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Welcome back to our month of giveaways! We are so grateful for you sweet readers, especially for all of the ways you’ve supported our new issue and our shop this year, so we wanted to do something fun for the holidays. Since many of you are starting new lives together with new holiday traditions (and new married monograms!) we decided to give away one of our favorite monogrammed products each week in December!

Y’all, I’m so sad this is our last giveaway for December! Be sure to enter the past giveaways for a (Tuckernuck satchel, Trousseau & Co. hat box, and Jack Rogers sandals)–there is still a little bit of time!

As you can imagine, we’ve been quite fond of all the amazing products our generous friends have allowed us to give away, and today is is no different! While a few of our prizes have been on the girly side, today’s is sure to please even your sweet Southern gent. Our friends at Mark and Graham are giving one lucky reader this monogrammed copper tray that would be perfect for breakfast in bed, as a beautiful catch-all in your entryway for keys and mail, or on your dresser for jewelry, watches and a gingerbread candle!

How to enter: Visit the the Mark and Graham site, then leave a comment below and tell us where you’d place this beautiful piece in your home.

One winner will be randomly chosen on December 30!

marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar Lauren reply

    Classic and Chic – this would look look wonderful on my cream dresser!

  2. avatar Jerusha Brown reply

    I love this rose gold color! I would love to place this on our bar to add that extra punch!

  3. avatar Katie reply

    I would set this tray on our foyer side table to catch the mail or keys, along with a bud vase of fresh flowers!

  4. avatar Jessica reply

    I would love to put this on the dresser to catch all the random stuff that ends up there (and still look pretty)!

  5. avatar Kelly reply

    Gorgeous home decor with a monogram? I’m drooling! I would *love* to have something so elegant grace my living room table with a vase of our garden’s flowers where I could see it everyday!!

  6. avatar Mary Margaret reply

    I would display it in our living room or kitchen!

  7. avatar Kirsten Barber reply

    We have just finished designing our mini bar in the rectangular wall nook in our new apartment. This tray would look great displayed in it every day and would be perfect for holding garnishes, napkins, or utensils when we are hosting.

  8. avatar Lesley reply

    It would go in my kitchen or in my china cabinet. It’s a beautiful piece. Thanks!

  9. avatar Emily reply

    I would put this on my bar – it would be great memories of my wedding where we used antique copper vessels for the floral arrangements!

  10. avatar Amy S reply

    This is beautiful! I’d use this on our coffee table for holding flowers and decorative items.

  11. avatar eleanor reply

    I’d love it for serving cocktails!

  12. avatar Theresa Miller reply

    I would give this to my niece that is getting married this month and she would put it in her kitchen standing upright on top on her wooden cabinet. It would add so much to her decor. She would love it.

  13. avatar Quinn reply

    I would place this beautiful tray in our living room–it would be a fun, different tray to showcase our monogram, a framed wedding photo, and a great candle!

  14. avatar Katelyn reply

    Such a beautiful tray! I would use it on my vanity.

  15. avatar Lindy reply

    I think I’d gift this one to my very hard-to-shop-for father or father-in-law! Either one of them would appreciate it. So gorgeous!

  16. avatar Lindsay reply

    On top of our antique LV trunk — matches perfectly with our ice bucket on the bar!

  17. avatar jodi scott reply

    On my coffee table in the living room.

  18. avatar Victoria Wolski reply

    This is the most darling bar tray ever and it would go perfectly with our His and Hers rocks glasses and antique bourbon decanter passed down from my grandmother <3

  19. avatar lena reply

    Such a gorgeous tray–I’d keep ours on our coffee table, where it would corral evening cocktails!

  20. avatar Brittany Tatsch reply

    i would keep it on the coffee table in the living room so we see it everyday and just remember our life together and always think of good memories

  21. avatar Jennifer reply

    I would place this on the dresser in my bedroom to hold some of the perfumes and colognes that are currently on the dresser.

  22. avatar Kenzie reply

    This would look so great on a coffee table or side table to catch all of those extras!

  23. avatar Bethany reply

    Buffet! It would be a great compliment to complete my copper service set!

  24. avatar Natalie reply

    How beautiful! Would look darling in an entryway!

  25. avatar Anna K reply

    It would be a great feature on our coffee table!

  26. avatar megan w. reply

    definitely love the idea of putting it on our entryway table as a catch-all!

  27. avatar Morgan reply

    It would be the perfect addition to my bar cart so I can serve pretty cocktails on it!

  28. avatar Sarah McKenzie reply

    I would love to put this tray on my coffee table under some flowers! I absolutely love!

  29. avatar Stephanie Brown reply

    That tray would look beautiful on my kitchen island!

  30. avatar Sarah reply

    There is a perfect place in my kitchen for this beautiful tray!!! Merry Merry!

  31. avatar Courtney Hammond reply

    I would love to have this in my home in the foyer where I drop my keys when I come home!! Love it it’s beautiful!

  32. avatar Ashley Johnson reply

    I would place this on the dresser to catch all the excess change and jewelry or place it in my coffee table with a girly candle. Very cute!

  33. avatar Kathryn Shewmake reply

    I would place this in my wedding, especially for pictures of the rings! Then I would put it on display somewhere nice, and use it for parties we host once we have a place together!

  34. avatar Bonnie reply

    Would use this in my dining room. It would go perfectly with the other copper items we received off our registry!

  35. avatar Johanna reply

    This would be the “star” atop our kitchen cabinets inside the circa 1900 cottage we are now renovating!

  36. avatar Samantha reply

    Haven’t gotten anything with my new monogram yet! This would be perfect!!

  37. avatar Danielle rovirosa reply

    We recently just got married and purchased a new bar cart! This would be the perfect addition

  38. avatar Victoria Thomas reply

    This is timeless and classy! I would keep it at our bar with the Moscow mule mugs!

  39. avatar Kerbie Anderson reply

    I would LOVE this on my coffee table with our monogram on it.

  40. avatar Susannah Armstrong reply

    I love this tray! I would put it on my barcart for parties ;)

  41. avatar Sarah Walton reply

    I would place this beautiful monogrammed tray in my bedroom on my dresser and use it as a perfume tray! (:

  42. avatar Allison D reply

    What a gorgeous tray! I just got a Waterford bud vase that would look beautiful on here with a few pretty candles on our coffee table!

  43. avatar Tiffany adams reply

    I am recently engaged and I would absolutely love to use this monogram tray displayed at our gift table at our wedding. It would be a great place for card placement on the gift table. After the wedding, I would love to use this tray in our kitchen!

  44. avatar Kaitlin reply

    I love this copper tray! It’s so chic! I would place it on my countertop! Next to some flowers from my garden!

  45. avatar Erin reply

    This would be so lovely on display in our china cabinet and then also wonderful to use to serve cocktails or cheese and crackers when we have friends over!

  46. avatar ATHawkins reply

    Love this tray! This would be a perfect addition to our bar!

  47. avatar Lindsey Lehman reply

    This tray would go perfectly with my monogrammed whiskey decanter! I’d place it on my buffet.

  48. avatar Shelby S. reply

    I’d display this beautiful tray on my bar! I love it!

  49. avatar Tyler Cowherd reply

    My husband is building a bar cart for me so this would be a perfect addition!

  50. avatar Emma reply

    Love this tray! Would look perfect on the sideboard in my dining room for dinner parties!

  51. avatar Katherine Ivers reply

    I would love to use this on our white guest room armoire with a candle and some guest toiletries and treats!

  52. avatar Michelle Ford reply

    I’d love to put this piece on my coffee table!

  53. avatar Maren Locke reply

    I would place it on our sideboard in the dining room!

  54. avatar Brittney M. reply

    I’d place it on my glass coffee table! Maybe put a small candle on it and a small case of flowers. Too beautiful to cover it completely.

  55. avatar Liz Sperbeck reply

    This GORGEOUS tray would have to be on display on our bar. There’s no way you could hide this beauty in a cabinet or drawer. And, since we’re about to be newlyweds, we get to show off our new monogram as much as we want, right?! LOVE!

  56. avatar Emily Kristen reply

    I would place this tray in my living room and use it for entertaining!

  57. avatar Nancy greene reply

    I would place the tray on my dresser!! Style it with pretty jewelry and a vase with fresh flowers !!

  58. avatar Macy Stewart reply

    I would use the tray in my house with my new husband! We are getting married next year! Perfect addition to our house with my new monogram!

  59. avatar Marty Chambless reply

    These would be beautiful in my daughters home!

  60. avatar Marion reply

    My husband and I just completed a makeover on an old Bassett hutch – it is now a cobalt blue bar in our kitchen and home to our monogrammed julep cups and my grandmother’s champagne flutes and wine glasses. This tray would be an absolutely perfect addition to the bar!!

  61. avatar Bianca Andrea reply

    on a future barcart!

  62. avatar Bailey Good reply

    I would put this on my night stand so I could keep my jewelry there!

  63. avatar Lauren reply

    Gorgeous – I would use it on my vanity. With crystal bowls holding my favorite jewelry and my makeup brush set

  64. avatar Casey Haycocks reply

    I would put this tray on a little bar cart with some cute glasses! It’s would look great with our family monogram, cSa.

  65. avatar Paige Filmeck reply

    I would place this gorgeous tray right on my living room coffee table so that is would be one of the main attractions! Love the gorgeous color of this piece!

  66. avatar Katherine Ivers reply

    This is gorgeous! I would use this in our guest room on the white armoir with a candle and guest toiletries and treats on it!

  67. avatar Brit reply

    I would put this on my new bar cart! Would be so cute!

  68. avatar Amanda reply

    I would love to use this tray as a place to put my rings and watches:) so stunning and the perfect piece to display all my rose gold lovelies!

  69. avatar Lindsay muller reply

    I would love to place one of these in our new home! My future mother in law built us a gorgeous coffee table and I’ve been trying to figure out what to place on it and this would be perfect!!

  70. avatar Jen M reply

    So classic…Perfect addition to add on my white tufted ottoman!

  71. avatar Summer S reply

    I would put it on my kitchen island.

  72. avatar Leah Williams reply

    Need this for my kitchen!

  73. avatar Brittany Lakes reply

    This is beyond classy. I would place it on my up- cycled, white coffee table to show it off to everyone. Copper is my absolute favorite and we have a lot of pieces in our house to prove it!

  74. avatar Kimberly Wolf reply

    We would use it at our wedding then put it on display on our coffee table :)

  75. avatar Ryan Sullivan reply

    I would put this in our living room on our coffee table. With an upcoming wedding, I’m obsessed with all things monogrammed!

  76. avatar Hannah Roudebush reply

    My fiancé and I love copper and have little touches of copper in our new home. This monogrammed copper tray would look stunning on our antique bar cart and would be great for serving drinks when entertaining!

  77. avatar Summer S. reply

    I would put it on my kitchen island. It’s beautiful!

  78. avatar Mary Hataway reply

    I absolutely love this tray! I would set it on our coffee table, and add festive touches during the holidays. It would also be perfect for drinks and snacks during a dinner party.

  79. avatar Ryan reply

    I would put this on our coffee table in the living room. Being in the middle of wedding planning, has me monogram obsessed. Love Mark & Graham!

  80. avatar Ashton Johnson reply

    This would look beautiful on our future coffee table and what a perfect way to say “Happy Engagement!”

  81. avatar Mallory Taylor reply

    This beautiful monogrammed tray would look wonderful in our soon to be bar area with matching Moscow miles and other great at accessories.

  82. avatar Haley Nicole reply

    This would look great on my coffee table! Love it!!

  83. avatar Amy reply

    I would love this for my bedside night stand. I could serve breakfast to my husband in bed.
    Thank you

  84. avatar Dianna Nord reply

    So beautiful! I would use this on my tall counter near my bar stools! Love it!

  85. avatar Millie Darrin reply

    This would go on my bar cart!

  86. avatar Aly reply

    I would definitely add this gorgeous tray to our bar cart!

  87. avatar Kayla reply

    I would put this in my living room next to the fireplace!!!

  88. avatar Whitney evans reply

    I would for sure use this in the dining room! Too pretty to hide!

  89. avatar Karen reply

    I would put this beautiful tray in my entryway!

  90. avatar Lily Brodzinski reply

    This tray is gorgeous! I would love to display this in our entry bookshelf in our new apartment or on our “bar cart” (more like a bar cabinet!) in our kitchen!

  91. avatar Becky reply

    This would be amazing on the bar – perfect for serving cocktails!

  92. avatar Stephanie Bevan reply

    This is so classic yet modern! It would look gorgeous on our bedroom dresser as a catchall tray.

  93. avatar Samantha P. reply

    We would put this beautiful piece on our wine cart in our kitchen!

  94. avatar Amanda dillman reply

    I’d love to put this on our coffee table!

  95. avatar Kelsie reply

    I would love to put this tray in our little entryway!

  96. avatar Erica reply

    Beautiful tray! I would love to feature this is my kitchen!

  97. avatar Morgan reply

    I’d place this on the table in my entry way so everyone could share the in the beauty.

  98. avatar Jennifer Hamilton reply

    On my gold beverage cart!

  99. avatar Ashley Hawkins reply

    I love this copper tray! What a modern yet timeless way to personalize your home! This would be a perfect addition to our bar! :)

  100. avatar Lulu David reply

    Love love this!!! Would be awesome for our new house

  101. avatar Mary Alayne Gillis reply

    When I first spotted this monogrammed tray two thoughts popped into my head: ‘this would make an amazing gift for my future brother-in-law and his wife; what a statement this would make!’ and the second thought, ‘we need this.’ I immediately sent a screen shot to my future hubby and it was decided. Although I don’t do much in the way of posting comments, I knew this tray would find its way as the center of attention at dinner parties, Saturday morning breakfasts, and the platform for me as I learn to make my hubs’ drink of choice: Old Fashioned with Bullet Rye. I know I will have a lot to learn as a Southern wife, moving away from her home state of Georgia to Chattanooga, TN, but I think with the right accessories, I can get the job done. Whether I’m chosen the winner or not, you can expect this southern belle to revisit Mark and Graham as she outfits her new home with her new last name!! Merry Christmas from the soon to be Bosshardt’s!

  102. avatar Becca reply

    Oh so easy! This would sit right on the coffee table in the living room… the one we don’t have yet cause we’re still 4 months out from marriage – but a girl can dream, right?!

  103. avatar Elyse G. reply

    I would use it on our bar cart. *fingers crossed*

  104. avatar Carrie Rhodes reply

    I would love to put this piece on the wet bar in our new home!

  105. avatar Megan G reply

    I would love to bring such a beautiful and oh so southern piece into my California beach apartment!

  106. avatar Abbey reply

    I have the perfect place for this! We just made a custom buffet for our dining room… I’d love to have this displayed standing up showing our new initials!

  107. avatar Stephanie Decker reply

    My fiancé and I are hoping to purchase a home after our summer 2016 wedding. This gorgeous copper tray would be a perfect addition in our new home together.

  108. avatar Emmy reply

    Front and center where everyone can see it on my table in the entryway :)!!!! I would LOVE this more than anything thank you so much <3 <3 <3!!!!!! Thank you incredibly much for this awesome, kind, amazing, incredible, generous giveaway :D!!!!! You really know the spirit of giving :D!! thank you :D! I hope you have the very best holiday season <3!!!!!!!!!

  109. avatar Mary Peters reply

    I love copper! I would use this beautiful tray as a catch-all on my dresser for jewelry, keys, perfume, etc. Thanks so much!

  110. avatar Kaylin@EnticingHealthyEating reply

    I’d place this beautiful piece on our coffee table once we move into a new home!

  111. avatar Rachel reply

    This tray would look perfect on our bar cart, right between the picture of our first date and the bottle of gin that I know we’ll never drink!

  112. avatar Victoria Hunter reply

    This would look perfect on the bar cart my handsome husband refinished recently for our new home. It was previously a bar cart that his grandmother gave us and has been repurposed to beautifully.

  113. avatar Amy S. reply

    I would love this as an accent piece in my entryway!

  114. avatar Duyen Tran reply

    I would place it on my coffee table with decor from my wedding such as my gold center pieces and vase with flowers as memories from the best day ever, as well as leave little sweet treats on the tray everyday for my hubby!

  115. avatar Abby reply

    I’d love this as a central piece of our newly started bar!

  116. avatar Kristin Taylor reply

    The lido cosmetic bags and the knit dog sweater!

  117. avatar Colyer Friedman reply

    This would be beautiful in my apartment on my entrance table for mail and keys!!

  118. avatar Tory reply

    I’d put this gorgeous tray on my great grandmother’s Singer sewing machine table which doubles as my dining room sideboard. It would be the perfect finishing touch. I’d put a small bud vase or candidate on it, but I wouldn’t cover it completely; it’s too beautifu!

  119. avatar Laura reply

    Would love to use this gorgeous piece on my coffee table!

  120. avatar Anna reply

    this would look beautiful in my living room!

  121. avatar Christy Hall reply

    I have been looking for a tray to put on our coffee table and this would be perfect!

  122. avatar Olivia Wolf reply

    I am getting married this coming year and I can not wait to begin decorating our home together. I can see us using this piece on a coffee table, or to serve friends and family as we begin hosting things together in our first home!

  123. avatar Lisa Le reply

    Thank you for the introduction to this beautiful collection!! Love all of the items available for monograms. And thank you for this opportunity. The copper tray would be a lovely addition to our wedding decor this June. Our colors are grayed jade and coral with accents of ivory and rose gold. After that I’m not sure where it will go because we are still furnishing out new home together! Merry Christmas!

  124. avatar Rachel C reply

    Beautiful! I would add to our entryway.

  125. avatar Stephanie Paulhus reply

    As newly weds that are constantly entertaining, I would love this gorgeous monogram tray to be showcased on our chic glass and chrome coffee table. Our living room is where a majority of hosting guests takes place. Mixing metals has been my specialty when creating our living room look.

  126. avatar Dana reply

    So pretty! I would put this anywhere!

  127. avatar Heather S reply

    It’s gorgeous! I would use it in my jewelry studio! Happy holidays! xoxo

  128. avatar Bethany reply

    I would use this gorgeous tray on my nightstand and put candles and a photo of my husband on it.

  129. avatar Megan reply

    On my dresser to display perfume and a few pieces of jewelry!

  130. avatar Ashton reply

    I’d give this to my mom. I know she’d get a lot more use out of it with all her entertaining. It doesn’t hurt that I could borrow it too since we have the same initials :)

  131. avatar Anna reply

    This would look great on my bar cart to accent our glasses and beverage of the month!

  132. avatar Lauren N. reply

    This matches my rose gold ring perfectly oh my goodness! I’ve been looking for a beautiful tray to someday have breakfast in bed with with my (VERY NEW) sweet fiancé. I would have it in our future kitchen, so that we could always have it ready for breakfast in bed and extra cuddles (while watching Home & Family). Old souls, but young at heart <3

  133. avatar Melissa reply

    I’d place it front and center in the living room, ready to serve our guests!

  134. avatar Lorelei reply

    In the foyer of our new home!

  135. avatar Janna reply

    This would look lovely on my new coffee table! I love getting the opportunity to make my house a home for guests that come and visit!

  136. avatar Holly reply

    This would look gorgeous on my bar cart!

  137. avatar Kelly E. reply

    Gosh, this is pretty! I have several places it would look really lovely – the foyer, the bedroom, or the bar cart!

  138. avatar Liz reply

    I would put it on our bar cart! I love it!

  139. avatar Shelly reply

    Placing this near the fireplace would give off such a beautiful glow!

  140. avatar Ashley Hirst reply

    I’d love to use this in our living room!

  141. avatar Jessica Dyer reply

    I’m sure we would keep it as either a catch all or used a tray for breakfast in bed! Copper is totally in our style scheme for our future house!

  142. avatar Kimberly reply

    I like the idea of using this as a catch all tray in the entry way!

  143. avatar Stewart reply

    I would put one of these beautiful trays on the new coffee table my fiance is building for our home.

  144. avatar Judith reply

    I’d put this in my dining room!

  145. avatar Carolyn Baier reply

    We just purchased our first home this year and are working very hard to find furniture and decor! I love all things monogram and am having a blast registering for monogrammed everything, however, this little beauty would look PERFECT on our distressed white dresser!

  146. avatar Emilee reply

    In my charming little pantry turned bar cart. :)

  147. avatar ashley reply

    I would put this on my coffee table :) Love it!

  148. avatar Margaret reply

    I would LOVE to have this in my living room coffee table in my new New York apartment!

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Reply to:

Y’all, I am so excited to share today’s beautiful wedding with you!! As you may remember, Ashlyn was our Southern Bride of the Summer, and she generously shared her super Southern, magnolia-filled, Alabama wedding plans with us a few months ago. We have been waiting on eggshells to see how her and Wes’ day played out, and as you can easily see in their photos by Holland Williams Photography, it was just as lovely as we know Ashlyn hoped it would be. Even more than that, their day was focused on what matters most to them–their faiths, their families, and starting their marriage on the firmest footing possible. Be sure to read Ashlyn’s interview below to learn about the heart and intention she and Wes poured into this sweet day!

Tell us about finding your wedding dress. I’m a girly girl, but I’ll be honest, the food and band seemed like more fun decisions to plan! The dress was too much pressure. Mama, my sister Kristen, and I made four appointments in Atlanta one Saturday. You think you don’t care until you turn around and see yourself in the mirror in “the one.” Changes everything! I loved my dress–it was all lace and had hook-and-eye buttons down the entire back. I was also staunch on a bow or a sash–funny enough, that pretty shade of ivory on the bow is called “magnolia!”

As soon as we started planning, one of the only things Wes was really vocal on was not seeing me before the ceremony! I loved that. Our photographer, Holland, was so fantastic, it didn’t hinder the day or put a hitch in timing one bit. We prayed together without seeing each other, and then we both got that “church doors swing open” moment. I’ll never forget it!

I saw my florist, Melissa Kendall, write “Southern elegance” on her worksheet–if there was a theme, I told her the theme could be magnolias! Charming and gracious, they’ve always said “home” better than any other flower or tree to me. I love their scent, glamour, and beauty. I even had a blog when I traveled for ADPi called Miss Magnolia! Gardenias weren’t plentiful in August, but loads of other white flowers and roses complemented all the greenery. We also wanted a magnolia-covered cross at the ceremony. My sweet daddy built it, and it was one of my favorite touches! The bridesmaids’ bouquets were wrapped in monogrammed hankies.

Tell us about some of the songs you used throughout your wedding and why you chose them. I had a running iPhone list for a year of hymns that struck me! I pieced those together for the ceremony. The prelude included “In Christ Alone” and “The Power of the Cross.” My grandfather was a Southern Baptist music minister, and I had the grandfathers be seated to his favorite hymn, “Crown Him with Many Crowns”–he teared up telling me that surprise made him so happy! I gave Wes a couple of options, and after playing it, he said he wanted me to come down the aisle to “Trumpet Voluntary.” We sang “Great is Thy Faithfulness” as a congregation.

I loved the vows we used. They’re updated, traditional, Biblical vows that Pastor David Platt wrote. Many people kindly let us know they really enjoyed that part of the ceremony. We found them in “The Christ Centered Wedding” by Catherine Parks. My favorite line is “I will join with you in the mission God has entrusted to us.” We’re a few short weeks into marriage, and already see how life’s challenges do not stop just because you get your fairy tale wedding, cute little house, and some pretty crystal! We were thrown curveballs early, and partner in encouraging each other to fight the good fight.

What made you choose your ceremony and reception venues? Did they have any special significance to you? It was fairly easy: First Baptist is the church I grew up in, and my parents are tremendously involved. We wanted a Christ-exalting ceremony, but I don’t necessarily believe that can ONLY happen in a church! I’m just the type of girl who gets rain on her birthday every year, so we needed something indoors. I also wanted to respect my parents and pay homage to nostalgia–I have so many sweet memories in that gorgeous building. It’s a beautiful, old, Southern church. Montgomery Country Club ended up being the winner for a reception. I have a lot of memories from growing up going there–plus, I’m the biggest Zelda Fitzgerald fan you’ll meet. I have about 18 books about the Montgomery girl who won F. Scott Fitzgerald’s heart, and they met at Montgomery Country Club in 1918. Only fitting, right?

With a Montgomery wedding, there isn’t much that won’t end up covered in Southern-ness! I wore pearls, and magnolias were everywhere. Family keepsakes like silver goblets, mint julep cups, and old wedding photos made appearances. My sorority sisters wanted to sing, of course. And then that menu, gracious. We had shrimp and grits, pimento cheese finger sandwiches, fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, hush puppies, and Arnold Palmers–you know, health food. And as an Auburn fan, I had to salute the plains: Momma G’s nachos came out for “late night!”

How did y’all meet? Tell us your love story. Samford University is a small school tucked away in the hills of Birmingham. I was a junior when Wes waltzed in as this cute former-high-school-QB freshman and joined Sigma Chi, which happened to be the guys I hung out with. I confessed my crush to my close friend Ryan, his fraternity brother. Ryan told me he’d “endorse me like Nike” to Wes. Fast forward, and my best friend and I were walking toward Wes and Ryan one day after class. Paths crossed, and there was a brief hi-and-shake-hands moment. We walked off, and Ryan turned around and yelled “Like Nike, Ash!” Embarrassing for me. Fortunately, Wes took it as “game on.” We were fire and dynamite from that time on!
Tell us all about the proposal! Wes wrestled my type-A planner habit away from me by staking claim to a January Saturday as his date to plan. Kindly, he let me make the brunch reservation, so naturally, I still thought I was planning things. What a guy. He picked me up Saturday morning, and we laughed and chatted over coffee, eggs, and gravy-covered biscuits at no. 246 off the Decatur square. Side note–I had the stomach bug the night before, y’all. Poor Wes didn’t sleep a wink as me and my germs almost wrecked his plans! After brunch, he wouldn’t tell me what was next as we drove down Peachtree Street toward Buckhead. ANY notion I had of “maybe this is it” was null and void–surely he wouldn’t ask me since I was sick! Wes’ nerves set in and he got quiet as he pulled over to Duck Pond Park. He led me to a bench and told me he wanted to talk about something important. God washed a peace over us, and we had the sweetest next few moments together worshiping: Wes led us in a time of prayer, and then read from Paul’s letter to the Ephesians (chapter 5) about biblical marriage, and said he wanted this with me. Next thing I knew, he was grinning on one knee while–duh–I cried. Wes drove us back to my little Buckhead townhouse, where my three roommates and about 25 friends and family members had the Veuve Clicquot ready to pop! He thought of everything, and having dear ones there to celebrate was so special. Wes is the most thoughtful man I’ve ever met.
When did y’all get married? August 15, 2015
How many friends, family members, and loved ones attended your wedding? About 325
Describe your wedding cake or dessert. Everyone knows Peggy McKinney’s desserts in Montgomery. She’s the best! I don’t adore traditional wedding cake, so I opted for strawberry cake with white icing. Wes went with Miss Peggy’s good ol’ chocolate cake! We have a crystal cake stand that was cut around 1890 and belonged to my great-great-grandmother. It’s been used in weddings and at family parties for generations, so it had to make an appearance at ours, too.
How did you plan for your marriage while planning your wedding? Wes and I read through “The Meaning of Marriage” by Tim Keller and were counseled through our church. Wes also had us both read Francis Chan’s “You and Me Forever.” I think we stayed the course throughout planning, knowing that the day we woke up after our wedding, THAT was really day one!
What was one way you saved money or cut costs at your wedding? My mama was the best, free wedding planner I could have ever “hired.” :) My family did a lot of crafty, DIY things, from baking sugar cookies in the shapes of Alabama and Georgia to asking the Visitor’s Bureau for hotel bag goodies. We opted for the country club as it offered an all-in-one event space–rental fees rack up! Third, I have said it before and I’ll say it again: you CAN spend only $1,000 on a wedding dress and get it ordered during your six-and-a-half month engagement, regardless of what the industry or experts tell you.
What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day? I had a “first look” with my daddy, which was really special. I was having a lot of anxiety issues that day, and mama’s two best friends came and put hands on me and prayed over me–that was a precious gift. Other then that, the whole blur of standing in the MCC ballroom right next to my best friend as an endless string of family and friends came to hug us was my favorite memory. They flew in from all over! It’s so humbling to know people love you, but maybe more humbling to see people love on your spouse–it made me fall more in love with Wes to see all his fraternity brothers and family friends drive all the way to my hometown because they love him.
What’s next for you as a couple? What memories are you looking forward to making together? A HONEYMOON! Halfway through planning, Wes scored a dream job at Delta Air Lines. Tremendous blessing–but training started the Monday after our wedding! Those flight benefits will behoove us well into the future though. ‘Til then, we’re two of a kind working on a full house. I have the handiest husband, and our cute little Decatur home by East Lake Country Club is enjoying its facelift–and Wes is enjoying learning about things like my fall decoration, pumpkin, and mum budget.

Photographer: Holland Williams / Ceremony Venue: First Baptist Church of Montgomery / Reception Venue: Montgomery Country Club / Florist: Melissa Kendall / Cake Baker: Peggy McKinney / Band: Bobby Moore and the Rhythm Aces / Paper Products: Virginia Noblin / Bridal Salon: Bel Fiore / Hair Stylist: Amplify Salon / Makeup Artist: Hope Wallace / Bride’s Shoes: Jack Rogers / Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Style 8472 in Navy by Sorella Vita / Menswear: Men’s Wearhouse / Getting Ready Venue: PARISH by Ashley Gilbreath

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  1. avatar Caroline Nelson reply

    Can you please tell me where the adorable floral romper she is getting ready in is from? Also, where the cute Alabama cookie with the gorgeous AW monogram welcome tag came from?

    Thank you!

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Found on everything from family Bibles to signet rings, handkerchiefs to dress labels, the monogram is perhaps the most beloved and widespread tradition in the South. Monogrammed pieces are passed down through generations as a reminder of those who vowed their love before us, and the rows of monograms on an heirloom are an amazing encouragement to a bride just starting out on the marriage journey. However, the etiquette of which monogram to use when and where in your wedding can be particularly tricky, so we thought we’d revisit this topic and share a bit of what we’ve learned over the years!

From Farris + Taylor‘s wedding (photographed by Kristyn Hogan)

First of all, let’s define maiden monogram and married/joint monogram. A maiden monogram features your first initial on the left, middle initial on the right, and initial of your maiden name slightly larger in the middle (for example, my full name is Lisa Janel Olson, so my maiden monogram is LOJ). A married, or joint, monogram features the initial of the wife’s first name on the left, the initial of the husband’s first name on the right, and the initial of the couple’s married surname slightly larger in the middle (for my fiancé, David Kirk, and I, our future married monogram is LKD). Most etiquette books now suggest the order we have here, but in the past, the husband’s first initial was placed on the left because it was believed that his first and surname initials should not be separated.

Before the wedding: For anything you’re going to wear, such as a monogrammed robe, dress patch, clutch, or bouquet wrap, use your maiden monogram. For wedding details that are used before you say “I do,” such as save the dates, invitations, and ceremony programs, you can use your first initials joined by an ampersand with the bride’s first initial listed first (for Dave and me, this would be L&D). In general, a married monogram should not be used before the couple is officially married.

Clockwise from top left: Marenda + Jonathan (Anna K), Cameron + Evan (Virgil Bunao), Alyson + Brian (Leigh Webber), Eddie + Jordan (Harwell Photography), Angelica + Colby (Jake Holt), Celie + Shane (Sweet Tea Photography)

During the wedding: We love the idea of debuting your married monogram at your reception! It would be perfectly appropriate illuminated on your dance floor, iced onto your wedding cake, calligraphed on menus, or printed on your favor bags, to name a few. As an added bonus, if you don’t include your wedding date, some leftover monogrammed items (like cocktail napkins!) can be used long after your wedding day in your newlywed home.

Clockwise from top left: Blair + Brian (Justin DeMutiis), April + Nick (Pasha Belman), Kristin + Kyle (Martha Manning), Sarah + Nick (Pure 7 Studios), Sarah + Gabe (Ashley Seawell), Emily + Cole (Sposa Bella), Sarah + Gabe (Ashley Seawell), Claire + Michael (Watson Studios)

After the wedding: The exception to avoiding your married monogram until after the wedding is when registering for monogrammed items, since you’ll be using your registry gifts once you are married. Many stores offer monogramming on anything from candlesticks to cutlery, and in turn, these pieces may become heirlooms for future generations to cherish as much as you do!

For even more information about monograms, take a look at this past post, complete with a handy monogram guide, and find lots more monogram inspiration on our Pinterest board. Of course, if there’s anything we missed, chime in in the comments section!

lisa Written with love by Lisa
  1. avatar Bumby G reply

    I just love all the monogramming. Especially those purses. :)

  2. avatar Kat reply

    Love this post!!! Monograms & weddings go hand in hand :)

  3. avatar Mackenzie reply

    Love this post! I am thrilled to slap a monogram on anything that will stop moving long enough for me to do so. I do have a quick question, though. What are y’alls thoughts on a monogrammed aisle runner? Maiden monogram or married?

    • avatar Lisa reply

      Thanks, Mackenzie! That’s a tough one–we think the most appropriate option would be your first (or last) initials joined by an ampersand, or a 2-letter monogram as shown in this post: /2012/09/19/monogram-etiquette-from-emma-j-design/ Hope that helps!

    • avatar Britt reply

      Love this!
      What about on the morning of the wedding on the wedding dress hangers?
      I see a lot of girls and on Etsy use Mrs. (Who they are getting married to). Should I use my Soon to be Last Name or my Maiden Name?

  4. avatar michele reply

    My wedding invitation monogram template only allows for 1 letter. Now what? help

  5. avatar Nursery Rhymes reply

    […] Daddy’s setting up the nursery donning goodies from our baby shower over the weekend… We just LOVE these monogrammed burp cloths from Auntie Lyndy ~ so Southern […]

  6. avatar Andrina T reply

    Help! I am embroidering a handkerchief as a wedding gift and am stumped on the monogram. Should I just use the bride’s first initial? Bride and groom first initials (in opposite corners)? Or maybe just her new last name initial, in case it gets passed down as an heirloom? Thanks!

    • avatar Emily reply

      Hi Andrina! So fun! I think either the bride’s first initial or just her new last initial would be great. Don’t worry too much about what others will think if it’s passed down – I think part of the reason people love heirlooms is not because they have the right initial for them, but because the details remind them of dear family members!

  7. avatar Brenda reply

    I bought a bible for a wedding gift and I need to know on the page where it says presented to , do I put the brides name first or the grooms ?
    Thank you

  8. avatar Judy reply

    Monogram for bride’s bouquet …new or old? What about changing the ribbon on bouquet after the ceremony for photos from old to new? Thank you for suggestions.

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