaway closes: December 25, 2012

Good luck!! Be sure to check out our other 12 Days giveaways while you’re at it:
Day 1: Perch Paper Company

marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar Sandryte reply

    Wow, what an exciting giveaway! ;) I’d choose HALL as the font, white napkin and teal thread.

  2. avatar Sandryte reply

    I like Monogram Works on FB

  3. avatar Ashley reply

    Liked on facebook!

  4. avatar Ashley reply

    Love the sydney!

  5. avatar Melissa reply

    Love the Quatra monogram style!

  6. avatar Kelly E. reply

    I *think* I like the three-initial monogram in Sydney. I say *think* because it’s so hard to choose! As far as colors go, I’m really digging the orange and teal combination you have highlighted in this post. It’s something that I normally wouldn’t choose, but gosh, it does make a wonderful statement. Gorgeous! I would also like to do the silver grey napkin with a navy thread.

  7. avatar Melissa reply

    Also liked Monogram Works on Facebook :)

  8. avatar Jen reply

    The tiffany blue napkin with the Quatra design in chocolate and yellow gold thread would be a perfect addition to my dining room table. So cute!!

  9. avatar Jen reply

    I liked Monogram Works on FB!

  10. avatar Madelynne Moulton reply

    I’d choose Morocco single letter – peapod napkin and red thread for Christmas!

  11. avatar Madelynne Moulton reply

    I liked monogram works!

  12. avatar Courtney Cross reply

    I love the Quatra Monogram since I was a Phi Mu! I would love to have it on a champagne napkin with brown thread.

  13. avatar Courtney Cross reply

    I liked Monogram Works on Facebook!

  14. avatar Ashleigh reply

    Oh my! The lime green napkins with a big ol’ W in Juliette style and navy would look fancy on our table! Perfect for all of our dinner parties to come as a married couple!

  15. avatar Madelynne Moulton reply

    I told all my friends to enter the contest too!

  16. avatar Ashleigh reply

    Posted on Facebook abuot the giveaway!!/ashleigh.farley.9

  17. avatar Ashleigh reply

    Liked Monogram Works! (but actually, I’m kind of loving them!)

  18. avatar Christina Leigh Events reply

    Oh my stars! Love this giveaway! Being newly married, and with nothing monogrammed, this giveaway is just in time for Christmas! Love the teastain linens with the Quatra, 3-initial monogram in chocolate.
    xo Christina

  19. avatar Christina Leigh Events reply

    I liked Monogram Works on Facebook to show them some love!
    xo Christina

  20. avatar sarah reply

    I liked on facebook!

    Sarah Margaret

  21. avatar sarah reply

    I shared on facebook!

  22. avatar Laura reply

    I think the Westport style is nice and classic.

  23. avatar sarah reply

    I’m getting married in May!

    I love the three initial monograms in Sydney with my couples initials sGs. The color would have to be lime (since our theme is green apples) with royal blue thread!

  24. avatar megan reply

    i love the westport style!

  25. avatar Gabi reply

    I love the fishtail monogram! Thanks for this fun giveaway!

  26. avatar Gabi reply

    Liked Monogramworks on FB!

  27. avatar Mariel reply

    I love the Quatra monogram! What a great giveaway!

  28. avatar Mariel reply

    I also followed on Facebook!

  29. avatar Lauren L reply

    I would love the white napkin with the Pilar detailing in teal thread! My to be husband (only a few more months!!!) and I would love them!

  30. avatar Christina Leigh Events reply

    I also shared this fabulous giveaway on the CLEvents Facebook page!
    xo Christina

  31. avatar Alicia reply

    I love the Staton monogram in orange on teastain. Great shop!

  32. avatar Casie W reply

    I “liked” Monogram Works on Facebook!! Excited to look through their products :)

  33. avatar Nicole Weaver reply

    I love the sheffield style of monogram! Navy napkin with White thread would be my pick!

  34. avatar Nicole Weaver reply

    I have like Monogram Works on Facebook… and checked out the Etsy shop :)

  35. avatar Nicole Weaver reply

    I posted a link to the contest on facebook and tagged you both!

  36. avatar Laura reply

    I would love to win! The “Hall” monogram with the letter R is just my style — in Navy with white threading of course!

  37. avatar Laura reply

    I liked MonogramWorks on Facebook as well :)

  38. avatar Rachel reply

    It’s such a hard decision but I love Monogram Works “King’s Road’ and ‘Alden’ style monogram best I think!

  39. avatar KB reply

    The Westport design in chocolate on champagne napkins would look great at our dinner table!

  40. avatar Bre reply

    I love Sydney! Such a classic Southern look :)

  41. avatar Bre reply

    Liked on Facebook!

  42. avatar Paige reply

    Love these! The Quatra style with white thread on a Navy napkin will be beautiful and classy!

  43. avatar Paige reply

    Just liked them on FB!

  44. avatar Lindy reply

    Love These! Morocco or quatra is my fave!

  45. avatar Kelly Alvarez reply

    Love the Portia monogram!

  46. avatar Sara P. reply

    I like the Circle on the fern color

  47. avatar Emily W reply

    Adore the Alden style monogram! I would choose green/navy for a pretty and preppy combo. Loving these 12 days of SW Christmas! I always love the shops/companies y’all feature.

  48. avatar Tessa S reply

    Deep Red napkins with a Pilar Yellow V!

  49. avatar Cami reply

    I would choose the Kings Road monogram! Beautiful!

  50. avatar Jessica Clinch reply

    The pilar style single-initial monogram with the letter C on the teastain color napkin with cranberry thread would look lovely in my dining room!

  51. avatar Jessica Clinch reply

    I liked Monogram Works on Facebook!

  52. avatar Jessica Clinch reply

    I posted about the giveaway on Facebook!

  53. avatar Leika reply

    I love the Quatra, on teastain napkins in teal and tan!

  54. avatar Leika reply

    I liked Monogram Works on FB, too!

  55. avatar Taylor J reply

    AHHHHH!!!!! Monograms!!! If so lucky, I would choose the yellow gold thread on white napkins…with the Stuart 3-letter monogram!

  56. avatar Taylor J reply

    Liked them on facebook!!

  57. avatar Taylor J reply

    I shared the giveaway on facebook, tagging both yall and Monogram Proper!

  58. avatar Stewart reply

    I would certainly go with the Quatra monogram. While color selection would be tough, chocolate napkins with tan thread would fit my current color scheme.

  59. avatar Brittany reply

    I liked Monogram Works on facebook! :)

  60. avatar Hanna Propst reply

    Another awesome giveaway. If I were to win, I would choose the “Teastain” linens with the “Sidney” monogram reading HMJ (Large M -last name Mills) with the thread color in Red :)

  61. avatar Brittany reply

    I would do the Sydney monogram! Peapod napkins with black thread. It would match our kitchen perfectly.

  62. avatar Hanna Propst reply

    Liked on facebook!

  63. avatar Amy reply

    LOVE the quatra monogram! Very unique!

  64. avatar Amy reply

    Liked Monogram Works on Facebook!

  65. avatar rachel reply

    I love the Two initial Circle monogram! Considering I didn’t take my husband’s last name I love the D and R next to each other!

  66. avatar rachel reply

    i like monogram works on facebook :)

  67. avatar rachel reply

    i left a comment sharing on facebook about the giveaway!

  68. avatar Kathryn reply

    I would choose the Sydney, but I’m also crazy about those quatrefoils in the Morocco and Quatra styles!

  69. avatar Romney reply

    I love the King’s Road Monogram! I would pick light blue thread on a white napkin.

  70. avatar Sharon @ Red Poppy | Pink Peony reply

    It’s not easy to choose, but I think the Morocco single-initial monogram with cranberry and sage thread on champagne napkins would be lovely!

  71. avatar Elizabeth @ HobbyLobbyist reply

    Liked them on FB!

  72. avatar Elizabeth @ HobbyLobbyist reply

    I love the quatra design!

  73. avatar Elizabeth @ HobbyLobbyist reply

    Shared it on FB

  74. avatar Jenna Lea reply

    I would choose the champagne napkins and do the single pilar monogram in navy. I think its simple and classy

  75. avatar Jenna Lea reply

    I liked Monogram Works on facebook

  76. avatar Kristyn M reply

    I love the Alden!

  77. avatar Kristyn M reply

    I like Monogram works on facebook!

  78. avatar Meghan P reply

    I liked Monogram Works on Facebook!

  79. avatar Laura reply

    I like the Quatra 3-initial monogram in white and light blue thread on a champagne colored napkin :)

  80. avatar Kelsey reply

    I liked Monogram Works on Facebook! :)

  81. avatar Kelsey reply

    I linked to this giveaway on Facebook and tagged Southern Weddings and Monogram Works!

  82. avatar Anna A. reply

    I love the westport ones!

  83. avatar Bré reply

    If I was selected, I would choose Westport! So classic!

  84. avatar Nicole-Lynn reply

    What a wonderful opportunity! If I won, I’d choose white napkins with Chocolate thread in the single initial Hall font!

    [email protected]

  85. avatar Kate {domestikatedlife} reply

    I love the alden monogram!

  86. avatar Lauren K reply

    I would pick the pillar single initial monogram design (S for the initial) with a tiffany blue napkin. The thread color would be black.

  87. avatar Bianca Andrea reply

    If I won I would pick a three inital monogram and the Sheffield, I would pick navy napkins with a fuchsia thread. I hope I win because I am really loving these napkins!

  88. avatar Bianca Andrea reply

    I am a new fan of Monogram Works on FB!

  89. avatar Bianca Andrea reply

    I posted on FB and tagged both Southern Weddings & Monogram Works!

  90. avatar Cameron Smith reply

    Ohh love! I would like the Dameron Single Monogram! We have some items on our registry from PB with that exact monogram style ! I’d probably do the Tiffany Blue with a Spring Green thread for a fun pop of color at a dinner party.
    Loving this 12 Days of Christmas!!

  91. avatar laura reply

    Love the Dameron for its simplicity!

  92. avatar Megan reply

    These napkins are gorgeous! The white napkin with silver grey single initial Morocco style would look perfect in my dining room!

  93. avatar Megan reply

    I liked Monogram Works on FB!

  94. avatar Meghan P reply

    I like the Sydney monogram on Tiffany Blue napkins with orange thread!

  95. avatar Hanna reply

    Morocco with two shades of blue would be my pick!

  96. avatar Cece reply

    We would choose the Westport in light blue on chocolate.

  97. avatar Britt reply

    I would choose navy napkins with white thread and the Staton monogram!

  98. avatar Britt reply

    I liked MonogramWorks on facebook!

  99. avatar Laura F. reply

    I love the single letter Morocco monogram!

  100. avatar amanda reply

    As plain jane as it is, I really just love the white napkins I could use all the time and forever!

  101. avatar Meghan P. reply

    I shared the link to the giveaway on Facebook and tagged SWMAG & Monogram Works!!

  102. avatar Katelyn S reply

    Checked out the site..Love the sydney monogram in chocolate thread on a champagne napkin!!

  103. avatar Katelyn S reply

    Liked on Facebook!

  104. avatar Victoria reply

    I love the style with the links in the listing and also the Portofino, in spring green or navy and orange.

  105. avatar Jessica Driscoll reply

    I liked Monogram Works on Facebook

  106. avatar Jessica Driscoll reply

    I would go with Lime napkins Campagne napkins with the Sydney font in spring green. Perfect for my pink and green kitchen!

  107. avatar Cierra reply

    What a wonderful giveaway! I love the Sydney tree-letter initial monogram. I think I would choose the white napkins simply because they’re classic and go with everything.

  108. avatar Cierra reply

    I liked on FB!

  109. avatar Breanne W reply

    I liked Monogram Works on Facebook!!!

  110. avatar Breanne W reply

    I love the navy napkin with Portia single inital “S” in white thread. Simple southern elegance.

  111. avatar Juliana reply

    I love the Tiffany Blue napkin with the Pilar single initial J in Turquoise!

  112. avatar Juliana reply

    I liked on Facebook.

  113. avatar Nikki reply

    I would use the Persia monogram on a tan napkin with white thread! Cute shop!

  114. avatar Why do I love monograms? | Bride baby, Bride! reply

    […] L.L. Bean bag! This whole conversation was generated over me entering a Southern Weddings & Monogram Works giveaway for monogrammed napkins. Obviously I picked our favorite color: lime green with a navy […]

  115. avatar Chloe Robinson reply

    I liked the Monogram Works Page on Facebook! I looked at the different monogram styles on the etsy page and I would choose the three letter monogram in the “sydney” font. I would choose the champagne colored napkins with black thread-classic and elegant!

  116. avatar Jilllian Wist reply

    I’m in love with Monogram Works website! The monogram I would choose is Quatra! I would put that on white napkins and the monogram quatra would be in turquiose and silver grey!

  117. avatar Jilllian Wist reply

    I “loved” MonogramWorks on facebook!

  118. avatar Dori reply

    How precious are these! I would choose the “Sheffield” style. And, navy napkins with white thread!

  119. avatar carmen Sandford reply

    I’d get the Westport with KJJ for my friend who is getting married in March!

  120. avatar Elisa B reply

    Liked on facebook!

  121. avatar Elisa B reply

    Posted about the giveaway on facebook!

  122. avatar Elisa B reply

    love the teastain napkin with the westport monogram. so classic!

  123. avatar Stuart Goetke reply

    Liked on facebook!

  124. avatar Stuart Goetke reply

    I would choose the Stuart monogram with the Yellow Gold color thread!

  125. avatar Ashley C. reply

    Love Morocco Single Initial Monogram! It would be so charming in my home.

  126. avatar Lacey Blair reply

    I’m liked Monogram Works on facebook!

  127. avatar Lacey Blair reply

    I would choose the Quatra style in green and navy blue with a B.

  128. avatar Erin reply

    Sooo many pretty designs to choose from! But I guess I would have to go the the Quatra on a navy napkin with yellow gold and yellow green thread.

  129. avatar Erin reply

    And I just “liked” them on facebook!

  130. avatar Lisa Eickel reply

    Sydney monogram style on tiffany blue napkins with white thread… LEB is my new married monogram… these are gorgeous!

  131. avatar Kelly reply

    I “liked” MonogramWorks on fbook!

  132. avatar Kelly reply

    See my post here:

  133. avatar Kelly reply

    I LOVE the “Alden” three-initial monogram style — (aDk)! Champagne colored napkins with spring green thread!!!!

  134. avatar Katie reply

    I love the Westport monogram in the dark tan antique with silver gray thread!

  135. avatar Kelly reply

    I changed my mind. I like the “teastain” color napkin with golden yellow thread! aDk alden-style!!!!!

  136. avatar Rose Cole reply

    SET OF 6 Monogrammed Dinner Napkins
    Sage Green

  137. avatar Larissa reply

    These are perfect:

  138. avatar Lauren reply

    Love the single initial in Juliette on white with silver gray thread. I’m into the classics :)

  139. avatar Lauren reply

    Liked on FB!

  140. avatar Carolyn reply

    I’d love the chocolate color napkins

  141. avatar Christen Crouch reply

    I like the Hall monogram style. It is classic and would look good for any entertaining purpose. I would go with white napkins and silver gray thread! It would look perfect with my grandmother’s china!

  142. avatar Christen Crouch reply

    I liked Monogram works on Facebook!

  143. avatar Michelle reply

    LOVE The Alden Monograms!

  144. avatar Mandy V reply

    These napkins are great! I think there are so many great options, but I would have to go with either the Alden or the Portia.

  145. avatar Amanda Hindsman reply

    Tiffany blue napkin with yellow thread and the westport single initial monogram!

  146. avatar Amanda Hindsman reply

    Liked monogram works on fb!

  147. avatar Brittany Michelle Hughes reply

    I just LOVE the peapod with white stitching and the “Alden” style monogram!

  148. avatar Brittany Michelle Hughes reply

    I liked Monogram Works on Facebook!

  149. avatar Brittany Michelle Hughes reply

    Love southern swag! Shared the giveaway info with all of my friends!!/

  150. avatar Meg reply

    I’d chose the Westport for sure, beautiful!

  151. avatar Courtney reply

    I love the Morocco 3 initial monogram! I’d choose pink and navy! : )

  152. avatar Samantha reply

    I like the black napkins, with light purple thread color, with the Westport monogram

  153. avatar katelyn reply

    I prefer a single monogram for dinner napkins. The Westport is my favorite. I would choose the champagne napkin with cranberry monogram.

  154. avatar Kathleen reply

    I just checked out the website and would have to choose the Stuart monogram style in navy thread on teastain color napkins. Those would be perfect!!

  155. avatar Kathleen reply

    I just liked Monogram Works on Facebook and I may have just found a few last minute Christmas gift ideas!

  156. avatar Adriene reply

    I’d be so thrilled to win this contest! I’d monogram everything in the “hall” style for my April wedding! Everything on their etsy shop would make me over-the-moon happy!

  157. avatar Kristen Heering reply

    I liked Monogram Works on Facebook! :)

  158. avatar Rachel reply

    Sydney Monogram Style, Peapod Napkin, Navy Thread- RBJ are our initials!

  159. avatar Erin reply

    Hot Pink Monogram on Light Pink Napkins!-I would love the monogram to be Sheffield.


  160. avatar jamie Montgomery reply

    I love the 3 initial sydney monogram! I would do a neutral napkin like a tan napkin with white thread … classic!

  161. avatar jamie Montgomery reply

    liked them on fb!

  162. avatar Samantha reply

    I love the westport monogram, in navy of course!



  163. avatar Samantha reply

    Liked on Facebook!



  164. avatar Kristen reply

    I love monograms & cloth napkins are super classy! I like the white napkin with preppy single-initial monogram in the light blue thread.

  165. avatar Alexandra reply

    I just love a classic, timeless napkin that would compliment any table setting. I would go with a crisp white napkin with tan thread in the “Juliette” style monogram. Perfect for a newlyweds first dinner party!

  166. avatar katherine reply

    just liked them on facebook!

  167. avatar Sarah reply

    Love these!
    I like the Teastain napkins with 3-initial Quatra in white. Would love to have these as gifts for the wedding; our initials are CGS.

  168. avatar Sarah reply

    I liked them on facebook :)

  169. avatar Liesl reply

    Liked on Facebook!

  170. avatar Liesl reply

    We love green in this house, so would have to go with Peapod with a Westport monogram in chocolate thread (maybe light blue ;)!

  171. avatar Elizabeth McClellan reply

    I would choose the three initial quatra– it matches our invitations perfectly! Grey napkins with black thread would be ideal :)

  172. avatar Elizabeth McClellan reply

    Just liked MonogramWorks on facebook!

  173. avatar Elis reply

  174. avatar Elise reply
    I liked monogram works!

  175. avatar Ashley K reply

    How gorgeous! Wow! Decisions, decisions. . . I love both the Quatra and Dameron style! These would be a wonderful surprise to win!!

  176. avatar Ashley Parham reply

    I love the Quatra monogram!!

  177. avatar Grace reply

    I would choose burgundy napkins with a white Westport monogram “M-M-G.”

  178. avatar Bianca C reply

    my fav font design is a tie between the Hall and the Pilar

  179. avatar Allison F reply

    I would choose the Staton Style for my napkins!!

  180. avatar Allison F reply

    I like Monogram Works on Facebook!

  181. avatar Natalie reply

    I love the Westport! Swoon!

  182. avatar Nicole Drakopoulos reply

    I liked Monogram Works on Facebook!

  183. avatar Nicole Drakopoulos reply

    I would definitely choose the Alden style monogram

  184. avatar Laura Caroline reply

    I just adore the Staton monogram! It would be cute on a navy napkin with yellow green and hot pink thread!

  185. avatar Laura Caroline reply

    I liked Monogram Works on Facebook!

  186. avatar Haley R reply


  187. avatar Laura Piper reply

    Oh my goodness gradious – I NEED these! :)

    I would have to have them in a coral and navy combo. We haven’t gotten down to table specifics yet as our beautiful Key West wedding will be the day after Thanksgiving in 2013! But I adore the Stuart or the Quatra!

  188. avatar Laura Piper reply

    Liked Monogram Works on Facebook!

  189. avatar Lindsey Grigar reply

    I love the “Kings Road” style monogram on artichoke napkins with tan thread!

  190. avatar Lindsey Grigar reply

    I have also liked the facebook page!

  191. avatar Marin reply

    I liked on facebook

  192. avatar Marin reply

    My favorite is Quatra on a navy napkin with medium pink thread

  193. avatar Megan McCarter reply

    Liked on FB!

  194. avatar Megan McCarter reply

    FB Link:

  195. avatar Megan McCarter reply

    I’d choose the Hall Design!

  196. avatar Brooklynne Gladysz reply

    I would choose the Sydney style! I think white napkin with light pink thread..and my soon to be initials – BMP would be adorable!!

  197. avatar Brooklynne Gladysz reply

    Liked them on Facebook!

  198. avatar Brooklynne Gladysz reply

    Posted on Facebook!

  199. avatar Angela Alpaugh reply

    My favorite is the Westport design in chocolate on champagne napkins!

  200. avatar Elisabeth Clarke reply

    I would choose Pilar… I think. Too many great options!

  201. avatar lindsey reply

    i love the sydney design!

  202. avatar Lindsay reply

    I would do the Sydney on white with navy thread!

  203. avatar Laura reply

    I love the 2 letter monogram in the Alden style!

  204. avatar Laura reply

    Liked them on facebook too!

  205. avatar Britttany McAlpin reply

    Just entered to win some beautiful monogrammed napkins from Southern Weddings and MonogramWorks. Would love to have these for all of those dinner parties the Sharps will be hosting!

  206. avatar Katie Peterson reply

    Sheffield or Westport! In Navy with Fuchsia writing

  207. avatar Katie Peterson reply

    Liked on Facebook

  208. avatar Meghan Duke reply

    Liked on FB! Merry Merry :)

  209. avatar Meghan Duke reply

    I would get the “Hall” single initial monogram

  210. avatar Meghan Duke reply

    Posted and tagged on Facebook

  211. avatar Katie Richlick reply

    I would choose the Fishtail with navy and champagne!

  212. avatar Katie Richlick reply

    I just liked MonogramWorks on Facebook!

  213. avatar Emily Anne Pride reply

    I liked them on Facebook!

  214. avatar Melissa reply

    Notting Hill is my favorite!

  215. avatar Melissa reply

    I liked Monogram Works on Facebook!

  216. avatar kasey hunt reply

    Tiffany Blue, Sydney Monogram, Fuchsia Thread. Gorgeous!!

  217. avatar Barb Shea reply

    I liked Monogram works on facebook! xo

  218. avatar bbsms reply

    quatra is beautiful

  219. avatar Danielle reply

    I love the white napkins with navy or taupe thread in the Alden style!

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