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We’re working like busy little bees over here on our next (and gorgeous, might I brag!) edition of Southern Weddings! And, well, we need your help!

As you know, the true meaning of weddings is so important to us – so important, that we’re fixing to include the Sweet Tea Society manifesto right in our glossy, so even brides who pick up a copy off the newsstand can get in on the fun!

But here’s where y’all come in. You know what we believe, but now, we want to know what YOU believe. I may be partial to the part about magnolias and monograms, but doesn’t this make your heart light up like fireflies in a mason jar on a hot summer night? Whether it’s naming your future baby after your grandmother’s maiden name, or going the extra mile to make someone feel special, we want to know what you believe in.

Comment below and tell us! We’ll sprinkle our favorite answers throughout the next issue, so please only comment if it’s okay for us to include your quote, plus your first name, last initial, and hometown in print. We’d love to have you join us!

P.S. Haven’t gotten your Sweet Tea Society badge yet? Why, you can download one right here!

marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar Laura reply

    Smelling honeysuckles as you drive with the windows down on a warm summer evening.

  2. avatar Stephanie B. reply

    The last drop of honeysuckle while chasing fireflies with the cup of your hand at dusk laughing like a child again.

  3. avatar Sheila Marie reply

    We believe a wedding reception isn’t complete without Lady Fingers on the sweets table. – Sheila H. Ocean Springs, MS

  4. avatar Elizabeth reply

    Red velvet and ruffles! And faith, family and tradition. :)

  5. avatar Amanda K.-Madison, Ga. reply

    I believe that wedding vows will hold true forever when God is the foundation of the marriage.

  6. avatar Carly T., Philadelphia reply

    Believe that you will be one of the fortunate couples to say “I do”…forever. My grandparents are both 91 and will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary this year.

  7. avatar Elizabeth @ HobbyLobbyist reply

    I believe homemade always tastes better… I believe a good night’s sleep makes any challenge more manageable.

    Elizabeth P., Dallas TX

  8. avatar Nicole reply

    I believe a hug from someone you love can fix just about anything! Nicole S., Morgantown, WV

  9. avatar Heather reply

    The food always tastes better if it’s Grandma’s recipe.

  10. avatar Ashton reply

    I always smile when I make eye contact with people, because you have to show them what Southern Hospitality is all about.

    Ashton K.
    Mooresville, NC

    Looking forward to V5!

  11. avatar Jessica reply

    We believe that nothing makes a table scape more beautiful than fresh vegetables from daddy’s garden and warm biscuits from mama’s oven! Jessica J. Knightdale NC

  12. avatar Morgan Carwile reply

    Ice cream truck at the reception? Lovely childhood memories of summer time and ice cream from the ice cream truck. Also, rooting the local minor league baseball team.

  13. avatar Tamara Menges reply

    Hi ladies! Im a HUGE believer in all things on your manifesto!! LOVE that yall are putting marriage first, that is the reason for the wedding after all! Great job SW ladies!
    Im absolutely supporting my badge!

  14. avatar Tamara Menges reply

    Tamara M. Groves, Texas
    Hi ladies! Im a HUGE believer in all things on your manifesto!! LOVE that yall are putting marriage first, that is the reason for the wedding after all! Great job SW ladies!
    Im absolutely supporting my badge!

  15. avatar Katie reply

    Leaving love notes in my Fiance’s lunch box, or on his bathroom mirror.

  16. avatar Katie reply

    I forgot to say- Katie B. Raleigh

  17. avatar Molly Stillman reply

    A Southern lady knows that the most important part of the wedding is the union of a husband and wife with the Lord and the life-long marriage that comes when it’s all said and done. :)

    -Molly S., Hillsborough, NC

  18. avatar Kelsey reply

    I believe that even a Yankee like me can be a Southern girl at heart if she is charming, hospitable, and full of joy! -Kelsey F., Cochranton, PA

  19. avatar Leigh Pearce reply

    I believe that weddings have style and that themes are for proms. I believe that you should skip on traditions that don’t matter to you and embrace the ones that do. I believe that showing your guests Southern hospitality means more than any pretty little detail ever could (but they sure are nice!). – Leigh P., Greensboro, NC

  20. avatar whitney porter reply

    I believe that a pause and a deep breath can lock a perfect memory in your mind forever.

  21. avatar Mary Clark reply

    Love the manifesto! I believe that marriage is FUN, that God is GOOD, and that tea should always be SWEET. I believe that weddings should be filled with laughter, love, and beauty. I believe in capturing sweet moments and making them into beautiful memories that will be cherished for years to come. I believe that every wedding is special and that the Lord takes great joy in two becoming one.

  22. avatar Kendall LaRochelle reply

    We know that just because our daddy gives us away, it doesn’t mean our amazing mommas shouldn’t be honored in our ceremony too!

  23. avatar Jessica of My Baking Heart reply

    I believe in cowboy boots, handmade quilts and starry nights from the bed of an old pickup truck. – Jessica R., Denison, TX

  24. avatar Kristina reply

    I believe that where I come from we don’t return your tupperware empty; we refresh it with a homemade treat.

  25. avatar Brittany Mayer reply

    hey Ladies. I just water to say that I love this post. And I had to share this with people I know would understand.
    I have been through every nook and cranny in my home and never saw anything from my folks wedding other than an album and a gorilla mask (don’t ask). But just this year I somehow stumbled upon a gown bag I had never seen and checked it out. Inside was my mom’s veil, it is perfect and gorgeously romantic. I asked her if I could wear it and she was so excited about it! It means the world to me that I will have that from her when I walk down the aisle

    • avatar Emily reply

      Hi Brittany! I DO appreciate your story, and I bet your veil is gorgeous! So happy for you that you get to wear it down the aisle!

  26. avatar Mariah Hughes reply

    I believe that there is nothing more Southern, than obsessing over being southern! :)

    I believe that we’re all Steel Magnolias at heart!

    I believe that the most important man for a woman to love is her daddy!

    I believe that when life gives you lemons, put them in your sweet tea and thank God you’re from the South!

    *Gainesville, Florida*

  27. avatar Denise Oliveira reply

    I believe that Every Story is a Gift!

  28. avatar Mary Hines reply

    I believe you should spend your time, energy and budget on what is going to matter in 30 years and that it’s easy to say vows but living them out with integrity day by day is what marriage is all about.

  29. avatar Courtney reply

    Courtney from Murray, KY
    I believe that spending the extra dollar on letterpressed invitations and calligraphy has no price. After all, an invitation is the first part of any event the guests will see.

  30. avatar Theresa reply

    I believe in making your guests truly feel a part of your wedding celebration and surrounding them in Southern hospitality.

  31. avatar Emily reply

    I believe that time passes too quickly not to stop and smell the gardenias! It’s a reminder to enjoy the sweetness of life. -Emily M, New Orleans, LA

  32. avatar Nikki Zawol reply

    I believe in holding doors open for others and that a kind smile goes a long way.

  33. avatar Lindsay Heisler reply

    I believe in keeping true to your roots. I love the South (particularly the Low Country of South Carolina). There is a certain element that the South has. We hold our heads a little higher and strand a bit straighter. We are proud of our home and everything it has to offer!

  34. avatar Rebecca Brandt reply

    this sounds like a perfect place to share my marriage of 5 going on 6 years and being together for 10 and we are still in Bliss :)

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When I travel (and I do travel, often!), I always make it a point to try the local delicacies. If the restaurant we’re eating at has a famous dish or drink – that’s what I’m ordering. So you can bet that if I was at The Brown Hotel in Louisville, I’d be ordering the Hot Brown!

I must admit, though, I didn’t know too much about this delicacy before I sat down to write today’s post, and I still have never tried it myself. Who’s in for a Southern Weddings field trip to KY?

Photos from Seven Spoons, One Lovely Life, and

I love the story of how the Hot Brown was born, so throw on your longest strand of pearls, your grandmother’s long white gloves and your favorite shade of red lipstick, and let’s head back to the 1920’s! Back then, The Brown Hotel drew over 1,200 guests each evening for its dinner dances (whoa!). Guests, dancing into the wee hours of the morning, would take a break from Charleston-ing and head to the hotel’s restaurant for a bite to eat. According the Brown Hotel, their resident chef, wanting to offer party-goers something besides the standard ham and eggs, devised an open-faced turkey sandwich complete with bacon and Mornay sauce. Voila – the Hot Brown was born!

If you’d like to try your hand at whipping up a Hot Brown, we suggest first heading to the Brown Hotel’s website, which lists the original recipe here. We also found a few fun variations of the recipe, including Hot Brown Cheese Grits and Hot Brown Biscuits. Yum! I think I might need to pop on my seersucker apron and start trying some of these!

For those who are more into aesthetics, we also found this neat version of the Kentucky Hot Brown at Stately Sandwiches. Kelly’s on a mission to make a sandwich for each of the 50 states, and the hot brown was her pick for Kentucky! You can see other states, including Southerners Louisiana, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia, here!

Image courtesy Stately Sandwiches

Do you have a Kentucky Hot Brown recipe? Have you tried the Hot Brown? Let us know in the comments below!

Still hungry? You will be after you read a few more of our Southern Delicacies!
Sweet Tea
Deviled Eggs
Chicken and Waffles

marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar Mary Kate F. reply

    Absolutely love this-
    As a Louisville native, it is wonderful to see Kentucky culture getting some limelight :)
    The Brown Hotel definitely has the best Hot Brown, and the atmosphere can’t be beat!
    Thanks ladies for sharing!

  2. avatar rachel reply

    As a Louisville Native, and bride getting married in downtown louisville with all the local flair, I will be having a Chicken stuffed hot brown for our main course at our reception with beat and biscuits (country ham biscuits) and local pies from the pie kitchen! Thanks for featuring Louisville! And check out the Galt House hotel (it is the only still owned by a local louisville family hotel) in louisville!

    • avatar Marissa reply

      Oh Rachel, that sounds so divine! My mouth is watering just thinking about all that yumminess in one place! I’m sure your wedding will be wonderful! Best of luck! xx

  3. avatar Ruff House Art reply

    … Wow. That looks… Incredible! Would love to sink my teeth into that! Yumyum.

    – Noëlle

  4. avatar Brynn Snyder reply

    We would love you to come visit Kentucky! If you come I would love to take you to get a hot brown! When my mom came to visit, I took her to try one, they are great! Now I just need to learn how to make one!

  5. avatar kimber reply

    After leaving my beloved Tennessee home, KY welcomed me with open arms and the deliciousness of this open-faced lovefest on a plate. The Brown Hotel has a great hot brown, but Ramsey’s in Lexington has a good ol’ down and dirty hot brown that does the trick and it’s closer to home.

    Mini-hot browns at my wedding…Yes!

  6. avatar Melissa C. reply

    I don’t even know what to say about that first picture, but when is the first flight from Reagan to Louisville? Y-U-M.

  7. avatar Sierra reply

    Have y’all ever tried a Hot Brown at a Chick-fil-A Dwarf House?

  8. avatar Katherine reply

    Hands down, my favorite version of this is the Southern Living take on it, and it’s “light” too! I love making mini versions with pumpernickel squares you can find near the deli counter.

  9. avatar Mason-Dixon Madness: The Round of 32 – Southern Weddings Magazine reply

    […] it was a long shot for a Kentucky Hot Brown or benne wafers to make it out of the first round, I have a feeling that these Southern delicacies […]

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Welcome back to our current “Sit a Spell” series, where we Southern Weddings gals have been taking turns designing bridal showers for each other! Currently, only Miss Emily is engaged, but I am leaning toward throwing this shower anyway!

After a brief hiatus, I’m back with the final post in our Sit a Spell: Dream Bridal Showers series! As you may know, our dear sweet Nicole loves the colors orange. So against my ‘Bama judgement, I am putting my dislike for anything Auburn or Tennessee-ish and imagining a bright, and completely orange, citrus soiree for my girl.

Imagine, if you will, a slow Southern Saturday afternoon filled with best friends chatting, peach mojitos (um, yes please!), and of course a fabulous desert bar! I’d set the stage by sending out adorable letterpress and polka dot invitations from The Lettered Olive (2) to all of Nicole’s friends. Then, when the girls arrive, they’d be greeted with a cool drink (4) and the sweet smell of fresh citrus on the lush lawn of a fabulous home. I might arrange for this home to back up to a lake or the ocean – this is, after all, a dream shower!

We’d spend the afternoon gushing over how Nicole will be going on a month-long European adventure with her beau and playing cornhole (on custom orange monogram boards, of course!). I’d also love to have some kind of DIY craft project, like stenciling individual monograms onto colorful totes (5). Totally doable, right? Anyone else want to make this shower a reality ASAP? I sure do!


1) Custom cornhole board photo by Kellie Kano; 2) Letterpress amazingness form The Lettered Olive; 3) Seating area photo by Elizabeth Messina; 4) Peach mojitos photo by Lisa Lefkowitz; 5) Custom storage totes from Swoozies; 6) Tablescape photo by Meg Smith via Snippet & Ink; 7) Sweets table photo by Adrienne Bonafede; 8) Citrus love photo by Nancy Neil; 9) Ladybug earrings from J. Crew; 10) Adorable pug-baby photo by Meredith Perdue

I’d also love to gift these ridiculously adorable J. Crew ladybug earrings to bring Nicole good luck with her marriage! And, I might be known for going over board, so I was thinking of throwing in a baby pug for all the party-goers, a la Bridesmaids! Nicole, you’d be fine with this, right?

What do you think about a monochromatic bridal shower?

Meredith Perdue is a fabulous member of our Blue Ribbon Vendor Directory!

marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar Nicole reply

    Marissa, I LOVE this!! I need those J.Crew earrings now. (And of course, more pug babies!)

  2. avatar Elizabeth reply

    Gorgeous concept, Marissa! I am loving orange this season, and I’d love this shower for Nicole! :)

    • avatar Marissa reply

      Thanks, Elizabeth! I had a lot of help from Miss Emily! And I agree, I think we need to throw this party anyways!

  3. avatar Ash V reply

    I absolutely love orange! I also happen to be a big UT fan, so it works out nicely. ;) Those flowers are gorgeous, and as a former pug owner, I just can’t get enough of those little guys!

  4. avatar Wedding Invitations reply

    Beautiful colours. This inspiration board has so many elements that i wanna snag. I love the font on that stationery!

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