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Our prop closet is still piled high with V5 goodies, which means plenty of eye-candy for the SW gals at the moment and lots of giveaway madness for all y’all!

We’re quite smitten with the lovely items we featured in our Something Old, Something New shoot, including the Queen’s Lace Headband by Garlands of Grace, the cake pull set from Weddings Etc. and the silver locket from Freshy Fig. We see all of these being a future “something old” or “something borrowed.”

Our Kentucky Rose shoot was full of details that we swooned over. These sparkling jewels have been catching our eye from the prop closet for months! We love all the options from Kate Ketzal and Nina.

To enter, leave a comment below telling us if you’re including any Southern traditions in your wedding and which item you’d love to win.

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar Peyton Dismukes reply

    A part of being Southern is having a strong love for your family. My fiance and I have decided we want to incorporate as many family ties into our wedding as possible. That is why we decided to say our vows in the same church where my parents said there’s many years ago. Since the decor of the church has not changed much, I cannot wait to see our ceremony photos beside my loving parent’s photos. In lieu of a groom’s cake, we’re having my fiance’s grandmother make several of her famous cakes in a variety of flavors. The guest will love the tasty cakes and we will love that she made them! We’re also honoring our loved ones who have passed away with photos of them displayed on an old rustic door. I plan to use part of the lace from my mother’s dress around my bouquet and I’m definitely wearing my grandmother’s pearls when I walk down the aisle. She passed away a few years ago and I always wear her pearls to special events in my life so I feel she is still with me. Other southern elements featured will be our customized cornhole boards and our Antebellum Mansion reception venue. I would LOVE the Mirabella earrings or the Cushion Cut earrings. Would look great with my dress and finding earrings is still on my checklist :)

  2. avatar Kelsey B reply

    We will definitely be including several southern traditions and elements in our wedding! We will be having a cake pull for my bridesmaids, a groom’s cake (or dessert in our case), bridal portraits, plenty of southern-style beverages, and I will be wearing my grandmother’s pearls. We are incorporating special moments for our family members throughout the ceremony (still a secret!). I would love to win the Weddings Etc. cake pull set or the beautiful earrings by Nina! I am loving all of the V5 goodies!

  3. avatar Allison Perry reply

    Hello SW Gal’s –

    My Fiance proposed to me on November 2, 2014 after I gave a keynote speech about my passion for ending child abuse and since then Southern Wedding Magazine has been my favorite guilty pleasure. My fiance is as southern as it gets, he was born in Huntsville, Alabama where generations of his family have lived. We are both military brats and both of our Father’s served in the military in Virginia where we met. He took me to Alabama for the first time two months before he proposed to his Grandmother’s 200 acre farm, filled with corn fields, soy bean fields, and horses. I fell in LOVE with the people, places and things and it has become the theme of our wedding. We will be using antiques from his Uncle’s Alabama store, incorporating the tradition of “Jumping The Broom”, and having a “Southern Traditions” table with all of our grandparent’s, aunt’s and uncles wedding pictures. I cannot wait to marry him at the charming Founders Inn venue we have booked! Thank you for reading my post!

  4. avatar Jessica reply

    I am definitely including embroidered handkerchiefs in my wedding. My sweet southern gentleman of a husband already carries one in his back pocket every day “because his grandaddy did” so I’m getting a special one made for him and my daddy.

    I’m also going to use the idea I saw in the magazine (love it) about monogramming a ribbon to go around the bridesmaid bouquets, but I will do it with mine with my new monogram and pass it on to other women in my family to use when they get married.

    I’d love to win the dangle earrings by Kate Ketzal :)

  5. avatar Tammie Walker reply

    My daughter is getting married in August in Nashville, TN. She will be including many southern traditions in her wedding including carrying a small family bridal bible that was carried by myself (her mother) and her grandmother before that. Also the reception would not be complete without her favorite beverage, sweet tea!

    So difficult to choose as I know she would love each and every option, but I believe her favorite would be the cushion cut earrings by Kate Ketzal. What a wonderful giveaway!

  6. avatar Christina reply

    We’re having a Groomscake. I’d love the cushion cut earrings by Kate Ketzal

  7. avatar Ashley C. reply

    Being a southern girl, family means the most to me and my fiance. I will carry a handkerchief tied bouquet with a blue stone pin. Each item is from my Grandmother’s. My fiance will carry an old pocket watch that was his Grandfathers. Lastly, we will get married in the very same church that both of our parents married in. It will be a sweet, memorable day for us.

  8. avatar Nicole reply

    I am incorporating lace from my mothers wedding dress into my veil. It’s been a tradition in our family for many generations and I can’t wait to see how mine turns out! I would love the cushion cut earrings!

  9. avatar Kelly reply

    I am doing the same, Jessica! I love the idea of handkerchiefs, and have some from my grandmother that I hold dear – they are full of history, tradition, and they add that little bit of daintiness that every Southern gal needs! I would like to win the silver locket (another tradition, I just love) or the Mirabella Earrings by Nina. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  10. avatar Ashley reply

    We’re getting married at a Bourbon Distillery here in Kentucky. We thought it would be great to ‘bury the bourbon’ considering. :) You featured this back in December and I thought it would be great way to incorporate the love of Kentucky bourbon.

    I would love to win either of these beautiful giveaways. I guess if I had to choose, I’d pick the Kentucky Rose giveaway.

    You gals are great. Thanks for everything you do!

  11. avatar Sarah Gernsbacher reply

    I am getting married in October in New Orleans, LA. I will be including mason jars with candles and pre-made cocktails. I’ll also be incorporating a candle that i received from my candle passing in my sorority from when i told my sisters i was engaged. It is a huge deal at LSU. I will also have magnolia’s in my bouquet.

  12. avatar kelly blanks reply

    my husband is using his grandfather’s wedding ring. the only thing he did was resize it. i would adore the silver locket!!

  13. avatar Lara reply

    All of the men in the wedding will be wearing cowboy boots (including the officiant)! I can totally see myself wearing either the Cushion Cut Earrings by Kate Ketzal or the Mirabelle Earrings by Nina. Both are so beautiful!

  14. avatar Lena reply

    All of these are absolutely beautiful and I would especially love to win the Dangle Earrings! We will have embroidered hankies, a grooms cake, and we are getting married in my fiancees family church!

  15. avatar Christy reply

    I style and do florals… use these props every day!!!

  16. avatar Blair Thomas reply

    I’m including the lovely southern tradition of the charm cake pull! I absolutely love this tradition and still have my charm from when I was a junior bridesmaid over 15 years ago! I’d love to win the set because it’s so hard to find the charms these days-and I love this set! :)

  17. avatar Mary Kate reply

    Jason’s and my Kentucky themed wedding is going to have everything from a groom’s cake to buried bourbon. But possibly the Southern tradition that I am most looking forward to is my bridesmaid luncheon.The week before my wedding, my Aunts and I have planned a sweet thank-you soiree for the ladies whom I love dearly and have helped me through the entire wedding planning process. They don’t know it yet, but they will be doing a cake pull! I am so excited to give back and share in a wonderful day with my best girls!

    (I would love to use the Weddings, ETC cake pull set!)

  18. avatar Lauren Jolly reply

    I will definitely be including lots if southern traditions in my wedding! Ill be having something old, new, borrowed, and blue on me that day. Plus I think I’ll be doing the “sixpence in my shoe” and LOTS of southern hospitality for all my traveling guests, which will be pretty much everyone since we’re having an out-of-town wedding! Can’t wait! Thanks for all the inspiration!!

  19. avatar Christina reply

    I think one the most cherished southern traditions is honoring family during your wedding celebration as they made you who you are (good and bad). Somewhat unintentionally my fiance and I are getting married on the 1st anniversary of my grandmother’s death. At first it gave me an odd feeling but then I thought we will always remember the life of my wonderful, unique, sassy grandmother on our wedding anniversary. In honor of her, I will wear some of her beautiful jewelry and as my gift to my bridesmaids (who are all sisters and cousins that share the same grandmother) I am going to have some of her old handkerchiefs embroidered with each of their initials and our wedding date. I am sure we will all be in tears but we will remember her always!

  20. avatar Lauren Jolly reply

    I forgot to say which item I’d love to win: well all of them, of course!! But most of all, the headpiece by Garlands of Grace! It’s absolutely stunning!

  21. avatar Sarah Lindsay reply

    Something old, new, borrowed and blue! My old is 85 years old and has seen many many weddings! I would love to incorporate the cake pulls! I think it is soo neat and an adorable tradition.!

  22. avatar Lauren reply

    I’m not engaged but am helping a friend plan her wedding. There will be lots of southern hospitality since most of the wedding guests are from out of town, a grooms cake, and a basket of vintage handkerchiefs for guests to dab their eyes. :)

  23. avatar Kristen reply

    I’d LOVE to win the mirabella earrings.. We are having a somewhat vintage southern themes wedding :)

  24. avatar Victoria Millefolie reply

    As a gift for my bridesmaids, I found antique lace handkerchiefs that I will embroider with each of their initials. I also got one for my future mother in-law. I will also be incorporating some lace from my mom’s bouquet as my “something old”. I would love the cushion cut or dangle earrings! I have been looking for the right amount of sparkle and they would be perfect!

  25. avatar Ally S. reply

    I’ll have loads of Southern details in my wedding, my favorite right now being mint juleps at my brunch reception. I’d love to win that silver locket by Freshy Fig to put wedding portraits of me and my future husband!

  26. avatar Cierra reply

    We haven’t fully discuss all the traditions we will be including in our wedding since our wedding isn’t until next November. I know we are for sure doing the something old, new, borrowed, blue, and the six pence for my shoe (so far I have the sixpence and something blue). We will be having a very traditional religious ceremony which I feel is a southern tradition and reflects our conservative values.

    I adore all three of the earring! I would be thrilled to win any of the three. I love the halo setting (in fact my engagement ring is a round halo <3). I guess if I had to pick I would choose the Dangle Earrings by Kate Ketzal.

    Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

  27. avatar Kat reply

    Southern traditions will definitely be a part of Matt and I’s big day in July! At the ceremony I will be carrying an embroidered handkerchief and the lace from my grandmothers wedding dress is being sewn on my veil; at the reception we are having a groom’s cake and we are displaying not only old family wedding photos but also both our mothers wedding gowns! I would have to say my favorite giveaway would be the Mirabella Earrings by Nina or the Dangke Earrings by Kate Katzal! :)

  28. avatar Anna reply

    We will be using hymns and readings that have special meaning to our families. We will have a cake pull at the b-maid’s luncheon and good southern food all weekend! I would love to wear the cushion cut earrings by kate ketzal! They are STUNNING!

  29. avatar Anna reply

    We will be using hymns and readings that have special meaning to our families. We will have a cake pull at the b-maid’s luncheon and good southern food all weekend! I would love to wear the cushion cut earrings by kate ketzal! They are STUNNING!

  30. avatar Larissa reply

    It wouldn’t be a wedding without something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue!

  31. avatar Brooke reply

    I find it hard to think of any part of my upcoming March 23 wedding that isn’t southern! We will say our “i dos” at a sunset ceremony at a plantation on Hilton Head Island. Our menu is a “downhome bbq” with pulled pork, a low country shrimp boil and mini pies for dessert.

    My “old” item is my grandmother’s wedding band and engagement ring and I am “borrowing” a locket from my fiance’s mother.

    Our reception will be decorated with gardenias, lanterns and black and white family photographs and my mother is saying the blessing before our meal and as southern families do, we will all hold hands during the prayer.

    My favorite item (which I hope to win!) are the Mirabella earrings – they are gorgeous!

  32. avatar Amanda reply

    I’m doing a cake pull at my wedding so I’d love to win the cake pull set or the cushion cut earrings!!!

  33. avatar kelsey lamb reply

    I am including old lanterns, cotton blooms, and plan to bury burbon at our wedding site so that it doesn’t rain. I would LOVE LOVE to win the cushion cut earrings by Kate Ketzal!

  34. avatar Lauren K reply

    I will be incorporating a couple of southern traditions into my April 27 wedding! to start we will be burying the Bourbon on march 27 since we will be having an outdoors wedding. I also plan on doing a charm pull for my wonderful bridesmaids! There will also be tons of southern touches from the stately Taylor-Grady house as the background for the ceremony and reception to the down-home cooking we will be serving!

    I would love to win either the cake pull set or any of those wonderful earrings!

  35. avatar Amelia Patterson reply

    I’d love to win the lace headband! I was married almost 3 years ago and didn’t really have a true “Southern” tradition, but I did have a bagpiper lead me down the aisle, hot chocolate chip cookies served with milk at our reception (our favorite) and even an Elvis impersonator at our rehearsal dinner! :))

  36. avatar Brittany reply

    I am getting married this June in North Carolina and we will have a day full of southern goodness! My handsome groom is a southern gentleman to the core so the fellas will go hunting and then deck themselves in bow-ties. My lace and tulle a-line dress is a classic gem and we will incorporate lace from my mother and grandmothers dresses two wrap the bouquets. A preppy navy stripe with soft pinks and lovely yellows will add flair to our semi-formal event. Our day will be full of Christ-centered love, focusing on how good God is and how thankful we are for what he is doing in our lives. We will follow up the ceremony with a classic southern dinner, beautiful cakes (one accented with peonies, and a fun grooms cake for my man!), and lots of dancing. Beach music is our favorite, so we will fill the air with sweet love songs and every one will be shag dancing on the lakeside patio. We are most thankful we will have family and precious friends surrounding us for our big day!

  37. avatar Brittany reply

    Oh goodness!! I got so swept away in our details that I forgot to mention the perfect accessory would be those Kate Ketzal dangle earrings! Wearing those would only make it more lovely!

  38. avatar Jocelyn reply

    My fiance and I will be having a grooms cake. Also, for our rings I will be tying lace and ribbon on the bible my mom used to read to me from to hold our wedding rings. The church will be decorated with mason jars that will be also used for the reception. I would love the cushion cut earrings. Simple with lots of sparkle!

  39. avatar Lauren L reply

    Two things that will be a focus of our upcoming wedding are two things I know a southern girl values: Faith and Family (and makin’ sure you honor those). The ceremony will certainly have some traditional hymns and our bridal party praying over us. At the reception (aside from monograms and mason jars) we definitely want to highlight the marriages of our families with photographs of couples whose marriages have stood the test of time!

    I’d love to win the Cushion Cut Earrings by Kate Ketzal.

  40. avatar Kendall reply

    We have many southern traditions in our wedding but the most pronounced is our menu. Fried chicken, creamed corn, corn bread, green beans, and a mashed potato bar. No menu would be complete with out sweet tea and lemonade :) I would love to win the cushion cut earrings because I have a cusion cut engagement ring, I would love to have them come together as a set!

  41. avatar Kelley Gallo reply

    OUr whole wedding is going to be southern chic! From mason jars to monograms, all the way to a biscuit bar and lace!

    The locket from Freshy fig would be perfect to tie around my bouquet with my grandparents pictures in it. SInce they have passed away, this would be a perfect way to at least have them close by.

  42. avatar Laura reply

    At our wedding, one of my favorite southern touches were the coke and Cheerwine in the glass bottles and mini-moonpies on the dessert buffet. And I would love to win those Kate Ketzal, cushion cut (hello alliteration!) earrings.

  43. avatar Jeannine reply

    Three words: Sweet Potato Biscuits

    We had mini sweet potato biscuits with country ham passed during our cocktail hour. Almost all of our food was a nod to our location (Virginia). We wanted our guests from the north and west to understand why we love where we live so much!

  44. avatar Ashley S. reply

    Hello! Our ceremony will definitely be a religious ceremony and we will marry under a big, wooden cross (that will be built by my fiancé’s grandfather). The cross will be adorned with flowers. I will be wearing my mother’s wedding dress and my engagement ring has my fiancé’s grandmother’s stone! While this may not be a southern tradition, we will be having a southern pie bar with all of our favorite southern pies (and some not so southern). I would love to win any of the earrings – you pick!

  45. avatar Rachel reply

    We are having a very southern wedding. Our meal consists of homestyle bbq with mason jar jugs. We will have embroidered handkerchiefs for the groomsmen and bridesmaids. All the groomsmen will be wearing bow-ties and I’ll be wearing my mother and grandmothers pearl necklaces. The cushion cut earrings will look darling with the pearls

  46. avatar Amber Raley reply

    Well of COURSE I’m using southern traditions in my wedding! We’re having an outdoor wedding in central Georgia in late August; I was aiming for Labor Day, but had to avoid the opening weekend of football season (Go Dawgs!) We’ll be burying the bourbon on site on April 24, exactly 4 months prior to our big day. I’ll be dancing with my Daddy and drying (both of our) tears with my great-grandmother’s favorite handkerchief that will be wrapped around my bouquet for pictures and during the ceremony. Since my grandfather recently passed away, I’ll be cutting a heart out of the pocket of one of his blue oxfords and stitching it to the inside of my dress to make sure he’s close by my side all day long. I’ll replace the “heart-hole” in that pocket with lace from my dress and get ready in his shirt on my wedding day! My family is everything to me and it’s so nice to know that I’ll be able to have them ALL by my side on my big day! Those cushion cut earrings by Kate Ketzal would compliment my dress so perfectly. I would absolutely love to have them! I love Southern Weddings Magazine–every time I need a pick-me up I do one of two things: call my Ma-Ma Gladys just to hear her voice that’s sweeter than her famous caramel cake, or pick up my most recent copy of SW Mag! :)

  47. avatar Kirbi Eaddy reply

    Im including a brooch bouquet for me instead of flower I love antiques, it will be made from brooches I have collected from many antique stores as well as ones handed down from my mother and grandmother very special. I would love to win the queens lace headband it is so beautiful

  48. avatar Chelsea reply

    I’m so excited, my fiance and I are in the early stages of planning our wedding. We are getting married at his family’s ranch in Georgia and will have lots of southern detail but my favorite, that my fiance is so excited about, is burying a bottle of bourbon. I know y’all have featured it before as a southern tradition and we can’t wait to see if it actually works! We will also be serving boatloads of Cheerwine with our BBQ rehearsal dinner to get everyone in the southern spirit. (Most of his relatives are Yankees from up north, so what better way to welcome them??)

  49. avatar Abigail reply

    We’re having a groom’s cake that looks like Uga, the University of Georgia’s Bulldog Mascot & our alma mater!

    I would love the silver locket from Freshy Fig on my wedding day!

  50. avatar emily thompson reply

    I love the Queen lace headband and the silver locket. I’m not married yet, but I plan on using a lot of southern traditions at my wedding. I’ve already begun buying mason jars!

  51. avatar Jennifer Arnold reply

    The Southern Traditions in my wedding are getting married in Savannah, in the Spring. At the bridal shower we will be doing a cake pull. All of the family will be given a handkerchief with their monograms on them. Also as the bride, I will be doing the tradition of “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, & Something Blue” which includes new pearls from my groom and diamond earrings from grandmother. Old southern flowers such as the magnolias and skeleton keys will be the highlights of the wedding.

    The item I’d love to win is the Cushion Cut Earrings by Kate Ketzal to hopefully use as a tradition one day myself.

  52. avatar Bianca casavant reply

    Im absolutely planning on having some southern traditions in my wedding party! im not sure which but even just a southern feel will do :)

    and dont ask me to choose! i love them all, they are beautiful

  53. avatar Lori reply

    These responses have all been so much fun to read!

    My fiance and I will be getting married on a sprawling gentlemen’s farm and estate. We’ll be enjoying a Groom’s cake, and as many pies as can fit under the barn’s roof!! I’ll be wearing my fiance’s grandmother’s engagement ring as well as my own grandmothers’ handkerchief and shoes as my something(s) blue.

    As for the giveaway, I’m torn! I would love to win the Queen’s Lace Headband for myself, but I’d also love to win the silver locket to fill with pictures from the wedding as a gift to my mother! Either item would be lovely!

  54. avatar Elizabeth @ HobbyLobbyist reply

    I am definitely doing the cake pulls! Of course, that’s the item I would like to win.

  55. avatar Laura F. reply

    Although our wedding is in Boston, there will be lots of Southern hospitality welcoming folks to town, and we’re including southern bbq as one of our dinner options. And, in true Southern fashion, faith and family will be the most important parts of our day.
    I love all the earrings but I think the Kate Ketzal cushion cut ones are my favorite!

  56. avatar megan gibson reply

    Well my wedding is going to be on a farm in Georgia with lots of wildflowers and string lights. I would love to wear those cushion cut earrings on my big day…they would match my gorgeous ring! Thanks, xoxo.

  57. avatar Meghan P. reply

    My fiance and I have talked about including several southern-isms during our wedding day. We both graduated from the University of Tennessee, and are planning on including several elements of our beloved alma mater, like a themed groom’s cake, shaker exit, and a Neyland Stadium tour after our rehearsal. To top it off, we’re looking at a southern menu with BBQ and including some staples from Maryland to blend our hometown traditions.

    I’d love to win the Mirabella earrings by Nina, they would be a perfect something new!

  58. avatar Annie Harris reply

    Our wedding is full of Southern elements right down to the working horse barn and the mason jars! Considering we are smack dab in the middle of Georgia where we were both born and raised we wanted to involve as many Southern elements as possible. I would love to win the silver locket by Freshy Fig. It is so beautiful and would look lovely on my wedding day!

  59. avatar Ashley reply

    we’re having a May wedding filled with family and love. most of our attendants are family members, our centerpieces are mason jars filled with hydrangeas and antique lace. I would love to win the dangle earrings from Kate Ketzal! So gorgeous

  60. avatar Taylor j reply

    Oh!! Our wedding will be full of nods to our family ties as we become one brand new family! simply can’t wait :) I would love to win either the cake pull set or the dangle earrings from Kate!

  61. avatar Laura A reply

    Something old, new, borrowed and blue! Would be cute to have a grooms cake. still thinking about it! I would loveee the dangle earrings or cushion cut! Love everything sparkly!

  62. avatar Jamie AnneMarie reply

    For my upcoming wedding I’ll be keeping it properly Southern with classic shrimp n’ grits and Tasso ham gravy as well as fresh drinks in beautiful julep cups! Our Charleston historic home garden site will make for the perfect backdrop!! Is love to sport the gorgeous ‘Dangle Earrings’ by Kate Katzal!!

  63. avatar Courtney Cross reply

    Our wedding was very Southern indeed! From seersucker to banana pudding grooms cake. I would love to win the Mirabella Earrings!

  64. avatar Nikki Zawol reply

    The earrings are gorgeous! All of them! LOVE. <3

  65. avatar Tracy Bertram reply

    My daugther’s wedding will be full of southern traditions: using a collection of milk glass vases, bowls and do-dads to decorate the reception tables, having her University of Alabama Delta Gamma Sorority sisters as her bridesmaids (and counting on a sorority sing as a send-off at the end), being from Blue Angel country, having a fiancé who is in flight school here in Pensacola and a Daddy who retired here, and also carrying her Grandmothers bible with a spray of roses just like she did on her wedding day!

    • avatar Tracy Bertram reply

      re Tracy Bertram: I forgot to add that the cake pulls would be what I would choose for my daughter, as she plans to include those for her sorority sister bridesmaids!

  66. avatar Danielle Livernois reply

    I definitely plan to incorporate the “Something Old, Something New” tradition and I’d love to win a pair of earrings for my “Something New”! Thanks for the chance to win!

  67. avatar nicki reply

    I will definitely be following the something old something new tradition at my (indefinite, future, hypotehtical) wedding…and i would love don those mirabella earrings!

  68. avatar Kate Collison reply

    Hi there, Southern Weddings! My upcoming nuptials in June in Georgia include traditions like “something old, new, borrowed and blue”, handkerchiefs for the bridal party, a cake pull for the ladies, bourbon bar and cigar lounge for the men, plus sweet Southern “fare and flair” – hydrangeas, seersucker, Southern food stations and juleps! Jonathan and I are so excited! I’d love to win the cushion earrings for the big day… simply stunning! Blessings to you, Southern Weddings! Thanks for making our wedding-filled days a little brighter!

  69. avatar Ashley Hibbard reply

    We’re having a groom’s cake and lots of monograms will be incorporated into our reception. Love the locket!

  70. avatar Raena Boston reply

    Hi! We will be jumping the broom in honor of my African American heritage. We are also getting in a very old church that has lots of history. As for the beauties in your post. I personally love the cushion cut earrings by Kate Ketzal :)

  71. avatar Kelly C reply

    I don’t know if you would call them traditions, but monograms and bow ties were in high supply at our black tie affair. My veil, decorations, and flower girl sashes all featured veils. The groom and groomsmen and many of the male guests wore bow ties.

  72. avatar Danielle L reply

    Right now there are no southern traditions involved, but there are some pretty awesome ideas here I might include. And I love the Dangle Earrings by Kate Ketzal

  73. avatar Britton reply

    Our southern wedding is filled with family heirlooms and touches that represent our family. Both of our family tartans will be visible in the wedding (my bouquet being wrapped in mine and his boutineer wrapped in his). My grandfathers Bible will be used in lieu of a pillow for the rings (he passed when my mom was 18 months old). I’m also using some family recipes in the food that will be served (my momma’s famous strawberry cake!). All of the flowers being used just represent the south to me (hydrangeas and magnolia blooms just to name a few. My school will be represented at our cheese table (Mississippi State is famous for it’s homemade cheese). My fiance’s family is not from the south but he claims is as home. So of course his grooms cake will be red velvet!

    I’ve been telling everyone around me that I want to add the cake pull to the wedding, but I hadn’t been able to find a set I love yet. The set from Wedding Etc. is fabulous! It would make a wonderful addition to our wedding :)

  74. avatar Jennifer reply

    We are going to be using cake pulls and visiting our venue in advance to bury the bourbon! Both of our mothers are from Georgia, and it is important to us to include some southern traditions for our Maryland wedding. We would love to win the cake pulls so we can use these beautiful ones in our wedding!

  75. avatar Tessa reply

    Our wedding will be very family oriented. From our parents siblings selecting personal readings, to pictures of our ancestors dating back to my great-great-grandmother being displayed, to photos of our parents doing the same things at their weddings displayed at our stations (for example, a photo of my parents cutting their cake, one of his parents doing the same, beside our cake), to other details we wish to keep a big surprise until our big day! I’ll also be carrying my great aunt’s handmade hankerchief up the aisle with me as my something blue, as she embroidered it in blue. Finally, we’ll be having a grooms cake :) I LOVE the cushion cut earrings by Kate Ketzal. They are beautiful and will add a timeless charm to my wedding vision of traditionally simple yet vintage.

  76. avatar Kristyn M reply

    I’ll be including a lot of southern traditions in my wedding including the cake pull and burying the bourbon (if the church will let us!)

    I’d love to win any of them! My first choice would be the Cushion Cut earrings by Kate Ketzal!

  77. avatar Megan Dean reply

    Our March wedding will have everything from a Cajun singing Priest to nutria dog treats for the pups that could not make it. I have yet to acquire my cake pulls, however, and absolutely love the set offered by WeddingEtc. I have been looking for something a little extra, and the note cards with a quote add that special touch.

  78. avatar Billie Anne reply

    I love those beautiful cake pulls and would love to incorporate them into our vintage-inspired wedding next year!

  79. avatar Angela Adams reply

    My fiancé and I are getting married at The Buffalo Trace Distillery in September and are including the southern tradition of burying a bottle of burbon upside down at the ceremony site to insure there will be no rain on our wedding day! I would love to include those dangle earrings or the cake pulls into my fairy tale day!

  80. avatar Beckie Biddle reply

    I may be a Midwest girl at heart, but my wedding is very traditional and I am proud to have gotten plenty of ideas from Southern Weddings! I already have my something borrowed and something blue, but I’m still looking for my something old and something new :-)

  81. avatar Kim reply

    I’m from the north, having a wedding in the South!! Shrimp and Grits for dinner with cornbread! Can’t wait, absolutely love the Southern Way!!!! And I love the Mirabella earrings!!

  82. avatar Becky Sauer reply

    I would love to win the Dangle Earrings. We are going to have a grooms cake for our southern wedding tradition.

  83. avatar Cristin reply

    Home made pie and sweet tea, that’s about as southern as it gets. My Kentucky Rose would be fabulous for me and as gifts for my 2 bridesmaids. The Cushion Cut earrings are my absolute favorite!

  84. avatar Amanda reply

    Something blue! And I’d love the cushion cute earrings :)

  85. avatar Christi reply

    I can’t wait to wear a beautiful lace dress, a southern tradition for sure! I also think it would be simply adorable to take pictures of us playing catch in front of the Church in all our wedding glory :)

  86. avatar Claire reply

    My fiance is pretty excited about the idea of burying the bourbon so that it won’t rain for our october wedding!

    All of those earrings are stunning but I think that my favorite have to be the dangle ones!

  87. avatar Laura reply

    I grew up in Atlanta, now I live in DC. My father/daughter dance is Ray Charles’ Georgia on My Mind. I love that we’ll be dancing to a song with strong sentimental ties! I also love the cushion cut earrings by kate Ketzal!

  88. avatar Erin reply

    I’m planning my Fall ’14 wedding around the Florida State football schedule, seems like a southern tradition to me. Go Noles! I would die for those cushion cut earrings! Swoon!

  89. avatar Sydney reply

    I love the something old/new/borrowed/blue tradition! The cushion cut earrings are gorgeous!

  90. avatar Kelsey Rosen reply

    My fiance and I are getting marriec at his dads house and orchard. We will be incorporating tons of southern traditions. We will all be wearing cowboy boots, our ceremony will take place under a homemade hoopa of aspen poles and antlers, our guests will be seated on hay vales and of course, our horses will be there! Those cushion cut earings are gorgeous! They would match my ring perfectly!

  91. avatar Sam reply

    We’re including MANY southern traditions in our wedding. I and my maids will be in cowboy boots, were getting married on a friend’s horse farm with the reception in his barn, i’m wearing my grandmothers veil, were having pies instead of one cake. Plus much more! One thing ive had trouble doing is finding earrings to match my dress. But the dangle earrings by Kate Ketzal would be PERFECT! :)

  92. avatar Tanya B. reply

    Although I think some of the wedding traditions are overrated, I still plan on having “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” on the big day. Also, we don’t plan on doing a “first look”. We both want that magical first moment to be when I’m walking toward him to say our vows. The cushion cut earrings are beautiful!

  93. avatar Erica Ritchie reply

    We are actually going to do a cake pull at my shower :) And I would love to win the dangle earrings by Kate Ketzal

  94. avatar Lindsay Rebecca reply

    One Southern tradition I’ll be including is mint juleps and mint julep sterling silver cups! I love the classic Southern look of the cups. And as a true Southern girl, I love good whiskey :) I absolutely love each pair of earrings y’all featured! But if I had to choose, I would love to win the Cushion Cut Earrings by Kate Ketzal.

  95. avatar Fiona L reply

    We’re having a fairly large bridal party to include all our friends; a bunch of antiques from my grandparents, including classic jars for decorations and I’ll be wearing a diamond from my great-grandmother’s wedding ring.

    I’d love love love to win the dangle earrings by Kate Ketzal. So lovely!

  96. avatar Morgan reply

    Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. I am in LOVE with all those GORGEOUS earrings from the Kentucky Rose give away…picking just one seems impossible but I think the Mirabella earrings from Nina take the cake…just barely though :) And as for my southern tradition? I cant wait to bake my man his grooms cake!

  97. avatar Kayla reply

    I love love all three earrings (and the cake pulls). I agree that this would be a fantastic “something new.” My plan is to make sure we have a picture of my something borrowed, etc. especially since I’ll be wearing my late Godmother’s bracelet as my something borrowed. If we have room, this is definitely a detail we will share in our programs.

    Also, we MUST have Jordan Almonds and Fig Cookies as an homage to my Italian heritage. We will have a cookie buffet filled with cookies that represent my Italian and French sides and his Scottish and Ukrainian sides.

    Perhaps the most southern of our details will be our cake pulls, but we are also incorporating Magnolia leaves into our plantation wedding. Oh, and boots, there will be boots! :)

  98. avatar Lindsey G. reply

    A few of our main southern traditions include: dancing the grand march before our first dance (a must if your from the small Czech town of Wallis, TX), playing the Texas A&M Aggie War Hymn, serving homemade kolaches, and of course good old Texas BBQ!

  99. avatar Lindsey G. reply

    Whoops…I would also choose the dangle earrings :)

  100. avatar Laura reply

    I have a rare penny from my grandmother for my shoe. And I’d love to win the Mirabella earrings for Nina.

  101. avatar Dee Shore reply

    Well I’m not getting married. However, my sister is having a baby due July 4th, and we are planning the baby shower. I can’t say that we are including any Southern Traditions since we are from NYC. However, we are obsessed with Mason Jars. We have them all over the house and use them any chance we get. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that we’ll be using them for the Baby Shower. They’ll be part of the drink table, where Sweet Tea will be one of the drinks served.

    I’m in love with the Cushion Cut Earrings by Kate Ketzal!

  102. avatar Jessica Smith reply

    We will have a groomscake! Love the Mirabella earrings.

  103. avatar Allison Carroll reply

    Something borrowed, something blue, something old, and something new are just a few of the southern traditions that will be included during our June wedding. We”re also planning on doing bury the bourbon since our wedding is outdoors and in the heart of Bourbon Country– Kentucky! I would love to win the dangle earrings by Kate Ketzal

  104. avatar Erykah reply

    We are planning a simple southern summer wedding. I will be using lace as an accent and lemonade filled mason jars at my shower. I’ve always pictured owning a locket with a picture of me and my husband. The sliver locket will be a great touch for the style I’m going for. It will be our first heirloom to pass down to our future daughter, daughter-in-law or a niece.

  105. avatar Jessica B reply

    We’re planning an elegant, genteel Southern wedding complete with: a plantation setting in SC, bourbon bar, seersucker, grey suits, pearls, lace, mercury glass, handkerchiefs, parasols, upscale comfort food, a red velvet wedding cake, a groom’s cake, and plenty of magnolia blossoms! The dangle earrings by Kate Ketzal are to die for… I’m not very flashy when it comes to fashion, but they have just the right amount of glitz and glam without being overwhelming!

  106. avatar Nicole Miller reply

    We are having our wedding reception in a historic barn & incorporating many Southern styles for a country rustic chic feel. I would love to win the headband or silver locket!

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