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Southern Weddings Weekly Round-Up

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There have been many a high-five exchanged this week. V5 layout is officially in madness mode (AKA it looks awesome and I can’t wait to show y’all what everyone squealed over this week!). We’ve been refueling with plenty of Cheerwine and taking breaks by watching some home videos of Emily’s first foray into eating oysters. (The verdict: she’ll only eat them under duress.)


Real Weddings are our favorite!

Geneva + Luke’s cotton-infused wedding was tres romantic and full of fun stories! See it here.

Sara + Justin’s wedding incorporated meaningful family pieces seamlessly into their elegant decor. See it here.

Lauren + Justin’s fashionable wedding stole Marissa’s heart! We just love their style…and the mini pecan pies. See it here.

Haylee + Frank’s wedding was sweet, simple, homemade and filled with 200 of their most loved friends and family. See it here.

Good News!

Yahoo! Katie won something blue from our fun Love Ophelia Giveaway with her comment, “I love the coral! I picked Arie (also in a bracket/pool competition) all along because I wasn’t sure if she could get past how much she loved to kiss him. So happy she chose Jef though!!” Katie, be on the lookout for an email from me!

A big hug and congratulations goes out to our past Southern Bride Blogger, Theresa and her new hubs! We love this photo of their walk back up the aisle by Landon Jacob.

Our best wishes and biggest congrats to all the belles and beaus saying “I do” this weekend, including our Southern Bride Bloggers Brandy and Kendall!

Have a terrific weekend, friends!

Landon Jacobs is a member of our fabulous Blue Ribbon Vendor Directory!

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole

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Finding new wedding vendors to introduce you to via our Blue Ribbon Vendor Directory is one of my favorite parts of my job! Here, a few of our recent additions:

Amalie Orrange is a photographer in Orlando, Florida. I love her vibrant colors and natural-feeling images.

Amy Lynne Originals is a talented florist in North Carolina who produces fresh and unique work. And, having met her at our last yard sale, I can vouch that she is lovely and warm in person, too!

I love Christine’s Couture’s tagline: “we know our brides by name and their dresses by heart.” Starkville, Mississippi is lucky to have this wedding and special occasion shop!

Dear Wesleyann might be a new name to you, but I’ll bet you’ve been seeing her photos for years. We love Wesleyann’s work as much as ever, and count Florida Panhandle brides lucky to have her in their neighborhood!

Likewise, Texas brides are lucky to have Ivy Weddings! The way this husband-and-wife team captures emotion is wonderful.

We love all the sweet girly goodness of Love Ophelia, especially after one of their robes was featured on the Bachelorette (we’re big fans in the office — or, at least Emily is!). Perfect for bridal party gifts, too!

Luke Wilson Special Events knows how to do sweet Southern charm right. He’s based in South Carolina!

Finding the perfect wedding deejay can be one of those wedding-tasks-to-end-all-wedding-tasks, which is why we’re happy to introduce you to MyDeejay. Maryland and local brides, be sure to check out their unique matching process! (Photo by Egomedia Photography)

Paige Winn Photo has a soft, romantic style that fits in perfectly with their Charleston, SC location.

Last but certainly not least, Spindle Photography is a studio located in Birmingham. I’ve loved getting to know Kelly’s sweet personality and images over the last few months!

To check out all of our Blue Ribbon Vendors, just click over to the full directory! You can search by category or state to find your perfect match.

Vendors, if you’re interested in getting involved, just fill out this form and Kristin will be in touch! There are so many great things that go along with being a Blue Ribbon Vendor, like access to our private Facebook group and tip blog, and being among the first to know about submission deadlines and print or image calls!

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Nicole reply

    Please correct “Starksville” to “Starkville” in the post that references Mississippi. Thank you!

Southern Weddings reserves the right to delete comments which contain profanity or personal attacks or seek to promote a business unrelated to the post.  And remember: a good attitude is like kudzu – it spreads.  We love hearing your kind thoughts!

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Y’all, I love The Bachelorette. I think my TV watching habits are of a quality generally accepted in most circles, but The Bachelorette is my one weakness. I won’t go so far as to say I watch it religiously or intensely… but, I kind of do. In fact, my future sisters and brothers in law (so, all the kids and significant others on John’s side of the family) actually run a pool for each season, where “players” are drafted and points are totaled after each episode. Yes, this really happens.

And of all the bachelors and bachelorettes I have watched go on this show? Emily Maynard, the bachelorette for the season that ended on Sunday, is by far my favorite. She’s a Southern gal, and she just seems so sweet, strong, and determined to make good decisions for herself and her family. I am thrilled that she chose Jef (love him!), and am now crossing my fingers and toes that they’ll get married in Charleston (as they hinted at on Sunday!) and that their wedding will be featured in a future issue of Southern Weddings.

Besides my love for Emily and Jef, there was one other reason I was excited to watch the finale. Our friends at Love Ophelia tipped us off that Emily would be wearing their coral robe and nightie, so I kept an eye out for it the entire episode. And sure enough, Emily was sporting this beauty on the balcony before the final rose ceremony (there’s always a balcony scene, friends!). When your delicates are approved by the South’s most fashionable Bachelorette, you know you’ve got a good thing going.

Of course, there’s a lot to love about Love Ophelia besides their recent cameo on ABC. Their line of ultra-girly, boho delicates is inspired by romantic vintage pieces, and are perfect for brides to relax and get ready in. They also make a wonderful gift for bridesmaids! Even the colors sound delightful – coral, mint, rose, lemon…

I also love how thoughtful and personal this company is. Their lace collection was inspired by the wedding of one of Love Ophelia’s owners, Candice, and they donate a portion of every sale to a charity or cause that moves them. They even invite their customers to introduce them to causes with which they might not be familiar. As they say, it’s all about love.

Best news of the day? You lovelies have a chance to win one of these beautiful creations! Just comment below answering one of the following (or, if you’re feeling inspired, both of the following!):

A. Whether you were on Team Jef or Arie
B. Which color from the Serendipity collection is your favorite

We’ll pick a winner from the comments next week, and she’ll win a “something blue” — the Serendipity robe in dusty blue!

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Jessica reply

    The coral is my favorite, but all of the colors are gorgeous! Oh and… Team Jef!

  2. avatar Sandryte reply

    I am a fan of yellow right now :)

  3. avatar Mary reply

    Team Jef with one f! and I love the coral!

  4. avatar Madelynne Moulton reply

    My favorite color is DEFINITELY the mint! Oh, and I picked Jef out on the very first night! He was my favorite from the get-go :)

  5. avatar Kelly E. reply

    I was team Jef! And, definitely the blue. So pretty and calming. They look so soft, too! Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. avatar Meg S reply

    These are so pretty! I was Team Sean. Sadness.

    • avatar Emily reply

      Meg S: Haaaaaa! I loved Sean, too :) BUT the good news for you is that he might be back as the next bachelor!

  7. avatar Lerissa reply

    TEAM ARIE!!!

    I love the dusty blue! My wedding is going to be White, Blue Gold and Fall! It such a soft color that can make everyone see how pretty they are.

  8. avatar Lauren reply

    Definitely Team Jef. I think when it came down to it she’d rather have someone strong in their own faith than no faith at all and I couldn’t agree more! Love that! Can’t decide which color I like best.. D. All of the above.

  9. avatar Macy Stewart reply

    I was team Jef and would love to curl to to watch Bachelor Pad in a Love Ophelia Robe! I love the ivory color!

  10. avatar megan reply

    i love the coral. spunky!

  11. avatar Kristen reply

    Team Jef! I think he and Emily really bring out the best in each other. I love the coral color that Emily wore – probably because coral is one of my wedding colors and I can’t get enought of it these days!

  12. avatar Christine reply

    Team Jef of course! And I love the blue!

  13. avatar Erica reply

    Definitely team Jef, though still not certain if it will work out- what was with the delay on answering his proposal?? I couldn’t get out the words “yes I will marry you” fast enough!!

    And the blue is definitely my fav :)

  14. avatar Holli W reply

    Team Jef all the way mainly because I like that he was off the beaten path and was uniquely himself. Anything blue is perfect in the Ophelia robe & would go perfect for my upcoming wedding ; ))))

  15. avatar Lauren K. reply

    I love the Blush color, so romantic! I hope to win, what a perfect robe for the honeymoon :)

  16. avatar Amanda Glow reply

    I loved Jef, Emily is so smitten! I love the coral color it looked gorgeous on Emily…thanks for the copportunity!

  17. avatar Melissa Vause reply

    One of my wedding colors is Misty blue and this dusty blue robe pictured looks perfecttt!!! LOVE this color!

  18. avatar caitlin allen reply

    I was a Jef fan myself. And I love the blue one! So very bridal :)

  19. avatar Blair Thomas reply

    Love the Coral & the Dusty Blue-both beautiful! And definately Team Arie, all the way! But glad they found love, thats all that matters : )

  20. avatar Laura reply

    I hope I win because the dusty blue is already my favorite color!

  21. avatar Kelly reply

    I am team Jef and the lemon is my favorite color :)

  22. avatar Brittney Perryman reply

    This Bachelorette finale was by far the hardest for me because I loved both of the final men! Arie was clearly gaga over Emily, but the connection she shared with Jef {with one f} was palpable through the TV! Over the course of the season, I grew to love Jef as much as I loved Arie on the first night. On the night of the finale, I found myself on Team Jef! I really admire Emily for having the guts to send Arie home when she knew that Jef was the one. And the way he was with Little Ricki made me tear up! Jef is undoubtedly the man Emily is meant to spend forever with.

    Everything from Love Ophelia is gorgeous, but my favorite color is coral! I’m a blonde like Emily with the same skin complexion, so I know this color would look fab on me!

  23. avatar Jess reply

    My favorite color is the coral which is my main wedding color but we also have accents of dusty blue and of course white! So really I love all the colors! These looks super comfy and I love the rompers!

  24. avatar Allison reply

    I’m loving both the mint because it’s the color of the Victorian home where I’m getting married!

  25. avatar Molly king reply

    Team Jef all the way, there just seems to be more chemistry

    Rose sounds stunning and romantic

  26. avatar Christina Shippey reply

    Coral-loved it when Emily wore it on the show! I was team Arie-but I hope she and Jef will be very happy together! :(

  27. avatar Megan reply

    I started out as Team Arie but towards the end Jef definitely grew on me and I’m happy she chose him! The blush robe would go perfectly with my theme!

  28. avatar Caitlin reply

    I was Team Jef ALL THE WAY! Arie brought heat and passion but Jef is the total package: sweet,thoughtful,funny,& adventurous! And I would have to say that the blue is my fave, so pretty :)

  29. avatar Kelsey B. reply

    I was definitely Team Jef! Emily and Jef were so comfortable and goofy around eachother that it was just natural. And the way Jef interacted with little Ricky sealed the deal! They will make the cutest little family!

    And I love the Serendipity “dusty blue”! A very close match to Carolina blue :)


  30. avatar Ashley reply

    Team Jef an coral!

  31. avatar Kelsey B. reply

    I was definitely Team Jef! Emily and Jef were so comfortable and goofy around eachother that it was just natural. And the way Jef interacted with little Ricky sealed the deal! They will make the cutest little family!

    And I love the Serendipity “dusty blue”! A very close match to Carolina blue :)

  32. avatar Alissa Cady reply

    I was so torn! I loved that Arie was so funny but was worried he only liked her because he was so physically attracted to her. I like that Jef mentioned God’s plan and timing! He seemed more family friendly. :) I love the coral robe! So chic!

  33. avatar kristind reply

    LOVE the coral – gorgeous!! Team Jef!

  34. avatar Deserie Fernandez reply

    I was Team Jef from the begining. This is the best couple of all the bachelor/bachelorettes. I would have to say the dusty blue is my favorite, lately I have fallen in love with that color.

  35. avatar Afton reply

    The coral color is great and looks good on any complexion! I would love to win the dusty blue robe for my something blue on my upcoming wedding day, September 2!! Can’t wait!

  36. avatar Evelyn reply

    Team Jef With One F all the way! And, with regards to the more pressing of the two questions, Dusty Blue is tops for me. Although, I do really adore the Blush and Mint hues as well. Such a fabulous collection.

  37. avatar Sarah reply

    I was Team Jef for sure!! I love the blush color… which is one of my wedding colors… but the blue just for the wedding night would be fantastic, too!!

  38. avatar Brooklynne Gladysz reply

    Does Team Sean count? :) Im glad she chose Jef over Arie and I love the coral!

  39. avatar Sarah-Belle reply

    I’m in love with all of the colors! The coral is probably my favorite (but that’s one of my wedding colors!), the cream colored one is so sophisticated, and the powdered blue is definitely a sleepy-time color.

  40. avatar Elizabeth @ HobbyLobbyist reply

    I love the blue– it’s so fresh and lovely.

  41. avatar Amy reply

    I love the blue! So beautiful!

  42. avatar twg reply

    Team Arie all the way! But happy for Emily and Jef, and I’m loving the coral!

  43. avatar Ashley L reply

    Love the coral color! Reminds me of the coral peonies from my spring wedding!

  44. avatar Meghan reply

    Team Jef :) The blue is my fav!!

  45. avatar Sarah H. reply

    Team Jef, from the beginning of the season. I love coral and blue.

  46. avatar Megan D. reply

    Team Arie! Happy for Emily but he was a doll.

  47. avatar Ashley reply

    Team Jef! *swoon* and the dusty blue is my favorite color from the collection!

  48. avatar Juliet reply

    Oh! Fingers crossed for this one! I am so team jef and love coral! :)

  49. avatar Danielle Ratliff reply

    Team Jef!!
    The dusty blue is gorgeous.

    Love y’all!

  50. avatar Nicole reply

    I was definitely team Jef. When he took her to his family ranch, I was SOLD.

  51. avatar AshleyHH reply

    I personally was Team Arie! I can’t believe how sad I was for him!! I felt terrible for him.

    And I am loving the coral. And the ivory. And the dusty blue… they are all so pretty!

  52. avatar karm reply

    loving the sweet ivory!

  53. avatar Hannah W. reply

    What a great giveaway! I am a huge Bachelor fan too :) I was team jef!! He and Emily seem perfect together and I couldn’t have been more excited seeing them so happy on the finale. I love the coral and blue color, both are lovely!

  54. avatar Chelsea reply

    I’m loving the dusty blue robe! I was pulling for JEF WITH ONE F the entire time!

  55. avatar Sunny E reply

    Wasn’t Team Jef One F until the last episode! So precious and caring! Also, adore the coral just like the future Mrs. Jef Holm!

  56. avatar Alice reply

    Team Jef all the way!!

  57. avatar Brianne reply

    The dusty blue is perfectly lovely! Love it!

  58. avatar Jamie reply

    Team Jef all the way!! I love the light blue & would love to wear it while getting ready format wedding next June :) xO

  59. avatar Brooke B reply

    Team Indecisive? I have a way of rooting for everyone … I couldn’t choose. Same with the colors, although dusty blue is my favorite at the moment.

  60. avatar Dania reply

    Team Jef! In the first episode when Jef skateboarded in, Emily giggled and beamed, and you could tell she had a crush on him! Not only is he genuine and fun, he is also a giver; his company People Water gives a portion of proceeds to build clean drinking water around the world. I wish the best for Ricki, Jef, and Emily!

    My favorite color is Ivory. It is a fresh and soft color that would be perfect for a summer day. Maybe even an upcoming wedding:)

  61. avatar Alicia reply

    Team Jeff he was such a doll! and I adore the coral one :)

  62. avatar Kate E reply

    The coral is just gorgeous!!

  63. avatar Caroline R. reply

    Definitely team Jef! And I love the coral!

  64. avatar Meagan reply

    Just love that blue!!! I’m running over to their site right now to look for BM gifts!!

  65. avatar Sam L. reply

    I was definitely Team Jef! The letter scene definitely won me over :) And the Love Ophelia collections are beautiful, I’d probably say my favorite is the dusty blue! I love almost anything in that color blue!

  66. avatar cathy steiner reply

    TEAM JEF! and i have to go with coral, it’s so punchy and fun!!

  67. avatar Julie reply

    I was team Sean…but I grew to love Jef in the end. Love the coral!

  68. avatar Whitney reply

    I love the something blue robe!

  69. avatar Andrea reply

    I L-O-V-E both the blue and the pink; however I think the blue would be more flattering!

  70. avatar Lindy reply

    Team Jef!!!! Coral is my fave but all are lovely!!

  71. avatar Renee reply

    How do you choose? Each piece in the collection is girly and fabulous! But if I had to choose, I supposed it would be the coral. :)

  72. avatar Bridget reply

    Dusty Blue all te way! :)

  73. avatar Emily reply

    Well I was team Sean too! But I guess Jeff. And I love the blue – so soft and sweet – perfect for a winter wedding!

  74. avatar Laurel reply

    Team Jef for sure! I loved him from the very beginning. And I love the blue color, so so pretty!

  75. avatar Patty reply

    Team Jef – I love the coral :)

  76. avatar Liz M reply

    I love the dusty blue! So pretty. Also, Team Jef.

  77. avatar Taylor J reply

    OH YES! Team Jef all the way!!!!! I could have been happy either way, however! Emily has a great head on her shoulders!

    Fave color…coral… It’s probably the best color ever.

  78. avatar Jenna Ouu reply

    I love Coral :)) ANd Team Jef! :DD

    Hope I win :P

  79. avatar Stephanie reply

    I love them all, but I think I’m partial to mint or navy…or coral. Dangit, I can’t choose! (And I was Team Arie, but I think she made the right choice with Jef. Actually, I WAS Team Sean… c’est la vie!)

  80. avatar ZRJ reply

    Team Jef – Coral!!

  81. avatar Emily reply

    All of the colors! But especially the blue, I think. Thanks for the tip – I’m always looking for a new cute robe!

  82. avatar lisa reply

    Dusty blue and Arie :)

  83. avatar Addie Kate reply

    I was team jef! My favorite from the beginning :) and I love the blue color robe best!

  84. avatar Katie reply

    I love the coral! I picked Arie (also in a bracket/pool competition) all along because I wasn’t sure if she could get past how much she loved to kiss him. So happy she chose Jef though!!

  85. avatar Emily reply

    I am team Jef all the way (: and I love them all, the pastels are beautiful, I cannot possibly choose! I will be putting those on my wish list (;

  86. avatar allie reply

    Team Jef all the way! And the coral is my fave but blue is gorgeous too :)

  87. avatar Laura F. reply

    I love the coral and the dusty blue. So pretty!

  88. avatar Jessica reply

    I’m team Jef for sure! And I love the coral :)

  89. avatar Laura reply

    A. Jef all the way!!
    B. I love Ivory…I reckon I’m a classic type of girl :)

  90. avatar Andrea S reply

    Team Jef with one F! That gorgeous coral robe caught my eye on the show so I am so happy you blogged about it! I love the dusty blue also!

  91. avatar Katie reply

    I didn’t watch the bachelorette until towards the end, and at that point I was team sean :( but I recently went back and watched some of the earlier episodes, and now I am definitely team jef! I loved the line he said in his first one on one date, about finding someone to share the details with…made me tear up and especially realize how lucky I am to be marrying my best friend in december. And of course my favorite color is the blue, blue colors bring out the blue in my eyes :)

  92. avatar Lisa reply

    Team Jef! But it was a hard choice–Arie was a sweetheart too! All the Serendipity robes are lovely, but I think my favorite color is the coral that Emily wore. Fingers crossed that we’ll be seeing her in a future issue of SW! :)

  93. avatar Lauren Y. reply

    Hi! I was Team Jef for sure! Wishing the new family all the best! Looking at the Serendipity collection, I also have to say that I love the Serendipity robe in blush! Dusty blue is definitely a close second, so being lucky enough to win it would also make my day :)

  94. avatar kristin reply

    All the pieces are amazing but right now I’m loving the coral and yellow.

  95. avatar Caroline reply

    I was team Arie, but I like her with Jef. Love the coral color!

  96. avatar tatiana reply

    love the serendipity robe in navy – classic (and less likely to get stained!)

    and…of course, team jef!

  97. avatar Colleen reply

    I was rooting for Jef since he rode in on his skateboard. Love his hair!
    My favorite color in the collection is mint!

  98. avatar Nancy Ray reply

    Love love love the dusty blue!

  99. avatar danielle reply

    Team Jef! Love the coral!!!

  100. avatar Stephanie reply

    I was definitely team Jef, and I love the mint color robes!

  101. avatar Gwynne reply

    Team Arie. For sure! These robes are so pretty. Love the mint color!

  102. avatar Sara M. reply

    Team Jef and love the mint color!

  103. avatar Lauren reply

    I <3 the lemon!!!

  104. avatar Juliet reply

    Hi! I know this was forever ago but, did you ever do this giveaway? I’m sorta still hung up on it. :) what can i say! its a cute robe!

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