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We have something really special up our sleeves for you today! By now, y’all know that I am a deep admirer of all things sparkly. Women have been enamored with jewels and jewelry for thousands of years, and I believe that I know why: jewelry marks all of the special occasions in life. Whenever you wear those pearl earrings your parents got you for your 16th birthday, you remember how it felt to be young. Many of us are waiting for the day when a man gets down on one knee and opens a box to reveal a shiny engagement ring — that’s certainly a memory I’m going to treasure! And I’ll admit it: I would be ecstatic if I opened that box and a ken + dana engagement ring was inside.

ken + dana design offers something that most jewelry lines can’t: their pieces are not created for consumption by the masses. Each handmade piece is more than just jewelry, each is a structural work of art. With a diverse range of lines and an extreme attention to quality and detail, ken + dana design is a great place to start (and most likely end) the hunt for the perfect engagement ring. Better yet, ken + dana have designs for every budget. They sure have me singing their praises!

Lucky for y’all, I’m here today to give you the chance to win your very own ken + dana design!

To Enter: Hop on over to the ken + dana design Facebook page and press the “Like” button. Then check out the ken + dana design bridal line and leave a comment here with which piece you’re swooning over!

Win: Just complete the simple steps above and you might be lucky enough to win the Isis. The Isis—inspired by the story of the Egyptian goddess of nature, magic and motherhood—is a silver and diamond wedding or engagement band valued at $420. It is, quite simply, breathtaking.

You have until Tuesday, April 12th at midnight to enter this giveaway! Don’t miss your chance to show off your own ken + dana design masterpiece!

Written with love by Whitney
  1. avatar Jessie reply

    I love all of the simple designs. They are so unique and different. I love the Flora wedding band.

  2. avatar Stacy reply

    Love – Clio Organic Wedding Band

  3. avatar Laura reply

    They’re all so beautiful and unique, but I rather like the Gaia engagement band. The branched lines are so delicate and beautiful!

  4. avatar ken + dana design blog» Blog Archive » New Giveaway: Southern Weddings reply

    […] excited to announce a new giveaway at Southern Weddings!  Visit their blog to enter and for some dreamy wedding photography and bridal inspiration.  The details from Southern […]

  5. avatar Allie reply

    I am truly in love with the Aurora Organic Engagement Ring in gold by ken + dana. This genius design combines simplicity and tradition with something elemental and untamed. I am convinced this design has been imprinted in my conscious forever and no other engagement ring will do! This unique piece is a gorgeous take on the traditional engagement ring and to my surprise- incredibly affordable!

  6. avatar Kelsey reply

    Of all of them, I really truly love the Isis the best. Its so simple and elegant with a bit of sparkle, something you could (and would want to) wear every day.

  7. avatar megan reply

    i LOVE the Sundara 1ct Organic Engagement Ring in Gold! i think it is stunning and love the concept behind the design with the two paths merging into one. on top of the breathless aesthetic knowing that it is an organic diamond makes it simply amazing.

  8. avatar Allison reply

    I definitely have to go with the Aurora Organic Engagement Ring!!! It’s so simple, yet so elegant and timeless…it makes me think of a mountain stream.

  9. avatar Jennifer Eiford reply

    I’m swooning over the Aurora Organic Engagement Ring in white gold with a blue sapphire!!! Gorgeous!!!

  10. avatar Kate reply

    I’ve had my eye on the Sundara for a while now!

  11. avatar Pattie reply

    The Sol Organic Engagement Band
    is exactly what I would design for myself if I had the least little bit of talent. So unique. But I also adore each and every band. The designs bring you back to a simpler, more romantic time. Just gorgeous. Makes me wish I had more fingers…

  12. avatar U-Jung reply

    I LOVE the Isis band. It’s so classy and elegant and ladylike.

  13. avatar Heather Taylor reply

    Love the Aurora!

  14. avatar Jennifer reply

    I love the Jasmine, but unfortunately, they’re sold out.

  15. avatar Kimber reply

    I am totally in love with the ISIS ring! It’d go great with my e-ring, and we haven’t picked out bands yet, so perfect timing! Love it!

  16. avatar Angela Robinson reply

    These are stunning! I’m a big fan of ken + dana design. Thank you for featuring them!

  17. avatar Pam reply

    Just breathtaking.

  18. avatar madelynne miller reply

    I love the Clio organic wedding band. It is so elegant and unique and would be perfect to wear every day!

  19. avatar Natalie reply

    They are all so pretty! I like the rustic unfinished look of some of the plain wedding bands, but I like the Aurora best.

  20. avatar Gem Gossip reply

    I love their designs–especially the Siduri band. It has a gorgeous flow to it and is so organic looking. I’ve featured Ken + Dana Designs on Gem Gossip in the past…always favored by readers!

  21. avatar Sarah Cowart reply

    I love the first engagement ring shown. I instantly feel like I’m in a Jane Austen movie just imagining it on my finger.

  22. avatar Luzdary Leest reply

    I love the 4th ring, which almost looks like a snake. But when reading the description it actually symbolizes the merging of two paths into one. It’s so beautiful!!

  23. avatar Wedding Invitations Australia reply

    Beautiful! I love the simplicity in the first set!

  24. avatar Katie reply

    I loooove love love love the Indira engagement ring! It’s so hard to pick just one from their designs, but I would have to say that one took my breath away :)

  25. avatar Christine reply

    I love the ISIS engagement band – My father often tells a cute story about my and the 1970″s TV show Isis and this would be a cute reminder of that great childhood memory!

  26. avatar carrie reply

    I love the ISIS – SO beautiful and elegant!

  27. avatar Amy reply

    I just LOVE the Aurora! Think it is just the most beautiful ring I’ve seen :D

  28. avatar Karen-Emmanuelle reply

    Since I’m a sucker for costume jewellry, I’m ”swooning” over the Sundara ring. Love love love the design! :-)
    Great giveaway! Thank you!

  29. avatar Kate reply

    Sheesh that was hard. Not looking at all those beautiful pieces of jewelry but picking a favorite! But after much thought, I was able to say that Daya Organic Engagement Ring is definitely my number one pick. The Clio Organic Wedding Band & Clio Organic Wedding Band & Pax Textured Band gave it a tough running though.

  30. avatar Shelby reply

    Swoon is the perfect word to describe the entire Ken + Dana Design bridal line. The second I saw just one Ken + Dana ring, I fell in love, and subsequently spent about 2 hours pouring over their website and trying to pick out which ring I loved best. I then found the Isis. So simple, yet so beautiful, The Isis is the perfect Southern Wedding band. How can two things be any more related? This ring is elegant and charming and even has a good story behind it, just like any beautiful bride that would be lucky enough to wear it.

  31. avatar amber reply

    i loooove these deisgners! these guys have a special place in my heart for two reasons: #1 their work is unique and has this organic, natural feel…like the jewelry just fell out of a tree that way. #2 their processes are ethical and environmentally responsible. does it get any better? my favorite is hands down the isis…i saw it for the first time a year ago (maybe longer?) and have been smitten ever since. a close second? the iris…love the stone, the setting, everything!

  32. avatar Maggie reply

    These pieces are amazing! Truly unique — I love that they are not made for the masses!! Thanks SWMag for introducing!

  33. avatar Cherie reply

    I like ken + dana design on FB!! I love the Daya Organic Engagement Ring :)

  34. avatar Jamie Montgomery reply

    I love the Siduri organic engagement band. It reminds me of the ocean for some reason. Maybe the wave in the design… I dunno but I love it! :-)

  35. avatar Katherine reply

    I actually LOVE the isis the very best. It’s stunning. How unique and beautiful these are!

  36. avatar Emily reply

    My fiance already gave me a ken & dana engagement ring, and the isis band would go super well with it!

  37. avatar Emmie reply

    I would have to say the Carmentes Organic Engagement Ring!!!! Its so beautiful! I just adore the craftsmanship of their pieces!

  38. avatar lindsey reply

    I love the Aurora wedding bad.. its so simple and elegant! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  39. avatar Erin A. reply

    The Isis is totally my favorite!

  40. avatar Ashley reply

    I love the Dakota! These are such unique pieces of jewelry. Love them!

  41. avatar Holly reply

    I love the “Rose” ring! The purple and gold would match my wedding perfectly!

  42. avatar Lauren reply

    I absolutely love Aurora Organic Engagement Ring!!! Wow! So simple and elegant. Absolutely Beautiful! I’ve been a fan of Ken & Dana Design for a while now and coming from South Africa, I always wish we could have similar jewelery available to us here and it’s so affordable! Here everything is so so sooo expensive. Wow! absolute perfection

  43. avatar Eleanor reply

    love love love the Gaia Organic Engagement Band

  44. avatar Larissa reply

    I can’t get enough of these beautifully imagined designs, but if I had to pick I would have to say the Carmentes Organic Engagement Ring might just be my favorite. I love how all the designs are as uniquely beautiful and painstakingly crafted as love itself!

  45. avatar Melissa W reply

    I love the Clio organic wedding band the best!

  46. avatar Samantha Pasciuta reply

    I love the Devi Organic Engagement Ring Gold with the Emerald stone! It is so elegant, yet raw and earthy!!!! Thank you for the give away!!!!!!

  47. avatar Sarah reply

    I love the Daya organic engagement ring. It’s so unique and stunning. I’m in love with all of ken + dana design jewelry I haven’t found anything else like it.

  48. avatar Ginger reply

    I LOVE the wedding day bands…I can’t think of anything more romantic than your wedding date being carved into such a special ring!

  49. avatar Jamie Montgomery reply

    I love love LOVE the Aurora Organic Engagement Ring. it is so so elegant!

  50. avatar Amy reply

    Really beautiful! It’s hard to pick a favorite but I think I will have to with the Siduri Organic Engagement Band. I love it because it looks like it’s just been picked up out of the sea having been lost for years. It’s got such romance to it! I love the sea.

  51. avatar Kfloveinme reply

    Amazing & beautiful! I am swooning over Gaia Organic Engagement Band! Its gorgerous & elegant!

  52. avatar Joy reply

    I love the Devi. So different and stunning. It seems like it would be a piece that would get noticed a lot! I love the organic feel of everything they make. It is all so beautiful!

    • avatar Mikey reply

      I think the Hera engagement band is both beautiful and unique — any girl would feel lucky to wear such a stunning piece of jewelry!

  53. avatar Cassie reply

    I love Sundara 2ct Organic Engagement Ring! It is so unique! I have never seen anything like it! I’m definitely showing it to my fiance!

  54. avatar Melody reply

    LOVE the the Clio Organic Wedding Band! Such a classic design with an artistic touch.

  55. avatar Meghan reply

    I actually love the Isis band that is being given away.

  56. avatar Lindsay H reply

    I love the organic engagement ring!

  57. avatar KendraDaveen reply

    I love the Indira Diamond Engagement Ring. It’s the last in that collection of images BUT it’s simple and sweet – and oh so beautiful! I love the crazier ones too, but something about this little gold ring made me want it to bad! :)

  58. avatar Thelma reply

    My fav is the Sundara 1ct Organic Engagement Ring
    [email protected]

  59. avatar Ashton reply

    These rings are truly stunning; simple and understated in a way that makes them unique and priceless. In true southern belle fashion, I found it hard to pick just one ring. The one that I ended up falling in love with was the Daisy. It reminds me a lot of my Great Grandmother’s ring. It was a plain gold band with a tiny little chip of a diamond, but she rocks it like it is a Harry Winston! The Daisy fits my down to earth, one of a kind personality so well that I might have sent the link to my boyfriend (just for reference of course!)

  60. avatar Lala Sams reply

    Sundara is stunning! I love the strength but softness of the lines. Gorgeous. Oh..the Isis too :-)
    The hubby I have been married for 19 years and getting an engagement ring just never came up! I’m swooning over all the rings.

  61. avatar Charlene reply

    I LOVE the Sundara 2ct Organic Engagement Ring, GORGEOUS!!

  62. avatar TIFFANY reply


  63. avatar Ann Garrett Hughes reply

    I absolutely LOVE the isis ring. It’s simplistic modern style and yet classic appeal. :)

  64. avatar kelly reply

    i am so obsessed with the ken + dana line!!!!!! i want that sundara ring! it’s my dream engagement ring.

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We are having an unfortunate burst of cold weather in North Carolina, and it seems like winter has decided to revisit us once again. I’ve pulled my pea coat back out of the closet and I’m consuming hot coffee 24/7 to stay warm (side effect: I’m also slightly jittery, and super productive). One other thing is making me feeling all warm inside, and that is the gorgeous jewelry of Brandy Pham. Take one look at her jewelry and accessories collection and you, too, will be feeling nice and toasty!

Brandy’s jewelry has just the right amount of femininity, and I would honestly be happy to add every single item to my jewelry collection. Her necklaces are the type that you could pair with comfortable jeans or a drop-dead ball gown. The Amy Pearl Necklace would be a gorgeous addition to that outfit you already have planned for the bridal shower, and couldn’t you just see the Haley stud earrings being the perfect complement to your dream wedding gown?

To Enter: Brandy Pham’s collection is dominated by black and white pieces. Leave a comment below telling us your wedding colors for a chance to win!

Win: A pair of the Haley stud earrings paired with EITHER the All That Shimmers Silver Bangles OR the Amy Pearl Necklace (your choice!).

You have until Tuesday, April 5th at midnight to enter for your chance to win some gorgeous jewelry. I’d enter sooner rather than later if I were you!

Written with love by Whitney
  1. avatar Angela Morgan reply

    pink and green!

  2. avatar Elizabeth reply

    baby pink. antique white. silver. and gray.

  3. avatar Natalie reply

    Navy Blue and Pink!

  4. avatar KC reply

    Cinnamon, Peach and Ivory

  5. avatar Lindsay Weidenhammer reply

    Pink and light beige!

  6. avatar Catherine reply

    Olivine and Marine!

  7. avatar Tiffany reply

    Royal Purple and Cream!

  8. avatar Robin Chrisman reply

    Navy and Pale Yellow

  9. avatar Allison reply

    violet and silver!

  10. avatar Ashley Smith reply

    Hot Pink and Black!

  11. avatar madelynne miller reply

    my wedding colors are grey, green, yellow, and white. i love the amy pearl necklace and the studs are so cute!

  12. avatar Sarah reply

    Our wedding colors are pink and champagne… and it’s the lovely “honeysuckle” pink : ) Amazing jewelry, Brandy- I just love the Amy pearl necklace!

  13. avatar Christi reply

    My colors are light pink/blush, with shades of blue and white. I haven’t finished picking out bridesmaid dresses but I am considering navy since not everyone likes to wear light pink, especially my fair skinned family and friends.

    • avatar Haley Akins reply

      Haley stud earrings for a Haley!

      Winning the earrings and either the bracelet or necklace would be a dream come true for my black and white winter shimmer wedding!

      My wedding dress is black and white and I am going to be carrying a brooch bouquet, so the earrings are just perfect! I tweeted your giveaway and hope to win!

  14. avatar Serena reply

    Green + White with yellow accents!

  15. avatar Joy reply

    My colors are sunset, succulent, and ocean. What that comes down to is different shades of corals, greens, and blues. I love all colors so this was a very hard decision, there is no way I could be a bride that would narrow it down to only two colors! And this way I can have all different shades of the main colors, this way my appetite for color is satisfied!

  16. avatar Jeannine @ Small & Chic in Cville reply

    My wedding colors are ivory and pale green. At least, that’s what they are today. Who knows what they’ll be next week. ;)

  17. avatar S reply

    blue white & gold

  18. avatar Haley reply

    My colors are a mustardy yellow and a sage green for a July wedding. The bridesmaids will be in sage green short dresses, with billy ball bouquets! I adore the Haley earrings… and… my name is Haley… how fitting!

  19. avatar sarah b reply

    we’re planning on charcoal, yellow, ivory & green!

  20. avatar Ashley reply

    Black & White! I can’t believe I’m the first “black & white” comment! Any of these pieces would be a beautiful addition to my gown, but if I win, I might just pass them along to my sweet mom as a gift… they would look amazing with her wedding-day attire and after all of the planning, I think she deserves them more than me!

  21. avatar kasey reply

    Green & Orange!

  22. avatar Bella reply

    White, Lavender and Blue!

  23. avatar Rebecca reply

    I’m doing grey, dusty pink/peach, and a vintage blue and green color. It’s a very vintage and rustic color scheme, slightly Alice in Wonderland!

  24. avatar Cheryl reply

    Teal and Apple Green :)

  25. avatar Melly S reply

    My colors are blue and gray, with pops of yellow accents. It’s a cheery summer wedding!

  26. avatar Allie reply

    Dusty blue, lavender, and cream!

  27. avatar Allyson L. reply

    My wedding colors are black and white! My dress has a black sash and the BM’s will be wearing black dresses and the Junior BM’s will be wearing black dresses with white sashes. The jewelry would coordinate perfectly and I’m still on the hunt for jewelry so I would love this.

  28. avatar Jamie reply

    My colors are lime green, hot pink & orange! Love the necklace!! Awesome jewels!! Great job!! Huge fan of swmag!!

  29. avatar Talah Nikjeh reply

    My wedding colors are magenta, navy blue and gold! Love the jewelry!

  30. avatar Katie reply

    I am working on jewelry now! How’d you know? :)
    Our colors are navy and lime.

  31. avatar Kimber reply

    Our wedding colors are blue and green! Those gorgeous pieces would add some serious lovely to our nuptials!

  32. avatar Erin A. reply

    My wedding colors are blues and greens with a touch of white and purple. All different textures and tones!

  33. avatar Maggi reply

    Midnight blue and gold… with fall fruits!

  34. avatar Jessica reply

    What an awesome giveaway! We don’t have a set wedding color scheme – we’re eloping with a few friends – but we’re focusing on jewel and neutral tones – cream, burgundy, dark blue.

  35. avatar Shevaun reply

    Ivory, Black, Grey and Deep Eggplant <3

  36. avatar kaleigh reply

    my colors are vintage, natural tones. I would love to win these earrings, they would totally be a pop of color on my big day. beautiful!

  37. avatar kaleigh reply

    my bridesmaids are wearing black – I think those earrings would tie in beautifully!

  38. avatar Erin reply

    The colors for my September 2012 wedding are emerald, black, and silver–so Brandy Pham’s black and silver pieces would be a perfect fit!

  39. avatar Marie reply

    Our favorite color is blue, so it made picking wedding colors much easier, blue, white, and some silver.

  40. avatar Laura reply

    My color is bright blue. Then we accented it with a whole slew of jewel tones. It’s fantastic!

    • avatar Joni reply

      My colors are orchid, ivory and a spring green. I just got my ears pierced so I could wear earrings for my wedding. And those are gorgeous!

    • avatar Joni reply

      My wedding colors are orchid, ivory and spring green. I just got my ears pierced so I could wear more jewelry at my wedding (I’m marrying into a southern family). Those earrings are gorgeous!!

  41. avatar Courtney reply

    Oooh I love those bangles and those earrings!

    My colors are pink and navy with a touch of gold : )

  42. avatar Katherine reply

    Kelly green and peach. I would LOVE to win the jewelry :)

  43. avatar Quynh reply

    My wedding-chic all white wedding :)

  44. avatar Cali reply

    French blue, moss green and white. LOVE the necklace!

  45. avatar Adrienne WIlson reply

    My wedding colors are black, white and, blush. What could be more perfect?

  46. avatar courtney reply

    i couldnt choose just one color or two. i choose an array. BRIGHT reds, pinks, oranges and a touch of yellow. any of this jewelry would work so well with my dress, flowers and mothers veil. exquisite jewels!

  47. avatar Melissa W reply

    Our wedding colors are cobalt blue and silver with hints of lemon yellow.

  48. avatar Lindsay reply

    Our wedding colors are light pink, ivory and champagne!

  49. avatar Robin V reply

    Shades of pink with an accent of black

  50. avatar KK reply

    Coral, Navy and Ivory!

  51. avatar Heather Taylor reply

    Purple and Grey

  52. avatar Jennifer reply

    My sister has picked out navy and green!

  53. avatar Elyse G. reply

    yellow & black & white

  54. avatar Leslie reply

    pink and grey!

  55. avatar Hannah Neal reply

    fuchsia, plum & slate grey – vintage, loft/museum venue, lush & romantic florals with a touch of feathers!

  56. avatar JLT reply

    Terra Cotta, light grey, and black.

  57. avatar Kayla C. reply

    Our wedding colors are black, white, and red!

  58. avatar AshleyHH reply

    Navy and a warm yellow for a fall wedding at a ranch

  59. avatar Leslie R reply

    our wedding colors are orange/peachy pinks and gray for a fall wedding in downtown wilmington nc!! these pieces would be perfect for our vintage romance wedding!

  60. avatar Kayla reply

    Purple, lavender, and tan 11.11.11

  61. avatar Jessica reply

    Sooo for our wedding we are choosing sage green, ivory and white. I love the contrast of ivory and white and plan to do those colors for our cake. The flowers will also have a touch of blush pink. I think it will turn out really amazing.

  62. avatar Leah reply

    Royal Blue and Spring Green! :)

  63. avatar Maranda H. reply

    My wedding isn’t for a super long time, but my colors will involve raspberry red, spring green, and a light, bright blue (my favorite color). I love Brandy’s stuff and the Amy Pearl Necklace is especially lovely. :)

  64. avatar Jamie Montgomery reply

    Pink, Peach, and Chocolate Brown :-)

  65. avatar Katie reply

    Mine are black and white, with touches of red and silver thrown in.

  66. avatar Wendi reply

    Hi, My wedding colors are White, Green (lime) with accents of Yellow and Purple.

  67. avatar Sarah Chandler reply

    My wedding colors are yellow and gray! The BEST color combination out there!

  68. avatar Stacy reply

    lavendar and grey

  69. avatar Jenna reply

    chocolate brown, grass green, deep bluish purple, and gunmetal grey
    so cute!

  70. avatar Brynne Koontz reply

    Navy, Silver & Pink

  71. avatar Angie O reply

    My colors are plum & platinum

  72. avatar Sophia reply

    Navy blue and gold…so elegant!

  73. avatar Jessica reply

    My black & white themed vintage wedding NEEDS these adorable accessories! =)

  74. avatar Aubrey Gideon reply

    My colors are a classic cream, green, and brown.

  75. avatar kathleen reply

    my wedding colors are reflecting the natural colors of my venue (the farm where my man grew up) from the white picket fence to creamy magnolia flowers…. creams and greens will mimic mother nature in all her glory!

  76. avatar Angela Zhang reply

    my wedding colors are peach, ivory, and gold :D

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Giveaway :: Catbird NYC

by in Contests, Main on

Deciding what to give your bridesmaids can be one of the most difficult tasks during the wedding planning process. You handpicked these women to celebrate your big day alongside you and your new husband. They are the ones that were with you from childhood, or the ones you roomed with in college. They know all of your intimate secrets, and they always laugh at your corny jokes. Obviously, they deserve amazing bridesmaids gifts that they can cherish long after your big day is over.

Well, now you don’t have to worry about finding that perfect gift — it’s right here! Catbird NYC is one of my favorite jewelry providers. I’ve had a few of their unique rings saved to my desktop in my “things I want” file for months. I’ve especially been lusting over the alphabet and heart rings. Aren’t they just heavenly? I could even see the heart ring as a perfectly dainty wedding band — what do you think?

Catbird has a knack for finding jewelry designers that create those fabulous pieces you just have to own. Their blog and online store are absolute must-sees, and if you’re in the NYC area, it would be wise of you to stop by their brick-and-mortar store to see all of their great pieces in person!

To Enter: We know you love your bridesmaids, but we want to hear why you love them. Leave a sentence below saying something nice about your bridesmaids for a chance to win!

Win: One lucky reader will receive three gold alphabet rings from Catbird! That’s right: not one, not two, but THREE rings! Just a hint: the alphabet rings look delightful paired with Catbird’s gold heart rings.

You will be able to enter for your chance to win until next Monday, March 28, at midnight! Don’t delay, enter today!

Written with love by Whitney
  1. avatar Rebecca reply

    Wow! I love these rings! So pretty! These would be great bridesmaid gifts! I love my bridesmaids. One of my bridesmaids is my fiance’s sister, and I’ve really enjoyed having her involved in wedding planning. Another of my bridesmaid’s I’ve known since birth. Her mom was a bridesmaid in my mom’s wedding. And my Maid of Honor and I have been friends since high school. She is always there for me and always has my back.

  2. avatar sarah g reply

    my bridesmaids are the best because they’ve been there for me since the 7th grade {preschool if you count my maid of honor, my sister}, introduced me to my future hubby, and have all enthusiastically lied about wearing their bridesmaids dresses again :)

  3. avatar Maggie reply

    I love my three bridesmaids because they are there for me, we started out with 5 girls and are now down to 3 – one dropped out the other got hurt – so the fact that these 3 girls are going to be standing by my side means even more to me.

  4. avatar Lisa reply

    My bridesmaids were the most awesome ladies ever. The week of the wedding they pitched in and got everything done when I was having a total meltdown!

  5. avatar Kelly reply

    My ladies keep me grounded. They back me up through thick and thin, and we will always love each other unconditionally. I don’t know what I’d do without them!

  6. avatar Jennifer reply

    I truly could not have had such a love-filled life without my bridesmaids. I cherish each of them for very different reasons, but they all add a bit of joy to my every day. I want to give them something special to remember our long lasting friendship, and to say thanks for putting up with all of the hard work they are doing!!

  7. avatar Ashley reply

    My maid of honor is my cousin and best friend. She is a sister to me and we have been through everything together, and yes I mean just about everything! The hard times when we lost loved ones. The mischevious times when we did things our future children will never be told! And all other times when we just needed someone to stand by us and hold our hand. Finding a gift that shows all my appreciation and love is impossible, but really, her skin tone looks great with yellow gold!

  8. avatar Elizabeth P. reply

    The women who will stand up with me on my wedding day know me from all different times in my life: Childhood, college, work… Being with them is like being with a living scrapbook of my life.

  9. avatar Clara G reply

    My bridesmaids are truly special women. My maid of honor is extremely special. She has been my best friend since the fourth grade. She’s the only person I can call and immediately start talking in my fake british or super old southern belle accent. I always get the funniest looks when I’m on the phone with her because we say the strangest things. She’s the one person who tells me like it is and will call me out when I’m wrong. She’s also probably the funniest person I know. She can brighten any day!! :)

  10. avatar meredith reply

    When I think about bridesmaids – I think about women that you can truly rely on your whole life. Although, I have lots of women who I love and cherish in my life, my mom and my sister are the most important women to me. I talk to each of them mulitple times a day and we share everthing. We have been searching for a ring or a set of rings for all of us to have for YEARS. These rings are precious and perfect! They would always be a reminder of the unbreakable bond, much like a marriage, that I have with the special ladies in my life!

  11. avatar Miss JD reply

    I love my ‘maids. They are always there to offer a hand or just an ear, whatever the case may be. At this point, my BMs live in 5 different states and I am studying abroad in Europe, yet they manage to stay engaged in the wedding planning process. They’ve been really amazing. I really am a lucky lucky bride.

  12. avatar Rebecca reply

    These are so precious and sweet, sort of like my 4 lovely bridesmaids! My Bridemaids are so fantastic, not only because they are great helps to me when planning the wedding, but they are just the best girlfriends and sisters anyone could ask for! They are supportive, encouraging, honest, all kinds of fun! And beautiful to boot! I feel blessed to have such kind-hearted friends.

  13. avatar Amanda reply

    My bridesmaids are my sisters and best friends, and I have been lucky enough to be in all of their wedding parties. It seems that this bridesmaid is finally going to be a bride!

  14. avatar Courtney reply

    My bridesmaids are all blessings to me! Best friends, sorority sisters, college roommates, and fiance’s sister. Can’t wait for them all to be with me on my special day!

  15. avatar Kimberly Lucier reply

    I love my bridesmaids so much because they are everything I am not and I need each and every one of them so much!

  16. avatar Hannah K. reply

    “When it hurts to look back, and you’re scared to look ahead, you can look beside you and your best friend will be there.” My bridemaids are the sisters that I never had. Though we are not connected by blood, we’ll forever be sisters at heart. :)

  17. avatar Haley Austin reply

    My bridesmaids are my sisters so I’ve loved them their whole lives! They are so helpful and supportive and wonderful! And they would LOVE these cute rings!!!

  18. avatar Jessica reply

    Three out of six of my bridesmaids are my sisters, and though I am grateful for each and every one of my bridesmaids, I may be partial to the three that are kin. But when I think of it, I realize that gratefully my bridesmaids are ALL like sisters to me… Lately, I cannot help but thank my Jesus for the blessings in this life and the people He’s placed in mine. I love my bridesmaids simply for who they are and I love them for being sweet, kindred spirits throughout the years!

  19. avatar Jennifer P reply

    My bridesmaids are my best friends, I’ve been in all of their weddings. They know everything about me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. When picturing my wedding I can’t imagine them not standing next to me.

  20. avatar madelynne reply

    My bridesmaids are quirky, cute, and come from many different places and times in my life!

  21. avatar Jennifer S reply

    I would love to give these to my bridesmaids. I have known each of my maids for a very long time and they all mean the world to me. I would love to give them something as special as they are that will act as a reminder of the day.

  22. avatar WedinStyle wedding planner in Vietnam reply

    Like the idea! but white gold or platinum will be better I think!!

  23. avatar kasey reply

    My bridesmaids are my sister and my two close friends. We have been friends since we were three and four years old. I love them all dearly and this would be a very nice gift for them!

  24. avatar Erin A. reply

    My bridesmaids are my friends, family, heart, hope, home, center and future.

  25. avatar ashley reply

    ah! what a great giveaway! especially because i’m totally stuck on what to give my lovely bridesmaids. i love them all for different reasons, so i’ll go ahead and list them all! m: is the most loyal person i’ve ever met. i know that she would do anything for me and i just love her to pieces for that. l: is my best friend from high school and i love her because she makes me FEEL like i’m in high school again! in a good way! we have so much fun together. s: is my sister and, although we’ve never been super close, she is so excited to be a part of our wedding and i really think the wedding is bringing us closer together. j: is the absolute best listener. she’s the first person i call when i’m stressed about something. love that girl! and finally, a: is so genuinely thoughtful and patient. she was my very first friend when i moved to a new city and i’m so glad to call her my friend. i love my bridesmaids and would love to give them these adorable rings as a token of my appreciation!

  26. avatar Kfloveinme reply

    I am the only child & I see my bridesmaids as my sisters. They are beautiful inside & out and I can’t ask for a better group of girls to stand by my side on my special day. Love you ladies!

    Thanks for a lovely giveaway!

  27. avatar Heather reply

    My bridesmaids are my three fabulous nieces! They are all so different and wonerful each in their own way. Beth is my little hippie chick that is so carring to every person she meets. Haylee is my little bookworm that gives me the best advice on books and movies to watch. VaCaria is the athlete and will tackle anything that comes her way. They are all so perfect and I could not ask for better girls to walk down the aisle with :)

  28. avatar Holly reply

    All of my bridesmaids are all so individually special to me and have all played an important part in my life! Half of my bridesmaids are my sisters and the other half are friends. God blessed me with sisters, really step-sisters, when I was 7 years old. I only had 2 brothers before that. But I don’t know what I would have done without my sisters growing up. While growing up I had friends that came and went in my life. I prayed for God to send me some good girl friends that I could really depend and stay close with. He sent me some awesome friends about 3 years ago. I never knew that friendships could be this awesome! :)

  29. avatar Lindsay reply

    What an uber-fun and girly gifty idea. I love all of my bridesmaids for different reasons. My MOH is my best friend, my sister – we have fought, laughed, lived, and learned from one another. There is nothing more I could ask for in a best friend. My maid of honors I love for different reasons too – They are both my ‘bffs’. My friend Victoria challenges me and pushes me to be a better person. We work out in the mornings (so I can look amazing on wedding day) and we laugh every day. She keeps me sane and makes me smile. My other bff, Alex, reminds me why it is so fun to just be me. Around Alex I can be me, we laugh, play Rockband and drink wine together. Although we are a state away since I moved last year, our friendship has only grown stronger. She reminds me how much fun it is to truly live each day. I am the LUCKIEST girl in the world to have these ladies in my life… and I can’t wait to celebrate our special day with them by my side. There are no other people I could imagine standing for me. I love them all.

  30. avatar ashley reply

    What an amazing giveaway! I love all of my bridesmaids for different reasons, but one thing is constant between them all:

    I can be my honest, true self around them without worrying.

    I know that they will be there for me whenever and wherever.

    No matter how bad things get, a few minutes with one or all of them will instantly bring a smile to my face.

    No matter what happens in each of our lives or between us, we’ll always be friends and soul sisters :)

  31. avatar Caitlin reply

    My bridesmaids are the sisters I never had. Not only have they been there through the usual high school drama, college hangovers, and career angst, they have also been the most amazing support since my mother passed away last August.

  32. avatar Holly reply

    My bridesmaids are my 3 sisters and my best friend, I love my sisters. We dont tell each other that very often but we still know that we do. Two of them are 6/7 years older than I am and they are the most supportive big sisters anyone has ever asked for. They are also some of the most generous people I have ever met. They would do anything they could for me and they have. My other sister is my little sister. She can drive me to madness like no one else can but at the end of the day she’s my little sister and I just want her to be happy. As for my maid of honor…we have been friends for 9 years. we may not talk to each other as much as normal best friends but when i really need to talk and feel like no one else will ever understand she’s the one i can go to. I love all my bridesmaids and am so very blessed to have them be a part of this wonderful day – countdown t-minus 3.5 weeks!!

  33. avatar Stacy reply

    I love my girls bc they each represent a different phase in my life – highschool, college, and after college. They have each been my rock through the tough time…

  34. avatar Courtney reply

    I made the decision to not have bridesmaids. I actually have “honorary” bridesmaids instead. These ladies will sit in the first few rows at my wedding. They will all wear a big flower made of cloth, each in their own distinctive color. I felt that at age 32, my wedding is going to be about my man and I. My friends are all at differnet stages in life and I can’t tell you how thrilled they were to not have to wear a similar dress. This being said, I would love to hand each one of them this very special ring as a thank you for a lifetime of sistehood, friendship and LOVE.

  35. avatar Kristi reply

    I have known my 6 bridesmaids since preschool. All our parents (and even some of our grandparents) went to school together at the school we all ended up attending. These women are amazing. Two of them are teachers, two of them are speech pathologists, one is in sales and the other is a nurse. Even though I moved away for college and now live in Maryland (far away from Alabama), I know that they are always there for me. Its amazing how we pick up right where we left off each and every time I see them. They inspire me so much and make me want to be a better person. I’m honored they will be a part of our BIG day!

  36. avatar Karen-Emmanuelle reply

    Great giveaway! I chose 3 of my dearest and longest friends to be bridesmaids. Although we all have different lives, we always are there for each other. They are wonderful women who grew so much in the past decade. They are my role models and I know that they will always be there for me…and for each other :-).

  37. avatar Anna reply

    Wellll, my bridesmaids are the jam and a half. I have a completely embarrassing number of them – 11 to be exact – and they are a compilation of my closest friends and my future husband’s amazing sisters. But I’d specifically want to give these rings to my maids of honor – my sisters – and the MOB herself. I moved thousands of miles away from my family in 2007 to be closer to my now fiance. I knew he was the one probably the day we first met so I was super excited to move out here to continue to grow our relationship, but it was a really hard decision to move so far away from my family. My sisters are my closest friends and my mom is my rock. We talk on the phone several times a day and I miss them all so much! I just know giving them these special rings on my wedding day would help me show them just how much they mean to me even though I’m so very far away :(.

  38. avatar Karen-Emmanuelle reply

    My bridesmaids are friends that I’ve known forever. They are my role models. They are bright, caring, funny and spiritual. I know that they’ll always be there for me and for each other :-)

  39. avatar Anna reply

    Welll, my bridesmaids are truly the jam. I have a completely embarrassing number of them – 11 to be exact – that include a bomb compilation of my closest friends and my fiance’s amazing sisters. BUT, I’d really like to give these rings to my maids of honor – my sisters – and the MOB herself. I moved thousands of miles away from my family in 2007 to be closer to my now fiance. I knew he was the one probably the first day we met in college, so I was excited to move out here to be with him after graduation and to continue to grow our relationship, but it was a really hard decision to move so far away from my family. My sisters are my closest friends and my mom is my rock. We talk on the phone several times a day, and I miss them all so much! I just know giving them these special rings on my wedding day will help me show them just how special they are to me even though I am so very far away :(,

  40. avatar Laura reply

    My wedding was 3 weeks ago, but I haven’t been able to kick my Southern Weddings habit yet. My bridesmaids were absolutely wonderful. They asked how I wanted this that and the other, even though I didn’t care, and they wanted to help with more than I needed help for. They looked beautiful, but that was a perk. Really, it was just wonderful to have all of my best friends around me on that day. I was able to look around the room and realize that they were all my friends for a good reason, and they also kept me completely grounded and relaxed the entire day. Really, I couldn’t have asked for better bridesmaids!

  41. avatar Anna H. reply

    Each of my seven bridesmaids has been there for different parts of my life and will without a doubt continue to make up the glue that holds me together – even after I’m married.

  42. avatar Natalie reply

    My Maid of Honor will be my older sister. She inspires me every day. In 2009 she left a good job and all her friends and went to teach English and science in South Korea. She gave me the courage to also step out on a limb and take a job 600 miles away from my friends and family– which is how I met my wonderful fiance. I still have not been able to see her since I got engaged, but she is already been the best Maid of Honor ever. She is so supportive and sweet. Even the other day she asked me what color my China pattern was because she wanted to send me a present. In addition to my sister, one of my best friends who was with me through my open heart surgery 5 years ago and even created a “happy heart day” to celebrate the fact I am alive (we still celebrate “Happy heart day” every year on the anniversary on my surgery) will be participating in the ceremony. Finally, I have my fiance’s cousin who is so sweet and thoughtful- even though she has had a really rough year she is always thinking of other people and how they feel in situations- her sweet and loving spirit reminds me not to be a crazy while planning. I would love to give them all a beautiful gift that will show them how much I love them and thank them for all of their help! These rings would be perfect!

  43. avatar Elizabeth reply

    I love my bridesmaids because they each represent something valuable to me. Love, pure honesty, true friendship, a kind shoulder and listening ear, and innocent fun. They are true ladies who have been with me the best of times and the worst of times and will continue to be for a lifetime.

  44. avatar Court reply

    I love my bridesmaids for who they are: kind, intelligent thoughtful women…even if they are from up North! :)

  45. avatar Samantha reply

    Bridesmaids: When thinking of this you automatically think of the people that are the closest to you and have been there through it all. I have picked the 4 closest people to me. I have known some since grade school and some for only years, but I know that the girls I have chosen will be there for me on my big day like they have before. And my girls deserve the best bridesmaid gifts around!

  46. avatar lindsey reply

    I adoreee my bridesmiads because they have all been there for me through the good and the bad times in life. Whether I was in a fight with fiance or being by moms side as she fought cancer they were there to listen and offer words of encouragement. They make the the luckiest girl in the world.

  47. avatar Jessie reply

    I am reading a quote to my bridesmaids at the bridesmaids luncheon that sums up what they mean to me:
    Each friend represents a world in us,
    a world possibly not born until they arrive,
    and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”
    Ana Nin

    Each of my bridesmaids has introduced me to new things and made me grow as a person. I can only hope that I have done the same in return.

  48. avatar Desiree reply

    It’s been a year and a half since my bridesmaids made my day so special for me; Cait became my day-of planner by taking over my cell phone and ensuring that I knew nothing of the chaos that occured. Meredith became my hair and makeup stylist by stopping in every now and then to adjust my Sara Gabriel headpieces or re-apply my lipstick. And my sweet April was my dance partner for every song besides the first dance, we boogied all night long! What a great gift this would be to tell them once again how spectacular they made my special day!

  49. avatar Jess Joy reply

    Simply put: My bridesmaids have loved me through the good, the bad, and the ugly. I have been blessed with Godly women who call me out when they need to, and love me when I need love. My life wouldn’t be the same without them :)

  50. avatar Sara Z reply

    I love my bridesmaids because they are my family and have helped me become the woman I am today.

  51. avatar Jessica Brown reply

    Oh, how-flippin-cute are those rings!! 3 weeks (23 days!) til the wedding and I’ve never felt more support. I love my bridesmaids because I’ve always sensed their sweet willingness to help and their continual encouragement and grace through this time. They have always been there for me, which I suppose is mostly why I chose them! My bridesmaids are simply wonderful. <3

  52. avatar Elyse G. reply

    <3 them because through the good (and bad) times they are always there for a laugh and a cry (generally within the same hour!)

  53. avatar Sophia reply

    I owe so much to my bridesmaid Marie-Anne because I am marrying her brother–if it wasn’t for her friendship, I wouldn’t even have him in my life!

  54. avatar Melissa W reply

    You know that show Girlfriends? That theme song pretty much sums it up. There through thick and thin, there for anything!

  55. avatar Angela Zhang reply

    I’ve known all of my girlfriends for a long time since high school and college. They’ve supported me through some of the toughest times and always there for me. Plus, they are all so talented, fun, and hot! I’m very proud to have them be my bridesmaids and share the joy with them.

  56. avatar Ms. Bunny reply

    My brideswomen have been so concerned that I like their ensembles that they have been emailing links to me left and right. I started a Pinterest board to organize everything. It’s been a lot of fun.

  57. avatar Rachel M reply

    My bridesmaids are the sisters I never had and the women who inspired me to be creative and love life. All three are married, and are the most amazing wives. They will keep me organized and excited till the day of my wedding and will be the women I can turn to when I ask “How do I fix this awful dinner i just made?”.

  58. avatar Kimber reply

    I LOVE my bridesmaids because they deal with my crazy, support me, and keep me in check when I need it the most.

    Also, they are super fabulous to have a drink or three with! partners in crime.

  59. avatar Genevieve reply

    I never had sisters and always wanted them growing up, and my bridesmaids are like sisters to me. We fight sometimes, we hug it out, but most importantly, there is a lot of love and support. I cherish them.

  60. avatar Christina reply

    I truly love my bridesmaids! They are always there to lend me a hand or an ear, and they’re not afraid to let me know when I’m being an irrational bride!

  61. avatar Cheryl reply

    I love my bridesmaids!!! One of them is my best friend who I’ve known for almost 24 years! Although she lives states away and we are only able to see each other every few years, she has always been there for me!! This would make a great gift :)

  62. avatar Marie reply

    I feel that I have the best bridesmaids. My maid of honor is my younger sister and best friends. The rest of my bridesmaids are also my best friends, who else is OK with you messaging them all times of the day. Best friends = best bridesmaids.

  63. avatar Weekly Round-Up « Southern Weddings Magazine reply

    […] might be perfect for you! Whitney loves their dainty alphabet and heart rings and we can see why. Enter to win three rings to give to the girls who know you best and love you most! Save Facebook it Tweet […]

  64. avatar Larissa reply

    I can’t say enough wonderful things about my bridesmaids – these friends and family members have known me through thick and thin – maybe even as much as my future husband!

  65. avatar Angela Morgan reply

    My three bridesmaids are each from a different phase of my life. My matron of honor is my Delta Zeta sorority sister and we became instant best friends the first day we met. My bridesmaid Kim and I have been friends since 7th grade. My bridesmaid Amy and I met when I was in graduate school. I love them dearly and would love to gift them with these rings!

  66. avatar Kara reply

    My bridesmaids really have been with me through it all. I almost lost my dad my second year of college and if it was not for my best friend, who has been there for me through thick and thin for the past ten years, and my college roommates, I would have never made it through. Now five years later, I can think of no better group of girls to have by my side on the most exciting day of my life!

  67. avatar Susan reply

    I love these rings!!! I had to tear myself away from the website. I love my bridesmaids and appreciate everything they’ve done for me, for the wedding and otherwise. I’ve already picked up a little something for them, but lets be honest – I really can’t thank them enough. I’d love to include these rings in their gifts as well. And is just so happens I have 3 bridesmaids, which makes this giveaway that much more perfect!

  68. avatar Catherine reply

    I dated my fiance for 8 years before he proposed, and my bridesmaids have always been such a source of support. Through high school and college until now, I’ve cherished their friendship, their love, and the laughter that ensues each and every time we’re together!

  69. avatar Melissa reply

    I adore all of my bridesmaids. NOt only are they sisters to me but I’ve grown up with them since first grade. They are such good friends and people that they deserve something good in their lives always. These rings can show them my appreciation for them. They love love beautiful things and this would make them smile from ear to ear.

  70. avatar Olivia Casey reply

    These rings are so cute! I absolutely adore my bridesmaids and I’d love to be able to give them a gift like this to show my appreciation to them for everything they’ve done for me.
    I have 6 amazing bridesmaids who have been there for me through everything in my life, including meeting the man of my dreams. They are all so supportive of everything I do and I couldn’t picture celebrating the best day of my life without all six of them by my side!

  71. avatar Angela Zhang reply

    I’ve known all my bridesmaids for a long time, some from high school and some from college. They’ve been there for me through the hardest times in my life and we all share so much wonderful memories together. I would love to give these rings to them as presents to show how much I love them and appreciate their support.

  72. avatar kathleen reply

    My maid of honor HAND ADDRESSED ALL MY SAVE THE DATES in her beautiful/funky handwriting… that was just the beginning. Other than all the things they’ve done for my wedding, they’ve done so much for me as a person because they are all so strong, unique and hilarious. I YAM WHO I YAM thanks to these sweet potatoes!

  73. avatar Eleanor reply

    I love my bridesmaids! I never had a sister growing up and I would 100% consider these girls my sisters. I don’t think of them as ordinary friends. When I picture them in my mind, they are my sisters, my closest friends, and new aunts to my beautiful new daughter!!

  74. avatar Melody reply

    If it weren’t for my bridesmaids I would not have my fiance! Literally!! My sister (MOH) picked him out for me (she was his friend and told me I needed to meet him). My friend Rachel was the one who introduced us (we were out at dinner and I told her about the guy my sister had mentioned…she knew him too and right away said “You HAVE to meet him, you WILL date!”. The other maids? They have been the tissues that wiped away tears (good and bad) on my journey to love. Hearts of gold is an understatement!

  75. avatar Ashley reply

    I feel so lucky that I can have all my best friends stand up with me on my wedding day. My matron of honor made my save the dates for me and I couldnt have asked for something better. She is amazing. My bridesmaids are from every important time in my life from childhood through graduate school until my life now. They all know me inside and out and are the best friends a girl could ask for! Id love to give them these rings as presents!

  76. avatar Alexandra Becker reply

    I am convinced that I have the best bridal party possible. I am so grateful to have all of them in my life. When I first met my fiance, every single one of them accepted him and our relationship. It meant the world to me.

  77. avatar gabrielle reply

    I am one of four daughters, and chose my three sisters to be my bridesmaids. I live far away from them now, but am so excited that they will get to be a part of this day with me. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  78. avatar Nina reply

    I have one bridesmaid, my Grandma …My grandparent’s have all been a huge part of my life and I wouldn’t be who I am today without them, especially her. I love her with all of my heart and I want her to know she has and always will have a positive impact on my life. I strive to be more like her everyday. She has no idea what she has taught me about marriage and family values throughout my life and her being up there with me was a way I thought I could show her how much her presence in my life means to me and what kind of wife & mother I want to be…

  79. avatar Ember reply

    My bridesmaids are the only people outside our families that I absolutely couldn’t get married without!

  80. avatar Adrienne Wilson reply

    My bridesmaids are my heart sisters, they are the reason I believe in the joy of giving and gettin’ love.

  81. avatar Katie reply

    I love my bridesmaids because they are caring, sweet and supportive, no matter what. I called one to debate which color my nails should be for the big day, pale pink or nude. Looking back it sounds funny that I wasted time worrying about stuff like that. No one, I mean no one cared what shade my nails were, but my bridesmaid very calmly gave me the pros and cons of each and helped me make a decision.

  82. avatar Devon reply

    First off- I’m newly engaged and THRILLED to find your site! I adore my bridesmaids, in particular my maid of honor- aka my little sister. She’s the one who introduced my fiance and I, and she couldn’t be prouder :) Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  83. avatar Emmie reply

    My bridesmaids can not even fathom how much they mean to me. I grew up watching my mother & her sisters together, always saying I wished I had a sister I could share that unexplainable bond with too. I am lucky enough to say now that four of my bridesmaids will truly become my sisters, and that means more to me than they could ever understand!

  84. avatar Elizabeth reply

    I love my bridesmaids because I couldn’t do without any one of them! They are my very best friends. When its been weeks since I’ve seen their beautiful faces or heard their sweet voices, we pick-up talking as if we had just been shopping the whole day before! I don’t know what I would do without them :)

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