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This giveaway is closed. Thanks for participatin’ y’all!

Well, my belles, we’ve come to the final giveaway in the 12 Days of Southern Weddings Christmas. It’s been a pretty good run, hasn’t it? There’s been cowboy boots, calligraphy, and cake toppers, not to mention pretties for your hair, ears, and throat (bouquet!).

But between you and me, I think we may have saved the best for last. The paper geniuses at Bella Figura are our partners in generosity this time, and they are pulling out all the stops for one lucky winner!!

The final winner in our giveaway series will win — wait for it — 100 2-color letterpress invitations on 1-ply paper, 100 1-color letterpress reply cards on 1-ply paper, 100 blank invitation envelopes, and 100 blank reply card envelopes. YAHOO!!! Ready to see some of the goodness that could be in store for you?

And that is truly just the tip of the iceberg. Bella Figura offers over 50 ink colors, dozens of fonts, fabulous edge painting, patterned envelope liners, and much more. Almost everything can be customized, and everything they touch is both artisan and eco-friendly. They print on tree-free cotton paper, and follow all best practices for the stationery industry. Southern Weddings truly loves this company (we featured them in V4 here!), and it makes us SO HAPPY to know that one of you are going to take home this amazing prize!!

Though edge painting and envelope liners aren’t included in the package, we couldn’t help but share some of the gorgeousness we spotted on Bella Figura’s blog for their 2012 designs. Hey, if you win, you can always pay the difference to have these special touches added to your order! :)

Don’t miss this handy video detailing how to stuff your invitations, either!

To enter: There are four ways to enter:

1) Visit the Bella Figura website, then leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite wedding invitation design.
2) Follow @iloveswmag on Twitter and leave a SEPARATE comment with your Twitter handle letting us know.
3) Follow Bella Figura on Twitter and leave a SEPARATE comment letting us know.
4) Link to this giveaway in your Facebook status! Make sure you tag us so that we can see you did so, and then leave a SEPARATE comment letting us know!

This giveaway will close on Christmas Day, December 25.

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emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Kimberly reply

    Simple & glamourous….classic calligraphy is my favorite!

  2. avatar Alexa reply

    I would choose the Simple Stripes Invitation. These are so beautiful! Thank you for posting this, because I have never heard of them and I think I will order my invitations from here regardless!

  3. avatar Audrey reply

    I am OBSESSED with the Medley design! It’s absolutely gorgeous and would work so well with our wedding ideas!!

  4. avatar uberBrides reply

    We aren’t entering, but want to wish everyone GOOD LUCK!

  5. avatar Kelsey reply

    My favorite and dream wedding invitation is the classic calligraphy set. It’s so timeless and classic. Every time I look at wedding invitations, I always go back to this one because it’s so beautiful.

  6. avatar Kelsey reply

    Following y’all on twitter @kelseydickerson

  7. avatar Kelsey reply

    Following @bellafigura on twitter @kelseydickerson

  8. avatar Kelsey reply

    Made the giveaway my facebook status and tagged y’all!

  9. avatar Mariel reply

    I’d love the Cameo, since we’re going to have a Southern Soiree with lots of elements like Silhouettes :)

  10. avatar Maria reply

    so many beautiful designs! I think I like ‘erra’ the best!

  11. avatar Maria reply

    following y’all on twitter! @mariajanegraff

  12. avatar Maria reply

    following bellafigura! @mariajanegraff

  13. avatar Courtney Cross reply

    My favorite invitation is the Avenue: Black + Champagne. I would love to win these!

  14. avatar Courtney Cross reply

    I follow yall on twitter @courtneykcross

  15. avatar Allyson reply

    The Threaded design would be perfect for our rustic wedding. My favorite thing about it is the texture, I know all of our guests would be wowed.

  16. avatar Sarah reply

    I love the traditional Calligraphy Monogram, so pretty!

  17. avatar Whitney reply

    The Hana invitations would go really well with our February 25th wedding!

  18. avatar Carrie reply

    I love the Typology and the Modern Calligraphy!

  19. avatar Carrie reply

    I’m following SW on Twitter @ccarmentrout!

  20. avatar Emily Franklin reply

    I am in love with the Typography invitations in Pewter and Marigold! They are absolutely gorgeous! I would be so extremely excited to win this giveaway, I can’t even tell you! Bella Figura is amazing! Crossing my fingers!

  21. avatar Emily Franklin reply

    And I of course follow y’all on twitter, @emily_franklin!

  22. avatar Emily Franklin reply

    And I now follow Bella Figura on twitter as well, yay! @emily_franklin!

  23. avatar Carrie reply

    I’m following @bellafigura on Twitter

  24. avatar Taylor reply

    This is incredible! I can’t decide between the Simple Frame design, Popular Country, and Nouvina! Every design is simply beautiful.

  25. avatar Taylor reply

    Of course, following @iloveswmag on Twitter! @taykatelyn

  26. avatar Taylor reply

    Proud new follower of @bellafigura @taykatelyn

  27. avatar Taylor reply

    All linked up on facebook, y’all! woohoo!

  28. avatar Stacey reply

    Loving the Addison Vintage for our traditional Virginia wedding!

  29. avatar Tara reply

    My favorite design from Bella Figura would have to be Derevil; its simple, classic and elegant and would be perfect for my formal June 2012 wedding. I really love it!

  30. avatar Tara reply

    I’m following you on twitter – @xoTaraD

  31. avatar Tara reply

    Also following @bellafigura on twitter – @xotarad

  32. avatar Megan B reply

    I LOVE the Evelyn invitations!!

  33. avatar Jamie reply

    I am @dcjams and I am following @bellafigura and @iloveswmag on Twitter!

    May I also mention, I LOVE that their invites are eco-friendly and wind-powered! I am a professional environmental and wind power advocate, so I am already a fan. :)

  34. avatar Rachel reply

    I love the FIG design

  35. avatar Rachel reply

    I am now following Bella Figura on twitter handle @rachharrod

  36. avatar Rachel reply

    I am now follow @iloveswmag on twitter handle @rachharrod

  37. avatar Megan B reply

    I just followed y’all on twitter! @meganbustamante

  38. avatar Jamie reply

    I am @dcjams and I am following @bellafigura and @iloveswmag!

  39. avatar Rachel reply

    I linked to the giveaway on my facebook page!

  40. avatar Megan B reply

    I’m following Bella Figura on Facebook @meganbustamante

  41. avatar brooke reply

    wow! talk about exceeding expectations :) what an awesome giveaway! I am floored with “Chapin”. The colors, design and style is exquisite! I have fallen in love! :)

  42. avatar brooke reply

    @brooke_holden loves your giveaways, especially today’s :) Merry Christmas y’all!

  43. avatar Kennedy reply

    I’m a fan of the string calligraphy invitations. Very cute.

  44. avatar Megan F. reply

    What an AMAZING giveaway!! I am crossing my fingers and toes. I love the Bradford invites in navy so sweet.

  45. avatar Taylor Haskin reply

    It is hard to choose because they all are fabulous! But if I had to… the monogramed invitation is so pretty!

  46. avatar Brittni reply

    Threaded is stunning and absolutely my favorite! We are doing a traditional and formal church ceremony with a rustic and more relaxed reception. The threaded invites would reflect that juxtaposition perfectly! Beautiful and formal, mixed with rustic and fun! Love it!

  47. avatar Heather Kasparek reply

    I love the Meadow Design. Yay Southern Weddings and Bella!~

  48. avatar brooke reply

    @brooke_holden loves your magazine, style and giveaways, especially today’s! Merry Christmas, y’all!

  49. avatar brooke reply

    @bellafigura is where it’s at! Along with @iloveswmag! @brooke_holden cannot get enough :)

  50. avatar Sarah Lightfoot reply

    Wow, y’all have outdone yourselves! What an amazing giveaway. It would be a blessing to win these! My absolute favorites would have to be the Savannah gingham invitation, the Polka Stripe invite, and the Popular Country. I really love them all, it’s tough to choose! I’m really loving the painted edge and envelope liners as well. My colors are navy, fuchsia, and lime green. Oh what a fun invitation that would be!

  51. avatar Megan F. reply

    I tagged on facebook as well

  52. avatar Sarah Lightfoot reply

    I already follow you on Twitter. :-)


  53. avatar Sarah Lightfoot reply

    I am now gladly following Bella Figura on Twitter. :-)

  54. avatar Mary L. reply

    I linked you to my Facebook status!

  55. avatar brooke reply

    All my Facebook friends are beginning to think either I work for y’all or am an advocate of marriage, which I am, but not as hasty as I’ve been the past 12 DAYS :)
    Southern Weddings has made quite the appearance in my statuses lately. Love you all and your hard work, timeless ideas and spunk! Merry Christmas and keep up the incomparable work!!!

  56. avatar Kelly M reply

    These invitations are all so beautiful! I think I like the Popular Country the best though! It’s very unique and would match the style of my wedding perfectly.

  57. avatar Kelly M reply

    I follow iloveswmag on Twitter! @kellynn19

  58. avatar Mary L. reply

    Just posted a link about this giveaway to my Facebook account!

  59. avatar Kelly M reply

    I also now follow @bellafigura on Twitter!

  60. avatar Sarah Lightfoot reply

    I put this giveaway on my Facebook wall as well and tagged you in it! :-)

  61. avatar Kelly M reply

    And finally, linked on my Facebook!

  62. avatar Mary L. reply

    This Giveaway is so amazing! You cannot beat Letterpress – it’s so timeless and elegant. It’s so hard to choose a favorite, but I do love the detail and color combinations of the Keswick and the Nantucket! Just gorgeous!

  63. avatar Rachel reply

    I absolutely LOVE the New Calligraphy design! That invitation would really set the tone for our September wedding!

  64. avatar Rachel reply

    I follow y’all on twitter! @rachelwould

  65. avatar Rachel reply

    I follow Bella Figura on Twitter! @rachelwould

  66. avatar Jen reply

    How can you not love these?! What a spectacular finale for the 12 days! My favorites are Beale and Avenue. I’ve already gotten an e-mail from my sister saying she can’t pick just one either!

  67. avatar Elizabeth reply

    I follow Southern Weddings on twitter!

  68. avatar Sarah H. reply

    I love the Victoria Calligraphy!

  69. avatar Matt J. reply

    I’m doing this for my fiancee. I like the Nantucket.

  70. avatar Jamie reply

    I am newly engaged and new to following @iloveswmag on Twitter! – @jamieleanne. Beautiful invitations!

  71. avatar Kassi reply

    I love the Avenue: Black and Champagne… it is actually on my final five list of invitations ….

  72. avatar Lauren reply

    I LOVE the string calligraphy horizontal invite! It is beautiful yet whimsical- just like the style of our wedding. What a gorgeous design!

  73. avatar Elizabeth reply

    I follow bellafigura on twitter!

  74. avatar Kassi reply

    I’m now following sw mag on twitter @itskassz

  75. avatar Kassi reply

    I follow Bella Figura on twitter as well!

  76. avatar Kassi reply

    Also posted on my facebook wall!

  77. avatar Kelly reply

    I follow Bella Figura on Twitter (@kckalmar)

  78. avatar Kelly reply

    I following Southern Weddings Mag on Twitter (@kckalmar)

  79. avatar Kelly reply

    Really loving the simple frame and allouette invites – but they’re all great!

  80. avatar MissTurk reply

    I must admit that I’ve been reading wedding blogs a little longer (probably 3 or 4 years) thank I’ve been engaged (1mo!) BUT what I have always known is that Bella Figura has absolutely the most FABULOUS invitations, and I love that they are in my home state of New York! I could never afford these amazing invites on my own (I was just thinking about bidding on a gocco on ebay) – so winning this would be amazing and really set the tone for my wedding. My favorite is Balsam Calligraphy, really no one does modern calligraphy invitations like Bella Figura!!

  81. avatar Kristi reply

    I love the Loretta Formal. It was tough for me to choose between that one and the Charmed DC, since DC is where we met and fell in love. Too bad our wedding isn’t in DC, that one would have been perfect!

  82. avatar Lauren reply


  83. avatar Lauren reply

    following bella figura on twitter (@lnicdao)

  84. avatar MissTurk reply

    I just followed @iloveswmag, my twitter is @YoungTurksWed !!

  85. avatar Jenna Rice reply

    I follow @iloveswmag on twitter. @jennamrice

  86. avatar Khalil reply

    My favorite invitation is the gingham invitation. It is charming, yet classy enough and shows some personality. I like the design and layout too. If I win these free invitations, I can’t wait to use them for my upcoming wedding!

  87. avatar MissTurk reply

    I just followed Bella Figura on Twitter! @YoungTurksWed

  88. avatar Jenna Rice reply

    I love so many of them. I think my favorite may be “harp”

  89. avatar Jenna Rice reply

    I follow @bellafigura on twitter! @jennamrice

  90. avatar cami reply

    my absolutey favorite are the “New Calligraphy” how classic and timeless!

  91. avatar cami reply

    I follow Southern Weddings on twitter @pinkpaisleys

  92. avatar cami reply

    and I now follow Bella Figura on twitter too! @pinkpaisleys

  93. avatar amanda reply

    OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would just be in heaven. I mean my mom would be in heaven, I would be in heaven, and how could my guests not be in awe over these invites I would get to send?!

    I am ABSOLUTELY gaga over the Typology invites. They are absolutely perfect! I have been pining over them since I first laid eyes upon them. They are PERFECT to the TEE!!!!!!! oh my goodness.. oh my goodness oh my goodness… This would be the BEST christmas gift EVER!!!!!!!!!

  94. avatar Brittany T reply

    I follow you on twitter. @ABrittanyTeague

  95. avatar Brittany T reply

    I started following Bella Figura on twitter.

  96. avatar amanda reply

    most definitely tweeted this!

  97. avatar amanda reply

    and of course i have started following them on twitter.

  98. avatar Brittany T reply

    I like the popular country, Mariana vintage, and nantucket. But my favorite is the cameo. How could I only narrow it down to one favorite? They’re all gorgeous!

  99. avatar Krystal reply

    I like Keswick

  100. avatar Krystal reply

    i follow swmag on twitter @mskrisL

  101. avatar Krystal reply

    I now [email protected]! @mskrisL

  102. avatar Emily reply

    I would definitely get the calligraphy monogram one! So classy.

  103. avatar Emily reply

    Followin’ y’all! @emilywilson011

  104. avatar Emily reply

    Following that lovely website now!

  105. avatar Lucy reply

    The Claddagh invitation is just divine! :)

  106. avatar Lucy reply

    I am a twitter follower!

  107. avatar Jessica reply

    Gosh! How do you pick one? They are all so gorgeous! But since my wedding is a destination seaside wedding, I think I’d have to go with the Antigua design. I love it and would set the tone perfectly for my wedding!

  108. avatar Joanna reply

    I just sent off for samples of Bordure and Helena. I love the border of one and the font of another. I love love their options and just how eco friendly they are for something that can get out of hand with the carbon footprint fast!
    I really hope I get lucky on this one it would be really great as I think these may be my invitations for real!

  109. avatar Jake reply

    As a DC resident, I have to say the ones with the DC skyline are tempting to use, but there are some fantastic designs!

  110. avatar Elisa Bricker reply

    I LOVE the Loretta Formal … we have edge painted cards and it is worth every penny to upgrade!

  111. avatar Elisa Bricker reply

    following iloveswmag on twitter (elisabphoto)

  112. avatar Elisa Bricker reply

    following bella figure on twitter (as elisabphoto)

  113. avatar Brittani reply

    I’m loving the Bleecker Modern! So simple and clean :)

  114. avatar Brittani reply

    Following iloveswmag on Twitter (brittanibowling)

  115. avatar Brittani reply

    Following bellafigura on Twitter (brittanibowling)

  116. avatar Elisa Bricker reply

    tagged y’all on Facebook!

  117. avatar Katie R. reply

    I love the nature style especially the Bonpom.

  118. avatar Melanie reply

    Love the Keswick design!

  119. avatar Liz reply

    My favorite Bella Figura invitation is Lillyblade!

  120. avatar Victoria reply

    I am in love! There are a lot that I adore, but especially the ones under the Formal section, like Measurement! I would definitely upgrade to get the pretty colored edges and envelope liners. Thank you for this giveaway!

  121. avatar Victoria reply

    I am following @iloveswmag on twitter as @picatoria!

  122. avatar Victoria reply

    I am following Bella Figura on twitter as @picatoria!

  123. avatar Kelly N reply

    I love the Keswick! The elegance of the design element makes it stand out from the rest!

  124. avatar Kelly N reply

    Following Southern Weddings on Twitter! @ksnash14

  125. avatar Kelly N reply

    Following Bella Figura on Twitter :) @ksnash14

  126. avatar Kelly N reply

    Linked to it on Facebook!

  127. avatar Laura reply

    WOW! Talk abt an amazing giveaway… I am obsessed with Bella Figura. The Delambre Classic is my favorite design. :)

  128. avatar Laura reply

    I follow @iloveswmag on twitter (@lctweets)!

  129. avatar Laura reply

    And I am now following @bellafigura on twitter (@lctweets). Can you tell i really want to win?

  130. avatar Kelly reply

    love the “bejeweled” design!

  131. avatar Kelly reply

    twitter follower! @kellystack

  132. avatar Kelly reply

    tagged you on fbook!

  133. avatar Kelly reply

    just followed bella sigura on twitter!

  134. avatar Tiffany Lee reply

    I love the Keswick invitation! So gorgeous.

  135. avatar Tiffany Lee reply

    I follow you on Twitter via tiffanylee0106

  136. avatar nick reply

    my fiance would love this and i can’t help but enter for her.. it would be a great christmas gift that we’d both love to have. we both really love the typology.

  137. avatar meghan reply

    the typology would be a perfect gift for my best friend!

  138. avatar nick reply

    i posted this to facebook as well

  139. avatar Megan reply

    It is so hard to choose a favorite! I think the Ribbon Heart invitation is amazing and I would love to use these for my upcoming wedding. Thank you so much for the giveaway!!

  140. avatar Megan reply

    I follow @iloveswmag !!!

  141. avatar Megan reply

    I now follow Bella Figura on twitter!!

  142. avatar Kimber reply

    Ohmigoodness! I absolutely adore the String Calligraphy Invitation! It’s so beautiful, a little whimisical, and so sweet all at once! It’d be perfect for our July wedding! They are all lovely, though!

  143. avatar meghan reply

    best moh ever, i tweeted this!

  144. avatar Betsy reply

    Deveril. So classic!

  145. avatar carol reply

    for my daughter, she’d love these! the classic cursive.

  146. avatar Mark reply

    Following Bella Figura as @markyporter

  147. avatar Pamela reply

    I absolutely adore the Harp style invites at the Bella Figura website!!!

  148. avatar Katherine reply

    OMG this would be such an amazing giveaway to win!! I am just about ready to decide on invitations for our wedding in March! I love the classic destination design since we’re doing a Travel themed wedding and are known as the travel couple.

  149. avatar Katherine reply

    I follow @iloveswmag on Twitter (user @katxc)

  150. avatar Katherine reply

    I follow Bella Figura on Twitter (user @katxc)

  151. avatar Alexandra fernanadez reply

    Ive been eyeing out their string calligraphy and new calligraphy invites from months!!!! So beautiful and unique, yet classic enough to make my parents happy. Half of our guests only speak Spanish and the other half English so I love that they offer bilingual invites as well!

  152. avatar Cassidy reply

    I love the Popular Country design more than I love red velvet cake. And that’s A LOT, y’all!

  153. avatar Cassidy reply

    Following y’all on twitter! (Cassidy_Carson)

  154. avatar Cassidy reply

    I follow Bella Figura on twitter also!

  155. avatar Cassidy reply

    and lastly, I gave you some love on Facebook! :)

  156. avatar Jessica reply

    I am following Southern Weddings on twitter–y’all have the greatest ideas for weddings. I can’t wait to use them in our wedding in August.

  157. avatar Jessica reply

    I’m following Bella Figura on twitter–I LOVE a gorgeous letterpress invitation, and these are the most beautiful invitations!

  158. avatar Maureen reply

    Definitely a sucker for the classic look; love the “honoured guest” design. :)

  159. avatar Jessica reply

    Liked Southern Weddings on Facebook and posted to win these beautiful letterpress invitations!

  160. avatar Jessica reply

    We love Charmed Sydney! We really want to customize our invitations with our city scape–DC!

  161. avatar Laura reply

    Absolutely love the Cecilia design! Would be perfect for my July wedding.

  162. avatar Laura reply

    Following @iloveswmag! @lah8r

  163. avatar Laura reply

    Following @bellafigura. @lah8r

  164. avatar DJM reply

    Love the letterpress invites

  165. avatar Mark reply

    Following @bellafigura on Twitter as @markyporter

  166. avatar MAL reply

    Went to their website and LOVE the Nantucket. These are all so beautiful!

  167. avatar Lacey P. reply

    I follow @iloveswman on Twitter. Love, @Lacey2450

  168. avatar Madelynne Miller reply

    I would have to choose between Darla and Fields – they are BOTH perfect!

  169. avatar Madelynne Miller reply

    @smaddogmiller follows y’all on Twitter!

  170. avatar Madelynne Miller reply

    @smaddogmiller also now follows Bella Figura!

  171. avatar Madelynne Miller reply

    I told all my sweet engaged friends about your giveaway on Facebook!

  172. avatar davonne reply

    I was just looking at Bella Figura invitations last week! So unique. I love the Popular Country and Chapin. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  173. avatar Katie K reply

    I love the Wisteria style!

  174. avatar Katie K reply

    I already follow y’all on Twitter! username: kahcarre

  175. avatar Katie K reply

    I just followed Bella Figura on Twitter! username: kahcarre

  176. avatar christina reply

    Really, do I have to pick just one? I love the classic scripts, with neutral colors and everything that is letterpress! This is absolutely the best and ANY brides cheery on-the-top dream giveaway! Thank you Southern Weddings & Bella Figura!
    xo Christina

  177. avatar christina reply

    @CL_Events follows @iloveswmag!!
    xo Christina

  178. avatar christina reply

    @CL_Events follows @bellafigura on Twitter!!
    xo Christina

  179. avatar christina reply

    I posted this fabulous giveaway on Facebook as well! This is one giveaway I do not want to miss any possible entries!! Thank you Southern Weddings & Bella Figura!!
    xo Christina

  180. avatar Audrey S. reply

    I am following @iloveswmag now! I am @audreyseidle and I LOVE the Medley design!

  181. avatar Audrey S. reply

    I am now following @bellafigura on twitter!! My tag is #audreyseidle. I have my fingers crossed for the Medley design!

  182. avatar karen reply

    i love this!! the typology!

  183. avatar karen reply

    the classic is a beautiful invitation!

  184. avatar Laura reply

    Following on twitter. @lauralong1

  185. avatar Laura reply

    So many gorgeous invitations! I don’t know how I could pick just one!

  186. avatar Jessica H reply

    I am all about the Tara invitation- simple and gorgeous!

  187. avatar Jessica H reply

    Of course I follow y’all on twitter @msjessicalynne

  188. avatar Jessica H reply

    I follow Bella Figura on Twitter @msjessicalynne

  189. avatar Elizabeth P. reply

    I love the Balsam calligraphy invitation– so romantic and playful!

  190. avatar Emily reply

    I follow you on twitter! I’m @fettbot.

  191. avatar Emily reply

    I also now follow bellafigura on twitter. I’m @fettbot.

  192. avatar Melissa reply

    The Carlyle is so elegant!

  193. avatar Melissa reply

    I’m following @iloveswmag on Twitter! (@melissathomps)

  194. avatar Melissa reply

    Following @bellfigura on Twitter! (@melissathomps)

  195. avatar Laura S reply

    I love the “Irving”! Hope I’m lucky enough to win these!!!

  196. avatar Jessica reply

    I am in love with this giveaway! I’m entering in the hopes of surprising a lovely friend of mine who just got engaged (I wish I had the time and skill to make letterpress this awesome!).

    She is a librarian, so she’d be thrilled with the clean lines and simplicity of the Architect set. I really hope I win, because it would be beyond great to tell her the news!

  197. avatar Lauren K. reply

    hello ladies! Can not tell you how excited I was to see that this contest was open until 12/25! After much deliberation over the beautiful Bella Figura website, I would have to select the Studebaker invitation! LOVE the monogram and it has a fun name ;) thanks ya’ll

  198. avatar Lauren K. reply

    I also follow @iloveswmag on twitter! My handle is @laurenRkemp . would love this christmas gift, thanks ya’ll!

  199. avatar Sara Kim reply

    I love the “Splendor” invitation! I would love to win this for my friend.

  200. avatar Ashley reply

    I’m torn between the Istanbul Lace and Classic Stitch!

  201. avatar Ashley reply

    I follow @iloveswmag on Twitter. My twitter handle is @AshMpars

  202. avatar Ashley reply

    I follow Bella Figura on Twitter and leave! My twitter handle is @AshMpars

  203. avatar Christina reply

    My favorite design is Florian Script, although I love them all!

  204. avatar Carly reply

    They are all so gorgeous! New Calligraphy is my favorite!

  205. avatar Crystal reply

    This is the best giveaway ever!! I LOVE this invitation: (in navy and light blue). It is just perfect for the look and feel of our wedding and with our wedding colors, it would be a dream to have these invitations!

  206. avatar Maple reply

    My favorite design is Lace by Maura Gaulthier.

  207. avatar Maple reply

    I follow Bella Figura on Twitter.

  208. avatar Maple reply

    I follow Southern Weddings on Twitter.

  209. avatar Brittney A reply

    I’ve actually just ordered a bunch of samples because I am going to order my invitations with this company, so it’d be amazing if I won!

    One of my many favorites is the La Salle – so pretty!

  210. avatar Kelsey reply

    My favorite is the Cameo design! (dusty pink + black)

  211. avatar Maple reply

    I forgot to leave my Twitter handle; it’s @MapleSyrup2157

  212. avatar Brittney A reply

    I’m following Southern Weddings on twitter! @Brittneyja

  213. avatar Brittney A reply

    I’m following Bella Figura on twitter! @Brittneyja

  214. avatar Audrey reply

    wow all the invitations are beautiful!! i think i like the gotham look

  215. avatar Laura reply

    I love the Branch invites. Perfect for a spring farm wedding in North Carolina!

  216. avatar Laura reply

    I would get the New Horizon-so unique!

  217. avatar Hani reply

    The Birch design is awesome!

  218. avatar Cindy reply

    My daughter would love the Majorca-very her!

  219. avatar Brianna reply

    I love the rustic summer invitations! Perfect for a cotton dock wedding in Charleston!

  220. avatar Sarah Lycan reply

    I follow @iloveswmag on twitter! @sslycan

  221. avatar LindseyP reply

    I like the simplicity of the Bleecker Modern, but the Nautical Classic goes with our theme so well… So much to choose from!

  222. avatar Rachael reply

    I love the Printemps design!

  223. avatar Ashley reply

    I am a iloveswgmag follower!

  224. avatar sarah reply

    i love te byzantine or the antique fall!!

  225. avatar amanda reply

    i keep tweeting and posting this to facebook ;) wishing for the best christmas present ever!!

  226. avatar Gary reply

    The birch design is very unique!

  227. avatar Laura reply

    I love so many of the designs I can’t choose a favorite yet!

  228. avatar Savanah reply

    I really like the Harbor Beach. They are perfect! The small anchor detail will be carried throughout our wedding because our new last name will be Sayler.

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Like our last Southern Spotting, this week’s is also of the flora variety, and boy, is it stunning! A life-size, boxwood monogram — why, I never would have imagined it in all my days! (But I’m sure glad someone else did!) Read on for a few more details from the lovely bride, Hillary!

From Hillary:

“Our wedding reception was all about our new monogram. Our wedding planner, Jenna Lee, owner of Splurge Event Design, came up with the idea of the boxwood topiary initials in the courtyard to make a statement and to continue the theme of our new monogram into the cocktail area of our reception. We also stitched our monogram on handmade pillows and placed them around on the lounge furniture. Inside the reception, we had hemstitched monogrammed napkins at each place setting along with a “to go” coffee and donut station for the end of the night….of course, with monogrammed paper goods! Now we can use some of those items in our new home to remind us of our special day.”

Huge thank you to Scott Hopkins Photography for sending this gem our way! You can see more of Hillary + John’s lovely wedding, including a few of those fab monogrammed details, on the Hopkins’ blog right here.

P.S. Previous Southern Spottings:
Magnolia chandeliers
Cowboy boot utensils
Grilled cheese station

emily Written with love by Emily

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Southern Fab Finds: Monograms

by in Contests, Main on

One thing we never tire of in the Southern Weddings office is monograms. Just ask Marissa and Whitney, they’ll monogram anything! I must admit, some things like mighty fine with your three initials carved, embroidered or stamped onto it. That must be why we were immediately taken with Southern Proper Monograms.

Southern Proper Monograms offers custom birch wood monograms (single or three-letters) in a wide array of sizes. We can see so many uses for them! Paint them and hang them on the church doors, the backs of your chairs, on the side of pews, the list goes on. What better way to show off your new initials than with a snazzy monogram?

To Enter: Go on over to the Southern Proper Monograms site and take a look around. Then come back here and tell us how you would use a custom monogram in your wedding.

To Win: Two 14-inch custom monograms for your wedding!

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar Kelsey reply

    I think the better question is, how would I not use these monograms at my wedding?! Besides for having them hang on the back of our chairs at the reception, they would look amazing in the wreaths on the doors as you enter the church and the reception venue for cocktail hour. It would also look cute tied to the back of our getaway car for a new twist on the “just married” sign. These monograms would be great to tie in our monogrammed overlay on the cake table!

  2. avatar Elisa B reply

    I would love to use these on the doors of the church or the end of the aisles at the ceremony. At the reception they could be used on the ride and groom chairs and during portraits too!

  3. avatar Stefanie R. reply

    I think the monogram would be perfect for the front doors of the chapel! Maybe nestled in some magnolia wreaths.

  4. avatar Sarah reply

    I would definitely hang them on the doors that open onto the courtyard :)

  5. avatar Sandryte reply

    I would hang it on the gates

  6. avatar Tiffany Lee reply

    I am monogram crazy! I would hang one monogram above us during the reception and another on the barn doors on the way into the reception.

  7. avatar Laura DeBellis reply

    These are wonderful! We are having our ceremony and reception at an oceanfront beach house so one of them would be perfect on the front door to welcome everyone! The other would have to be highlighted at the reception somehow! They’re awesome!

  8. avatar Emily L reply

    I would hang them on the front doors of the Southern mansion that our reception is at, inside the Mississippi cotton boil wreaths! I’m obsessed with monograms!! And it would be a great way to greet our guests to our first party as a married couple!! :D

  9. avatar elizabeth reply

    i love the idea of using these monograms at our wedding! i would use them inside of wreaths for our church doors and then also use them at the entrance to our reception site!

  10. avatar Madi reply

    I think it would be absolutely sweet to have a monogram-themed post-wedding photo shoot! Having the bride and groom hold their own separate monograms, then bringing them together with their new “together” monogram….absolutely adorable. :)

  11. avatar Jessica Garrett reply

    I love it all! I especially like the colorful flower wreath with monogram and the wine koozie with monogram!! Super cute!!! Would love to have one!

  12. avatar madelynne miller reply

    I think it’d be really neat to put them on the table at the church entry with the guest book and flowers. I would also love it on the family wedding portrait table to show how my name is changing :)

  13. avatar Haley reply

    I agree with Kelsey–how could you not use these!! I would probably use them at the door to welcome guests or near the dance floor!

  14. avatar Linden reply

    oh how I love monograms! I think I’ve loved monogramming EVERYTHING since preschool when I had my pink backpack monogrammed with my name…. (or maybe even earlier with the bloomers with my name- haha). Anyway, I’d use them in flower wreaths on the church doors!!!

  15. avatar Echo Dannelle reply

    I’d love to hang one behind us at the reception. Or maybe put it on the guestbook table. I can’t decide!

  16. avatar Jenna Kate reply

    I would love to have one of these monograms!! We’re getting married in a private garden off a busy street in downtown Charleston, SC, so this would be a great way to make sure our guests know where to come in for our wedding!!

  17. avatar Sarah H. reply

    Quite frankly, I will monogram anything that stays still long enough. And although the doors on the chapel I am getting married in will stay still, I think I would be in BIG trouble if I monogrammed them, so these custom monograms would be the perfect fix on the chapel doors!

  18. avatar Jennifer reply

    I would nestle each monogram inside a wreath of white roses and hang them on the wrought iron gates of my venue using an off-white or champagne satin ribbon. Then later, I’d use them in my formal Christmas tree! The other one would have a reserved spot on my front door year round!

  19. avatar Kerry reply

    Although I had the wedding of my dreams this summer, I would just LOVE to place our new initials on the front door of our home-sweet-home! I have cotton and burlap that were saved from our wedding that I would love to use in a vine wreath. The wood monogram would make it absolutely perfect! They are simply adorable!

  20. avatar Desiree reply

    I love this Southern Fab Find! I’ve been wanting a sign to hang on my office door – kind of like a storefront sign!

  21. avatar Sarah reply

    The 3-letter ten inch monograms would be beautiful if hung from the two giant wooden handles on the doors to my church. It would definitely be a
    Southern way of letting guests know they’re at the right
    place for our wedding! And they’d just be so darn adorable!

  22. avatar Ali Peek reply

    The better question is “where would I NOT use them?’ I am absolutely obsessed with monograms and cannot wait to put my new initials anywhere and EVERYWHERE at my wedding in April.

  23. avatar Kristyn M reply

    I have been oogling over these FOREVER! I love the three letter monograms in 10 or 14 in! I really want one for our front door!!

  24. avatar Allyson L. reply

    I have been looking into monograms for our wedding but haven’t found exactly what I wanted yet. I love these birch wood monograms though, they would go perfectly with our rustic farm setting. My Mom and I are marking fall inspired wreaths for the doors of the barn as guests enter the ceremony space and I would love to include these in the wreaths. We are also planning on using monograms throughout the reception on our chairs and on the dessert table.

  25. avatar Melissa reply

    My wedding is just 3 weeks away! We are still putting the finishing touches and details together. I can see the 3 letter monogram (10 in) on the fireplace mantle behind our head table beside a white and green hydrangea arrangement and also the single monograms scattered throughout the reception site.

  26. avatar Amber reply

    I would string these on burlap and hang one each on the huge wooden doors at the entrance of Raffaldini for our wedding. I don’t usually like personal items monogrammed, but love these!

  27. avatar Ilana reply

    I have always love the look of the bride and grooms chair decorations. These would be fantastic to use on our chairs at the reception – one three letter monogram each with our initials – hanging with bright ribbons! OR (since the wreaths are just adorable) a three letter monogram with our two initials on either side of the last name initial hanging on the front door of the reception. Too adorable!!

  28. avatar Emily H reply

    How purdy! We are getting married under a tree in the middle of a Tennessee vineyard. I would love to hang these monograms on the vine post on either side of the tree.

  29. avatar Charity reply

    Let me start by saying I’m getting one of these wether or not i win! I like to call my wedding theme, Farmhouse Shaby Chic. I’m using lots of pieces of old furniture and lots of items whitewashed. The monogram will be perfectly with every single detail in my wedding!!!! I could use two single letters for mine and my fiances first names and a three letter monogram for either, the sign in table, in a wreath, somewhere in my southern style buffet line or a number of other places!! I’m so glad ya’ll posted these!!

  30. avatar Kate E reply

    I would love to use two of the 3-letter 16 inch monograms on the back of the bride and groom’s chairs. They are so simple and elegant, I think they would be the perfect addition!

  31. avatar Brittany B reply

    I would use the 3 letter monograms as an accent to my “Love is Sweet” table. We are having a variety of desserts with pictures of us growing up eating cotton candy, ice cream, candy, popsicles, etc. I would love a large one to set right in the middle. I would probably use the other in a magnolia wreath at the door of our reception (an old plantation type house) here in Virginia :)

  32. avatar Emily reply

    I’m getting married in a “secret garden” in downtown Richmond VA. We are using the garden door as theme and it would be perfect to hang the monogram from the wreath on the door!

  33. avatar Katherine reply

    I LOVE these!! I would use one to hang behind our bride and groom’s chairs!

  34. avatar Ashley Stout reply

    I love these. I am getting married in a old barn and they would look great of the barn doors as guest walked in.

  35. avatar Ally G. reply

    These would be so great for my wedding! I seriouls love these! Our reception is in a big red barn and they would look great on the barn doors as our guests walked in! I always love a beautiful monogram!

  36. avatar Kelly Williams reply

    The Acrylic Cocktail Tray with monogram is perfect for tailgating, entertaining and/or showers!! LOVE it!

  37. avatar Southern Fab Finds: Winner Round-Up « Southern Weddings Magazine reply

    […] Now, you know how much we love monograms around here. From the looks of it, you do, too! We love Southern Proper Monograms for their customization and huge selection of sizes. I’d love to see a newlywed […]

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