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This giveaway is closed. Thanks for participatin’ y’all!

Hi ladies! Ooooo boy, have we got a treat for you! Today is not only the Monday after Thanksgiving, it’s officially the day our 12 Days of Southern Weddings Christmas giveaway series kicks off!

Yep, that’s a mouthful, but with good reason: y’all don’t even KNOW how good these giveaways are going to get! They say it’s better to give than to receive, and in this case, we definitely agree: the SW gals are giddy knowing what’s in store for y’all! Enough of my blabbering, though — let’s get to the goods.

On the first day of Southern Weddings Christmas, we’re giving away a pretty prize pack from Marley Lilly and DK Designs. Marley Lilly is offering up one of their pass-around monogrammed hankies (featured in V4!), and DK Designs, a gorgeous clay gardenia hair flower (featured in V2!).

Win: One lucky lady (or gent!) will win one monogrammed hankie and one gardenia hair flower.

To enter: There are three ways to enter:

1) Leave a comment on this post telling us your married monogram (which, of course, could be the same as your monogram right now!).
2) Follow @iloveswmag on Twitter and leave a SEPARATE comment with your Twitter handle letting us know.
3) Link to this giveaway in your Facebook status! Make sure you tag us so that we can see you did so, and then leave a SEPARATE comment letting us know!

This giveaway will close on Christmas Day, December 25. Best of luck, and check back tomorrow for our next festive giveaway!

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Joanna reply

    My new initials would be JLP and I would love that hankie with those pretty initials!

  2. avatar Jen reply

    My married initials will be JMW. The hankie would be a perfect “something blue” and the gardenia is gorgeous!

  3. avatar Kristy reply

    my initials would be KRB :)

  4. avatar Megan reply

    New initials will be MLS :)

  5. avatar Terry A. reply

    TAA . . . thanks!

  6. avatar Caroline reply

    Gorgeous hankie! My new initials will be CKN.

  7. avatar Liz reply

    My married initials will be EBD (first, new last name, middle). Love the hankie and love Southern Weddings!

  8. avatar Melissa W reply

    MWB, what a great giveaway!

  9. avatar Elisa Bricker reply

    EAB are my initials!

  10. avatar Elisa Bricker reply

    Followed on twitter!

  11. avatar Elisa Bricker reply

    Tagged in a post on Facebook!

  12. avatar Rachel reply

    My new monogram will be RAL (first, new last name, middle)
    I would love to win that!

  13. avatar Rachel reply

    I follow iloveswagmag on twitter! (rachelwould)

  14. avatar Tricia reply

    ooh so pretty! love it :) my initials will be PAM – yay!!

  15. avatar Allyson L. reply

    My new initials will be AKW!

  16. avatar Cami reply

    LOVE this giveaway and that hair flower is absolutely lovely! My married monogram will be CMP. {first,last,middle} Heres’s to crossing my fingers that I win!

  17. avatar Linden reply

    My married monogram is LMJ! I made my old last name my middle initial… which is how women in my family have always done it, but after talking with friends and coworkers I now realize there are definitely a lot of ways to change your name!

  18. avatar Whitney reply

    So cute! My married monogram is WBM

  19. avatar Amanda Zerra reply

    My married Monogram is ‘AMZ’ : )

  20. avatar Kat reply

    My new monogram (of 23 days!!) is KJB

  21. avatar Brittany C. reply

    BSL will be my new married monogram!

  22. avatar Brittany C. reply

    following on twitter @bcrowther

  23. avatar Laura reply

    My new monogram is LBH!

  24. avatar Amy Daring reply

    My new initials will be ADL :) Can’t wait to be Mrs. Lane!

  25. avatar Amy Daring reply

    @amydaring is where you can find me on Twitter. @iloveswmag is one of my favorites to follow!

  26. avatar Amy Daring reply

    Just tagged y’all in my status on Facebook too!

  27. avatar Emily reply

    Hey!! My name is Emily, too ;) My new monogram will be ERR (first, last, middle)

  28. avatar Sandryte reply

    My monogram is SN

  29. avatar Emily reply

    I’m following you guys now! Actually created a twitter just for that purpose, lol! @emilywilson011

  30. avatar Emily reply

    Just linked ya in facebook! I can’t tag you though. I think it’s because you’re not a person, but you’re a magazine

  31. avatar madelynne miller reply

    Of COURSE @smaddogmiller follows Southern Weddings Magazine on twitter!

  32. avatar madelynne miller reply

    Mentioned your awesome giveaway on facebook!!

  33. avatar madelynne miller reply

    My initials WERE smm and will still be smm!

  34. avatar Ginger reply

    Fantastic giveaway!! The hankie is gorgeous, and I’m a huge fan of DK Designs!! My monogram will stay the same, and is GKK. Thank you!

  35. avatar Ginger reply

    @GingerKKelly following @iloveswmag on twitter

  36. avatar Jennifer Smith reply

    My monogram is JNL first, last, middle

  37. avatar Emily reply

    So fantastic!!! I LOVE the flower and hankie! So Southern! My monogram will be EIN :)

  38. avatar Emily Franklin reply

    Such an awesome giveaway! The hankie and flower are both gorgeous! My monogram will change to EFJ, and I am so excited about it, I can’t even stand it!

  39. avatar Emily Franklin reply

    And I definitely follow @iloveswmag on twitter! My twitter name is @emily_franklin!

  40. avatar Ashley reply

    Oh. My. Goodness! What a fabulous giveaway! I would love, love, love to win! My married monogram will be MKA. And, Gardenias are my favorite flower…oh so beautiful! Thank you for the giveaway…and the blog! :)

  41. avatar Christina reply

    I just got engaged a month ago today and am so excited that my monogram will change to CLF! What Southern bride wouldn’t love that gorgeous gardenia in her hair too! Thanks SW for this beautiful day 1 giveaway!
    xo Christina

  42. avatar Vanessa reply

    My mammogram would read: VW

  43. avatar Victoria Lawless reply

    My fiance’s name is Wade. Mine is Victoria. Our “together” monogram will be VWW which is the reason for the chevron design element we will use in our wedding!

  44. avatar Kristen reply

    My new monogram will read KCM!

  45. avatar Amanda reply

    my monogram will be ADB.. it used to be ABJ :( haha

  46. avatar Janna reply

    My initials are now JAS :) hubby now calls me jassy

  47. avatar Janna reply

    I follow yall on twitter- jannasrn

  48. avatar Audrey reply

    My new initials will be ASE (first, middle, last) and I love the hankie!

  49. avatar sarah reppert reply

    I would love to win this!!! My married monogram will be sBr (initials being SRB). The flower is exactly what I am looking for, and who doesn’t love a monogram?!?

  50. avatar Barbie reply

    This giveaway is so fantastic, thank y’all so much!! My monogram will become BMD :)

  51. avatar Barbie reply

    I follow @iloveswmag on Twitter via Barbiedoll313.

  52. avatar Laura reply

    Love this! My initials will be LLS!

  53. avatar KHBride reply

    My married monogram is KHH–kinda like just KH better

  54. avatar KhBride reply

    Already following on twitter @KHBride

  55. avatar KHBride reply

    linked on facebook (KH Bride)

  56. avatar Sarah H. reply

    My new initials will be SHH.

  57. avatar Sarah H. reply

    Also tagged in a Facebook post!

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  59. avatar Paige reply

    My new monogram will be pAc!

  60. avatar Kelsey reply

    My new monogram will be kMd. I’m so excited I’ve already started collecting things with my new monogram. I’ll be able to use it soon enough!

  61. avatar Kelsey reply

    Following y’all on twitter @kelseydickerson.

  62. avatar Courtney Cross reply

    My married monogram is CCK for Courtney Kay Cross. I love my monogram but I wish I had more time to get things monogrammed.

  63. avatar Rachel reply

    my new initials will be RAG

  64. avatar Kristi reply

    My new initials will be kRb. That gardenia would add a bit of Southern flare to my hair!

  65. avatar lisa reply

    mine stays the same! lma :)

  66. avatar cami reply

    I follow on twitter too! @pinkpaisleys

  67. avatar Megan F. reply

    My married monogram will be MDN. Can’t Wait!

  68. avatar Megan F. reply

    I posted on facebook as well

  69. avatar Brittany Barham reply

    My new monogram will be BJB :) It also happens to be my future hubby’s and my initials too!

  70. avatar Sarah reply

    My initials will be SLL :)

  71. avatar Sarah reply

    I follow on twitter too!

  72. avatar Sarah reply

    My initials will be SER

  73. avatar Megan T. reply

    My new monogram will be MFT! :) I love the hankies…. I bought all of my lovely bridesmaids each a vintage hankie to be monogrammed… I just need one for myself!

  74. avatar Kassi Z reply

    My new initials will be KOM!

  75. avatar Suiter reply

    My married initials will be SCP (first, new last name, maiden). I love this!

  76. avatar Suiter reply

    Already following you on twitter and facebook!

  77. avatar Katie K reply

    My married monogram will be KED!

  78. avatar Katie K reply

    I’m already following you on twitter! username: kahcarre

  79. avatar Katie B reply

    I love this sweet little hankie!!! I’m going to be such a teary bride; this would come in handy! My new initials are KBS. Thanks, girls!

  80. avatar Hadley reply

    Our monogram will be HGK. I just love the idea of giving my mother and my new mother-in-law hankies with their monograms as well on the wedding day :) Did I also mention that gardenias are my favorite flower? I would love to wear one in my hair because I love the smell, but they wilt so quickly… alas, a clay one may be the answer :)

  81. avatar AmandaR reply

    Married monogram AHR is what fate holds for me on June 9, 2012! Sort of reminds me of a pirate sound for some reason…

  82. avatar yumi reply

    EYB–same as it is now. were I to hyphenate… EYBL. i’d be an eyeball. or, evil? hmmmm……

  83. avatar Amanda reply

    definitely tweeted this!

  84. avatar Ilana reply

    My new monogram will be IVW!!

  85. avatar Sarah O reply

    My married monogram will be SOS. Hahaha it’s pretty funny but I figured it might happen since my maiden name was a vowel.

  86. avatar Meagan reply



  87. avatar Charis reply

    My married monogram will be CEB…. love this!

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    • avatar Elizabeth reply

      My married monogram will be EST. I love the hanky, it is just so adorable :)

  89. avatar Jessica reply

    My married monogram will be JDS! Can’t wait!

  90. avatar Taylor reply

    My married monogram will be TJJ!!!!
    I absolutely CANNOT WAIT!
    Thanks for doing this, y’all!

  91. avatar Megan reply

    My married monogram is MEC! Thanks for the great giveaways!!!

  92. avatar Megan reply

    I follow Southern Weddings on twitter!!!

  93. avatar Lauren Nicdao reply

    LAB will be my married monogram in May! Could not be more excited!

  94. avatar Jennifer reply

    So excited to change my monograms this March, they will be jSk.

  95. avatar Elizabeth P. reply

    Linked on Facebook!

  96. avatar Elizabeth P. reply

    My married monogram will be EKW… I can’t wait.

  97. avatar Katie O’Donovan reply

    My married monogram will be KVE in June. I cannot wait!

  98. avatar Taylor reply

    Also, following @iloveswmag on Twitter!


  99. avatar Kristyn M reply

    I can’t wait for my new last name! I actually am dropping my maidan name and not my middle name. So it will be KHG :)

  100. avatar Kristyn M reply

    I follow on twitter! @KristynMonaghan

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  102. avatar Melanie reply

    My married initals will be MSZ in August! Love both of these!

  103. avatar Kelly reply

    My married initials will be KMW. I already plan to wear a flower in my hair and that one is gorgeous!

  104. avatar kelly reply

    I follow on twitter @kellynn19

  105. avatar kelly reply

    linked the giveaway on Facebook!

  106. avatar Stephanie reply

    Very Southern :) Married initials will be S.L.A.

  107. avatar Lauren reply

    Only 47 more days and then I will be using my married monogram LEH!

  108. avatar Laura reply

    LFB When I was a little girl, I thought that it was a law that women had to drop their middle name and keep their maiden name when they got married. Now, I know I’m given a choice, but I’m still planning on keeping my maiden name :)

  109. avatar yumi reply

    following on twitter! @stillesprite

  110. avatar AshleyHH reply

    Ahh, I love love love gardenias!! I can’t wait for the day when my monogram is aKn!

  111. avatar AshleyHH reply

    I follow yall on twitter! @AshleyHH12

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  113. avatar Megan reply

    Perfect for my southern belle wedding!! :)

  114. avatar Brittany reply

    My married monogram will be BHD!

  115. avatar Brittany reply

    following you on twitter!! @brittHOLLERway

  116. avatar davonne reply

    My new initials will be DS. I don’t have a middle name. What an awesome giveaway and beautiful hankie and gardenia!

  117. avatar 12 Days of Southern Weddings Christmas :: Journey Lockets « Southern Weddings Magazine reply

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  118. avatar Lindsey reply

    My monogram is LLT. I’m actually embroidering a pillow case right now so the hankie would be lovely. My mom use to grow gardenias in our front yard. Not that she had much luck- we’d be lucky to get a few blooms a year

  119. avatar Amber Buksar reply

    monogram – mCa
    I absolutely love Southern Weddings Magazine… My wedding is in 2yrs and already have so many great ideas from your magazine!!! Definitely using some of the mason jar tips from Vol. 4 :)

  120. avatar Sarah reply

    My married monogram will be sGe for Sarah Elizabeth Garcia! Can’t wait until March 2012!

  121. avatar Sarah reply

    I am most definitely already a follower on Twitter. My handle is @satorrens.

  122. avatar Maria reply

    My new initials will be MGT, and I would love for that hankie to be my first item with my new monogram!

  123. avatar Maria reply

    now following you on twitter! @mariajanegraff

  124. avatar Ashley reply

    I love these! My (new!) monogram is aDm. Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway!

  125. avatar amanda watson reply

    Monogram: ALW — l.o.v.e. these!

  126. avatar Laura V reply

    Love this giveaway! Monogram will be LBJ :)

  127. avatar Ashley reply

    I follow y’all on Twitter! @ashleydanyew

  128. avatar Courtney Cross reply

    I follow yall on twitter! @courtneykcross

  129. avatar Brittany reply

    My married monogram would be bMt.

  130. avatar Brittany reply

    I follow you on twitter. @ABrittanyTeague

  131. avatar KAra reply

    In March my married monogram will be KBL.

  132. avatar Chessie reply

    My monogram will be CRF!!!

  133. avatar Clarissa reply

    My married monogram will be CRL in September!!! I can’t wait!!!

  134. avatar heather reply

    HAR! Beautiful giveaway :)

  135. avatar Kennedy reply

    My new monogram will be KRB.

  136. avatar Jenna R reply

    My new initials will be JRT. in that order. but on a monogram it would be JTR. :) So excited for my new last name

  137. avatar Jenna R reply

    I followed @iloveswmag on twitter. @jennamrice

  138. avatar Jenna R reply

    I linked the 12 days of giveaways on my facebook. :)

  139. avatar Ashley reply

    this is amazing and would fit perfectly in our wedding! my new initials will be ARS, monogram ASR

  140. avatar Caitlin reply

    CJB – can’t wait!

  141. avatar Erin reply

    One of the best things about marrying the man of my dreams is that my “new” monogram won’t even change so I can still wear my family heirlooms with pride…and without guilt…..EMC!!!!

  142. avatar Katie M. reply

    My new initials will be KWM!!

  143. avatar Nelle reply

    My new initials are DEF. It’s a happy coincidence that I like things neat and orderly. ;)

  144. avatar Nelle reply

    I’m a new Twitter follower!

  145. avatar Melissa reply

    Looking forward to my married monogram – MMK <3

  146. avatar Melissa reply

    I follow @iloveswmag on Twitter (@MelissaThomps) :)

  147. avatar Quynh reply

    SNN – for my future husband :)

  148. avatar Carrie reply

    Not married yet, but it will be cHc and gardenias are my absolute favorite!

  149. avatar Carrie reply

    I’m already a follower on Twitter @ccarmentrout

  150. avatar Melissa reply

    MAJ – the flower is so pretty

  151. avatar brooke reply

    i love the hankie and gardenia! and i love 12 days of southern wedding christmas :)
    Brooke Holden Bischoff — bBh :))) will be my new monogram

  152. avatar brooke reply

    @brooke_holden loves @iloveswmag

  153. avatar brooke reply

    This is linked to FB status! You should see all the “likes” :)

  154. avatar Lacey P reply

    My married Monogram LPB and I have a soft spot for hankies. My grandmother always carried one with her and I feel like I’ve continued with the tradition. Love!

  155. avatar Lacey P reply

    I follow @iloveswman on Twitter. Love, @Lacey2450

  156. avatar Danielle reply

    I love Southern Weddings magazine and the website! The gardenia hair pin and hankie are precious and so perfect for Southern brides. My new initials will be DLH :)

  157. avatar Savanah Burch reply

    I love the hankie! My new initials will be SJS. My monogram will be sSj.

  158. avatar Laura S reply

    My monogram is LAS. Would love to win this!

  159. avatar Lee reply


  160. avatar Crystal reply

    I would love to win this one! The flower is gorgeous. My new initials will be CDA (monogram: cAd).

  161. avatar Maple reply


  162. avatar Maple reply

    I follow SW on Twitter

  163. avatar Brittney A reply

    I’m following Southern Weddings on twitter! @Brittneyja

  164. avatar Brittney A reply

    It will soon be BJB =)

  165. avatar Sarah reply

    My married monogram will be the same! – SSL

  166. avatar Sarah reply

    I follow on Twitter @sslycan

  167. avatar Pamela Seguerra reply

    My monogram will be PSP

  168. avatar Kelsey reply

    My married monogram will be KHR!

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    will too.

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Reply to:

It wouldn’t be Derby Week without some hat love! Aside from shading your lovely face from the sun, Derby hats are fabulous and can show off your personal style. Luckily, this week’s giveaway can help you do all that! If you checked out Marissa’s Southern Style post from this morning, you’re probably familiar with this week’s giveaway–it was featured in our hat round-up!

Marley Lilly’s collection of floppy hats are not only the perfect way to celebrate the races, they make great bridesmaids gifts! Can you imagine you and your ‘maids sipping sweet teas or mimosas in these hats? I know, it’s almost too perfect.

These floppy hats can be monogrammed with your initials (probably Whitney’s favorite part) and you can also add a sash bow (definitely my favorite part)! There are so many ways to customize these adorable hats, you’ll want to start a collection.

You must be dying to win one! Here’s how you do it:

To Enter: Go to Marley Lilly’s site and flip through their floppy hats. Then come back to this post and tell us which color/monogram/bow combo you would choose and how it represents your personality.

Win: Five monogrammed floppy hats, one in white and the other four in the color of your choice!

This giveaway ends Wednesday, May 10 at midnight, so race over to the site now!

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar Martha reply

    love these hats. I think my favorite was the black and white stripped one, but I am also partial to the blue one with the sash pictured above

  2. avatar LeiLani @ Elle Golden Photography reply

    Ah! That red and black polka dot derby hat is to DIE for as a Georgia Bulldog! LOVE.

  3. avatar Ashleigh reply

    LOVE the Derby hat — must have with a pink trim and monogram! SO perfect for the trip to the Bahamas in June!!

  4. avatar Maggie reply

    I love the straw Monogrammed Derby Wide hat with the big bow in the pink swirl! These hats are adorable! The straw hat is perfect for me, nice and light and beachy and wonderful for keeping some sun off of my face for long summer beach days and the pink just adds a nice splash of color and girliness!! And of course the monogram is just fun for showing off my new initials :)

  5. avatar Larissa M reply

    I just can’t get enough of Marley Lilly’s Monogrammed Floppy Hat with the built-in Bow in natural. It would make me feel fancy and fun – something I can really get behind!

  6. avatar Abby reply

    I adore the Monogrammed Summer Hat with Strap in khaki with black lettering. Amazing and so classy! You could easily pop this on with a great pop of color in the dress and keep the hat simple. Love! My fiance, a Kentucky boy, would absolutely approve!

  7. avatar Amanda Mc reply

    I love them all so much! My favorite would be the natural straw hat with a pink monogram and the pink and grey printed sash. Fabulous!

  8. avatar Jeanne reply

    I LOVE LOVE the frilly floopy hat…would be perfect for our summer wedding this July!

  9. avatar Bernadette reply

    My favorite is the Big Sash Bow for Floppy Hat (Navy Blue)!!! This hat reminds me of my laidback, smooth, calm and collective personality. It screams, “MELLOW” and “RELAXED”. I am all of those characteristics, and i can see myself wearing this hat with a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt on any spring or summer day!!! Southern Girl!!

  10. avatar Christina reply

    I am in love with the brown scalloped beach hat! My wedding will be next spring in a barn and my colors are neutral and soft. My girls would adore these floppy hats for the bridal luncheon and rehearsal! The exact script is my favorite and the big sash bow is a must! I’m a quiet personality that loves big accents, and I would love to win! :) Thank you Marley Lilly and SW for this wonderful giveaway!

  11. avatar Emily reply

    I love the brown/tan hat with a neutral tan monogram – sounds a little boring typing that out, but I know I would want to wear it with each and every possible beach-wear combo I own! Can’t go wrong with a classic neutral!

  12. avatar Kristy reply

    The red and black polka dot hat would be PERFECT for Saturdays in Athens, GA!! Go Dawgs!!

  13. avatar Erin B. reply

    My wedding party needs these hats! To be both fashionable at the tea party themed bridal shower and functional at the outdoor rehearsal dinner on Key Biscayne…it really doesn’t hurt that I could take it along for my Caribbean Honeymoon either! The navy derby hat with the yellow/green big sash bow would also go perfect with our Notre Dame color scheme. The monogram in Master Circle Script with white thread is just the icing on the cake!

  14. avatar Sara Lawrence reply

    Oh, I love hats! I would pick the black floppy hat and put a large red and white polka dot bow around it. I love red and black, most of my wardrobe is red and black and so is my room. I go to UGA and just can’t get enough of my favorite colors. Go Dawgs!!

  15. avatar Robin Carolus reply

    I absolutely ADORE these hats! I would choose the Monogramed wide Derby hat in Caramel with Ivory monograming and the Blue Patterned large sash! Too darling for words!! This hat says – HELLO!, is fun, adds that touch of sophistication while being relaxed… (about sums up my personality to a T! ;-)

  16. avatar Erin reply

    Say it’s Great to be a Florida Gator!!!! I love the blue hat with the navy swirl bow. Would be perfect for a southern GATOR tailgate in Gainesville, Florida.

  17. avatar Holly reply

    I love love love the Monogrammed Floppy Beach hat in the neutral color! That would match everything and be perfect for my honeymoon!

  18. avatar Stefanie R. reply

    I love the beach hat in brown with the pink monogram – classic and totally chic! It would be perfect for my honeymoon!

  19. avatar Laura reply

    Super cute! Who doesn’t love floppy hats? I’d have to go with the orange stripe hat with purple embroidery. I’m kinda in love with the idea of monogrammed hats!

  20. avatar Elyse G. reply

    a Monogrammed Floppy Beach Hat in natural

  21. avatar Caitlin reply

    Oh these are just darling! I would have to choose the straw-colored floppy hat with a thin light pink sash–it’s neutral and classic enough, with a touch of girly–just like me. Not to mention the neutral color makes it so versatile! It’s perfect for football games, block parties, or sipping margaritas on the beach!

  22. avatar Linden reply

    I love the Monogrammed Floppy Hat with a Bow! When I was little, I had a bow to go with EVERY outfit. (I’m sure many of you Southern ladies can relate!). I couldn’t leave the house without the perfect bow to complete my look. I also got pretty much everything I owned monogrammed. It only seems fitting that as a fair-skinned adult who always needs some extra sun protection, my look wouldn’t be complete without a bow and a monogram!

  23. avatar Mandy S reply

    These hats are to die for! I especially love the monogrammed wide derby hat in black with either white or lime green thread.

  24. avatar Rachel reply

    I am LOVING the wide derby hat in navy, with a white monogram – so classically Southern! That looks perfect for trips to the beach or afternoons on the quad at Carolina. The derby hat is traditional in the best way, and also screams fun, excitement and southern charm. I can just picture my bridesmaids wearing these hats at my farm wedding this year!

  25. avatar Christian reply

    I LOVE the Wide Derby Hat in navy with the MasterCircle Script monogram in white! It is a total classic but fresh and effortless at the same time. I could wear it to so many of my favorite southern activities and be guaranteed to have the best accessory at every occasion – the beach, the Derby, and especially a college football game … Go Gators!

  26. avatar Jenny M reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Marley Lilly Monogram Derby Hat tipped off in ORANGE with the NAVY SWIRL BOW and NAVY monogram!!! this would be PERFECT for my BEAUTIFUL BRIDESMAIDS with having an outdoor wedding and their navy dresses :) plus being AUBURN FANS how fitting wearing our ORANGE and BLUE! WAR EAGLE!!!

  27. avatar Cristina reply

    I love the monogrammed wide derby hat in bright pink. Not only is it reflective of my personality, pink is my favorite color and its also my color theme for my plantation wedding this summer. This hat is really classy and has a fun-loving look to it. It would be the perfect compliment to my honeymoon wardrobe while cruising.

  28. avatar Jenny M reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Marley Lilly Monogram Derby Hat tipped with Orange and the MasterCircle Script in Navy with the Navy Swirl bow! my BEAUTIFUL BRIDESMAIDS would look polished off with these hats to match their navy dresses for our outside wedding. plus being in Alabama and our LOVE for ORANGE AND BLUE :) WAR EAGLE!!!

  29. avatar Megan reply

    So glad that you guys posted this awesome site! I am truly a hat girl! Though I am so excited to wear my personal floppy hat to the Kentucky Oaks tomorrow (yay!), I would love to have one of the Marley Lilly Monogrammed Floppy Derby Hat for next year. I would choose one with Orange trim and Navy blue monogram with the Navy Orange Swirl sash around the brim.
    This hat would reflect my personality in so many ways. Orange and navy are my favorite color combo. This hat would be functional and fashionable as I am an avid boater, sun bather, and Churchill Downs goer. Would love to see my girls laying out on the front of the boat sipping firefly wearing these hats :)

  30. avatar Lisa reply

    What an adorable giveaway! My pick would be the turquoise hat outline with a black monogram and the black with white polka dots bow in the picture above! Turquoise, black, and white is a chic but still summery color combination, and the monogram is 100% Southern, like me :)

  31. avatar Kathleen reply

    I love the mongrammed floppy hat with bow in natural it is super cute and would be perfect for summers in the finger lakes region of NY spent wine touring and on the lakes :) Plus I’m getting married next July and would love to have something with our new monogram on it!!

  32. avatar Shannon reply

    I love the floppy hat with bow. It’s simple and feminine and perfect for the beach! Fun giveaway!

  33. avatar Ashley reply

    I love these hats and simply adore the Derby Floppy in natural with lime. Master circle script is the perfect compliment with my new last initial as of May 21st. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

  34. avatar Taryn reply

    i love the beach hat!! it would be perfect for my HONEYMOON!!! i am a beach/summer girl all the way and i live for hats, flipflops, and cold drink :)

  35. avatar Allison Wilkes reply

    Roll Tide! I love the monogrammed Derby Hat with the Master Circle Script Initials in Black with Crimson Lettering! Not only is the black perfect to wear in All Seasons, but the Black/Crimson color combo sums up my life now, I am an Alabama girl ( From Tuscaloosa, Roll Tide) but I live in New York City now. The black will go will all of my “New York” clothes while the crimson will remain true to my Alabama roots and my alma mater. With the recent events and the way my hometown has pulled together I have so much to be proud of!

  36. avatar Sheila reply

    I just love all if them, I had such a hard time deciding! My favorite though is the Monogrammed Wide Derby Hat in navy with the Big Sash Bow in Navy Swirl. My favorite font is Sydney because it is such a classy cursive font. I love the mixture of the navy hat with the big bow in navy with some orange in it, and the stitching in orange! I am a die hard Auburn Tiger fan, and this would be a perfect addition to my game day wardrobe!! Love it!

  37. avatar Rachel reply

    I would pick the ‎scalloped beach hat in brown! The scallop around the edges is very romantic, and I am a hopeless romantic! Also, brown suits my skin tone and most of the bathing suits I own quite well!

  38. avatar Mariah Tudeen reply

    LOVE that navy blue with white monogram and orange and blue sash! Perfect for a good ole’ Florida Gators tailgate :)

  39. avatar Christi reply

    I love these hats, I wish that hats would come back in a big way. I think they are beautiful and can be pulled off by anyone. My personal favorite is the navy, wide derby hat with either the ivory or blue stripe ribbon. I have a linen suit that I think this would be beautiful with for summer get togethers. I would also chose the ivory thread and the sydney font. Its a tough choice though because I really liked all of them!

  40. avatar Lindsay Weidenhammer reply

    I would choose the Monogrammed Braided Ribbon Sun Hat in navy blue and white. And then, in pink lettering, have “LNS” embroidered on it… I’m getting married next month and those are my new initials!

  41. avatar Kaitlyn reply

    I think the frilly floppy hats are so feminine! As a student of Auburn University, I would like the blue hat with an orange monogram and orange striped sash bow. Great for those football gamedays!

  42. avatar Melissa in MA reply

    I love the wide derby hat, white for me and black for the girls, with a light pink sash bow. Matches my wedding colors! I’ve wanted a big hat for so long.

  43. avatar Maggie reply

    Navy hat, white monogram (MBB), blue animal sash. It represents me because it’s classic, elegant, and a the sash is a little spunky & eclectic!

  44. avatar Leslie reply

    As a true Carolina Girl, I would choose the tan hat with light (carolina) blue trim. I’d add the “pink, fuschia, gray-big sash bow” for a classic look. Southern charm is the essence of this look, so without a doubt my initials would be monogrammed on the hat in lime green to tie together the classic “preppy colors”. Big hats, bows, monograms and carolina blue, what more could a southern belle ask for!?!?

  45. avatar Monica reply

    I just LOVE the monogrammed derby! Perfect for a Derby party, Tea time or day on the beach. So versatile and so fun!

  46. avatar Monica reply

    I just love the monogrammed derby hat! It is so cute and versatile. You could wear it at a derby party, tea time or even at the beach! So much fun!

  47. avatar Jamie reply

    I really like both the Summer Monogram and the Derby hats!! I would have to get the Royal Blue color with a white monogram or the Natural straw color with a Navy thread!!! Since I went to the University of Kentucky, I am a WILDCAT fan through and through! It would be perfect to wear to Keeneland or even at Churchill Downs for the KY Derby!!!!! Such a fun fashion statement to dress up with or wear to the beach for shade!!!!

  48. avatar Bailey reply

    I love the wide derby, straw color with the red stripe. I would wear this to my 4th of July Engagement Party. Also, I am getting married next May 5th which is also the 2012 Kentucky Derby Day! I obviously need this hat ;)

  49. avatar Mary reply

    Absolutely loving the Monogrammed Wide Derby Hat in a classic ivory with a navy blue monogram. These remind me of one of my favorite Audrey Hepburn movies, My Fair Lady and the scene where they’re watching the horses race and the ladies have on beautiful wide hats and gorgeous dresses in the black and white color scheme. I know the hat I chose is neither black or white but I do think that ivory/navy put a more modern twist on it while still being reminiscent of the famous movie scene.

  50. avatar ashley borysewich reply

    I love the monogrammed derby hat in hot pink with a lime monogram! Pink, green, and bright blue are my wedding colors because they’re fun, loud, and full of personality like me :) I love these hats, and I think it would be SUCH a great addition to my wedding week of fun at the beach!

  51. avatar Jordan reply

    I absolutely love the “Monogramed Derby Hat” in natural with orange trim. Add a purple monogram, and I would be all set for Clemson sports–baseball in the spring and football in the fall!

  52. avatar Rebecca H reply

    The monogrammed Derby floppy hat is SO adorable. It would be so perfect out on the beach – so cute!

  53. avatar Brittany B. reply

    I LOVE the wide Derby hat! My favorite combo is a hot pink hat, white monogram, and a sage green sash. Pink is my favorite color and is being used as an accent to the sage that my girls will be wearing. Our very southern wedding would be complete with these hats for my lovely maids :)

  54. avatar Sarah reply

    Decisions, decisions! There is something so classic about the white wide derby hat with a navy monogram. Perfect for a day on the beach or summer wedding!

  55. avatar Brooke B. reply

    After working in a monogram shop for my entire college career (and some) I immediately fell in love with these hats. I am from the gulf coast, and one of these hats would be great for day on the boat. I am smitten with the turquoise trimmed derby floppy hat with a coral monogram. Every southern belle needs a floppy hat with her monogram! These hats call for a Kentucky Derby themed party for sure.

  56. avatar Liz Perry reply

    I love everything monogrammed! Monogrammed anything is a definite staple of a Southern gal!
    As for these wonderful hats, I love the straw wide derby hat with a black monogram, this way I could put a different color ribbon on each year! I love to buy stuff that is cute AND can be reworn in a different way each time!

    • avatar nMa reply

      My favorite is the floppy hat with the pink outline and black monogram! I love the polka dot bow, too! LOVE it!!

  57. avatar Kathryn reply

    How to choose?! As a redhead, I’ve tended to stay away from pink, but in honor of my two-month-old daughter — who LIVES in pink! — I think I would have to choose the light pink hat. And so that we’ll match her Daddy and brother, I’d do a blue monogram and ‘blue pattern’ big sash to top it off!

  58. avatar Katie reply

    I love the navy with an ivory sash and a lime monogram. Those are my wedding colors and I know my bridesmaids would LOVE them! :)

  59. avatar Bella reply

    I would choose the monogrammed dot beach floppy hat in black with white dots and gift it to my mother. It just seems like it would fit her personality perfectly, and as mothers day approaches, I am reminded each day of how much I love her.

  60. avatar Rachael reply

    What a cute idea!!!! I love the Monogrammed Strip Beach Floppy Hat in Beige. Its fun, simple, and laid back which is exactly the vibe we want our wedding to be! We are getting married seaside in St Pete, Fl. I know my bridesmaid would adore these because they are super beachy and super southern!

  61. avatar Kristen Cowan reply

    I love the classic wide derby hat in the caramel color with the yellow/green big sash bow. I would top off the look with my monogram in green, my primary wedding color! Love these hats! Such a great giveaway and absolutely perfect for a summer wedding in the south! :)

  62. avatar Lori reply

    I can’t believe I almost missed this giveaway! I am a huge fan of Marley Lilly hats! The Monogrammed Outline Derby Hat in pink with a navy monogram has my name (well, initials) written all over it! So adorable and so very me.

  63. avatar Erin reply

    I LOVE the ivory monogrammed wide floppy hat with a green mongram and the yellow green sash. These are too cute! My bridesmaids will all be staying at the beach for a couple days before my September Charleston wedding and we would love to sport these totally hot hats!!! And then I could bring to honeymoon too! Woot Woot!

  64. avatar Lauren Royal reply

    These hats are so cute! My favorite hat is the Monogrammed Derby Floppy Hat, in the natural and black rim. I like this hat because it is a neutral color and you can match it with different colors of bows, I think a big bright bow would go perfectly. I think this would be fun to wear on the beach, to parties, and just taking fun pictures with friends.

  65. avatar Madi reply

    These hats are ADORABLE! I can’t help but get so excited to monogram my new post-wedding initials… M.R.S. How appropriate! The hat that is most fitting for me would be the Floppy green outlined hat with the blue animal Big Sash Bow! I check Southern Weddings daily and I am glad that I do for giveaways such as this! :)

  66. avatar Laura Goehring reply

    What girl doesn’t love a good Derby Hat?!? It is so refreshing to see a little southern tradition on my favorite I live in Germany with my new husband of 6 weeks and sometimes a girls needs to feel at home. I love the Monogrammed Derby Floppy with the orange rim and navy monogram….WAR EAGLE! It makes me think of tailgating on “The Plains”! Thanks for keeping this Alabama girl up to date on all things southern!

  67. avatar Kaitlyn D reply

    Adorable! I love the straw-coloured floppy hats with the black brim, blue patterned big sash-bow and white monograms! What a wonderful idea for bridesmaid gifts!

  68. avatar Val reply

    These hats are fabulous! If I had to choose I would pick the black scalloped beach hat. The black is sexy while the scalloped edges are fun and flirty adding just the perfect touch. I would then put my initials in red with Curly Q Font and would have to have a red scarf/bow to finish it off. It would go perfect with a a black and white floral print dress and red stiletto heels and belt.

  69. avatar Allyson L. reply

    The derby floppy hat is my favorite. I would love the natural colored hats with the black trim and the black monogramming. They would be so cute with a white bow. The colors of the wedding are black and white so these would be perfect to add to the BMs black and white polka dot tote bags that I already have for them. These would be so fun to wear to the bridal shower or BMs luncheon.

  70. avatar Brittany Cavazos reply

    I am completely in love with these floppy hats! These would be a great addition to ANY southern wedding! The one that would best display my personality and style would be a hot pink rimmed derby hat with navy script writing. No bows needed. (:

  71. avatar Desiree Oftedal reply

    White floppy hat – bright blue monogram – gorgeous white, orange & blue big bow. Perfect for Gator Football games (just don’t sit behind me) and even better for my upcoming Bahamas trip for my husband’s birthday (shhh! It’s a surprise for him!) I’d love to sport this cutie around this summer!

  72. avatar kasey reply

    Oh wow! I just love the Stripe Beach Floppy Hat in grey. It’s simple but still so nice. I absoutely love stripes & with the one bow it is super girly. This would be amazing to have!

  73. avatar Laura reply

    I love these hats! Perfect for a Southern Wedding. I would choose the Orange trim with Navy monogram (perfect for an AUBURN TIGERS football game and bridesmaids that all went to AU) War Eagle!!

  74. avatar Kristyn reply

    I love the big sash bow in blue animal on a navy floppy hat!

  75. avatar Taylor reply

    I love the Monogrammed Floppy Hate with Bow in Natural. We are having an outdoor reception with cream, rose and light gold as the colors and know these hats would go perfectly with the whole look and feel!!

  76. avatar Natalie reply

    I love the wide brimmed Derby hat in the natural color with a black monogram. They are so pretty!

  77. avatar Amber reply

    I am in LOVE with hats! The Royal wedding really inspired me to embrace the hat!! My favorite hat is the Monogrammed Wide Derby Hat in Black adorned with the large sash bow in Pink, Fuschia and Gray. These hats would be the perfect accessory to my outdoor wedding reception. In true Southern manner…hats, mint juleps, and a outdoor reception at my mother’s plantation style home…these hats will take the cake!

  78. avatar Katie reply

    Love, love, the derby hat in hot pink with a green flower sash. Something about those shades just scream summer to me. I would like to think that the color combo reflects my personality–happy and bright!

  79. avatar Amber reply

    I am in LOVE with these hats! The Royal wedding really inspired me to embrace the hat!! My favorite hat is the Monogrammed Wide Derby Hat in Black, adorned with the large sash bow in Pink, Fuschia and Gray. These hats would be the perfect accessory to my outdoor wedding reception. In true Southern manner…hats, mint juleps, and a outdoor reception at my mother’s plantation style home…these hats will take the cake!

  80. avatar taylor f reply

    ohhh MY gosh these hats are so adorable! of course the Monogrammed Yellow Wide Outline Derby Hat is my favorite! literally EVERYTHING i own is yellow, and ive been looking for a cute hat for the longest time yet i still dont have one! Everything about this hat is screaming my name!!

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